How Praises Releases Spiritual Authority Pt. 1

it's another opportunity to minister to these your precious sheep now I want to begin this morning in Philippians chapter 2 and 10 now as born-again believers Satan does not have superior power over you he is limited to only using physical human power that we authorized him to use so any power that's being used over you your the supply house and just like whatever you're supplying the enemy to destroy you with you can take it back he's given us authority but for all of us who are alive today we have been given more authority than Adam and Eve tell me your names like a fat Devils turn the other side you just turn pharmacy I'm talking to you turn outside say you got the power music I'm telling y'all man supernatural things about Hitler's troops they're gonna get fuels that are gonna be canceled you got me beat you better you better know who around you you better make sure you have some believers around you how many believes I haven't yet then I'm gonna command the finished work of Jesus is not God to get you halfway [Applause] now ladies and gentlemen this is the next phase of our ministry and it involves all of us father we thank you for this another opportunity to minister to these your precious sheep thank you Lord that revelation knowledge will flow freely uninterrupted and unhindered by Anna satanic or demonic force and father I pray that you will speak through my vocal cords and think through my mind none of me and all of you Thank You Holy Spirit for being in our midst you said where there are two or three gather together in your name then you'll be there and Lord we welcome you here this morning thank you that our ears are anointed to hear and that our hearts are anointed to receive and we will never be the same again it's in Jesus name we pray and everybody said amen well give the Lord a big hand clap of praise he is worthy to be praised if you have your Bibles this morning let's go to the Book of Luke chapter 10 19 and this morning I'm gonna show you how praise releases spiritual authority I want to make sure that we're not so devil conscious that every time we look at something it's a demon I want you to come to understand that there is power spiritual authority that is released when you praise God in other words I'm gonna show you this morning that if you cannot think of the scripture praises the cure-all for whatever's going on with you and so hopefully after this morning some of you guys who refuse to praise the Lord I tell you what you're gonna learn how to praise them this morning because when the money not their praise God you'll praise them hallelujah now you ain't gotta look like some of these folks look like they're having a fit just you know open your mouth up and praise the Lord start small amen thank you Jesus you can even say a proper thank you lord but I'm gonna show you that we're not we don't just have songs service we don't just have praised the choirs down here and the praise services they're not just for no reason at all it invokes spiritual authority it invokes it and we have been given authority let's read Luke chapter 10 verse 19 not loud together and he says behold I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you now Jesus also mentioned in Philippians chapter 2 10 after he rose from the dead he says I have power given to me both in heaven and in earth and under the earth which means you have power over demonic forces you have power to understand that the origin of most situations maybe you know influenced by demonic forces but you have authority over that now please understand the illustration we've been using Georgia Power has the responsibility of turning on the power to your house but they will not come to your house to flip the switch that is your responsibility God has given us the power but he will not come and flip the switch you have to do that the power is available you have to flip the switch you have authority to turn that switch on to light up whatever room you want to let on provided that you paid your bill well thank God Jesus has paid our bill they men and and we've got to understand that the word authority simply means to make use of the power God has supplied the power our job is to make use of the power now you've got to understand that God's not going to come down from heaven to get the devil off you the Bible says submit yourself to God resist the devil and he'll flee if you don't this Tim then you know nothing will happen you can limit God by not operating in the authority that God has given you you see when God gave us this spiritual authority the authority of the believer he limited his own authority so that we can have authority he gave authority to physical human beings which means you have to have a body in this earth in order to have authority well how did he live in his authority well God is a spirit and God being a spirit when Adam and Eve turned their authority over to Satan he couldn't just come down and fix everything he had to work within the boundaries of the law that he released for mankind and so several thousand years later Jesus was born and God had a body and the Bible made it clear that now the Son of Man can execute judgment in the earth so he did it all legally he straightened the mess up but he did it legally he made sure he had a body so that his word would be maintained and the integrity of his word would be maintained now we talked about turning on this authority you turn this authority on when you open your mouth you turn this authority on when you make decrees and declarations you turn this authority on when you command of the finished works of Jesus you turn this authority on by understanding that you have the the the authorization to use God's power is his power but you can use it and so what we've got to understand is that we spent a lot of time praying to God about our problems instead of talking to our problems about what God has already done and so we've got to step out and we've got to start living on the earth as if we created the earth now I know you didn't create it but he wants you to start living like you did create it in other words exercising this authority now your refusal to exercise this authority that has been given to you will limit God's intervention in whatever situation you're dealing with your refusal your refusal to say well I don't believe I have the authority well I mean God is for healing and he is for deliverance and he is for prosperity and even though he is for it if he gave you the authority to exercise and you won't do it then you'll never see any manifestation because he put the authority into your hands and he's not going to be someone that's going to violate his word because you don't believe you have the power to do it and so I've got to get you to understand that we no longer live our life from a place of powerlessness few weeks ago we declared no more powerless religion let's do that again no more powerless religion say it again say it again no more powerless religion so you and I in a sense God when he gave us Dominion and authority in Genesis chapter 126 and then he turned around Philippians 2 in Matthew 28 says now I give you even superior Authority greater than what Adam and Eve had you and I've got to understand that we are now accountable for what happens in our life and what happens in this earth we are accountable no more blaming the devil no more playing the blame game you have the power you have the right to use God's power and if you sit back like a religious Christian who just thinks they're just a normal human being and not have come to the place understand that you're a born again person amen with the power of God you have access to the power of God he gave you his power to be put under your authority Wow that's awesome he gave you his power to be put under your authority and if you fail to use it if you sit back and hurt instead of using your authority to remove that pain from your body if you sit back and watch family members go through three things without using your authority to change it if you sit back and let a tornado just come and tear your house up without stepping out and say I rebuke you when go to the other way and so far and you know it's been comfortable over the years to be able to blame God or blame the devil and now we come to the place of understanding when people say well God is in control well wait a minute God took the controls and put it into the hands of men for a while so it's in your hands if God was in control then God would be to blame for all of the wars and he'd be blamed for the tax and and the sicknesses and families and the disease but he put that authority in your hands and with that authority in your hands you're gonna have to decide who will you authorized to work in your life you have the authority so you will either give God the authority to come and bless you to intervene to bless you or you'll give the devil the authority to come and destroy you well how do you do that well watch out what you're saying because your words will give authority to God or the devil watch watch your actions because your actions will open up a door for either God or the devil watch your praise or your worry because one of them will empower either God or the devil you have authority so the hell you going through you authorized it how you like me now see you can change all of this but you're gonna have to quit being a spiritual Punk and you have to rise up and say I have been authorized by God Almighty to use this power and you know what something you got to learn you know this I gotta teach on it something you got to learn how to get angry I know it sounds funny talking in the church angry anger is fine when you don't use it towards people well I don't think that's right well let me ask you a question in the Bible read the Bible and the Bible gives this one person who was angry more than anybody you know who it was God and the anger of the Lord was kindled and the anger of the Lord was kindled it was never kindled towards people a couple of times he got a little you know besides himself where people are concerned but it was it was anger towards evil Angler towards ungodliness anger towards things that were not supposed to go that way some of you got the devil around you back in you know I come tell you cast them off you say well dear mr. devil could you please get off my back you don't opposed to talk no devil like that you're not angry enough you need to get angry at the crap you're going through something needs to rise up on the inside of you and say I am tired of being broke and bless God in the name of Jesus I release my authority and I'll not be broke anymore no lack in my life anymore see you won't let that happen you know I gotta teach this thing that's been misinterpreted for years about don't let the Sun go down on your wrath like you know God got daytime strife the nighttime strife that's not what that's talking about he's saying don't cease to be angry don't stop being angry at the evilness and the wickedness and the junk that the devil you get just let that anger so rise up on the inside of you that you refuse to tolerate that mess anymore and you release your authority to stop it but you know we're we're so religious you know well praise the Lord you know I believe God can even save the devil you know what you just well what about the grace of God should we still be angry there no I'm not gonna be angry at you we shouldn't be angry at one another we shouldn't have anger going on towards humanity but this anger if anger was that bad what is God doing with it if anger was that bad what is Jesus doing with it Turning Tables over and whooping people with what's what what's up what's up Jesus Jesus then got ticked off y'all what's up know there was a motivation it was a motivation a motivation that says I'm not gonna stay trapped in this wickedness I'm not gonna stay trapped in this mess I have the authority given to me by God I'm coming out of this I'm not gonna stay the same Satan you're not gonna run my life no more I'm in you this home baby no more no more I'm not gonna tolerate this sickness I'm not tolerating the shakes I ain't gonna dive no cancer I'm tired of being scared I'm no no you get that anger and you use it as motivation and you go towards the devil and you give him everything you've got in the name of Jesus that's radical that's radical but I've seen too many Christians I'm like wonder does that bother you well you know praise the Lord I mean you know God's giving me patience to endure yeah I understand all that but when you're gonna get fed up with it enough to release your authority when you're gonna get fed up with it enough to speak against it and tell it to stop and tell it to go and say no you're not gonna have me when you gonna get mad enough to speak to your emotions to say stop being depressed we've been depressed Noble we've been depressed novo now I know three husbands that left you but it's time for you to learn how to love yourself and you speak to yourself in Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs and you demand that devil looks you in the name of Jesus and you speak the Word of God we got too many chrissy christians there's a war going on and he's trying to deceive you to get you to continually turn your authority over to him so he can use it to dominate your life until you be destroyed and then Isaiah said one day you'll be introduced to this devil and people will say is this the man he'll that little book over there he'll is this the one that that brought chaos to the earth it's just the one that that put cancel my residence if it's the one that can't be broke all my life then I'm convinced it'll cause weeping and gnashing of teeth because you couldn't believe you will let this this thing happen to you well today I'm gonna show you how to use your praise to activate some spiritual authority in your life amen and I want to start off by saying no matter what's happening in your life I want you to say this out loud it is well with me it is well with my marriage it is well with my family it is well with my finances it is well with my help my God has perfected everything that concerted me and it is well with my soul amen amen now when you just did that you you just you just released authority you made declarations it's enough to empower God to come in and intervene in those situations in your life now the issue is what will you say when you walk out of here will you cancel out what you did see it that's the issue it's empowering God to bless you or empowering the enemy to destroy you let's get started here Colossians chapter 2 verse 6 and 7 we're looking at how prays releases spiritual authority and you don't have to praise God just wait till you come to church praise God do it at home do it in the car laugh at him what a pain come just start laughing laughter release the spiritual authority verse six he says as you have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord so walk you in him walk rooted and built up in him and stablished in the faith well how am I gonna do all this Lord as you have been taught abounding or increasing therein with Thanksgiving oh did you see what he just said he says your faith will be established if you will increase your Thanksgiving faith is not strong without praising God and Thanksgiving so when you're doing things by faith and you're believing God for things by faith things you can't see with your eyes things you can't touch with your hands and you're believing that you received it by faith he said increase your Thanksgiving increase your praise for God why that will help to establish it so you can't see it you don't know if it's coming you don't know when it's coming increase your Thanksgiving in between the I believe I receive and that there it is increase your Thanksgiving in other words start thinking God for stuff that hadn't materialized yet start thinking it for things that you can't feel yet start thinking it for the stuff you can't see yet somebody asked well what do I do between the I believe I receive and there it is that's when you increase your praise and increase your Thanksgiving go get your favorite tape pick out your favorite song say thank you for everything that day father I thank you that I had enough strength to do that father my right hand hurt but think in my left hand feels just fine father I paid two bills I got three more to go and I thank you that the same God that helped me pay the two gonna help me pay the three increase your Thanksgiving this releases spiritual Authority increase your Thanksgiving now see you'll be tempted to increase your blame gain you're murmuring and you're complaining when you increase the blame game and you increase murmuring and complaining guess who you empower you empower the enemy to work on your behalf this is not a church thing that I'm asking you to do there's a reason why we praise God there's a reason why we increase Thanksgiving because it releases spiritual authority and brings about the manifestations in the area that we're releasing Thanksgiving so so let's do that let's just practice that right now heavily for hunger I give you Thanksgiving for my life and health I'll give you Thanksgiving for an abundance of favor I give you Thanksgiving that all my needs are met I'm out of debt now hold on that's something you think of no I'm not no you don't call those things that be you call those things that be not as though they were say thank you Lord I'm out of debt my needs are met I have plenty more to put in store I have favor with you and with men [Applause] increase your Thanksgiving and you establish your faith your faith will never be what it can be without increasing your praise and thanksgiving without increasing your praise and thanksgiving it'll never be what it could be so it's not a church thing that we're talking about we're not trying to get you hyped up it's how you respond when things don't look well it's how you respond when you get bad news it's how you respond when you have no idea how to work this out you turn to God and you say thank you Lord that you have already perfected everything that concerns me thank you Lord all is well with me and you know that takes training if you are a murmurer that takes training if the first thing you do is cus bill is doing you like God ain't gonna cuss this morning somebody say pass this cuz that's what to be able to get you to do see cuz if you just get the cousin all the time he just he'll take advantage of your cousin all the time you had you two cut you all self loud you be comforting yourself back it's Thanksgiving that we're after it's Thanksgiving now the next thing you want to know is well why is this such a a threat to the enemy I mean how is that gonna benefit me it's gonna benefit you ladies and gentlemen if you can understand how all of your complaining and your murmuring has empowered the devil to come against you nothing changes when you complain and murmur you just you just increase that your focus is on the thing that's on you you know you increase that but if you increase your Thanksgiving you establish your faith that's a powerful scripture you increase your Thanksgiving you establish your faith now let's go to Matthew 21 Matthew 21 and verse 15 increase your Thanksgiving you establish your faith how many you're ready to increase your Thanksgiving thank you Jesus thank you thank you Jesus thank you thank you can do it I mean I mean that like all right yeah you know I'm just saying do it in your life and do it when you go home do when you get in the parking lot and the parking guy won't let you come out real quick do it do it when the policeman feeling like this done you come on just thank you lord they have hallelujah Patti yeah Tosa that's when you go to tongs when you when you when you're having a hard time thanking them in English are they I'm not so tight alibi Bobby says you offer perfect Thanksgiving by praying then the Holy Ghost turning Nate your neighbors say increase your Thanksgiving turn the other side then you'll increase your faith man y'all don't know what's getting ready to happen in your house everybody predicting that we're gonna have crisis in this country you know what I'm not a crisis seeker but no matter what happens in this country you gonna be all right cuz the Lord is your refuge and your fortress he's your God in whom you trust a thousand will fall at your side ten thousands will fall at your right hand but it shall not come near you I said it shall not come near you it shall not come to you lord I thank you that it shall not come near me father I thank you I'll never be in that airplane crash father I thank you terrorists won't attack my neighborhood father I think here that I'm protected under the shadows of your wings we got to take some time to start thanking God [Applause] it's powerful now look at Matthew chapter 21 are you talking about powerful it kind of gets into what's happening to the enemy when you begin to praise him like this praise God like this Matthew chapter 21 and verse 15 and he says this and when the chief priests and scribes saw the wonderful things that he did and the children crying in the temple and saying hold – the Son of God they were sore displeased very interesting phrase they were sore displeased and then verse 16 says and they said unto him here at thou what these say jesus said unto them yay have you never read out of the mouths of babes and sucklings thou has perfected praise thou has perfected praise now this this scripture in Matthew 21 came from Psalms 8 verse to flip over there and we're gonna put them together and dig in and see what he's saying Psalms 8 verse 2 if you're there say Amen now Psalms 8 verse 2 says out of the mouths of babes and sucklings has thou ordained strength strength no you just saw Matthew what came out of their mouth praise but here he called it what strength he says because of an enemy that vowel night is still the enemy and the Avenger so now if you put those together we know what's coming out of their mouth perfected praise but it says here praise will still the Avenger in other words praise will paralyze the devil things going on in your life you won't try to figure out how to stop it praise the Lord you'll stop him in his tracks it steals the Avenger Satan is upset because people are praising God he is sore displeased because he don't like you praising God cause he wants you to praise him that's why that whole thing went down in the garden where he tried to get men what he did he got man to submit their authority to him because he wanted the praise that God was getting oh my goodness he was sore displeased but it sounds 8 and 2 he says praise ordains strength she praise is strength praise is power look up in Nehemiah I will look at some books we don't look at much but Nehemiah chapter 8 Old Testament verse 10 near mine chapter 8 verse 10 I'm saying to you that praise ordained strength and I even got more radical and said praise is strength praise is power praise is strength praise is power praise is the ability to get the job done verse 10 says then he said unto them go your way eat the fat drink the sweet and send portions unto them for whom nothing is prepared for this day is holy unto our Lord neither be ye sorry for the joy of the Lord is your strength oh my goodness turn your neighbors say the joy of the Lord is your strength Jezebel preached the message 20 years ago said if he can't steal your joy he can't keep your goods and the first thing the devil is after is to try to steal your joy I mean right here you're sitting here minding your own business listening to the Word of God you've been in praise and worship you feel all right then you go outside and look down and you got a flat tire and you got to be careful because Satan will try to steal your joy just that moment somebody come by and they say it look like you got a flat tire you look at in your blankety blank blank why do you don't do something about it you see I'm a woman I can't change the tire see he's won over you already because he's you let him steal your joy how many times throughout the day do you allow something to steal your joy I'm telling you right now Satan is after your joy because if he can get your joy he can get your strength and if he gets your strength then you are weak and if you are weak then you're not you're going to be defeated and if you're defeated I mean look what happens you cannot let him get your door somehow some way you got to figure out how to hold on to your joy no matter what's going on you got to figure out how to increase your Thanksgiving you got to figure out how to praise the Lord you got to figure out how to do something see that's how this works it's not about you being religious that's how it works if you want to defeat your unseen enemy you've got to know how to system worse and the system works like this when the devil shows up I'm gonna let joy arise now the Bible also says that when joy arise your enemies will be scattered and some of you might have a lot of demons after you I dare you to let joy arise now joy and happiness are a little different happiness is based on your condition in life joy is based on what you know but because of what you know you have joy and joy it will make you happy y'all don't understand what I'm saying you know that when the devil comes to you that your praise is going to paralyze him so you start laughing because he start trying to do something to you you know I was in New York last night we had a great service last night and and people were healed the whole church was healed that's what I say and I just had a good week in Arizona and then just just you and so last night I'm ready to come home I'm I'm ready to see my wife I mean that's my buddy I'm missing and I'm ready to come home and I'm going to the airport getting home and all of a sudden the the air traffic control system goes down all over New York ain't nobody to take off I smiled and I said is this all you can do huh this thing hurt me I'm just feeling gonna go to bed and get up in the morning you got to understand that you can't sit back and tell me well I don't know why that happened know why it happened it happened cuz you got an enemy who comes to kill steal and destroy and your response to him is not going to be out of anger it's going to be out of joy I will praise God I will give joy I will give a burst of joy I'll give a voice of praise and if you'll give a voice of joy and a voice of praise he will cause to return to you like it was before it was stolen from you you don't sit there and hit it and sit there just having a pity product how something happened to you stuff happens what you do is you give a voice of joy hallelujah you give a barse of praise thank you Jesus and when you do that God says I'll call that devil that stole from you to restart return it back to you like it was before he took it and then he says if you find the thief I don't make him restore seventh oh what he took now I declare over your life of seven full restoration right now there's some stuff the devil owes you seven times don't you dare let him get away with it if he stole your car then you got one coming sevens hold better if he's throw your job then you got one Sevenfold better if he stole your husband then you got one Sevenfold better the joy of the Lord is your strength come on give a bar surge all right we're just a bunch of John give a bunch of crazed right quick thank God [Applause] my god you got getting mad enough to shout you got to get mad enough to praise it you got get mad enough to lift your hands up you had get mad enough to dance and give him pray hallelujah [Applause] so this craze is strength this praise is power it will paralyze and steal the adventure now watch this just like Authority but if you don't do it nothing you don't lose your you don't lose your authority you won't lose your authority in confessing you won't lose your authority and commanding you will lose your Authority and praise you won't lose your you sitting there you know trying to be something you know I have a degree I don't do that well okay all right let that devil kick that tail just a little bit low whoop that Taylor look bit more we're gonna see what gonna come out in a minute you walk around submitted but I tell you what when you need something to happen you gonna think about this message thank you Lord hallelujah then you get a little upset Holly I think oh ho oh wow what was that hallelujah thank you Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth baby Jesus we thank you hallelujah I tell you what when you get sick and tired of being sick and tired you'll be able to find a little step and praise the Lord a little bit when you get tired of being hungry and tired of being broke and tired of taking a bus when it's cold outside and tired of not having a job and tired of being worried tired of being depressed try to be rejected tired of being emotional tired of being hurt and tired of being lonely and you lift up your hands and give God praise and shout out to God with he'll turn your schedule around [Applause] I declare we got a praise in church hallelujah I got it by the in both sexes I love that mouth – laughs we got a Thanksgiving check hallelujah you're gonna praise him when you're down you gonna praise it when you can't figure it out you gonna praise it when you don't know where the money coming from you gonna praise them when they let you go off your job let everything if you breathing praise the Lord [Applause] it's power [Applause] it's power [Applause] yeah hey cake at Alabama thank you Jesus alright now watch this but again if you don't do it you know if you don't do it [Applause] it's on you I'm gonna believe you're gonna do it I'm gonna believe the devil gonna have the biggest headache the day he ever had fun in life mm-hmm second chronicles chapter 20 it's not it's not a church thing it's not a religious thing it's a spiritual authority thing this releases power it's a cure-all it's the thing that when you go to the doctor said you have cancer Oh father I just thank you that I was healed 2,000 years ago I start increasing my face getting it it's not increasing my Thanksgiving more to praise the praise the praise services I had in my room in my room and that doctor said you got cancer oh I think you but you did 2,000 years ago I set up then sing songs oh thank you thank you Jesus I am healed oh yes I am thank you thank you Jesus so you got do that yourself you got do that when ain't nobody around you ain't got nobody listening you got nobody to show out in front off hit between you and God and this devil right here there's praise that you gonna release ain't nobody got no business here get that bill in and that bill three months late you don't know what to do go find your little quiet place somewhere you say Lord I thank you all my feels up a long thank you I thank you that are my beers I paid you better listen Dale bye thank you oh okay how you doing I don't care how you do it but you gotta let some come out your mouth that equals praise don't sit there and let that talk to you see religion miss this thing up you we do it and we do it as a show we are no reason why we're doing it and we just say all kinds of stuff and then we got a beat coming in there what about at me I don't want to sing no song about a hurt foot when I got a hurt net change the words praise the Lord now look what happened here so here's Jehoshaphat and oh I'm not gonna read all of this but let me give you a some ridge of hose the fat was having a situation when one to date wasn't too good he he came to past verse one that the children of Moab the children of Amon and with the others beside the ammonites they came against Jehoshaphat to battle so he got all these folks coming against him and in verse five Jehoshaphat stood and the congregation of Judah and Jerusalem in the house of the Lord but before the new court and and of course he went to God oh he said O Lord God our fathers not without God in heaven and rulers not now over all the kingdoms of the heathen and in thy hand is there not power and might so that none is able to withstand these so he knew God had the power are not Val our God who did is drive out the inhabitants of this land before the people Israel and gave it to the seed of Abraham thy friend coven it friend forever and they dwelt therein and have built their sanctuary then for my name saying it if when evil cometh upon us the sword judgment or pestilence of famine we stand before this house and in the presence for that name is in this house I'm gonna tell you something the name of Jesus is in your house too and we cry out unto thee and our affliction then that will hear and you will help and now behold the children of Ammon and Moab and Mount Seir whom now wouldest not let Israel invade when they came out of the land of Egypt but they turned from them and they destroyed them not behold I say how they reward us to come to cast us out of my possessions which thou has given us to inherit over God without not judge them for we have no might against this great company that cometh against us neither know we what to do but our eyes are upon thee something about when you don't know what to do you know who to look at you know where to look for help and in all of Judah verse 13 stood before the Lord with their little ones and with their wives and their children then upon jahaziel the son of Zechariah the son of Ben Anaya the son of Jael the son of mattaniah a Levite of the sons of a Seth came the Spirit of the Lord now think off all them folks but the Spirit of the Lord was there in the midst of the congregation and you have him in you and he said now see this is what they're doing I'm gonna go to God find out what to do they didn't have it as clears what we got right now in the Bible and he said hearken ye all Judah and you inhabitants of Jerusalem listen and obey and thou king jehoshaphat thus saith the Lord unto you be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude for the battle is not yours but gods now let me tell you something God still has that same attitude today but now notice it's what he's getting ready to do you got to have cooperation 4:16 tomorrow go you down against them behold they come up by the Clift of this you shall find them at the end of the brook look at the Lord spoiling their secret before the wilderness of jibreel you shall not need to fight in this battle set yourself stand still and see the salvation of the Lord with you and I will do all that all that stuff sound good all this stuff sound good and I see some of y'all quoting in that you know I shall I I will not need to fight against this Direct TV bill I'm gonna I'm gonna set myself and stand still and they're gonna turn that thing off tubes did you find out what you better find something that's hot you're gonna find something outside there's something that's to it that's called corporation fear not nor be dismayed tomorrow go out against them Wow everything God does he does it through a man for the Lord will be with you and Jehoshaphat bowed his head with his face to the ground and all Judah and then happens of Jerusalem fell before the Lord what were they doing they did what they did what and the levites of the children of the kohathites of the children of the courts stood up to praise the lord god of israel with a loud voice look at that they worship God and then they start praising him with their voice and it rose up early in the morning and went forth into the wilderness of the core and as they went forth Jehoshaphat stood and said hear me o Judah and you inhabitants of Jerusalem believe in the larger God so shall you be established believers prophets so shall you prosper and when he had consulted with the people he appointed singers not rembo not oral he appoints singers unto the Lord and that they should praise the beauty of his holiness and as they went out before the army and to save before the army praise the Lord for His mercy endureth forever oh lord have mercy you got to get a picture of this man multitudes coming in a battle to try to destroy them and he appoints singers not an army not a militia team a singers and and their job was their job was go to the enemy and see praise the Lord His mercy endureth forever praise the Lord his mercy endureth forever what now when I first started something and now man you know but that was that was before I understood what happens in the realm of the unseen listen he'd like to die ain't got time to be wondering what somebody gonna think about them praise the Lord his mercy endureth forever let's see what happens and when they begin the scene and the Lord when they begin to sing into praise what happened the Lord now watch this now question would God would God have been able to intervene had they not made use of the power through praise and worship no no that's what we miss in this story look at what they did they intervene they release their authority through praise and worship they had authority in the earth so they release their authority through praise and worship you know that's why we put those those figures up on the screen now so it motivates you and don't motivate you but so you can praise the Lord so we can release Authority oh come on somebody what's this he set an ambushment against the children of Ammon Moab mouse ear which were come against Judah and they were smitten but the children of Ammon Moab stood up against the inhabitants of Mount Seir utterly to slay and to destroy them and when they had made an end of the inhabitants of Seir everyone helped to destroy another what while they were praising the Lord God ambushed the army and they started turning on one another until they successfully killed each other wait wait wait Conde de basura number now I declare over your life Lord set an ambushment over all your enemies and everything that ain't right straighten it out Lord now what's this what's this who and when Judah came towards the watchtower in the wilderness they look unto the multitude and behold they were dead bodies fallen to the earth and none escaped now that ain't the end of the story now watch this and when Jehoshaphat and his people came to take away the spoil of them because whoever wins the battle gets the stuff they found among them in abundance both riches with the dead bodies with the dead bodies they found precious jewels which they stripped off of themselves more than they could carry away and they were three days in gathering of the small it was so much [Applause] I'm declared in your life that if you will praise God and increase your Thanksgiving that when your enemies have been defeated you will enjoy days of taking up the spoils and you will move in from not enough in the more than enough and you'll not be able to handle the abundance that is coming your way so you're gonna have to give it to somebody else because it'll be too much I declare the god of too much over your life too much healing too much peace too much deliverance too much happiness too much money too much too much too much too much wisdom [Applause] today my look at what is he so excited about and excited about you you are about to celebrate a turn around that's right I'm proper signed over your live all morning I'm okay speaking good I didn't got it I didn't come here to disqualify you I came to qualify you to tell you you qualify for healing you qualify for delivers you qualify for prosperity you qualify for success and you top you qualify for the turnaround you might be going the wrong way but hallelujah today it's a turnaround praise God God getting ready to turn around and every time you turn around he gonna keep blessing you had a little ooga every round you go get blessed you go get blessed come on somebody see but I'm glass your days of insufficiency are over your days of lack are over your days of sickness are over your days of depression are over I prophesied of you right now the turn around the turn around let's turn around hallelujah go ahead and receive it in the name of Jesus [Applause] Oh hallelujah how many believers do I have in this place this morning how many believers do I have in this place this morning nobody knows what you've gone through but you and God but God knows what you're going through and I'm telling you you coming out hallelujah I'm telling you you will not spend the rest of this year like you came this morning something is happening right now something is taking place right now I promise how that banging you right now I release the prophetic over your life right now sometimes it just takes somebody saying it hallelujah I say you're successful I say you're safe I say you walk in promotion I say you're deliverer I say you're healed I say you're righteous I say you're holding I say that you're wise I say that you have promotion I speak it hallelujah hallelujah you better go and praise and don't look at me you better you better gonna get getting this thing get away with it caddy out you better don't and praise it you know what's going on with you you better gone and praise it you better go and paint it you might have gone and exalts him you better gone in you better pray that without reservation you better pray that like this is your last time you better praise them because you may not know what else to do this is the time this is the opportunity this is the day kinda Alabama part time [Applause] and [Applause] amen thank you thank you Jesus [Applause] thank you Jesus the joy of the Lord is our strength a strength Stoppa happen the very authority the very authority that you have just released is power you just release power this this is not just a hallelujah good time or well this we're just they're just emotional no we just turned something loose [Applause] you just took a party over a certain situation you pick is emotional you you go see the results [Applause] you're gonna see the results of the god of too much he's not a God of just enough he's a god I'm more than enough he's a God of two bucks amen all right I got four minutes [Applause] cool beyond any idea outside that I'm outside our priority hallelujah [Applause] hallelujah glory to God yeah thank you Jesus thank you lord thank you lord thank you lord now [Applause] the the devil can't bear to hear worship that belongs to God why because it reminds him of his defeat what you just did it just reminds him of his defeat amen praise will affect you it will it will affect the devil it'll affect God it stills it stills the Avenger but where God is concerned God rejoices over us with praise he wants to be loved he wants to be thanked God wants to be appreciated it's not even praising you know God you know try to get something to happen but he inhabits our praise he rejoices over you with singing so when you rejoicing he's addressing over you don't you know he he wants to be appreciated he wants to be loved and thanked he created us for his pleasure Book of Revelations and that we might bring present pleasure to him through our worship and our Thanksgiving don't let it get so far out to where you're just now using this just for your own benefit but remember there's a god who's in love with you who sent his son to die for you who went to hell for you who took every sin past present and future on his body so that you could be called the righteousness of God and reign and his life as a king well isn't he worthy to be thanked isn't he deserving of the praise but sometimes we get so wrapped up into what we're going through we really just kind of forget about some stuff now I want four people not 10 not 12 not 5 4 people who have some kind of obvious illness or that on your body else you know you're hurt you're blind you can't walk something get up here real quick I want to demonstrate how to use this Authority where Healing is concerned and then I want you to begin to exercise it with everybody else in the church ok something that's obvious huh not that we don't concern bunch of mental thing but we can't see the mental thing I want to show you how to operate in the in the authority to heal the sick Matthew chapter 10 says heal the sick he says cast out devils drive them out he said raise the dead Wow did you know you have the power to raise the dead when's the last time you saw somebody raised from the dead have you ever seen anybody raised from the dead but for the most part 99% it be the Christians the day never seen nobody raised from dead but you've been given the authority to do that it's not enough for you to know you've been given that authority you got to exercise that authority you got to walk in that authority make use of the power so I'm gonna do it first to demonstrate to you ok and then you're gonna do it to somebody else because you have the power not me I have the authority to use the same power that's given to you that's given to me ok you ready this is a clinic real quick clinic ok what you believe God for what what is about to get fixed I brought too much ok would you be better well let's just see you believe what I preached this morning yes ok all right so I'm you gonna take authority over this you have authority over the too much alright now I'll put your hands on your stomach and I want you to declare this out loud I have authority I have authority in three wearing them in three realms in heaven earth earth and over all demonic powers and overall the amount of powers I speak to my body I speak to these tumors tumors tumors go go leave my body leave my body now now I have authority I have authority and I command it and I command it for you to go for you to go Jesus name in Jesus name now I'm gonna you you did the most important thing now Lord I release my authority right now I speak to this physical body right now and I command these tumors to go be gone now weight on it weight on it weight on it weight on it weight on it let him do the operation what we believe in for my friend bicep tip okay put your hands on it speak to it in Jesus name in the name of Jesus I speak to this time bicep tendon and I command it to line up with what the Word of God says I declare that my body works the way the Word of God declares that it's worse than I receive it and I'm healed in Jesus you're making use of the power now I'll do the same and where two or three she'll agree as touching anything they shall ask it who feel that alone it just came over there when I came close my goodness now Lord I released my authority and I command his bicep to be repaired now wait on it wait on it see a lot of times we believe in in releasing Authority let the Holy Spirit do the word yeah let him do the work he's doing work right here he's doing work right here when the authority has been released yeah it just happens you just wait you don't rush your wait wait okay what we're working on your knee okay you lay hands on that knee you have the authority now release your authority saying Jesus name Jesus name I speak to this knee I speak to this knee cartilage cartilage grow grow be restored be restored in Jesus name in Jesus name I receive it I receive it now in the name of Jesus father I related Giga the bush like a greased okra gangetic uttama I release my authority I command cartilage to grow right now right now right now right now wait on it give the Holy Spirit time to do it take the performance out of it take the churchy stuff out of it and believe God believe God what we were put your hands on your neck you speak to it now in the name of Jesus name of Jesus I come in my neck to be whole I come in and numbness to stop I take authority over it right now in Jesus name by the blood of Christ in Jesus name I'm whole no more numbness no more tingling no more discomfort Jesus name no father I release my authority right now you say it to heal the sick now I stretch my hands and I command this neck to be whole completely right now in the name of Jesus you just wait you just you just wait you just wait them to the work you just wait let him do the work now when you get up do something you couldn't do before do something you couldn't do before thank you Jesus do something you couldn't do before okay next time you go to the doctor win okay can can they check it and you bring us a report back now do something that you could not do okay you could not do that now why do I ask people to do what they couldn't do you're using your body to repel against the sickness or disease you're using your body for so long you allowed your body to submit to it now you're rebelling to what you used to submit to so you couldn't do that before that's pretty amazing in it do it again no you have the authority you it was your thought listen no matter what I do if you don't release your authority to do it I'm like Jesus in that village no mighty works it can't be done it can't be done amen no what's okay all right now do something you couldn't do before you couldn't bend it that far yeah okay stand back up okay do it again Rebell I was believing as you were ministering and the Holy Spirit is just so strong now rebelled do something that Nick you couldn't do before [Laughter] okay now how many people in the congregation you're believing for some healing in an area would you please stand real quick you please stand okay remember the scripture that says and jesus healed them all well now he said I give you that authority to do the same thing all right now those of you who are seated and you understand what to do what I just did what I just showed you I want you to go to those people or you know you can pray for one another and I want you to release your authority check this out you're not praying for them you're releasing your authority do just what I just did release your authority they released their starting healed the sick all right everybody go get them heal the sick get them healed get them healed heal the sick get them heal shouldn't take more than three minutes get them healed get them heal jesus said heal the sick he ever sick I release my authority in this church and I command for everybody to be healed in Jesus name I command the manifestation of healing all over this place right now the manifestation of healing in the name of Jesus from the crown of their heads into the bare soles of their feet the manifestation of healing be released in this place right now in the name of Jesus thank you lord now when you finish I want you to go ahead and and release more authority and give God Thanksgiving increase your Thanksgiving do something you couldn't do before do something you couldn't do before come on do something you couldn't do before repel against sickness rip the hell against that disease do something you couldn't do before and with his stripes you are heel [Applause] now you got the demonstration you just did that now I'm going to show you how to take authority over your finances lady came to me this past week she said I'm up here prepping my finances as I said ma'am there's nothing that's gonna happen God has given you authority over seed so if you don't sow a seed you won't see anything happen in your finances if you don't open your mouth and declare you won't see Authority if you don't be a mountain praise you won't see your thority and if you don't sort of see you won't release authority over your finances that's not it works that's how it works so father I pray that you will speak to us now just like you assist in healing and you assist in all those other areas speak to our heart we release our authority over this seed and we declare that when we saw this seed our needs are met when we saw this seed our provisions are met we have authority over scene whatsoever we sow that shall we surely reap we have authority over seed if we sow to the flesh then we'll reap corruption if we sow to the spirit then we'll reap life everlasting we have authority over a seed speak to our hearts on what you have us to give and that's what we're gonna do and we take authority right now we're not just gonna sit and be submitted to lack we're rebelling against lack right now and the greatest enemy against lack is a seed yeah if you need to be seated you can be seated at this time and I hope what you're learning is that as long as you sit back and be religious and not understand what Jesus is giving you by grace you have the authority by the grace of God not you didn't do anything to earn this you didn't do anything to deserve this so when you start executing your authority don't let Satan show up in your mind trying to talk you out of it by telling you you ain't been good enough to do this you have this because of his favor he's favored you with authority in three realms there's something you to use it you got to use it you know somebody can be committed to church but not necessarily committed to Christ but you cannot be committed to Christ and not be committed to church I'm gonna tell you that right now so you can be committed to church some people are committed to church but they're not committed to Christ but you cannot be committed to Christ and not be committed to church it's just who you are so ladies and gentlemen this is the day of the turnaround amen so what are you prepared to do once you see it don't go back now somebody says well why we always got to deal with something what life would be boring if you didn't have nothing to deal with just think if you woke up everyday and everything was just great every day I'd get bored no you got faith use it you have authority use it okay if you finished with your offers let's hold it up before God if you're in our other churches let's all do the same thing today say out loud I have authority over seed and whatever I sold I will surely reap therefore I take authority and I saw this seed and command it to come forth a mighty harvest in Jesus name just thank God for that opportunity thank you Lord Jesus thank you that we have seeds or soul thank you for the harvest that is to come and we give you praise for the opportunity to do so motivate it out of our love towards you Jesus name Amen let's just go ahead and receive this anointed offering and today you know as you take this up today I want to do something right quick I got a special guest here today miss Miss Emma Roland she's 99 years old [Applause] now you go now now let me tell you something she'll be celebrating 100 year birthday real soon and I want to be like you when I grow up you know we need to believe God for long why not she here this morning sitting on the front row styling with this hat on looking good and I am so blessed to have her here with us today we got what y'all welcome her today we just thank God [Applause] I'm telling you I'm telling you she don't look like no 99 you're like a good 45 she said I watch you all the time I'm working on it thank you so much for coming and see yesterday thank you man okay if uh if you're here today and you've never made Jesus the Lord of your life would you come on down right now giving your life today if you're here and you want to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues come receive that today and last but not least if you're here at one of our church locations and you would like to join this church today you know you've got to make the decision if I could talk you into it I'd do it but eventually you gonna have to decide decide today make a great decision today so at this time we're getting ready to let you go but if you could stand and turn to your left right front behind minister to those people if they need some help in coming down help them come on down so like aqui not too much ooh God you are great [Applause] No Oh we [Applause] [Applause] congregations don't you thank God for those who have come forward this morning you really do so father we declare grace grace over their lives every mountain will be reduced to nothing father use them in the way that you have intended for your plan for their life is a good plan and we thank you that we will never be the same again as they step into the destiny the very purpose for their lives and we give you praise for them now in Jesus name we pray and everybody said amen at this time if you'll turn this way and follow our deacons to the prayer room those are other churches if you'll follow those guys in the prayer room they're going to take you and minister to you give you a biblical understanding of how to attain and how to maintain what you came to receive and we thank God that you'll never be the same again amen three quick announcements are you still looking for ways to connect with other members of world changes in a small graceful setting community groups may be the answer for you in this setting you get the opportunity to meet and connect with others who live in your area by way of monthly meeting fellowship meetings meeting with like-minded people you'll be encouraged to grow in grace and encourage others to do the same for more information stop by the community groups table in the dome lobby at the service today now if you enjoy meeting new people and you're a proud member of world changers nation then being a volunteer at the visitors welcome center is the place for you bring your enthusiasm and personality as we greet our first-time visitors and make them feel at home this is the communication desk in the dome lobby for more information the annual Thanksgiving feeding families event will be held Saturday November the 21st the WCCO Food Bank is accepting turkeys to help families in need before and after each service Wednesday Saturday and Sunday or you can drop off your items during the day on Monday through Fridays from eight to seven o'clock p.m. at the administration building but for more information you can contact the ministry of resources and if you would like to sign up to be a volunteer to assist with this event just email us at volunteer at world changers org you can also come down to the altar immediately following service to sign up this is an awesome time for us we get a chance to feed a lot of people we feed people every day but Thanksgiving is one of those bigger days and if you want to teach your kids how to be grateful and thankful for what they have maybe you and the whole family can stop by for an hour so and participate in sowing into the lives of people and you'll go home and be so grateful and so thankful that God use you to extend a hand to hope into somebody else's life well I love you your week is going to be epic it really is amazing week I hope you're ready for it it's gonna be a WoW Wow whoa we came in so now under him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you faultless before the Almighty God be glory Majesty Dominion and power both now and forever and everybody said amen have a good day

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