How Do We Respond to the Healing Movement Happening at Seacoast Church?

– Stay standing for a second. What a night man, yeah, this is so cool. This is good stuff. Good good good good. It is my honor to get to introduce our speaker tonight, Jesse Reeves. And I want to tell you just
a little bit about him. He told me backstage, make me look cool. I said I’ll do my best. Here’s the deal with
Jesse, just to let you know what kind of guy he is,
what kind of man that he is. He would be so happy if I
introduced him like this. Jesse loves the Lord, he’s
a husband, he’s a father, he’s a bass player in a 90’s country band, and he is a Texan loving cowboy. He would be so happy if I
introduced him like that. Let me tell you a little
bit about this guy, and them I’m gonna turn him loose on you. He has lived a life to this day
that is wildly accomplished. As a musician he has toured and traveled, led worship for close to two
decades all over this world with Chris Tomlin
playing bass in his band. That’s pretty amazing. As a song writer, he has
written some of the most influential worship songs, I would say, in the last 20 years in this
modern worship movement. The song “Our God,” you
might know that one. “How Great is our God,” “Indescribable,” just to name a few. And here’s what amazing about that, and why that’s important,
because he has been a part of putting vocabulary in
your mouth and my mouth to help us express how we feel about God, and what God means to us, and who God is. So that’s amazing, thank you sir. Attached to his name are Dove Awards. If you don’t know what that is, that’s like the Christian Grammys. He has Dove Awards attached to his name, and he actually has real Grammys attached to his name as well,
which is pretty amazing. If you catch him, ask him to tell you the story of when he met Chris Martin, the lead singer of
Coldplay at the Grammys. It’s one of the best
stories I’ve ever heard. He was a part of planting
Passion City Church with Louie Giglio and
that team in Atlanta, you’ve heard of that
church, I mean come on. What is this life that this guy has led to this point, it’s incredible. And here’s what I believe, I
believe this whole heartedly, with everything that I am that what, what his wife and he,
the plow that they have put their hands to in this
current state of their life, is going to be the most
impactful, most influential, and the greatest legacy that
he will leave on this planet, separate from being a good
husband and a good father. He has planted a house church
in Austin, where they live, Texas and it’s becoming a
network of house churches. And the ground that they are taking, and the life changes they are seeing in peoples living rooms is extraordinary. And it’s something over
here that on our coast is wildly inspiring to what we’re doing. He’s becoming a great
of us, a great friend of our house here at
Seacoast so if you would, let’s give him a good low country welcome. Everybody, Jesse Reeves, come on. [congregation applauding] – Y’all sit down. That was absolutely painful for me. [congregation laughing] Are y’all okay? I’m serious, I hated everything that Nate just did so, let’s
just clear the stage. I’m not Jesus, I know I look like him. [congregation laughing] But Jesus is here. And I stood back in the back right there, first of all London gave me 15 minutes. I can’t say anything in 15 minutes so I’m just gonna have to go fast. I stood back in the
back and I just prayed, God whose in this room? Who is in this room? And I felt like that there’s
people in this room right now that on your last leg
and you’ve heard about this amazing thing that God’s
doing on First Wednesday here at Seacoast and you
came in the door, and you didn’t know that you were
walking into a live recording. And you’re toying with
should I leave, don’t leave. Because what you came for is coming. We’re gonna have a time here
in a minute where you’re gonna get prayed for and you’re
gonna meet the Holy Spirit. I believe that. I think there’s the other side of that. I think there’s people that walked in here for a live recording and
you’re a London Gatch fan, and you’ve got a London Gatch
tattoo and you don’t know that the spirit of God is gonna
intersect your life tonight. That’s two. We’ve got young people,
we’ve got old people. We have people that have been coming since the first Wednesday and
you’ve seen God heal people, and you’ve prayed for God to heal you, and you’ve prayed for
God to move in your life, and it just hasn’t happened yet. I’m not gonna ask you
to raise your hand but, I know that there’s
people in there like this. And then you got people
that came the first time and you did meet God and
he changed your life, and he did a miracle in your life, and you been coming every time
for just a little bit more, a little bit more, a little
bit more, a little bit more, and you’re like a self feeder. Does that make sense, does everybody kind of feel something in there? Okay we’re all on the
same page and I came here from Austin, Texas to tell you that for everyone of you
there is a word from God. I have a word from God. When you somebody tells you
they have a word from God, it needs to come from the word of God. Let’s just let that sit right there. [congregation applauding] When London asked me to
do this and she told me, first of all y’all don’t
know, maybe you do. What God is doing here is
spreading all over the country. I don’t know if you know that. In Austin, Texas where I
live people are talking about what God is doing at Seacoast. Okay, I just want, hang on, hang on. I think we can come in here
and it just becomes normal that you have Brandon
Lake, and London Gatch, and Nate, and Micah, and like. This isn’t normal. [congregation laughing] Just so you know. And on top of that they’re
leaders that are praying for this body and the
Holy Spirit is showing up and doing miracles, and that’s
not happening everywhere. But it’s happening in here. So you have to ask why here, why now, and what are we supposed to do with it? If you’re not asking those
questions something’s wrong. Why us God? It’s not happening everywhere
but it’s happening here. I’m gonna tell you something. If you have a Bible, your
probably didn’t bring a Bible, but I bet you brought a phone. I just want to give you a quick
word from Mark chapter two. And this is story, if
you’ve been in church for more than like five minutes,
you’ve heard this story. But this story’s been
absolutely blowing my mind. This is the story where
the dudes bring the, there’s four guys and they
carry a paralytic guy on a pallet and they climb up on
the roof and lower him through. Y’all know this story? Okay good, you’re pastor
just got a gold star. So don’t tune out ’cause I want you to see a couple things that have
just come alive to me. I’m just gonna read it,
it’s Mark chapter two. ‘Cause I believe that there’s power when we read the word of
God over people, okay. This is the only thing right here that God promises will not return void. Everything else you hear is my opinion. But this is God’s word. So just let it fall on you for a second. I’m just gonna read 12
verses, Mark chapter two. And when he returned,
that’s Jesus, to Capernaum, after some days it was
reported that he was at home. And many were gathered together, so that there was no more
room, not even at the door. And he was preaching the word to them. Jesus knows that there’s
power in the word, by the way. As he’s preaching the
word to them, and they came bringing to him a
paralytic carried by four men. And when they could not get near the house because of the crowd, they
removed the roof above him. And when they had made an opening, they let down the bed on
which the paralytic lay. And when Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic
son, your sins are forgiven. Now did anybody pick
up on a word in their? What was it? – [Congregation] They. – Okay, who’s they? That’s a trick question. They are the people that
carry over from chapter one. You gotta read this book in context. In chapter one Jesus is walking along the Sea of Galilee, and
he calls Peter and Andrew, who were fishing, to come follow him. And then he calls James and
John, the sons of Zebedee to come follow him, and they follow him. And the four of them are walking along, five of them, four plus
one, there’s five of them. And they’re walking along and they walk to a town called Capernaum
’cause that’s were Peter lived. Are you with me? That’s whey they were in
Capernaum in chapter one, ’cause they go to Peter’s house. And Peter’s mother-in-law’s sick. And so Jesus touches Peter’s mother-in-law and the fever goes away,
and the word gets out, and all of a sudden by
evening time it says, I’ll just read it to you,
chapter one verse 32. The evening at sundown
they brought to him all who were sick and oppressed
by demons, and the whole city gathered outside the front door. And he healed many who were sick with various diseases, and cast out demons. What I believe is that the
they were there in chapter one. And they had a friend that was not there in chapter one, that was a paralyzed man. And they saw Jesus do something amazing. And they had a responsibility. Hello? If you’ve seen Jesus do
something amazing here, you now have a responsibility. And the responsibility is
for you to be the they, and bring the them in here. Okay, there shouldn’t be the same number of people here that
there were on week one. And if there are, we’re missing the point. ‘Cause when Jesus does
a miracle in the Bible it’s never for the person, solely for the person that’s receiving the miracle. It’s so they all may see, are you with me? So that’s the reason, when
Jesus is doing something here, it’s not necessarily just
for you to be healed in here. It’s for you to go out there
and bring them in here. And part of that responsibility,
these people got there and there wasn’t room inside the house. So they were like, well that’s not gonna stop us from getting you to Jesus. So they climbed up on the roof. By the way, they’re back at Peter’s house. Have you ever thought about that? They’re at Peter’s house and
they dig a hole in the roof, and they lower their friend through. Some of you need to remove
the ceiling and the barrier that’s keeping those people out of here. [congregation applauding] Some of you have people in
your life that don’t have cars. Remove the ceiling, go pick them up, and bring them to Jesus. Are you with me? Some of you have friends that are addicts. I’ve got lots of friends that are addicts. You need to remove the ceiling, you need to get into
their life, get them help, so that you can bring them
to Jesus with a sober mind, and have the Holy Spirit
change their life. Every one of you have a them in your life, and you need to be the they. Does that make sense? If you’re not, I gotta tread lightly on this. If you’re not there’s a chance that the Holy Spirit will move on. Read it. The Holy Spirit’s like the wind. He moves back and forth, and nobody knows where he’s coming from
or where he’s going. But if you have a body of
people that are being the they and the bringing the them in
here, he tends to camp out. Do y’all want to just always talk about that first, First Wednesday? Just keep talking about man
that first Wednesday man, we were here till two
o’clock in the morning. God was doing amazing stuff. Are you content with that? No. They should all go that long,
they should go for a week. ‘Cause you just go,
your bring somebody in, you go oh I just thought
about somebody else. You stay right here, I’m
gonna go get somebody else. Keep carrying them in,
keep carrying them in. Place gets full, come through the roof. Okay are you with me? That’s the intro, how far do I got? I got four minutes left? Is that counting backwards or frontwards? That’s counting backwards. All right stick with me one second. I just want you to get this. So they bring this guy,
this guy is paralyzed. He’s laying on a mat and they tell him, all you have to do is meet
Jesus and he’s gonna heal you. What do you think this guy wants more than anything from Jesus? Healing, right? So they take him up on
the roof, dig a hole, lower him down on a mat, picture that. Here he comes down on a mat
into the crowd, he’s crippled. And when Jesus saw their faith, he said son you’re sins are forgiven. Hang on. Is that what that guy wanted? No, he wanted to be healed. But Jesus dealt with his heart. So for those of you that are
here and you’re frustrated. There’s a chance that Jesus is trying to deal with your heart first. Just put yourself in that, I mean we’ve heard the
story too many times. Dude is dangling on a mat. Listen to what happened. Jesus said son you’re sins are forgiven. Now some of the scribes were
sitting there questioning in their hearts why does
this man speak like this? He’s blaspheming. Who can forgive but God alone? And immediately Jesus
perceiving in his spirit that they were questioning
him said to them, why do you question these
things in your heart? Which is easier to say to the paralytic, to forgive your sins, or
to say rise up and walk? Dude is dangling. He’s frustrated. He’s probably, seriously, strip
off all the spiritual stuff. He’s probably embarrassed. His friends have said if we can get you through this hole, you’re
gonna be able to walk. He’s frustrated, he’s embarrassed, he’s laying there
helpless, and Jesus starts a side conversation with the
Pharisees, and dude’s dangling. It sounds funny, but think about it. There’s people in this room that have come for the First Wednesday month
after month after month, and you’re just dangling,
and you’re frustrated. You say God I’m faithful
and I’m showing up. I’m dangling, I’m frustrated,
it’s embarrassing. I’ve actually told people that if I go I’m gonna be healed, and
I haven’t been healed. Does this make sense to anybody? What Jesus cares most about is your heart. That’s his number one priority,
is to heal your heart. And it needs to be good enough
to hear this over your life. Your sins are forgiven. That needs to be the best
news you’ve ever heard. It’s not my sins are forgiven great, now help me so something else, no. You’re sins are forgiven,
there’s now eternal life. There is now therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. That’s what Jesus wants to deal with. And you’ve got the thems in your life, those of you felt the touch of God, that maybe they’re not
physically needing a healing. But they need a savior. And I believe that the
reason the Holy Spirit has touched this place
is so that these people will go out into this community, and bring these people back in to where it’s so full that nobody
can get in the doors. And so Jesus can save people’s souls. Does that make sense? [congregation applauding] Okay, I see the red numbers. We’ll just land the plane like this. He said what’s easier to
say your sins are forgiven, or to say rise, take up your bed and walk? But that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on Earth to forgive sins. He said to the paralytic, I say to you, rise, pick up your bed, and go home. That’s how good God is. He’s so good that he
cares about your heart, and he loves you so much that
he’s still gonna heal you. Does this make sense to anybody? That’s how good our God is. Now watch this and we’re gonna be done. And he rose, and immediately
he picked up his bed and he went out before them all them,
so that they were all amazed. And they all glorified God saying, we’ve never saw anything like this. That is your response, to say we’ve never seen
anything like this. You go out those doors,
you go into Chick-fil-A, no everybody in Chick-fil-A’s
a Christian already. Go to [congregation laughing] I was just trying to
think of what’s next door. Go into your office, and you say we’ve never seen anything like this. The Holy Spirit of God is
coming, and he’s saving souls, and he’s healing people, come. And this place, I
guarantee you, if you start carrying people in here on mats, the Holy Spirit is gonna stay
her and just keep working. Does that make sense? [congregation applauding] So this is what I want to say to you. Number one, be the they. Number two, if you’re
frustrated don’t give up. Jesus wants to deal with your heart. And he’s good enough to heal you too. Don’t give up. Does this make sense? The third thing I want to say
is that this is so special, what’s happening here, that you need to be thanking God that he has chosen you. And you need to know he’s
not doing it everywhere. He has chosen you for a reason. And you need to carry that
responsibility seriously. Don’t be flippant about
the presence of God. Carry it responsibly, carry it seriously. And I just feel like the Holy Spirit is just getting started in this room. [congregation applauding] So this is what I want to do. I just want to pray a blessing over you. I want you to receive it. And then I’m gonna bring out Nate and Wes. And we’re just gonna have
just a little conversation to let them speak over you as well. Everybody good? Okay, so let’s don’t all just leave when the live recording’s over. We’re gonna stay here and do
business with the Holy Spirit. Are y’all with me? All right let me pray for us. Jesus. It’s just good to say that
name over these people, Jesus. Let it rest on you, Jesus. Over your life, at the
name of Jesus every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that he is Lord to the
glory of the Father. So we say Jesus. Thank you for just sending the Holy Spirit here to dwell among these people. God even now would you be putting people on our hearts that have to come? If we have to put them
on a mat and carry them, and climb up a ladder, and tear
a hole through the ceiling, make it our mission to bring
people into your presence. And Holy Spirit I do pray that
this is just the beginning of what you’re doing at Seacoast. I pray a blessing over these people, I pray courage over these people, confidence over these people,
mission over these people, and Holy Spirit power in their lives. In the name Jesus, and all
God’s people said amen. All right now, Nate come on out. Where’s Wes? Hey Wes, I’m Jesse. That was authentic right there. I saw him earlier but I
didn’t get to meet him. I do know Joshua, but I just met Wes. So, let’s have a little conversation. You’ve been here, y’all
have both been here since day one of what God’s doing here. Tell me what you feel
like the spirit of God is saying to you for what’s next. – Two chapters later in Mark,
Jesus says pay attention to what you hear, and by
the measure you use it, it will be measured unto
you and more will be added. So that’s actually the thing that was on Jesus’ heart following that story. One of the hardest things
about being a disciple is the amount of increasing
responsibility that we carry. And one of the hardest things, honestly, about praying for the sick
is, I mean it’s awesome when it’s people getting
healed and all of that. And every time I’ve been
here it’s been amazing. But also every time I’ve been here, I go back to my hotel or
wherever we’re staying, and my heart’s burdened for the ones that walked away and
nothing’s changed yet. And that’s the hardest place to not waver, and allow the word of God
to be the word of God, allow Psalm 103 to say what it says. He forgives all of your sins,
he heals all of your diseases, and to not make excuses
for what’s going on. I think a lot of time
it’s in those moments where we actually look to
our theology for comfort. And we come up with extra reasons for why something didn’t happen. But the reality is that the
Holy Spirit is our comforter. And we let the word
say what the word says. And there’s this tension
that we live in where can you be faithful to refuse to change the subject when the going gets tough? And I think that that’s the
place where God looks at have you used the measure that you have? Because I’m telling what we
have right now is a seed. It is just a seed, and if
we plant it in the ground, and if we’re faithful to tend it, and if you’re faithful to water it, and if you’re faithful
to put fertilizer on it, you might go a day, a week, a year, years. But sooner or later the
right, the coming together of all the elements is gonna happen. And that seed is gonna
grow, it’s gonna grow. And the more seed you put in the ground, the more it’s gonna grow. Some many of us abandon
our seed in the ground. We think, we wait a couple
days, and nothing’s happened. And then we walk away. But there’s this responsibility
aspect of it that is, it is hard to carry
sometimes but I think that’s the vital one, it’s the vital one. And so we are just totally
just getting started, just scratching the surface. But this is where the rubber
meets the road, it’s like. I think about the story,
you remember when Jesus, after he’s fed the 5000,
they’re on the boat, and the storm happens,
and Jesus calms the storm. They’re amazed that he had
that kind of power and, in one of the version of that story, in one of the gospels, it actually says that they were amazed because
they didn’t understand the meaning of Jesus feeding the 5000. And I love what you said, seeing a miracle actually makes you
responsible to that knowledge. Now I’ve seen Jesus do
something, I’m not allowed to be intimidated by cancer
anymore, I’m not allowed to be. I have to approach it the
same every single time, with the same expectation because I’ve seen Jesus do the miracle before. And I have to stay faithful,
but at the same time stay grateful in that I will be faithful to the commission no matter what happens. And I will never change the assignment, and if I never see another
person healed for the rest of my life, I will never
stop praying for the sick. Because the command is there you know. – Yeah that’s good. So let’s use this as a transition. Speaking of planting seeds,
let’s resort to our farmer. [congregation laughing] Nate, honestly first of
all, Wes and I are both outsiders that you’ve invited
in here, so thank you. This is your soil. What is on your heart, to add to that, or from the beginning
the goal behind this? – I would say I think
there’s an invitation that’s been placed
proverbially on a table. That’s an invitation that’s been set out to become a disciple of Jesus. There may be some of
you here, I’m not sure, who are still checking Jesus out. Some of you, I would
say you’re a believer. I believe in Jesus, and
I’ve crossed that line. Some of you I wold call you a follower. I prescribe, I like what is says, I come to church, we’re here. But I think as you go down that list, those groups of people get smaller. And then the invitation to a disciple, in the Bible how many,
it was a small number. And I think because of the
sacrifice, the requirement, that comes in to becoming a disciple. So I think there’s an invitation on the table for us to be a disciple. And if you look in Acts,
look at the disciples. If you look through the gospels, look at the disciples,
and look at their lives. Does it mirror your life? That’s what I feel personally. I feel like God has invited me into a disciple kind of thing. Because I can look at the
sacrifices they were making. I can look at the confidence and authority that they walked in. And I can look at parts of my
life and it does not match. And so I’m like, okay God
you’re inviting me to be a disciple, actually, and I think
there’s more for me to go. And I would say the same for our whole body is this year has been amazing. And I think leading up to this year, I prayed for the moment
you know what I mean? I prayed for the service. And I’m realizing it’s not that,
that’s just like, it’s the, you know when you’re igniting a fire, those are just the sparks,
you know what I mean? So I think those two things. I think we are just,
Pastor Greg we were talking and you said, you were talking to somebody and you were like we’re
the slowest growing revival or something like that,
that we’ve seen yet. And I think that’s it, I think we all have this picture in our mind that a revival is this explosion moment in a
service and we never leave, and people are getting weird and crazy, like all these kinds of things. And I just think sure, yes, but also I think it’s much, and I want it to be, and I know it’s the heart
of our pastors as well, to make it a long lasting revival forever. In you, that you’re being revived, and that you are also reviving. To me that’s where I feel like we’re at. And I feel like it’s just,
God has so graciously been like here’s the invitation, come on. – That’s good. I think we’re probably out of time. – Okay you got one more thing? – No but what I want to
do is what both of y’all talked about just
reminded me of Acts four, after Peter and John got thrown in prison. – I read the same thing two minutes ago. – Are you serious? – I read the same thing two minutes ago. – Then the Holy Spirit has a word for us. I’m gonna stand up. You read this too? – [Wes] I preached it Thursday. [congregation laughing] – [Nate] Receive. [congregation applauding] – So they get out of
prison, and they go back to their friends, to
their little home group. And they say hey, y’all
aren’t gonna believe this. We just got thrown in prison
for preaching the gospel. And it says everybody rejoiced. And they lifted up their voices and they started singing this spontaneous song, sovereign Lord who made
the Heavens and the Earth. It’s just an amazing song,
but listen to their prayer. They never prayed God
take this away from us, God change our circumstances, whatever. This is what they said. And now Lord, look upon their
threats and grant to your servants to continue to speak
your word with all boldness, while you stretch out your hands to heal, and sign and wonders are performed through the name of
your holy servant Jesus. That’s my prayer for you. – Yeah, it’s good. – Like they’re saying,
Nate says be a disciple. You pray for boldness. You go into the community with boldness. You find the people that
need to be carried in here. You go out with boldness,
speaking the name of Jesus. And he will do the rest, amen? – All right, I want to
invite the team back up. We’re gonna do some more,
I want to pray for us. Actually, I want, Wes would you pray? I’ve prayed, Jesse’s
prayed, I would love for you to pray as we transition, here you go. – The Heavenly Father
we adore your son Jesus. And at the end of the day it’s about the desperation to tear
the roof of the place. It’s more about being with
you than anything else God. Let me never be so, I
never want my attitude to be what have you done for me lately? I just want to be in your presence. I just want to catch another
glimpse of who you are. I just want you to have
a comfortable throne on my praise tonight, so Father we just, once again we thank you for your presence. We thank you that it’s promised to us. We thank you that there’s actually nothing we have to do to
conjure up your presence, that you said that where
two or three are gathered in agreement, you’re there with them. You said that you are
enthroned on our praise. So God we acknowledge
that you are here tonight. And we just worship you, we lift you up. And we thank you for the
opportunity to do so. In Jesus name. – [Jesse] Amen, yeah. [congregation applauding] – Thank you, I’ll use this one. So we’re gonna do some more
songs, we’re gonna worship. Response stations will be open so, Seacoast do like Seacoast knows how to do. As we continue, love you guys.

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