How to Build a Business, Holistic or Therapy Practice: The Five Elements in Nature

good morning everyone welcome to the mind/body/spirit networks online meetup group which is a weekly business networking in collaboration and learning platform for mind/body/spirit transformational types of individuals and the reason for starting this was to help professionals like you market yourself better or get the help you need with the whole online marketing thing and i like to say you know most people I help have online overwhelmed so I kind of sift through all the noise and let's get to the foundational basics of everything so you can get started at a higher level so I want to talk about today's present presenter she's a beauty pie and let me just give you a little bio on Johanna Alper and Johanna and I met at a meetup group at daring Davies middle group in Boulder and we've been friends ever since so so Hannah's presentation is today is called why heart-centered entrepreneurs constantly struggle to magnetize new clients and how to turn that around today with holistic heart centered marketing so Johanna has been acupuncturist and teacher for over 37 years and now coaches sensitive holistic health practitioners therapists and heartful entrepreneurs to authentically shine more visibly in the marketplace serve more clients and prosper her forthcoming book is I've a to her a the imaginal five elements of health wealth and joyous success for transformational healers and leaders oh I just want to share one thing which was kind of just kind of interesting I'm a bit of a spiritual medium and intuitive and I usually get messages when I wake up in the morning I'll get spirit coming talking to me so Clare orient audience I hear messages I see it in my third eye I get messages and it's kind of funny that when someone I don't typically get messages about people outside of me I just get you know guidance or whatever but I I got him about Johanna and I don't exactly remember the words to it but I remember the feeling it's very interesting when I when I get messages I know exactly who they're talking about right away I don't need clarification because I'm feeling it's about Johanna and the message from spirit was essentially love honor and reverence for this one and I'm like no kidding I agree so Johanna that's what I got I just wanted to share that surprise all right honey take it away I'm going to briefly talk about each of the elements and then afterwards we'll have questions and answers in more depth and if you have questions on the chat box we will also include those so I as an acupuncturist and an acupuncture teacher I was so thrilled to be doing that work and working with incredibly competent and passionate healers passionate acupuncturist and I saw them go out into starting a practice and not being able to thrive and it really broke my heart so I began to learn coaching in order to help holistic practitioners and acupuncturist therapists and change makers to be able to be successful in what they're trying to put out into the world because as we all know this world has a lot of pain and suffering and we have a tremendous amount to be giving and also we need to thrive too and I began to study coaching and then realized as I was coaching different practitioners mostly healers and acupuncturist but also people doing other kinds of light lifting light worker work that there was a tremendous disconnect between how fantastic we were how much we had to offer and our ability to actually thrive in the marketplace and do our work and be successful so I'm going to briefly mention about all of the five elements how they are in nature and how that also reflects in our own body minds and spirits and also in our businesses because without the five elements which are nature's operating system without each one we nothing is alive so every living system everything from a plant to an elephant to a human to our businesses needs the five elements and otherwise it's just we don't we may be able to survive but not really thrive and consider a garden if you are having trouble growing a really great harvest you have to look is the right amount of Sun fire is the my is that coming into your garden is it too much is it too little is the earth properly prepared is it living soil is it appropriate for the different plants you're trying to grow are the minerals correct that's the metal element and are the is a amount of water appropriate for your garden and are the plants appropriate the wood element so every element is important to grow a really flourishing garden to grow the garden of ourselves our health and also our businesses in our businesses the fire element has to do with how our heart is projected out into the marketplace just like a light house we are we have tremendous fire and ability to attract the people who are looking for us and with the fire element we can shine much more brightly have our hearts be available and shine in a glorious way so that the people who are looking for us can find us there are a few element to a spec s– strengthening the fire element in our business that I work with with clients one is identifying your unique hearts brilliance you because everybody carries that and it's probably very connected to how you were drawn to making your hearts work be a change in the world and not just take any old job that didn't the pig that did pay the bills but didn't express your heart so the fire element helps you shine more brightly and be much more magnetic not just with your unique brilliance but also being able to channel the particular universal archetypal energies that have to do with your particular makeup and aspiration and ability to shine brightly I want to give a little example which is about myself and I've seen this over and over with other clients I for decades have been an acupuncturist and have you had the nurturers element mother earth very soothing and healing and that's how I have attracted a powerful healing business but it's been very hands-on and now that I'm going out into the marketplace and coaching I'm actually finding that the alchemist the transformational agent the shaman is a much more powerful archetype for me to be channeling in order to attract the clients for this type of business so it's a much more magical and powerful way to bring in the people that are looking for me rather than continuing to be a nurturer and soothe people which is also very very important but different for the business that I'm in now so when you understand your particular archetypes you're much more able to be successful and magnetic and a much more powerful light for those people to find you not just for them but also for your own heart to give you confidence because let's face it as change makers and healers the economy is not leaning towards supporting us individuals find us this way but we don't have we're doing very important work in the world and people are not necessarily the system doesn't support us so when our fighter is brighter we're much more magnetic the earth element has to do with our niche how we clarify who the particular people are that we serve exactly what problems we solve and also our particular special way of working with people because marketing in a really general way doesn't isn't as powerful as really honing in and finding the people who the particular groups of people who are looking for us so the earth element is about service just the way the earth mother the great Earth Mother serves all of us by providing a home here how we show up in service to the people that are looking for us is much more empowered when we get clear about how who we're serving and how we're serving and being able to go beyond for healers here the one by one by one needing to market each session and figuring out how to also be clear about making creating programs that serve people and solve their problems and the metal element has to do with opening to more financial success and generally as healers I'm not sure why we talked about past lives or karma or things like that but because we're so into service often we're not into also receiving money back and being an open channel to prosperity so the metal element as to do with letting go of old conditioned beliefs that somehow their I say it spiritual people are not supposed to maybe be making so much money and that is such the old subconscious beliefs around that are keeping us from being successful serving the people who that are needing our help so with the sacred money archetypes we're able to pinpoint exactly what our particular gifts are and our particular strengths but also what our blind spots are because if we don't understand our blind spots and challenges for our own money DNA we're not as able to be an open channel to receiving and joining practical financial success with spiritual and personal growth and letting go of those old beliefs that the old many stories that somehow we are not powerful we don't have very important things to say we need to write new many stories that link spirituality and prosperity and the wider element is a very interesting one and it took me a while with my clients and myself truthfully to figure this one out if I to be started to become very clear and all of us are working in a society even you Andrew up in Newfoundland in North Atlantic I'm sure there's still 24/7 speed and inflammation in people's lives and grasping and difficulty slowing down the water element is actually connected to the wintertime the time of hibernation the time of slowing down and getting deeply connected to source which is actually the ocean we came from the ocean we are an ocean we're 70% water and the water element helps give us more confidence helps us slow down and helps put out the fires in our business and the fires of fear that we may have that we are not being able to really have a great business and maybe thinking oh I gotta go get a job again oh no so the water element helps give us confidence and slow us down because we need to be sustainable in this world to help make bring our healing forth the next element is the wood element which is about authentically being able to go out into the marketplace and have really heartful cells non-sales e-marketing conversations the wood element is very interesting one for healers because many of us may go to networking meetings meet people and very shyly and we may say oh well here's my card call me if you're interested in my work or they may go out into the marketplace into networking and just keep blowing people away and basically flaming them with how passionate we are about our work and yet both of those ways of being in the world are not effective in marketing conversations it's very important to be able to do this in our authentic way and there are scripts having to do with that I use to teach people with the wood element where we learn to make an authentic connection with our heart show up in service connect to the sacredness of the metal element and acknowledge the person's vulnerability and sacredness to actually have a conversation the water element in these conversations is about getting curious what's underneath the surface the surface am I able to help you am I able to help this person and then offering people a choice so that they in the wood element are able to grow and to have the transformation that they're desiring and to choose to work with us if they're not interested in working with us they can leave the conversation feeling uplifted that they haven't had any aggression put on them from marketing and that everybody feels respected and not icky I'm curious if people who want to raise their hands can they do that maybe everybody's muted but can you just say a yes in the chat box if you've had conversations where truthfully want you knew you could serve the person you left the conversation they did not choose to work with you or they did whichever but you felt icky about it can I see if there's some yeses on this one they're up in the chat box because I found it so often with people who are wanting to learn to market they want to do it in a way that's truly authentic and really comes from their heart and have the conversation be as powerful and educational and transformative as the actual work that we do with people so let's see I don't want a glasses oh we have tons of yeses loads of yeses for people who don't want to have inauthentic marketing conversations but you have and/or you maybe people have done them to you so it is possible to market in a really non aggressive way and to market in a heartful way so Liz shall we open the chat box at this point for yeah I mean open the lines and see if people have more specific questions so we can get right down to going into further depth with the elements themselves related to e to a specific question yes and if no one has questions yet I'll for sure I have some so if anyone has questions about any of the particular elements I think that's a good idea to go a little bit deeper so that you really understand more kind of in a linear way what each element represents so you can raise your hand you can put it in the chat box and then I can unmute you Eva would like to talk about the wood element a little more Eva do you want to elaborate on that a little you're unmuted I yeah I mean I I just seem to have some I mean it's not that every one of these kind of those initial meetings where I'm trying to get someone to sign up for a program it's not the dirt they always don't go well but there's some where I feel like I'm in a good connection and it's the perfect client and they seem really interested but then like it doesn't happen you know something goes wrong and I don't know Zack I can't exactly figure it out I mean some situations I'm like oh yeah I should have done this but other ones I'm a little bit puzzled you know so I guess that's the one I'm I don't know I know that's not super specific but maybe how to present my program or I do have a specific program now couple specific programs I do feel good about but and I do find the people that I think would be really great for my programs but yeah there's sometimes something that just happens where I feel like I should have a better rate of signing people up than I am having so this can be worked with definitely but it may it may take more than the quick answer of just three minutes that I'm going to offer back to you but it basically has to do with as you open blog we mentioned trying to get someone to sign up doing something to somebody trying to do what we're trying is to ally with that part of the person really does desire transformation and it's speaking to you about one of your programs because I know you don't just work in one by one by one sessions you have very powerful deep transformative work and it's a lot of commitment for people so having a conversation that's not just about them getting to not about you getting the client but really going deeper to find out if you are a fit and it is about having when people people are defense about opening their wallets they've worked really hard and they want to know that what you're offering is a value and I know what you offer eva is of tremendous value but it's not just about closing the deal and when you learn how to have a script that actually helps you bring more what helps you I basically wrap your arm around the person and find take a journey with them through the conversation just like you do with your powerful therapy work you it's not a it's a very non dual way of having the conversation go to a more successful conclusion and people it's about also really welcoming what people's objections are and helping them make the right choice for them and when that is happening just like in your therapy you don't tell people what to do you go really deeply and find out what they're really needing and they are the fundamental leader of the therapy even though of course you're the professional but you want as you learn how to have a marketing conversation that's non aggressive and not about trying to close the deal trying to get them to sign up you will have much more success and it's about really deeply being with people and so I would have mentioned actually at this point that I hope this is okay Liz that okay that I am offering for everybody who's on this call either presently in present time or seeing it later that I am happy to speak with them privately in a business clarity breakthrough session and what we'll do is look at three things one your most difficult marketing and business challenges how the five elements specifically are your business and what the next best step is and this is a complimentary conversation of about thirty minutes sometimes goes a little longer but it's about 30 minutes where you can where we can look at these aspects for you your challenges which elements are shining in your business and which are not and what your next best step is if you go to medicine Buddha coaching calm that's my website and this is just put it up on the chatbox medicine buddha coaching calm and you fill out a form then we could have a private conversation to go into more depth so back to you if I took a little segue there a little detail I'd be a little detour do you have any other questions based on what I just shared no I think I'll you know take you up on that offer of talking to you and in person about it or I mean over the phone about it okay cuz we can go into more details with each of those stages over the phone but probably it's not appropriate here okay Johanna we do have two other questions and we have 10 more minutes so let's let's check out so Claire is interested in knowing can you have deeper info on the water element and opening that channel and let me unmute Claire in clay she needs to elaborate a little bit can you answer that Hannah Claire I was I forgot which what work you do and what is your work I work with incest survivors right right you told me ah yes right thank you for sharing there well Claire what do you to to rest deeply and turn off all the fires digital the digital world the demands on you and the inner churning or things like that what do you do to help ease down and relax and be more be more at ease I I meditate in the morning and try to connect to my spirit guides for guidance on what we've done for the day we year whatever you do that every year every morning right well it doesn't feel like enough yes well as a survivor there is so much that has come to in your life to require that you just be surviving and not thriving from the past so it's about finding your way back to the natural state of ease and relaxation and bathing in that natural state before you before any trauma or anything has occurred so it's not just about the morning but that's wonderful that you're meditating good morning and listening to guidance but it's really about finding for you 24/7 way of just relaxing not having to do anything or do anything and I'm not able to until we speak more directly I don't think I can offer any guidance but we're all going against the stream of inflammation and trauma that will bathe him in this world currently and as healers we know it and many people cover that over or suppress it or whatever but you know clear that that's true you guides know that so how to find for you the way to make it that your whole life is able to be in that deep ocean of relaxation not just the morning time and I can't speak more specifically right now until I know you but this is probably the one that has the least amount of systematized information that anyone can that where you're able to use but it there it is possible to be in that place of completeness and ease and so that you are able to thrive and help the people who really need your work Thank You Johanna was that helpful clear let me unmute her hold on hold on okay go ahead Claire yeah that was definitely helpful it sounds more like a psychic response like you were actually reading what's going on in my body so I truly appreciate that sounds like you're incredibly intuitive and I am in the process of signing up for a little bit more time with you okay well I'd be happy to do it and I'm definitely not psychic I am intuitive but I'm not psychic and your hand is intuitive for sure you share you're sharing this information and you have very important work you're doing I mean and it's the time now it's so exciting that the suffering has come to the surface it's not all suppressed anymore so that we can actually tie have these conversations and people who are suffering can actually get help instead of hiding away so I look forward to speaking with you clear and thanks for your bravery in speaking up oh thank you thank you very much okay Johanna we I'd like to we have four minutes and I'd like to get to two more questions because they're both really interesting and the first one is from Erin he's interested in the earth element and then the second one is more about Liz bigger has interest in the archetypes which I'd like to cover both of them so let's cover the earth element for Erin first and Erin did you want to add to that all at all or yeah I from living authentically a lot of times I'm thinking feeling okay I'm in this moment and now I need to translate this into a business sense yeah so like if I'm like hitting a drum having fun on Pearl Street you know and then I'm like oh now this is a business and I'm being called to this business okay great yes thank you Thank You Erin it is about getting pragmatic and grounded and the earth element is about serving others it's no longer about our authenticity you are an authentic heartful guy and you're living at moment a moment but how can you get specific and pragmatic and clear about who you're trying to help because probably not everybody is waking up in the middle of the night going oh I need to be more heartful no there and authentically heartful though that is what you do and how you help people but they're probably really worrying about other things and their how can you serve in your ongoing heartful way a particular specific group of people who are needing your help because marketing to everyone is like marketing to no one so you have to get grounded and it's about other people not about us in the earth I mean the great mother serves us with so much total selflessness well look what's happening but in any case so in the so specifically who getting clear on who you serve and what you actually offer besides a conversation and dispatch a special program because people don't shift generally to total authenticity from their heart in one session so how to have something ongoing and grounded and practical and this I feel like you have tremendous amount to offer or you are sharing your heart in a world that we know out there is aggressive and not necessarily people coming from their heart and yet if we don't go to our heart where none of us are gonna survive here let alone thrive so I'm happy to have a conversation and get more specific clarity to your situation if you would like to if you go sign up at medicine Buddha coaching calm and then press on business clarity breakthrough session it's on the top navigation bar so thank you thanks for joining in Aaron okay Thank You Aaron okay one last moment gonna go over a little bit but that's okay soul is bigger is interested in the archetypes for fire you mentioned alchemist is better than nurturer oh no I don't think you meant that okay hold on let me finish it what different archetypes are there for the other elements so so I'm gonna unmute Liz in case she needs to chime in on that more okay go ahead Liz I was going through a lot of information pretty quickly and so I don't think I was totally clear there are actually 12 archetypes in how we fire up our business and then the alchemist is not better than the nurturer all of them are important and all of them are authentically available if they're correct for us but we have to determine which is which it is so the nurturer for me I never took the archetypes test which I have available for people who want to learn about the archetypes and how it could help them strengthen their their PR and their marketing conversations but the nurturer was important as a healer but the alchemist for me is much more important as a coach and I was delighted to discover that so that I can actually work in a in a very different way online the I am offering a workshop on September 29th a three hour workshop which will be on the archetypes program how to brand with the archetypes and you'll be able to take a test we'll go go through a number of exercises to help you make your marketing much more magnetic and powerful using the archetypes and you'll be able to discover which are the most which two are the most important for you in your business so I will be sending out to anybody who's been on the call I'll send out information about that program but the archetypes actually connect to many other archetypes type of systems but they're specifically designed for how to help our heartful business thrive and the archetypes don't show up as much the branding archetypes do not show up specifically with the other elements and if you would to have a conversation again go to medicine widow coaching dot-com and click on business clarity breakthrough session and we can talk more specifically Lissa are you I don't see you hold on okay it's 10:02 and we do like to wrap this up at 10:00 so if anyone needs to leave please feel free to do that and Johannah I want to thank you so much every time you speak healing is going on for me in additions to like just loving what you're saying like everybody chakras are all spinning like a lot going on here for sure but I just want to mention that Johannes got a couple of interesting kind of introductory breakthrough sessions one is called the sacred money archetype which is really illuminating because we don't see our blind spots hence the word blind spots in regards to money and it's a nice way to uncover what the heck is going on there and get it out of the way so that is something that you can email Johanna about or you can talk about that with her in a breakthrough session which I would highly recommend time with her you got to get a lot out of that and then we're talking about the sacred the archetypes and branding which is another really important aspect to your branding efforts because why not use your strong suit it's kind of what I come to right Johanna right you come in here with the strong suit right and that primary archetype is kind of your strong suit and it's like go with it don't hide it or you know bring it forth or whatever that's my feeling on it but Johanna does another branding with archetypes type of session as well so you can it's kind of a preliminary it gives you like a foundation to work from in your branding efforts I feel right Johanna would you agree okay and yeah so one last thing is well you've got a lot going on but I know in October you're going to have a group workshop right now a group kind of eight-week thing like what's that all about again that's eight weeks to magnetize eight clients in eight weeks it begins on October 8th and we're going to go through strengthening all of the elements in our businesses it's going to be an online group program they'll also be other features available and if you have interest in strengthening your marketing with the five elements and how to do that in a way so that you can magnetize eight clients in eight weeks and then go on to continuing to be powerful and able to do that I think this could provide a very good foundation if it's appropriate for you so consider signing up for a business clarity breakthrough session and let's see if this might be appropriate for you the online group program cool and just so people that are watching this video know Johanna will most likely be offering this throughout the year a couple times a year right Johanna or CBI free yeah I'm sorry say that again Johanna Oh October 8th is the maiden voyage for offering this group program online I've done it lots of times on on the ground here in Boulder but now we're gonna do it online okay cross the globe maybe intergalactic you should you need to be you need to touch the world honey you're like our lovey Thank You Johanna this is a I love listening to you speak I love listening to your insights and wisdom for 37 years as a acupuncturist and Buddha is that accurate to say you're kind of a Buddha I would say but well we all have Buddha awake in our hearts yes access all of us yes we do all right so I just want to mention next week's event is next week is online marketing mastermind week so this is a an opportunity for everyone to bring their questions in a their online marketing efforts or business building efforts and everyone is welcome to chime in on their own experience I will certainly chime in on my experience with online marketing and it's a nice we always have fun and we always I just kind of go with the flow let's see what people need to know and it's usually perfect for everyone so that's next week and the week after that I believe yeah the week after that is SEMA who is the leader of the daring divas networking group in Boulder it's gonna present on how to launch a meetup group and she's launched a pretty significant meetup group in Boulder with like I don't know she's probably up to 2500 members now but she's gonna talk about how to do that and her success and how to build your own brand with an online video cool Johannah please stick around and everyone else thank you so much and we'd love to stay here again and everyone enjoy their week we'll see you all again or many of you next week

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