How to Get Rid of Neck Tightness and Muscle Spasms in Seconds

So are you looking for a quick, easy way
to decrease neck tightness and spasms that might be causing neck pain or
headaches? Well you’re in luck! I’m going share with you a very quick health tip
to help alleviate that tightness in the neck and get you feeling better. Hey everyone, this is Dr. Rowe at SpineCare in St. Joseph, MI. This quick, easy way to alleviate neck tightness is
great because you don’t need any equipment and it can literally be done
anywhere: home, the office, even in the car. So how you start off is you find the
spot in your neck that’s hurting you. For this demonstration I’m just going find a spot on my right side. You can pretty much go from the ear all the way down
into the upper part of the shoulder if you would like, doesn’t matter. Just go
over the spot that hurts. What I’m going do is, more or less, just find the
spot and then press into it. The key with this DON’T press into it so hard that
it’s actually causing more pain. You just want to find it, give it a good press and
then hold for about five seconds. From there, what you’re going to do
is turn to look over the opposite shoulder and then hold that for another
five seconds. The last part of this stretch you’re going to, more or
less, bring the chin down towards the opposite shoulder and then hold that for
in another 10 seconds. So I’m going to show it again. What I’m
going to do is just find the spot that hurts in the neck, press into it (but not
to the point of pain) look over the opposite shoulder and then go down. It’s as simple as that. If you guys have any questions or comments please leave
them below and if you really like the video please give us a share and a like.
Thank you for watching!

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