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which sad keep you a little bit long make it feel a little bit stronger I wish I wish I ad these high chance this is Cindy Palm Springs Cindy and look who I look at this little angel she needs a grooming but can you say hi can you see yes oh you're such a good girl hmm um you might not recognize I'm coming from my living room and I have it I usually don't film from here but it's late it's late and the lighting just was better in here so here I am but I have kind of a something that I want to share with you guys because you know you're my BFF and if there's something on my mind I have to share it with you guys so here goes I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine in Ketchum / Sun Valley Idaho and it was a very interesting conversation and I want to share it with you because it really got me to thinking and to start with I um I'm on this channel to age gracefully with you other mature ladies you other Baby Boomers you other over 50s / 60s / 70s / 80s / whatever and and we're here together to share things to share our tips and our tricks and all those fun great things but I also am thinking in terms of holistically body mind and soul so we do talk a lot about our bodies skin care hair care diet keto diet baking cooking recipes exercising so we do think a lot about our bodies and and we do I include our minds in that as well because we're like thinking we're planning where we're testing we're comparing or shop we're baking we're you know we're learning about our health and our health issues as we grow older but also what about our soul so that's kind of what I want to talk about today because I have a very it's a good story and it just was very inspiring to me so I did share with you guys so okay I was with a friend of mine uh having lunch now it's very hot here so I just have some ice water and I need to drink it cuz my I'm gonna mind getting dry already now my girlfriend that I was having lunch with we were and she does not watch this channel but if you would if you would happen to see this channel you're gonna know I'm talking about you and it's a it's a good story so um this gal that I was having lunch with is a she's a yoga teacher she's very she's does healing touch she's um you know just one of these spiritual women that is very loved and very very sought after for her services so we were talking and she said that she had a friend who a very dear friend of hers that was dying and so she wanted to go actually only had a few weeks to live now this is my summary this is my interpretation of what she talked to me about so she um she went to visit her friend and as a she's been trained in healing touch I'm not sure what that is but it's like massage and you touch someone you know you touch them gently or whatever I don't know that's and we can still go on with the story so she friends said now when you come to see your sick friend we want to warn you that she's not doing well she does not look well and we don't want you to walk in the room and be aghast so prepare yourself before you come here so that this teacher did prepare herself but this is what she did that I just loved and this is what she was trying to explain to me she said that she was very concerned about her own feelings showing to her friend and she was very concerned that she would walk into the room and and like like her face would betray her that she was there for healing and for conversation and to say goodbye and to tell that her friend how much she cared about her so being that she was going to visit her friend probably for the last time being that the friend said please prepare yourself being that she was go also going to do a healing touch on her friend she said I had to mentally prepare myself and and this is what I did she said I prayed that whatever was inside of me would dissipate and only the love of God would come inside of me so that when I open that door to see my friend that there there was none of me but more of God so that that the vibes the vibe in the room the energy in that room would be a positive spiritual loving energy and and that it wouldn't be about me being upset at seeing my friend at how sickly she was it wouldn't be about me not being able to hold in my feelings wouldn't be about me and the sadness and fear that was inside of me it would rather be about my friend that seeing me walk into the room with love with grace with peace with kindness with compassion empathy friendship all those wonderful qualities so she said as it turned out after she had really prepared herself she went to see her friend she said it was a beautiful afternoon she did a Healing Touch service on her she sat with her and that the friend was very glad that this teacher had come to visit her and to say goodbye and that her friend was actually trying to go to move to a state where euthanasia was legal because she was in that much pain but after after that my teacher friend did her healing touch on her she said it settled her down it calmed her it gave her peace it took away that some of the pain and she did end up passing away in after two days so all all that to say that one of the comments I think that this gal said to me I'm not sure who said it to me but it has really penetrated me and it is you know the veil is thin and I and I've just been like meditating on that you know the veil is thin the veil is thin from this life to our next life now you guys who know me know that I am a Bible believing Christian so I believe the Bible and what the Bible says but whatever you that are watching this believe the veil is that we all will die and I'm part of them at or community so I'm gonna be sooner than later and and I'm gonna and I'm not pretending that death does not exist because I believe that you know I believe in heaven I believe in afterlife I believe in God I believe in Jesus and I believe that great things are waiting me when I when I'm finished with this life and on to my next life so I actually have notes because there's more I want to say about this that ok so then as I contemplate it about the veil is thin and when I think about that I pardon them a tour community and that we're we're working against age we're working against the aging process to make it as gentle honest as possible well that I'm also working on as I age crossing over and making that as gentle as I can for me and kind of some of my thoughts are I I'm thinking that am i living a life worthy of my calling and that I believe as I examine my life that God and it says in the Bible that we are each given gifts that some of us these are some of the gifts the Bible mentions and you'll be you'll go oh yeah ah the gift of leadership hospitality the gift of teaching helps service leadership giving healing those are just the gift of mercy the gift of prayer those are just some of the gifts that the Bible mentions and that we are all given gifts not just 1 2 3 whatever and that it's up to us to find out what those gifts are to let though to grow those gifts and to give those gifts away share those gifts with others as they share their gifts with me so as I do that as I mature as I age the soul part of me not just the body but my soul part also wants to nurture I want I want to put lotion on my soul I want to put makeup on my soul I want to take care with great products on my soul and and by that I mean I want mice I want to grow up not just physically but spiritually I want my soul to be ready for when I approach the veil and cross over because the veil is thin so I so basically I'm here to say us gals on YouTube us gals in the in the mature community we are that's that's our conversation is aging and what what are you doing what are you doing that's working for you so your body isn't showing so much age we're sort of trying to well we're not sort of we're fighting the aging process now fighting may be too severe of a word but where we are reaching for things in this world to help our bodies age more gently so what are we reaching for for our souls to grow an age gently I want to I want to utilize the tools that God has given me the tools on this earth to grow up to mature my soul so that I am living a life worthy of my calling and to me just like you know great skin products great hair products help moisturize help improve the way I look and the way I feel that there are you know going prayer nourishes my soul when I use my gifts when I when I am when I am kind when I am compassionate when I serve others when I humble myself when I am at peace and show peace to the world to all people all nationalities all religions when I am kind that those are ways that I'm growing my soul so and I want to end this because I've really said this is kind of a touchy subject like well it shouldn't be a touchy subject I really said what I wanted to say that as we grow older it's not just about our bodies it's not just about our diet our haircare products our skincare products what about the our whole person our whole being and that includes my soul because yet I'm closer to death than I then not and I want to be ready because I and to be ready for me is to know that I can look back and smile and realize that that I was the masterpiece that God created I acted in the in a manner that pleased God that I I can look back and say and I know that Jesus will greet me and say well done my good and faithful servant and without getting to Bible preaching really to me it means did I did I grow my gifts did I use my god-given gifts was I worthy of my calling and and you ladies on YouTube help me to grow my soul help me to grow my spirit help me to be worthy of my calling because of your kindness because of your wonderful comments to me because of the way you encourage and lift me up so I want to thank you for that so ladies I just love you to bits ma Palm Springs Cindy until our next conversation which sad keep you a little bit longer to make it feel a little bit stronger I wish I wish to go to close the door and head you without me takes me to the core

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  • Jean Bowers says:

    Lovely Cindy you are so balanced and loving. You share your gifts that each of us to learn from and so enjoy. Thank you for sharing

  • Sandra Lahaie says:

    You have a wonderful energy about you Cindy..You are so humble and funny, a great communicator.. You ask for help and others..

  • Patricia Carter says:

    Thank you so much for your wonderful videos! You are an inspiration!

  • Patriot Angel says:

    Everything you have said Cindy is the Truth. Walking the path we were put here to do is so important. Our soul does need nourishment. What a beautiful story about your friend. I will remember how she prayed for God to take the wheel. Not only are we growing old but so are those around us. Once we hit this stage in our lives we are more likely to lose those we love. I think we need to prepare our souls for the loss of those other souls and know we will still have them with us. That veil is thin. Thank you sweet Cindy…Blessings

  • Lorna Scott says:

    Thank you Cindy🕊.


    Cindy , Thank you ♥️

  • Suzanne Legg says:

    Such an awesome video.

  • noadoreviews says:

    Very sweet and heartfelt video. 😊

  • MrsLoretta says:

    Cindy I loved this video..I am a born again CHristian too!! I always feel I want to walk closer with my Lord…Since I have been a Christian for many years…I have found such peace in my soul!! ..I know I am His walking miracle…I regret some of the things I have done to my temple (my Body) that I didn't take such good care of when I was younger…All I can do now is ask for forgiveness…If we would follow God's food laws we would be so much healthier…Sometimes I wonder if I am too vain…but I think He wants us to take care of what He has given us…Wonderful video..Love Loretta

  • Wendye Roche says:

    Well said ..we all need to nourish our souls..I think sometimes I forget that. Thank you❤

  • Shirley Hook says:

    Hi Cindy, Your friend was able to help her friend by her going to God and asking him to help and guide her. She was able to step out in faith through her faith in God. We have not because we ask not. God is so good and he is there and all we have to do is step out in faith and know that he is there no matter what the situation. God gives us strength in time of need. Thank you for talking about this. Love and prayers Shirley Cindy you put this in such a loving and caring person. God puts people in our lives to help us and lift us. So glad I have met all of you here, love you all so much. God bless you all

  • Nad says:

    Oh wow! You’re over 60. Good grief – I would never, not ever have guessed. You look much younger.

  • Robin L says:

    Good video Cindy! I'm reaching to feel the best I can while aging; spiritually, mentally, physically and giving love. Thank you for sharing this message. oxox

  • BlingBea Dowdy says:

    Awe what an adorable furbaby.❤️🐾❤️

  • Melissa says:

    This is my favorite video of yours, Cindy. Thank you!

  • Sara Nemoy says:

    Very nice message today. "Put products in your soul". Have a nice week !

  • Patty Frazer says:

    Cindy, your utube channel allows you to use your gifts of leadership, teaching , kindness , and spreading joy. I absolutely agree with your message.

  • Marcia Stamm says:

    Well said Cindy

  • LindasLIfe After50 says:

    Cindy, My favorite video I have watched in a long time on all of youtube! I felt uplifted…you should do a video like this once a month!!! God Bless!

  • Mmemicheles says:

    What a beautiful and inspiring message! My soul needed this, Cindy! Yes, we should all strive to have Our Lord someday say to us “We’ll done, my good and faithful servant.” So many times, I become emotional because of the immeasurable truth and beauty of these passages! Bless you! You not only are beautiful on the outside, but in your soul!

  • Jolene Hedstrom says:

    Thanks Cindy! Beautiful!

  • Sylvia Leigh says:


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