How to Heal Anxiety

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  • Kat B says:

    Hi Dr. Nicole, I just wanted to say that I really really love your videos! They’re brief, easy to digest, informative, and genuine. I also love that the action points are spelled out, making it that much simpler to execute on them. Thank you so much for putting these out there!

  • rohaina malik says:

    Love this video!!! ❤️

  • Brenda castro says:

    Ever since I was experiencing anxiety I have bad acid reflux at this point is silent reflux, can anyone help

  • Marcos Arnett says:

    Dr. Nicole,

    Until I saw your content I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my psychology degree (I will be graduating next year from undergrad). And to a degree I am still unsure. But I would love to do something similar to this; educating the public and helping people free themselves from negative patterns and thoughts. How did you come to this career and what tools did you use to get to where you are? I am a bit afraid of graduate school since I am not the most academically skilled person but I'm not sure how much of an impact I can have without a higher education. Either way, I just wanted to express appreciation for your work both for everyone who watches your videos and for yourself, since uncovering layers to who we are is maybe the ultimate challenge in life. Thanks for everything you've done, and I hope to someday get to work or speak with you in person.


  • Kate Love says:

    Thank you so much for all that you do!!! You share such invaluable information here & on instagram . Very grateful. Currently struggling with chronic anxiety/ stress and insomnia, alot to do with work stress…. your information is helping guide me to self heal. Thanks. 💕🙂

  • riorize says:

    You inspire me!! This is great. You are great. Thank you.

  • Laura Guillemin says:

    The nutrition point is so important. I am so glad you’ve talked about it. Fried food, coffee, alcool take me to a place of uncomfort and bring me anxiety. Thank you for your words ✨

  • Cassandra Glasnapp says:

    Do you also believe caffeine can be triggering? I believe it should be avoided as well.

  • Ernesto Parisii says:

    I love it, as usual very good and understandable. …. thank you so much

  • Sonia YR says:

    You are literally a blessing! Thank you for everything you share, they really do reach us. #selfhealers <3

  • Rita Green says:

    That's exactly how I have healed my anxiety and panic attacks -obviously I did researches on my own because the opinions of the doctors didn't convince me, simply taking drugs didn't seem to me the right path. The first thing I changed was my diet and then I introduced meditation and little goals to achieve every day: my life had already changed that way. Then with breathwork and journaling my life has improved even more, I have started changing my limiting beliefs and working on my future self!
    I really appreciate your job, keep it up!

  • Noreen Bolo says:

    Hugely grateful for your usual generous and informative content. 😘💜✨

  • Brittany says:

    Excellent video.
    I used to suffer with severe anxiety and I healed myself naturally through everything you’ve mentioned.

    One other thing to avoid is dairy ! It’s highly inflammatory. The key here is to reduce inflammation. Eat an anti inflammatory diet. So so important.

  • Amanda Cleave says:

    Id rather pop a pilly lol

  • Deirdre says:

    You talk very quickly it's hard to keep track. Your content is great just hard to follow due to speed.

  • annastayziaa says:

    I love this❣️💛 tysm🤗❤️

  • Tudor Calinescu says:

    This makes me feel very empowered about trying to focus on what's good for my true self over mind chatter/addiction to trying to make things feel right… thank you, and I've just started future-self journaling too!

  • tenchy6182 says:

    I struggled with really bad anxiety in my early 20’s, that was about 15 years ago. It took 3 dr visits for them to tell me I had anxiety disorder. I didn’t even know what anxiety meant at the time. I just knew my body was shutting down. I thought my panic attacks were heart attacks. My vision got blurry, my ears were ringing, my speech was slurring, I broke out, horrible insomnia and I was always sweating.It was horrible. I refused to take medicine. Instead, something in me told me to change my diet. I stoped all caffeine, sugar, and fried foods. Nobody gave me this advice, no phones at the time and I didn’t have internet. I stArted eating healthier, and I did a lot of self -love activities. I put myself first for everything. I made goals for everyday. These goals were simple things that could look forward to. For example, I would say, “OK, tomorrow I can look forward to picking up my little cousin and taking her to the movies.” Or “tomorrow I’m going to take a long hot bath.” Or “tomorrow I’m looking forward to buying that new blouse I’ve been wanting.” Etc. I would force myself to go to the gym and I did acupuncture. My acupuncture session included a massage. I would look forward to acupuncture too. These little things really helped me. I wish I would’ve known about journaling. Thank you for this. Now my anxiety is very low for the most part. I just followed my intuition. 🙂 looking back, in very proud of my young self for being so good to myself and following my intuition and listening to my body.

  • Juwon Ogungbe says:

    Dr Nicole, your YouTube videos are reaching similar levels of clarity to your Instagram posts. You are a great communicator and I truly appreciate your generosity. Thanks again.

  • Mindful Michael says:

    Perfect timing 👌 took an Ativan last Friday and for the last 10 days was in living hell 🙏🏽

  • Thriving Littles says:

    🎉🎉 the power we hold to heal ourselves – always learning 👏

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