How Dark Souls 2 Was Saved From Disaster

Dark Souls 2 was in danger. The game was broken, seemingly beyond repair. An ambitious development plan, which featured
the creation of a brand new engine from scratch, had created a buggy, inconsistent mess that
was all but unplayable. The problem, at least in part, seemed to come
from a lack of design focus. Too many voices were involved in making senior
creative choices, as two directors, Tomohiro Shibuya and Yui Tanimura, were both jointly
attempting to steer the project, with little success. Something had to change. If Dark Souls 2 was going to be an adequate
successor to the first game to bear this name, it was going to need a drastic overhaul. At this point, simply putting out a coherent
game was enough to count as a success. If something wasn’t done soon, if the project
wasn’t set right, the game would collapse entirely, and the Dark Souls series would
end with only one and a half games. This is the story of Dark Souls 2, and how
one high profile game sequel was saved from the brink of total destruction. In retrospect, warning bells should have been
sounding from the moment development began on Dark Souls 2. Hidetaka Miyazaki, the developer who had spearheaded
both Dark Souls and it’s predecessor, Demon Souls, was not going to be directing this
new game. Hidetaka’s star was on the rise, and following
the success of his previous work, he’d been promoted within From Software, the company
behind the games. It seemed that Hidetaka’s interests lay
elsewhere, as he was beginning work on a completely different game named Bloodbourne. Instead of getting involved heavily in Dark
Souls 2, Hidetaka provided guidance in a hands-off role as overseer of the project. The role of director was handed to two veterans
of From Software, Tomohiro Shibuya and Yui Tanimura. These developers had plenty of experience,
and with the full might of From Software behind them, everything should go swimmingly. Right? The team wanted to surpass the original Dark
Souls, from both a technical and a gameplay perspective. So, naturally, the first thing they did was
throw away the engine that had been used to build their previous game. The team was set to work building a whole
new engine, completely from scratch, with a focus on creating a piece of next-gen software
that would allow the Souls series to continue to grow as technology developed. Of particular interest to the team was the
lighting and graphics. They wanted to create something that looked
photorealistic, with shadows that danced around the player in a believable fashion. This, they hoped, would not only lend some
semblance of believability to the game, but would also add depth to the story’s focus
on light and fire as metaphors for both progress, and hope. The initial plans for the Dark Souls sequel
involved a frigid ice setting, up in frozen mountains. In a fit of overambition, however, the goal
here was quickly widened. The game would be set across multiple environments
and areas, in a huge, expansive world that would fill the player with awe and wonder. This proved to be difficult enough on its
own, without the added challenge of actually building a game into this setting. The first Dark Souls was known for its unforgiving
difficulty, but this was also coupled with a balanced, satisfying gameplay mechanic. Not only was the game challenging, but it
was also fun to play. The new team, then, needed to replicate this
experience. Countless hours were spent developing bosses
that would feel intimidating and tough, but which followed a carefully structured difficulty
curve so that the player never felt entirely overwhelmed. Considering the wide, open, branching structure
of the game, this was no easy feat. So, the team was working to build a brand
new game engine, completely from scratch, in order to create a sequel to an incredibly
popular game. And they needed to make the game difficult
but fun. All without clear guidance from a single director. It was inevitable that things were going to
fall apart. Mid-way through development, the game was
an unplayable mess. The new engine was impressive, but its beefy
power requirements meant that it couldn’t run effectively on current generation gaming
hardware. Meanwhile, pockets of the game were well defined
and polished – such as some characters and environments – but overall, the joint direction
style had left many elements of design horribly incomplete. It was clear that not only would this be an
inadequate Dark Souls game, but it wouldn’t be much of a game at all. Without some big change, Dark Souls 2 was
going to end up as a buggy, unbalanced, awkward mess. It could well never be completed at all. Word from the Higher Ups at From Software
came down. The senior team at work on Dark Souls 2 was
to be dramatically restructured. Now, Yui Tanimura would serve as the sole
director for the game. His job? To fix this mess. Yui wasn’t expected to make the greatest
video game in the history of the medium. His task was simply to turn the huge, expensive,
bloated mess of Dark Souls 2 into something that might actually be playable. This was a seemingly impossible task, and
there was a lot riding on the success of the project. If Dark Souls 2 tanked, From Software’s
flagship series could end up turning into a joke before it had truly had a chance to
pick up steam. Tentatively, Yui set to work. He had a lot of sleepless nights ahead of
him… There was no opportunity to completely trash
everything that made up Dark Souls 2 and start again. From Software didn’t have unlimited resources,
and this game already represented a significant investment. Not only was the newly restructured team expected
to produce a solid game, but they had very specific time constraints placed on their
work. They needed to get this game finished fast. Thus, Yui’s main approach to fixing the
game involved taking the parts that worked, and stapling them together in the most logical
fashion possible. The game’s world was completely rebuilt,
using the parts that had already been assembled. These were stacked together in the most coherent
manner possible, with the aim of keeping alteration or reworking to a minimum
Then, there were the characters. Many designs had already been at least partially
completed, and in the absence of time, Yui asked his creators to rework what already
existed so that they could fill new roles. This was not a fun task. It involved the team leaving aside their preconceived
ideas of what roles these characters were designed for, and trying to cram them into
new places. Certain characters and enemies had to be reworked
entirely. Characters that were envisioned as comedic
now became deadly serious, or saw their personalities erased altogether. As much as possible, Yui allowed his design
team the freedom to control what happened to their creations. Nevertheless, a lot of hard decisions had
to be made, and it wasn’t easy to rethink everything about the game in this manner. Many of these changes begat more changes. Moving one enemy to a new location to fill
a hole then left a new hole, and something else had to go in this spot. In spite of the complexity of the task at
hand and its often frustrating nature, the team worked well under Yui’s direction. They were encouraged to think on their feet,
and to adapt where necessary. They were told not to shy away from dramatic
changes to the game’s structure, and they rose to the challenge even when this meant
a lot more work. One problem remained. The game’s engine was still a nightmare. No matter how much the game’s content was
moved around, it was still impossible to get it to actually run in a playable fashion. So, the decision was made. Heartbreaking as it was, the graphical quality
of Dark Souls 2 had to be toned down. The result wasn’t nearly as beautiful, but
it meant the game ran at appropriate speeds, and this was more important. Dark Souls 2 debuted to the public, and received
a generally favorable reaction. This wasn’t the masterpiece that had been
originally envisioned, but it was more Dark Souls, and that was no bad thing. Certain hardcore members of the fanbase picked
up on the game’s weaknesses, but the wider community saw it as yet another solid game. Yui had achieved his goal. He’d made something playable out of pieces
of broken scrap, and it was an enjoyable enough experience to win over the majority of critics. The moral of the story is that sometimes survival
is a success worth celebrating. We all have bad days, or weeks, or months. Things might not go our way, we’ll be constantly
waylaid by unexpected pitfalls, and we’ll find it difficult to make progress with the
things that matter to us. You may find yourself trapped, with your dreams
moving further and further out of your reach. At times like this, remember the lesson of
Dark Souls 2. It’s okay to have a rough patch. This doesn’t mean you’ll never get where
you’re going. Take a moment to pause and analyze your situation. Sometimes, it’s enough to be able to say
that you’re still trying, and that you won’t give up. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Even if today is not your day, as long as
you keep moving forward, you’re still on the road to triumph.

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  • Gabe Sweetman says:

    At the very least the PVP of DSII is still the best in the series, imho, as a result of the sheer wealth of build options compared to every other SoulsBorne game. This was likely the result of the misallocated resources being dumped into asset creation very early on in development. It makes more sense now why the locations of equipment had much less specific lore implications compared to the other entries aside from just being little side stories about how the dude or dudette lived or died before you came along and looted their corpse.

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    You can see when you play the game that the ambition was huge and hearing this story about the difficult development explains why some of the game is as it is. It's hard not to compare it to DS1 because it's a sequel, but in a way you shouldn't. I don't think DS2 is perfect but neither is DS1. There are so many new and interesting ideas which I would have love to have seen continued in DS3, but i think the fan backlash lead them to make it a very safe (yet still amazing) game with loads of fan service.
    I have grown to really like DS2 for what it is. It feels very unique and despite the flaws something about it feels special. That could be that I've played it way less than the other 2 so it still feels new, but the more I play it the more I want to continue playing it. Enjoying it for the game it is without comparing it to the first one. Sure enemy placement isn't great, the lock on system is flakey and you will constantly be ganked by an absolute gang bang of enemies, but in the words of every Dark Souls dick head out there………….Git Gud.

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    I feel if Yui Tanimura had been the only one in charge of the project, the core game would look entirely different environment wise. Considering the incredible work he did with the three dlc's

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    I will say however that all of the DLC that were released for the game was really good!
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    I played the ps3 version and it was very buggy but fixes made the game sligthly ok until i played the scholar of the first sin version, it ran smoothly but the flaws are still there like hitbox issue. I still think the game is okay but not great or perfect.

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  • Kevin Terlecky says:

    I completed the entire dark souls series, and I studied the lore extensively, and I can tell that you're lying in this video, and that you're simply plagiarizing the opinions of another journalist, because there is absolutely no mention of fire being a metaphor for anything in the entire series, and certainly, of all things, not a metaphor for hope, or progress. in fact, the fire is almost exclusively referred to as a curse.

    If i were you, I would just delete this video and pretend like this embarrassment never happened.

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