How to Become Spiritual and How it Will Improve Your Life :)

welcome to how to become more spiritual and why you should thanks for watching please like share comment and subscribe don't forget click the notification bell for updates now the very first point I must make is that we are already spiritual to some extent all of us are inherently spiritual that is what is keeping us alive that little spark of life or that little spark of electricity in our hearts that keeps our hearts beating that chief force and it's irregardless of whether we are aware of it or not our heart just keeps on beating because the spiritual energy of our own soul is constantly flowing through our body and down through all of the chakras into our staff which is a chakra underneath our feet in fact chakras are just like power switches that you can turn on or off to regulate the amount of energy coming through to your body there are many hundreds in fact and many systems of thought do not include the soul star chakra above the head or the earth star chakra underneath your feet I've seen these many thousands of times in spirit they do exist the soul star chakra is approximately 30 centimeters above the crown chakra above the head and the earth star chakra is approximately 30 to 45 centimeters below the feet the soul star is where the totality of our solar energy resides part of which then flows down into the body through all our other chakras before eventually lodging in the earth star below the feet the earth star is very important as it connects us to Mother Earth and that connection is what is holding us to the planet and keeping us alive when I'm talking about becoming spiritual I'm not talking about becoming religious spirituality and religion are two entirely different things religion is a man-made construct that is put into us by other people as we grow up spirituality is innate it's our birthright our sovereign birthright of who we really are and everybody has it organized religion as a human construct consists of a lot of thoughts and ideas and concepts and so these can sometimes get in the way of what our true innate spirituality wants us to do it's really quite important to be balanced between emotions thought spirit and physicality you know sometimes we can think things and I'm just as guilty as anybody of doing this and the head sort of takes over you know in this race the mind has its own kind of agenda and there's a lot of thinking that goes on but while we're thinking we're not actually being because we're thinking so when all of our energy is going into thinking or alternatively our energy by the guy doing but not necessarily being now this is where meditation can see it can actually make you sit back and relax and give your mind a little bit of a break and give your body a bit of a break so that you can have a deep relaxation session while meditating now that sounds really simple but it can actually take a lot of practice to let go stop doing stop thinking and just be I guess becoming spiritual helps this process of being so it is really quite important if you want to a balanced life and if you want to make use of all the energies that you are we don't realize sometimes in our busy lives that we have this whole host of energy in the spiritual domain that we're not always aware of as you become more spiritual some of the gifts the spiritual gifts that go with that will unfold some of those spiritual gifts include definition or prophecy and there's a number of ways to do this but quite often it's either clairvoyance clear sentience all clear audience there's a host of other ClearType gifts including claircognizance which is clear knowing more spiritual gifts include healing and that can be distance healing or healing face to face often using their hands I also include love patience and miracles the Gift of manifestation which is the ability to manifest things physically and synchronicity which I include as a gift being in the right place at the right time some other good reasons for becoming spiritual include the improvement in health now there's been many many studies scientific studies about people who meditate and what improvement that does have upon things such as the heart the blood supply circulation strokes the immune response all sorts of illnesses that can be improved by meditating so that's a very important benefit and a very important reason for becoming more spiritual another reason is that being more spiritual actually improves your effectiveness so your effectiveness in all sorts of ways whether that be at work or at play you just become better at doing things because one of the reasons is it's an ability to focus to focus more intently on what you're doing so when we're focusing and we have a desire in our mind and an intention towards something we can harness all of our energy towards that goal another important reason for becoming all spiritual is that it boosts our creativity sometimes you know when you have a problem you'll be just thinking and thinking what can I do to solve this sort of get a solution to X Y Zed or whatever it might be and so you know we might go off and do something else and then the answer will just come in a flash and our creativity is coming to the fore because we're allowing space in our busy crowded minds for the creativity to show up no there's so much that's down inside of you that wants to come out and only you can let it out nobody else can do it for you the universe really has a mission for you in life and you need to be agreeable to carry out that mission to the best of your ability and this will involve you releasing whatever is down in your subconscious including your creativity there are some more reasons to become more spiritual I guess another really important reason for becoming gives us a deep awareness of the interconnectedness of all life so where would that be with each other or with our families or with the planet or with the animal species as you become more spiritual you realize that humanity is like a great big ocean of energy and we may all be single little individual drops doing our own thing but we are all in the ocean of life together so we become aware of each other and we can more easily slip into each other's shoes and understand what people are saying and where they're coming from so becoming more spiritual enhances communication and when we can communicate properly with each other we can develop empathy because we actually pick up the feelings of the other person end of the planet and all her inhabitants and today unfortunately it seems that empathy is a bit of an old-fashioned idea it doesn't seem to be in vogue at the moment but let's bring more empathy back to the planet if we're going to have a life-sustaining future on planet Earth then we really need to get in touch with the energy of her and all her inhabitants I don't know how long she's going to put up with the current situation with the way that some people treat her and I think prayers and meditation are really necessary at the moment the way we're going as a species sometimes life can throw us a curveball causing things to come up out of our subconscious and sometimes there's no apparent external cause at all as to why we may be feeling the way we're feeling these feelings are coming from the deep dark will of our subconscious and we might feel as if we're fighting with ourselves as we negotiate those deep dark waters looking for a way out but with time and it's not immediate you know it might go on for months or maybe even a couple of years in fact but with time eventually we can come to terms with what's going on down deep inside us and we can wear the apparel of our subconscious and and make it look absolutely fabulous for the world to see whatever experience we've been through and whether it's an external event or something from within we can become grounded and practical and use that in a physical practical way so that we can help other people and also help ourselves so it's really important to you know keep your feet on the ground and not be swept away by the currents if you can help it in order to keep your feet on the ground sometimes you know walking helps going out in the garden going into nature walking on the beach or walking a dog these are all helpful tips and remember that meditation is really a very good way of becoming more spiritual and I know a lot of people don't have a lot of time so just five minutes in the morning when you wake up before you get out of bed and five minutes in the evening before you go to sleep if you just do this it will make a difference please like comment share and subscribe and don't forget to click the notification bill to get my regular updates thanks so much for watching I really appreciate your views and leave a comment and I'll certainly get back to you have a beautiful day please visit my website absolute soul secrets.com for all things spiritual if you're looking for a psychic reading we're the place to come thank you and bye for now