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Grounding Hello everyone Several times in the past,
I’ve been asked to talk about grounding. But in order to talk about grounding we have to understand
that we’re talking about multi-dimensional occurrence
from a third-dimensional perspective using third dimensional language. Your consciousness is much like
a stream and as your consciousness streams
through multiple dimensions the parts of your consciousness
that are focused into one dimension or another are called aspects. That’s why
if you meet people who go out of body often you might hear something like
my tense dimensional aspect attended someone who is out
of body during a vehicle crash last night. To ground yourself means
to fully connect and phase with the perspective of your physical
dimensional aspect. Your consciousness is not as much
as finite clump of energy as it is an infinite current of energy. For this reason,
it is easily compared to electricity removing the excess electric charge
from an object is called grounding. Removing the excess emotional charge
that is a result of getting lost in a non-physical dimensions of thought
is also called grounding. When we pull our focus back
to our physical dimensional aspect we entrain with the frequency
of Earth itself. We allow energy to move
through our root chakra We allow ourselves to be fully present
here with our physical bodies and physically incarnated
perspectives. For this reason though,
grounding is particularly difficult for people who have suffered
from any kind of abuse. or sexual abuse especially. People who feel unsafe
in their physical bodies. Anyone who feels traumatised
will find it more safe to be out of their body,
exploring other realms and dimensions in this Universe. To be fully phased might
have been dangerous but there’s a problem
when people begin to become safe that is when we become safe
it’s no longer beneficial for us to spend our time outside of body. That actually intereferes
with our day-to-day life. So if you’ve ever experienced
some kind of event which makes it so that you feel
unsafe in your physical body grounding is actually very good
for you. When we have suffered in the past, we tend to frequently go back to the past
in our minds. Grounding pulls us out
of those traumatic memories and into the stability and safety
of the present moment. Grounding is the perfect remedy
for anyone who is feeling stressed, triggered, regressed,
rushed, overworked, confused overwhelmed, panicked, angry,
clumsy or drained. I’m gonna provide you with some tips
which will help you to ground because this video is all about
how to ground yourself. Tip number one is
walk barefoot on the Earth. The Earth maintains a negative
electrical potential on its surface when you are in direct contact
with the ground walking, sitting or laying down
on the Earth’s surface the Earth’s electrons are conducted
to your body. Bringing it to the same electrical
potential as the Earth itself. In other words, when you are
in contact with the Earth its tranquil energy naturally
transfers to any conductive object. Whether it’s a metal rod,
tree, a plant or an animal or a human and they become grounded. Throughout history,
humans have walked barefoot on the ground which naturally discharges
and prevents a build-up of electrical stress. Your immune system functions
optimally when your body has an adequate supply
of electrons which are easily and naturally obtained
by barefoot contact with the Earth. Laying on the ground also helps.
Doing squats with your palms on the ground. or touching your forehead to the ground
also works. Obviously, gardening is a very grounding
activity as well. The second tip is to bring your attention
to the present moment fully to the now. One of the best ways to do this
is to perform a body scan. You take a deep breath
sitting in a comfortable position and you begin to internally
scan your full body starting at your toes. What do your toes feel like?
Are there any sensations you can perceive? Do they feel hot?
Are they tingly? Do they feel heavy?
Just notice what you see and perceive there? And move your way up through
the legs, up through the pelvis, all the way up your spine
and your torso up through your head,
down through your arms You’re just observing the way
that your body feels in this moment.
You wanna be where you are physically so you may wanna walk around the room
and pick up things and just notice how it feels
to touch those things. You can run cold water over your hands . You can notice not only
what’s going on in your body but what’s going on in your environment. It may even help to list things. So if I was to do it right here
in this moment, I would say pool cues hanging on the wall the sound of the refrigerator the feeling of the cold air
against my skin. Any kind of attention
to the present moment is going to ground you
in your body right here and now. Eat root vegetables. Anything that grows under the surface of the Earth
will help you connect with Earth’s energies. because in order for that vegetable
to grow inside the Earth it has to entrain with Earth’s energy
more so than other things. Some examples of grounding foods are: potatoes, turnips, carrots,
beets, sweet potatoes and radishes. Some people like to argue
that eating meat is very grounding. This is not actually the case.
Eating meat decreases your frequency Grounding your frequency and decreasing
your frequency are not the same thing. Utilise grounding stones. As I said in my video on crystals,
any time you share the space with something an object, a crystal, anything you have to entrain to match
the frequency of that object or the other way around. But when it comes to a rock
or a mineral they hold such a solid vibration
that it’s much less likely they’re gonna match your vibration Much more likely that you’re
going to raise your frequency to match theirs. So keep grounding stones with you. You can wear them as jewellery
or keep them in your pocket. Some examples of grounding stones
are: hymatite, smokey courts, absydian,
red coral, onyx,
just kidding, black termaline, ruby, garnit,
pyrite, tiger iron and black ople. Utilise grounding scents. A scent just like a stone
or anything else is a vibration. When you have a scent around you,
you are forced to entrain with that energy or move out of that space. So you can use this
to your advantage. I think the best way to use scents
when it comes to grounding is to use essential oils. And everyone has their own perspective
about what essential oils are the best for grounding. But here’s my favourite essential oils
for grounding: cedar, vetiver, benzoine, myrrh, sandalwood,
cyprus, oak moss, patchouli, rosewood chamomile, ylang ylang. You can also use lavendar which is good
at convincing the consciousness to relax into the physical. You can use these oils alone
or you can combine them. One of the best ways to do this
is to get a spray bottle. But make sure the spray bottle
isn’t plastic. It has to be glass or metal. You wanna fill it with spring water. Not tap water, because tap water
can actually dilude and corrupt the essential oils. So one you’ve filled up the spray bottle
with water you wanna drop a few drops
of each essential oil in there. And then you wanna potentially
put a grounding stone with it. And you can shake it up
really nice and then spray it on yourself throughout the day. You can use colour to ground yourself
as well. Colour is a very powerful vibration
so you can wear that colour or you can visualise filling your body
up with the colour. The colour that’s used for grounding the most
is red because red is associated with the root chakra. which is the chakra which deals with grounding. You can also use browns or blacks.
All of these colours are grounding colours. Use sound to stimulate your root chakra. Certain crystal balls, metal balls,
and alchemy balls have been designed so that the sound
they emit stimulates and balances your root chakra. This grounds you
binaural rhythms also do this. You can find binaural beats and rhythms
made specifically for the root chakra for grounding for free
on YouTube. But you can also purchase them
and listen to them in your car and when you go to sleep at night. In my opinion, the best way to use
sound when it comes to grounding is to tone. When you’re toning,
you’re using your own voice to stimulate areas of your body
and you can use your own voice to stimulate your root chakra. The way you wanna do this
is to hum a tone Start high and then
go low The root chakra vibrates
at a very low frequency And you want to pay attention
to the sensation you feel in your body relative to that tone. So if you start high,
you might feel the vibration somewhere here in your chest
or here in your stomach. As you go low,
you feel that vibrating sensation move down. You want to move that sensation
down between your legs or even the base of your tail bone
and hold it there. So for me, the tone,
if I was gonna do this I would start high like this [humming] and then I would watch
it go down like so. [humming] That final note is my root chakra note
for my body in terms of toning. So that’s the note I want to hit
if I want to stimulate my root chakra. Spend time around grounded individuals. People are the same as colours and scents
or stones. They hold their own vibration. Some people are grounded than other people. And sometimes a person is more grounded
on a day than another person. So if someone’s particularly ungrounded,
being around someone who is grounded can be very beneficial. Especially if they have close physical contact. One of the best ways to do this
is to hold the palms of their hands another way to do this is to
have the person who’s more grounded walk up behind the person who’s ungrounded and put their palm underneath
??? of the person’s head and then to move their hands down
to the back top of the hips and to keep their hands there
for the count of eight. Do grounding meditations
and visualisations. There are many of these grounding visualisations
and meditations available. So if you enjoy guided meditations,
do a search for grounding meditations and grounding visualisations
and give them a try until you find one that works
for you. My personal favourite is to visualise
myself as a tree. To begin this particular visulisation,
I begin by raising my hands on the in-breath and bringing them down
on the out-breath four times. So it looks like this. [breathing in] [breathing out] So I’m doing it four times
after I’m done with that I’m visualising my energy
sinking down into the centre of the Earth. I’m visualising myself becoming
a tree. As my energy goes down,
it goes far enough that it hooks itself into the centre
of the Earth and then I pull that energy back up
through my body. I then visualise that I have
roots growing from my feet that are working its way
into the centre of the Earth. and pulling that energy
up through the totality of my body I maintain the in-breath
and the out-breath in order to pull in Earth energy
and breathe out whatever blockages I have in my body.
This is a very grounding visualisation. Take a salt bath. I’m not talking normal table salt.
That’s toxic. The salt I am talking about
is: sea salt, solar salt, sulphur salt,
Hawaian salt or Himalayan salt. Those are just some examples. It’s no mistake that salt is
notorious for healing the physical body it holds one of the most purifying
vibrations around. This is why we use it to neutralise
energy in healing crystals. Immerse your body for at least
20 minutes add one to two cups of high quality salt
to your bathtub while you’re running the water. And just like you did with the essential oil
mister bottle go ahead and add your favourite
grounding stones to the bath as well. Maintain and strengthen your body.
We, spiritual types, tend to be so focused into the spirit and into the mind
that we forget that the body is a very necessary part
of our spiritual practice. So taking the time to exercise
and to eat healthy foods is focusing on your body.
That will help you to ground yourself here in the third dimension
in the physical dimension. The ability to consciously
ground yourself is a very important tool to have
when it comes to spiritual practice. Because the physical master is not only
a person who can use his consciousness to transcend the physical dimension
but he is also the person who is able to fully engage their consciousness with
the physical dimension. So go ahead and try these tips. And have a good week. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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    What is Grounding and How Do I Ground Myself?

    Grounding is an ancient activity that spreads through universal cultures, traditions and spiritual practices over hundreds of years. It is simply reconnecting and realigning out energies with the Earth. When we allow our body to connect with the Earth, we enhance our mental, physical, and emotional well being and create a more sound, clear way of thinking. Vitality, health, and wellness are benefits of allowing yourself to be grounded with the Earth. It’s a great exercise, and best of all it’s free!

    Grounding is important for many different reasons. In our modern world of technology and high rise apartments, concrete buildings and phone towers we need ensure our body, mind, and soul escapes the constant influx of electromagnetic radiation (EMF’s) from devices such as phones, TV, computers, WiFi, microwaves, etc. A constant influx of these EMF’s create an increase in free radicals and positive electrons. The reason why free radicals aren’t as awesome as they sound is because they are often missing a molecule, and in order to make itself complete it will try latch onto other molecules in our body, which can injure our cells and damage our DNA. And you don’t need to be a genius to know that damaged DNA isn’t a good thing.

    So back to the less morbid reason of this post. It can be difficult when you can’t even remember the last time your feet or hands actually touched real ground. When your body’s energy is off or unbalanced, it’s likely you need to practice grounding yourself. The Western world is largely set up in a way that peoples connection to the Earth is greatly hindered.

    One reason I get reminded about by teachers is that I need to regularly ground myself in order to bring all my thoughts, ideas, and creativity into a place of real. It’s all very good and well to receive messages and help through dreams or signs etc, but for you to make sense and make reality of your ideas you need to ground yourself, pulling those messages, ideas, and knowledge down from your mind and into your physical body. Grounding might just be one of the most important, yet neglected exercises we know of. At the very least, you learn to put yourself first even just for ten minutes.

    Here is my list below of different ways to ground yourself:

    Tree Visualisation Grounding Exercise

    Either sit comfortably in a chair or lay down (recommended). Close your eyes and take a few deep, slow breaths.

    With each breath, imagine a pool of light filling your stomach, and with every exhale all your thoughts, and any negative energy is released.

    Once you are in a state of calm, focus on the orb of white light, with each slow deep breath, let the white light grow and fill your body a little more, expanding to your arms, legs, head, hands and feet.

    Once your body is filled with white light, imagine your body as a tree, with your arms and legs and veins as roots, visualise the intertwined roots of your arms, fingers, thighs, feet, and toes.

    Imagine those roots slowly growing and send them down into the Earth. Imagine your roots penetrating the Earth’s layers, through the crust, the mantle layers, the outer core, and through to the inner core., anchor your roots at the core.

    See your roots latching onto the core and drinking up orbs of red energy, allowing the Earth’s energy to fill your roots and travel up to your body, let it travel up into your feet, up your legs, through your back, head, arms and fingers, filling your tree self with these orbs of red Earth energy.

    Meditate in this state until you feel satisfied, once you are ready, release your roots and let them fade as you bring them to the surface, visualising yourself back into your human form.

    Grounding Yourself in Nature:

    Go outside and place your hand/s on a tree you feel drawn to.

    Imagine your energy being released into the tree as you are touching it. Leaving your body, travelling through your arms and out your fingertips, and into the tree trunk.

    Once you have released your old energy, receive the trees replenished energy by visualising it being absorbed through your fingertips, through your hands, arms, and distributed into your body.

    Once you feel replenished, thank mother nature for its cleansing.

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  • DynamicReset says:

    Grounding and decreasing your frequency are not the same. Got this epiphany today too.

  • DynamicReset says:

    Grounding and decreasing your frequency are not the same. Got this epiphany today too.

  • DynamicReset says:

    Grounding and decreasing your frequency are not the same. Got this epiphany today too.

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