How to Balance Sadhana and Worldly Duties | Swami Mukundananda | JKYog Retreat Q&A

the question is that my doing business
how you engage in service is it merely by giving in charity there are three
levels of service done on and month the highest service is in the mind to hold
the thought I wish to give happiness to God and guru and with that intention you
do your works below that is with the body engaged the
body in service and even below that is to give it wealth what you are earning
you give a fraction of it so that is the lowest higher is bodily serviced highest
is mana see now some people say ok are given my mind so don’t ask for anything
else if you had actually given your mind you would have given your all so to
serve in the mind is the most difficult people say I am NOT able to engage my
mind answers alright then you do the next best engage the body in service
take some time out go to the gurus ashram or whatever where you know you
use the body in service people say I don’t have time with my body because I
have got an 8 to 7 job alright then what you are working you take the fruit of
bat and give it its service so that is the third step the lowest you take the
fruit and give it in service as you keep doing it you will develop this
consciousness that I need to use my body in service
and when you start using the body in service the mind will come on the
spiritual realm and you will develop this thought process I wish to give God
and guru happiness so the step begins from below in other words you start by
offering the fruit of your business and then move ahead from there duties are at two levels what is the
level of the body one is the level of the soul at the level of the body you
have your duties to your parents relative society and everything at the
level of the soul you have your duty to God now people say duty to parents is it God
our actual parent everybody all of you go into the temple and see if I’m able
attached at the top for me well God you alone are my father you
alone are my mother and then you ask mommy to your question let’s ABBA G what
is my duty to my parents so I asking about God are you asking about the
worldly pet nosology that is only to say I don’t believe it
so if you have a duty to your worldly parents don’t you have a millionfold
more duty to others your spiritual merit the calm yogi does both the karni hogi
is one who’s discharging the worldly duties and also going towards God okay
in my estimation most of you are doing both the problem here is not that you
are not doing your duties to the parents the problem is that you’re too much on
that side in other words the worldly relatives are all important and God is
put in the one-percent category that is the problem that so you need to create
the balance your duty is first and foremost duty is to purify yourself you
are first and foremost duty is to make your life a success
by attaching your mind to God and then everything falls into place so become a
true karma yogi by learning to love your spiritual parent that is God and then
you will continue doing your duty to the world appearances that and some people
they take Culberson the odds that is a small section of society the cognizant
we are see out of pass some scars or whatever renounces says I’ve got nothing
to do with the world and that karma said galaxy then sees God as everything that
part of karma sanyasa is also there but as you see in society 99.99% of the
people take the path of Carioca some people have a soft heart it melts
on both sides it marries for God and the shape years and it melts for the world
Israel they’re also – eight years so we keep going plus minus plus minus plus
minus some people have a hard heart it will be lamented the world are meant for
God these are all sons cars coming from the past the state of your heart the
mind but but – elevation is cartoonion vision create drama from bhagavati let
your mind become hardened the world in other words practice detachment practice
to be unaffected make your mind like that in the world if somebody cuts his
head and gives you look I love you so much I am giving this to you don’t
believe it everybody is selfish everybody is doing that drama for their
happiness and they’re telling you I love you for your happiness
so in the world beware use your intellect until God realization
everybody’s selfish nobody loves me and if the spiritual realm drop the
intellect have faith in God and grew softened the mind and increase the love
for that is the way to move ahead

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  • Prashant Singh says:

    Radhe Radhe

  • Pooja Raghunath says:

    Radhey Radhey! So practical and so true 🙏

  • Preeti Malhotra says:

    Excellent answers to pertinent questions! Thank you for sharing this valuable knowledge!

  • Harmohan Parida says:

    Radhy Rani ki Jay🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏

  • Smita Mehta says:

    Swamiji beautifully says that spiritual seva can be performed through financial contributions (wealth; lowest level), physical effort (body; intermediate level), and mind (dedicating actions to God; highest level). There needs to be a balance in the seva or duty toward our relatives (physical level) vs. toward God (level of the soul). Practicing karmayog will assist with service to God. Additionally, Swamiji says that we should attach the mind to God but detach from worldly objects to enhance devotion.

  • Swami Mukundananda says:

    Spiritual Q&A with Swami Mukundananda 🙏
    Clear you spiritual doubts and progress in devotion by implementing the knowledge in your daily life🙏

  • Indramani Sinha 1008 says:

    Practice Karma yoga, doing worldly acts but mind engaged in mediation of Lord, not in worldly acts.

  • shankar prasad says:

    This is a one major area of concern for me. This discourse will help me. Radhe Radhe

  • nisha sirpaul says:

    Beautiful explanation by Swami ji . Jai Shree Radhe 🌹

  • Chandra Harnam Pokan says:

    Fabulous Swamiji, you are absolutely correct. Radhey Radhey 💙

  • manorama das says:

    Really its very challenging to engage mind with God when doing material duties. These three techniques must help us in devotion to God. Thank u Swamiji for beautiful lecture.🙏🙏

  • Murali Waro says:

    We should attach the mind to God but detach from worldly objects to enhance devotion. Thank you for sharing this video!

  • Sarada Pemmaraju says:

    I love ❤️ this lecture so much better than the other lectures

  • Sanjay Bhati says:

    until God realization every body is selfish so we should attached our mind to only God and Guru and practice detachment from world.

  • Bidulata Mishra says:

    radhey radhey swamiji,thanks for this valuble and butful speech.


    With daily routine with we have to sacrifice it before God. When we will be Akarta it will be a gift to God. Radhe Radhe

  • ANNAPURNA Das says:

    In this world life is full of suffering nd pain nd vry difficult in this material world to engaged the mind to hari guru… only the way of sadhana to deny all the misery nd to attain the god nd blissful life…..vry useful section ….

  • Sailesh Ivaturi says:

    Swamiji's explanations are so simple and easy to practise. He gives best solutions for many problems we face while doing sadhana. It just needs our effort to be successful. 😊

  • abhipsa sahu says:

    Swamiji described very beautifully about Karmayoga and our foremost duties..A true karmayogi is who please his supreme parents dats to his God n doing simultaneously doing the physical world activities.. Swamiji also explained about the kind of Seva.. how to do seva with all our mind, body and wealth.. loved the lecture.. Radhey Radhey

  • liza panigrahy says:

    Yes, this's absolutely necessary to have balance between the worldy duties & the Spirituality. Swamiji clarifying simply and beautifully by giving examples about Karmyog and the levels of doing service towards our spiritual & eternal parents. So motivational video. Radhey Radhey 🙏🙏
    Thank you♥️

  • Subhrajit Tripathy says:

    while living in the material world is a challenging proposition as one has to balance engaging the mind in the divine while discharging worldly duties.

  • Sushanta Kumar Mohanty says:

    Swamiji has given three important answers in this video the main is how to balance sadhana and our worldly duties. The teachings of Lord Krishna to Arjun has been very precisely explained by Swamiji. How to practice Karmayog is clearly explained.

  • Surbhi Joshi says:

    Nice explanation. The duties towards the material world should be performed physically whereas the actual duty should be towards God. Very interesting lectures by Swamiji. We should understand and practice Karmyog


    Much guided and valuable speech for me, Thank you. Radhey Radhey!

  • veena rao says:

    Balancing worldly duties and devotion to God explained beautifully by Swamiji. Thank you Swamiji.

  • Dharmendra Pradhan says:

    Spiritual Q & A best solutions for many problems in our daily life.


    Always we should feel presence of God while we do worldly duties. This is how we can attach with God.

  • Raj Xyz says:

    Radhey Radhey

  • Mrutyunjay Pratap says:

    Radhey radhey

  • Shyama Verma says:

    Very useful…Important to know

  • Mamun Acharya says:

    Thanks for this valuable speech by Swamiji ..Radhey Radhey..

  • Ashok Behera says:

    Jai sri radhey, Good speech


    Very nice. We can serve God while doing activities in the material world and the best way is to engage the mind in Devotion with God while performing worldly duties.

  • SEAN RAY says:

    A very important topic to every spiritual aspirant. In this day of the busy world if we wish to progress spiritually how are we to do it.. this question arises in us. Here Swami Ji beautifully explains how we can stay in the world and yet be performing sadhana. Modes – Dhan, Tan , Man. These options can be utilised accordingly to progress along the path. The most essential sadhana- from the mind – best of all, simple , easier and does not require phisical effort , best suited for all and all circumstances. Attaching the mind in Hari and Guru whilst in worldly duties is the best path. The instructions here Swami Ji are exceptional, very helpful in our daily lives, though we are away Swami Ji keeps guiding us with so much precious knowledge. We deeply thank you for your grace on us Swami ji.

  • Sailaja Baral says:

    Thank you for this valuable knowledge about balancing sadhana and wordly duties ..

  • Snehalata Sahoo says:

    Radhey radhey….Thank u Swamiji..its very nice, beautiful guided and valuable speech for me.

  • Soundarya Ivaturi says:

    This is a primary doubt to all freshman in the Satsang. Thank you, Swamiji for clearing it out. Your knowledge is always like a great light that removes our silly clouds of ignorance.

  • Meena Chauhan says:

    Here Swamiji hives a very practical solution yo the question "how to serve God".Swamiji has given three options service by mind,by body and by wealth.Out of them service by mind is considered to br yhe best.

  • Raj Xyz says:

    Radhey Radhey

  • Meena Chauhan says:

    We should give priority to our duties towards God and see worldly duties as secondary. But we are practising the reverse.So by thoughtful performance of our duty,we can make a balance in sadhna and worldly duyies.

  • Dharm Pal Jangra says:

    Radhey Radhey HH Swami ji …
    Jai ho Pyaare Guruvar Jai ho Pyaare Giridhar…

  • Meenu Kapoor/Kripaludassi says:

    Karm Yogi is who is doing worldly duties and keeping mind attached to God.

  • Sandhya Das says:

    What Swamiji suggests is a devotee should remain unscathed by the emotions attached to the worldly duties.God alone is ours and only in his quest we will find peace and contentment.

  • tulasi sahu says:

    Thanks a lot swamiji😊 😊 .Radhe Radhe..

  • Renjini Jyothishmathy says:

    Living in the world, we are confused about our duties. Swamiji’s explanation is very clear about Karma Yog . How we have consider God as our real father and discharge the duties to our worldly father. Thank you Swamiji. Radhey Radhey

  • Tripti Golwalkar says:

    thank you for sharing wisdom gems.

  • Renjini Jyothishmathy says:

    Awesome lecture!!! Radhey Radhey Swamiji!!

  • Veena Trivedi says:

    Superb answer to practical question. Thank you Swamiji.

  • Gopal Trivedi says:

    Excellent reply to a practical question. Thank you Swamiji.

  • shruti maggo says:

    This answer by Swami ji ended my confusion regarding Sadhana, seva and worldly duties.

    Thank you Swami ji

  • Kasturi Deshmukh says:

    Completely detach the mind from worldly attraction and attach your mind to God. Radhey Radhey.

  • Gopika gd says:

    Radhey Radhey .

  • vf n says:

    radhey radhey !

  • Gopika gd says:

    Radhey Radhey.

  • Nagaraja Chokkavarapu says:

    Thank you Swamiji for this inspiring lecture !! #HappinessChallenge

  • Hyma R says:

    Highest seva is with mind, then bosy and then wealth. Until god realization we are all selfish. Develop love for god.

  • Harish Rangacharya-Personal says:

    When we offer our mind we offer everything. However one should at least start offering body service and donations to get detachment.

  • Preeti Malhotra says:

    Wonderful questions and brilliant answers by Swamiji!

  • Devesh Bhargava says:

    Radhey radhey

  • Gyan Ranjan says:

    Jai Shri Krishna

  • Premal Shukla says:

    One can offer seva with the body, mind, and wealth, and selfless service. This goes along with sadhana – love, devotion, and surrender to God. Both seva and sadhana should be balanced.

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