How to Change Your Beliefs

welcome to the show presentation video my name's Steve nature's and the founder of Mind alchemy and the author of change of thoughts now in this video I want to share with you the greatest psychological secret never told so whereas the group who's this hello hey dude I mean the students just now I'm gonna go to college it's a family guy and then I've got another auditions Christmas drama and now I'm trying to make a video here who you saw him were you doing here my name's George and I'm here for two auditions for Family Guy and Futurama so are you and what are you doing here well it's my video this is my name is Steve and I'm trying to make a federate video and the greatest psychological secret of a – dude can I be in the video I think I've missed the auditions anyway sure make yourself comfy he thanks dude with my friends about this so as I was saying the greatest psychological secret is the chairs are more comfortable as I was saying the greatest psychology and sorry could you move out red nova and a little bit he left probes get greater psychological seeker never told as literally the fact that we are able to change our beliefs now that may not sound like that big of a deal however when you realize that our belief support literally shape our reality that becomes absolutely massive in our lives hey that's amazing you tell me I can changing it mathletes you can change any of your police were server doesn't matter which type of belief it is and change your beliefs could literally change your life so if I had the belief that I'm not good with women and I change I believe I could be good with women of course I'm great with women I just use that as an example yeah if you change your beliefs about yourself Jordan you could be good with women of course you don't need to do that George no not me but I'd still like to hear some more no problem just take a seat seat and prepare to be blown away here I'm all ears so to know how to change your beliefs is useful to know how our beliefs are formed in the first place this is great stuff yeah most of the beliefs we have just now have been formed over a period of years and mostly from when we were young that can't be true okay tell me beliefs you have about yourself just now George any belief mmm okay I'm really good with computers a person I could just look at a computer I could figure out how to use it so your dad told you when you were younger that you were good with your peers yeah we would ah I see where you're going with this so we found most of our beliefs about the world when we were younger and these beliefs are shaped by the people around us like parents brothers sisters friends teachers and important people our life yep Milano's told me I could be anything I wanted to as long as I focused hard on it as true George now that belief that you're not good for rowing you mean hypothetically speaking hypothetically speaking well see I was a bit of a nerd at school and in Moscow was cool to be a nerd so I didn't get the girls like the other guys did well there's a few beliefs in there George one is that you believed it wasn't cool to be a nerd another is said you believed galliston like Merricks which allegedly did you include the girls and I seemed to go on for a long time well yeah and I think I still believe it okay let me tell you the form you were to form I believe then this is great man I'm so glad I stumbled across your video here to judge okay the formula to form a belief as perception plus evidence plus time equals belief hmm well you know I get the evidence part I get time five but what do you mean by perception well perception is how you perceive yourself or the world or life and at any particular moment in time for example you may perceive yourself as being a very intelligent person so that is one perception you have of yourself and we literally have thousands of perceptions about the world in ourselves does that make sense yeah totally understand what you mean no me Gertrude's hmm this is huge stuff forgive me you Steve I mean I need to walk about and think about this so how then do I change a belief from not being good with women to a belief that I am good with women were talking about here as limiting beliefs and every limiting belief has a negative outcome attached to for example you say things like I'm no good at I can't do that I'm not as good as such as such I see what you mean here so I've been telling myself I'm not good with women so my brain is looking for evidence to prove it exactly so to change that you first have to feed your plane with a positive outcome focused statement like I'm good at I can do that but if I do that I'm seeing one thing to myself but really believing another thing that's true and that's something called cognitive dissonance can interpret cognitive dissonance that's when you get that uncomfortable feeling caused by holding two conflicting beliefs at the same time ah I see what you mean ooh well to get over that you would build up evidence to support the new belief you want to have and eventuate that will replace the old belief yesterday watching CSI New York I love that you're man they have to find lots of evidence to prove someone is guilty before they charge them I said that's exactly George you've got it but how do I find evidence and I'm good with women well have you had cut off limbs in the past oh yeah I've had girlfriends in past no that's the evidence says you did something blade to be able to start a relationship with the women do you have female friends sure some friends a female I'm getting Steve this is brilliant so the more evidence I have that I'm good with women that will eventually replace the old belief you've got a church yep this is mind blowing stuff Steve I'm gonna really have to think about this when I get home it's like a light bulb moment that's a health fair judge do you do any more videos like this yep I've got another two lanes up can happy in the videos Georgia thank you the star of this show knows I'd love to have you any videos well I get paid for this stories George stories whoo in Athens a video out to go way hey dudes if you want to see the other two videos down below me put your name and email address in the box below and remember to share this video and leave a comment below see you in the next video dudes this is unbelievable stuff hey unbelievable and here's us talking about beliefs

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