Hillsong Satanic Illuminati Songs United Apostasy – Church of Satan London Lucifer Worship (LDHEL#4)

I just wanted to go over this verse in Matthew 13 I’ve been through it several times, but I’m going to go through it again because each time I read it I find something more revealing. This is the King James. I’ve checked it with the Greek translation. Yep, it’s the same. “Let both grow together until the harvest, and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers: ‘Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them, but gather the wheat into my barn.'” I’ll just go through the Greek translation. “Let both grow together till the harvest, and at the time of the harvest, I will say to the reapers: ‘Collect first the poisonous darnel, and bind it in bundles to be burnt; but collect the wheat in my storehouse.”‘ (Matthew 13:30, Greek New Testament) Now, these are the words of Jesus, the very words of God. and . . . what is important to note here, is both translations say first collect the sinners. And these megachurches explosion that has taken over, the “Church Age”, we need to be extremely careful where we are gathering, because clearly this is one of the gatherings Jesus is talking about. But which one comes first? These churches where they are rolling around on the floor, acting like animals, this bizarre behaviour. I saw one church group drinking petrol. These cults . . . it’s cultish . . . it is not God’s church. This isn’t the church God wants. We need to be very careful where we are gathering. I’m just going to back that up with some other scripture about a falling away prior to the deceit. And this makes absolute sense. I’m seeing this, I’m seeing it. I’m seeing a falling away in the megachurches, and then what comes after that? “Let no man deceive you by any means, for that day shall not come except there come a falling away first. —Ah, interesting that: “First”, the same word.— and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.” (2 Thessalonians 2:3, KJV) In addition to this, notice it says that the Antichrist will not come lest there be an apostasy, a falling away. So he’s not going to arrive unless we let him. And you jackasses at Hillsong have just opened up a up a gateway to hell with your satanic performaces in church. This falling away, tie that in with “the gatherings” and the Antichrist then taking over those gatherings, and the deceit . . . The deceit, it’s already in some of these churches, because they are falling away as we speak. And, as you have seen from my other videos with the subliminal messaging and the brainwashing, that has even made its way into the worship songs now, now that they are in the worship songs, that is the biggest concern, because that worship music is very enticing and powerful. I know . . . the way things are, it would be a piece of cake, a piece of cake. Once the devil infiltrates, especially the worship music, it’s going to be a walk in the park, once he’s in the worship music. Oh dear. So yeah, the gathering of the sinners comes first, in Matthew 13. Words of God. There will come a falling away first. And then the Antichrist will deceive everyone who have been in these gatherings that are falling away into worshipping him. And what do we see in the Roman Catholic Church now? Lucifer worship. What are we starting to see at gatherings like Hillsong? It’s going towards Lucifer. And I suspect the New World Order. They have attempted to destroy Christianity and the Roman Catholic Church especially. But now they have made their way into these other mega church gatherings, and they are attempting to destroy those as well. I was just doing a bit of keyword research for one of my videos, and the keyword was Lucifer worship. And I came across some more keywords, suggested keywords: Lucifer. And what was interesting about this, and the reason I’m doing this video, is, the searches for the keyword Lucifer has drastically increased since January of this year. Prior to January, it was almost 500,000 searches, and that was steady throughout the year. In January, it shot up to 1,242,410. February, it’s gone up to 1,856,830. And March, a similar figure. Nearly 2 million from half a million in the last few months. And the reason I was doing this was because of my recent encounter at Hillsong. And you may have seen some videos online about the pope and what he has said recently, the blasphemy, desecrating the cross and calling for a One World Religion. Something is going on this year that has just exploded. This New World Order agenda to make people worship Lucifer has really taken effect this year. And we are going to see more of it, I’m sure of it. So I thought I would get to the bottom of this, and I’m travelling to Rome next week to see what I can find there. I’m not expecting much, but in the past, as you have seen, God has truly blessed me here. So I’m just waiting to see what He’s got planned for when I go over there. I might not find much at all, but you never know. Every other time I have been on holiday and done some research for my books, it’s always produced amazing results. So, I’ll get back to you when I return from Rome, and we’ll see about this Lucifer worship and where it’s going.

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  • Miriam Alvarez says:

    Did you see the six hour satanic opening ceremony for the completed Gotthard base tunnel in Switzerland that took place on 6/06/2016? Its extremely disturbing.

  • Duke Nukem says:

    So wheres this supposed hillsong video. What a waste. This video was a real waste.

  • Maria Fernanda Aparicio Jacobs says:

    Written by someone that doesn’t have a life!!! The ONLY ONE that can judge is GOD. “If you are free of sin throw the first rock” GET A LIFE

  • Kerry Veach says:

    You are the one who is deceived!

  • Lisa Edgar says:

    I've noticed a lot of 'new' songs we sing in church are all about people and christian experiences,not about praising the Lord,or lifting up the name of our saviour….so who or what are we singing about??? I think we as Christian believers have to be very careful. We are being decieved by the music,bright lights,famous singers and huge venues???? May I remind you,who was the master of music in heaven? Well remember he's here on Earth wiggling his way into our churches,our worship bands….WAKE UP CHURCH

  • Joshua Ekpo says:

    Well, if you ask me, I don't see anything wrong with the HILLSONG MINISTRATIONS/RENDITIONS, rather, I do think, we'll straining at the GNAT but end up swallowing the CARMEL!!! Are these CONSPIRACIES about the CHURCH OF GOD going to WIN those SOULS back from HELL to HEAVEN? So, if God had opened your eyes to see the TRUTH and to know the TRUTH, why are you using it to tear the BODY OF CHRIST into SHREDS, instead of building and reforming God's House? If you have the PERFECT MODEL/TEMPLATE how you dream or expect GOSPEL MUSIC/MINISTRY should be, why not PLUNGE YOUR NET first, to show the rest of us how it should be done??

  • Noble King says:

    New followers, repent and seek a baptizing church to be baptized, but then consider just staying home for a season, like a year or 3, and read the bible entirely and be quiet with God daily, keep the Sabbath (Fri. sundown – Sat.sundown, or ok, Sun.) then make a decision once you know God better on a church for fellowship, so you are not fooled by false doctrine, but just know most of them are NOT set-up according to the book of Acts. See, men don't like church because men might know what that preacher, priest, or pastor gets up to after church and why would they want to sit listening to a man, like them, who may be more wicked, or worse, sit and listen to a woman. (I can say that, I'm a woman). That is why so many men walked away from churches and justified they are too! Know, that any real man disciple of Jesus doesn't call them-self teacher or rabbi (Matt. 23:8), for we are all equal in brotherhood, none above the others, as it is the Holy Spirit and word of God who are our teacher, you don't need ANY mortal to guide or teach you when God is doing it, unless you want to follow a mortal to the place all men go; the grave. Make sure you are also not following yourself either! If you want to go beyond the grave, follow Jesus and do what He did; the will of God. You have to know God first, bible, bible, bible, prayer, prayer, prayer, obedience, obedience, obedience – then maybe a church.

  • The last trump sounding says:

    All unfortunately true.


  • anthony miskell says:

    Still running around looking for the devil in everything. Careful boy. Don't come against the anointed of God.

  • TIM RATLIFF says:

    the pope already controls the dems

  • Lenore Mills says:

    Thank you, this is VIP the falling away message of apostasy. Lord bless you.

  • Nick Hybner says:

    Mate your taking that first verse completely out of context.

  • Nick Hybner says:

    Seriously bro your paranoid & your videos are a waste of time .

  • John Mooney says:

    All I can hear mate with that Mic is the flem on your chest

  • TheDaves1 says:

    hello, im a person who regular visits hillsong , and not anything you have said is any proof that this is as you say a church of satan, for a start matthew 13,, nothing to do with our church or (others come to that) what has this got to do with HILLSONG ,, i have only known a SOLID FOUNDATION FROM HERE, ok whats wrong with mega churches, there are loads of them,, there is NO ROLLING AROUND IN THE FLOOR AT HILLSONG, , and also don't you think the Lord wants many in his kingdom, i have NEVER AND WILL NEVER FALL AWAY,, and also many of my friends, (NOT all but this is normal) have you ever thought about matthew 7 from verse 1 ,, ," do not judge or you too will be judged , the measure you use it will be be measured to you" my friend as a member of Hillsong i think this is VERY judgemental of you to call us Jack""""" which word i would not even repeat, you CANNOT judge thousands of individuals,, also the anti-Christ has never taken over ANY Hillsong service i have been at, all the people around me are loving Jesus, and living life of repentence,, ,, mate just because you may disagree with our music or even the way the preaching is, DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN JUDGE US as individuals with our realationship with JESUS,, i am (or we are not ) falling away,, you say worship songs, yet not all our songs are wonderful, but you can say that about ANY hyms throughout the years, As you say we are all SINNERS and fallen short of the Glory of GOD,, most of the people i know at Hillsong love JESUS and live a life of repentence, please mate, unless you know us over years, (not just videos and the occasional service you been too) DO NOT JUDGE US individually especially from social media, i love JESUS,, so do my close friends from hillsong, we live our life through the word and forgiveness, the The problem is that as our church grows people cricitise even more,, , please do not judge love you in JESUS ,,

  • James H says:

    History repeats itself… the good will go first and the wicked is easy pray! But nothing that drastic will happen yet… we still loving life… Jesus fell first

  • Sara Davis says:

    The Roman Catholic Church has been practicing apostasy!!!!

  • trip fawntain says:

    Excellent job son God Bless you and your efforts

  • Ken Frauenknecht says:

    You talk about hillsong music, but you give no examples.

  • TheLamp03 says:

    This is a call for all the negros and gentle followers of the Most High to Wake-up. We have allowed the Caucasian/European men and women to destroy our relationship with the Most High by worshipping their messiah, the Caucasian/white Jesus. The Europeans and the other nations are confederate against the people of the book. Will someone please, show me in the Word or Bible where this man (Caucasian Jesus) ever existed. These Caucasian devils (deceivers) have had 400 hundred years and countless psychological methods of turning the negro man from his True Messiah “Yahshua” Hamashiach. The European Christian doctrine has destroyed our nation. This doctrine has convinced us to worship idols and to live a life with no consequences for violating the Covenant that our forefathers had with the Most High. We are truly a stiff-neck people. We have allowed the people who hate us with a passion to deliver us to their gods (false freedoms, buildings, money, cars, idolatry, false success and sexual misconduct, etc.). We no longer follow the customs of our ancestors, and our moral and values are no more. In fact, we have accepted “the do as thou wilt” philosophy from our enemies, in a land we know not. The trauma from slavery, Willie Lynch, Jim Crowe, lynchings, rape, poverty, by-words, drugs, and their education has rocked us to sleep and destroyed our ability to think. We are like the frogs placed in cold water, in a pot and placed on the stove. We can’t identify what is happening to us, but we know something is happening. The controllers ignited flame under the pot without our knowledge, and they have been increasing the heat since we landed on the shore of this stolen land. The European Christians knew what they were doing when they convinced us through physical pain and torture not to read that Book (The Bible) or books about our true story. We must wake-up and come back to the laws, statues, and commandments that our forefathers had a blood covenant with the Most High. We must come out of the Sins of this people or we will die with her. ‘Our captivity is the result of violating that blood covenant our forefathers had with the Most High. We must remember, they mean it for evil, but the Most High is using it for Good, to Wake Us Up. America is a false reality. Please don’t follow any group or man, study to show yourself approved to the Most High and his WORD. Remember, there have always been Negros in our nation who were not for us but for them. They were called enemies to the negro nation or Uncle Toms/minstrels, because they wanted us to assimilate to ways of evil. The Europeans Christianity convinced us that we could violate the laws, statutes, and commandments without consequence. If you pay attention, you will recognize that everything they do violates the laws of the book, for example, have other god before the Most High/worship false idols (Caucasian Jesus), murder(all their wars and colonization), commit adultery/fornication (pay attention to their lives), lying and baring false witnesses, changing the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday, not stealing ( the Caucasian man steal everything), Caucasian nation Covet everything (desires what belong to others), etc. Again, they have adopted the “Do as thy wilt “ philosophy. and the government preachers have convinced Negro to do the same. Come out of her or die in her Sins. The Messiah will return for his people, the Israelites.

  • maria moreno says:

    So what music can a person listen to….i mean idk what to do….lol everything is so strange now….

  • orez hatley says:

    Love it brother….

  • Mark Flowers says:

    I go to Hillsong Church in Moscow where I work and have also visited Hillsong in London several times and Kiev and have never seen any satanic rituals going on at all. In fact Hillsong has preached about all the essentials that mark a church as being Christian ie. The Trinity, Crucifixion, Resurrection, salvation by grace and repentance and faith in Jesus rather than works. Having checked Adam's website, I am puzzled as to why he provides a link for buying The Book of Enoch, popular among new ageists which contains many dubious heresies particularly regarding angels. http://adamsministry.uk/ In Paul's letters in The Bible, he warns of gnostics spouting off about secret knowledge and the worship of angels, yet this guy has links on his site that allow people to buy The Book of Enoch and other heretical books that were considered dubious for inclusion in The Bible. http://adamsministry.uk/ Check it out

    He talks a lot about satanic rituals at Hillsong, but doesn't show any footage. Nowadays, that would be quite easy to do using a smart phone without drawing attention to oneself.

  • applejack hope says:


  • john tressel says:

    Please limit your remarks to something that is understandable. Your open ended criticism is not backed up by substantial evidence. In fact your arguments are WEAK! Your words are cheap. Surely there are dangers but there are realistic dangers in all churches. Your light weight analysis makes me want to vomit.

  • Jadiane Alves says:

    Eu acredito no Poder da Luz… Em Jesus Cristo… E também no mal… Quem não andar na luz certamente perecerá sem as armas da justiça que estão a nossa disposição para lutarmos contra os desígnios da maldade. Descritas em Efesios Cap. 6 vers. 12. Abços Jadiane Macapá Brasil.

  • Brittany Caldwell says:

    I just remembered Revelation 18:3 "For all the nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich through the abundance of her luxury." Makes me think of this developing one world religion and many other things which I can not fathom. Revelation 2:7 "He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes I will give to eat from the tree of life, which is in the midst of the Paradise of God." Which also ties in with the book of Enoch. Just so many scriptures that point to what is happenning today and what is to come in these passing days. If you havent read Enoch, I suggest you do so. Ive been studying it lately and it has opened my eyes to many things, but with that I must say I also fear God! Glory to him! Revelation 22:21 "The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen."

  • randy west says:

    You appear to be a very confused immature Christian.You are all over the place.Calling a ministry a Jackass shows you have a wrong Spirit yourself.No proof of the worship songs being demonic.Grow up and do not give us anymore of your criticism that reeks of Phariseeism.

  • Randall Carson says:

    I get a feeling you're almost at a loss for words. I've been in disbelief since the 1980's when this contemporary movement began. People went from singing praises of God, and the Triune to singing all about "I, me, us" It's like, "Look at me Lord, I'm worshipping today….see I'm good". It's rediculous.

  • sun ny day says:

    are you on drugs or something…

  • Victor Bartlett says:

    Keep up great dispositions on these ecumenical movements.brother bless your works in JESUS NAME.

  • Glen Henshall says:

    I listen to Hillsong and I'm glad I do. For when I listen, the Spirit within me rejoices in the Lord.

    Here is my favourite songs by Hillsong:

    "Come Holy Spirit"
    "Let Your Presence Fall"
    "Shout to the Lord"
    "Just Let Me Say"
    "Beneath the Waters (I Will Rise)"

    There are others, but regardless, none of these seem bad to me. I look and sing to the lyrics and find nothing to do with Satan. Actually when I sing them, the devil flees. For sometimes I am demonically harassed, meaning I am sometimes stressed out and scared and when I put on the music, I feel free. I have freedom in Christ and no one will take that away from me. I am aware of Satan calling my brothers in Christ false teachers, but he's already done for and I don't need anyone to tell me when he is around. For the Holy Spirit would tell me Himself, and if indeed Hillsong is corrupt, then God would tell me. As it is, He has not told me. In fact, there is no conviction from Him. The only thing I feel is condemnation, not from Christ, but from you. For there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus.

  • Glen Henshall says:

    I am a UNI student and if this video and topic were my essay, I'd be given a fail mark about 40/100. Even the Lord wouldn't be pleased with my work.

  • Soldier 4 Christ says:

    If you dont want to find out that Catholicism is True, dont read the early Church Fathers. The early Church Fathers are dangerous to protestantism so dont read about their writings.

  • Soldier 4 Christ says:

    Protestantism is satans greatest deception

  • Soldier 4 Christ says:

    Martin Luther was a rebel and so was satan. The two go hand in hand

  • Kathy J says:

    I used to listen to Hillsong music. I thought they were great and a good way to get young people involved in the church. But then I woke up. All of my Hillsong CDS were thrown out. A few other "Christian" bands too.

  • Will Ollis says:

    You sound mad you know. All religions are cults. Get over it. You MUST know better PLEASE!!

  • Will Ollis says:

    There only 4200 odd religions out there. Skip them ALL!! You don’t need any imaginary god to life your life and be a good person

  • Servant OfLordJesus says:

    What mask is he wearing at :05? Looks like Bob from the Church of the subgenius.

  • Jasper Andrew Garinggan says:

    illuminati.. ban hillsong in philippines.. hillsong pastor is a false prophet..

  • John Cherry says:

    Totally agree Adam, concerning so called "worship songs " they ARE like mantras!
    Our church uses these repetitions instead of great theological hymns.
    GOD bless you brother.
    I thank God that the antichrist pope has never set foot in Northern Ireland

  • Douglas Titley says:

    It's a couple of years later. Prophesy is main title in every media, so exciting to be alive and awake. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and the ones you love.

  • John OReardon says:

    Do you know any church in Ireland Dublin that teaches the Bible KJV? Thank you very much and God bless everyone…..

  • ambi wallace says:

    I am thankful that people all over are waking up, better late then never. Pray for those who are still involved for spiritual scales to fall off their eyes, ears, heart so they won't stay hardened to God and His Word.

  • ambi wallace says:

    My parents passed when i was young, and i am glad they are not here to see all that the churches are involved in. They were big on some of the T.V. preachers and TBN. I think there have been many lead to Jesus by them, but what is done with it after that. I pray for safety and Holy Spirit wisdom for all following these people and trying to link up with The Pope and his group….they need saved from evil. Pray and fast for faith, hope, and trust in God alone. When the lyrics are always using the word you or spirit instead of God or Jesus, please don't sing them or change them to Holy Spirit or God and not you, that could mean anyone. Lucifer was the leader of Music and he still is here!

  • lynn brown says:

    You are confusing the so-called second coming of Christ with the catching away (1 Thessalonians 4) of the Body of Christ. The Rapture (catching away) is for believers in this Age of Grace, starting with Paul the Apostle of the GENTILES as in 1 Timothy 1:16. The Jews have fallen as in Romans 11. Through the Jews fall, savation is come to the Gentiles. This Grace Age will end with the Rapture. After the Rapture, The Great Tribulation (Jacobs Trouble) will begin and last for seven years. After The Great Tribulation, Christ will come to Earth to reign from Jerusalem, Israel and then he will gather the wicked to judgement and the remnant of Jewish believers and those gentile believers remaining from the fire of Tribulation. Read Romans 16:25-26. It tells you that Paul received a new Gospel from our risen Christ that had been kept SECRET until Paul.

  • Love Life And Ride says:

    Little Richard, one of the pioneers of rock and roll said "You cant bring rock music into the church, i know the building blocks of rock and roll  coz i helped build them."
    The modern church is powerless, ive been part of 5 churches in my life and i have NEVER seen the power of God, reason? The church is out of line with God's word. They play rock music, the young women dress inappropriately, and christians are full of pride with their material possesions especially their cars. People go to church in jeans and shorts with sandals – when i was a kid back in the 60s and 70s we wore our sunday best, thats where the saying comes from. There is no respect or fear of God anymore because they will not preach on Hell, the coming Great Tribulation, The Beggining of Sorrows, the hatred, anger, wrath, jealousy or revenge of God. Its all about love and grace and mercy and thats it! That is a deceitful lie from hell, that is NOT the full makeup of God's personality.
    These days  its all about putting on a show. The worship team musicians (and im talking mainly of the youth here) are a bunch of show off rock star wannabees. I know, ive been there and done that. Everybody knows it but nothing gets done. If we dont immatate Jesus then don't be surprised when you pray for the sick and they stay sick and you pray for the dying and they die. Then, either by miracle or by nature itself, someone is healed and they make a big noise about it, conveniently forgetting the other 100 they prayed for and nothing happened. Jesus said "and these signs will follow those who believe (and do My will!) in my name they will cast out demons, they WILL heal the sick, they will handle poisonous snakes and they wont be harmed, they will drink poison and it wont harm them."
    Know anyone like that?
    Me neither.
    Reason? Either Jesus was lying, or we are out of order with God's word……. I believe the latter. We take out of the Bible what we want to apply to our lives, and leave the rest. Not good enough. Sorry. I believe that at least 60 – 70% of people sitting in churches every Sunday are going to hell. Regarding that, the biggest deceit is people throwing "do not judge lest ye be judged" they conveniently ignore the scripture "but when you judge, judge with righteous judgment."
    I listen to a lot of secular music even some heavy metal, i almost completely stay away from modern worship music because i see lots of pride in those people. Better the devil you know than you dont know. When i see teenage girls screaming at" christian" "worship" concerts etc, and the artists saying nothing about it (in fact they seem to love it) then i know what they're all about. Believe your Bibles when God says that the devil is the MASTER of deception.
    His Word tells us that many will say "Lord, Lord i did this and that" and He will say "Away with you, you workers of eniquity"
    Scary. And that's the church that's not the world.
    Many secular artists have said that you can't bring rock and roll into the church – and that's SECULAR people??Good grief and we still dont get it.
    Read, Why i left the CCMM, by Dan Lucarini and Can we rock the gospel also by him and you will see. I play bass and drums and i refuse to get up on a stage because i know what happens to humans the very minute they get up there, its all about, Look at me.
    The lights the big PA Systems some even have smoke machines.
    Jesus said "Come out from amoung them, and be ye SEPERATE from them. But we don't, we look like the world, we sound like the world, and we behave like them, and we lust for the things of the world and we covert – COVERTOUSNESS is a huge sin. It's time for the church to turn from their wicked ways and to give themselves ENTIRELY to God. He says i want ALL of you, not part of you. If you're in the church and you love the things of the world then you cannot be saved. You cant become a christian amd keep looking back – look what happened to Lot s wife – a perfect example. Until we OBEY God's word totally, we will be POWERLESS.

  • Sandra Mcdaniel says:

    Thank you for sharing your videos. I've been making my comments on them because many people are offended by what you are saying. Yet if Jesus were here he would be saying that they serve the devil, you are a den of viper's. Look at John the Baptist. He told them to repent of their wicked ways. How about Paul, Peter, John. The Bible is full of offense to those who aren't true believers or are believers living in sin. There is a RIGHTEOUS Judgement that we Christians can stand up and judge yet in Love because we know what SIN does in the lives of the LOST and the : I'll call back- sliders and rebellious Christians. Maybe even the Prodigal child. We are to live Holy and acceptable to God which is our reasonable Service for what Christ has done for us on the cross. He paid the highest price any man could give and that was HIMSELF! A SINLESS PERFECT SACRAFISE for ALL of the world if they would just accept it. But most want to live a life of there own desires seeking riches, love through elicit sex, etc….
    I'm not a legalistic person. I used to be! I tried to work at church, Sunday school…. and other things but there was no true joy until I quit trying to please my Pastor and get a pat on my back for what I was doing. Then I began to do it with joy unto the Lord because I loved Him. I try not to do things out of being guilted into it but because I want to be of use for my Lord and Master.
    I dropped out of church for the longest time and began to just study God's word. I'd pray then listen to what the Holy Spirit would speak in my heart in Truth and Love. JESUS has never failed me yet. When I'm discouraged He reminds me that He too was discouraged over Israel and even wept over the city. When I'm feeling sorry for myself He reminds me of the Rich man and Lazarus. When He was afraid before His death, He showed me the 3 times He went and prayed to the FATHER that the cup might pass from Him, so I am now at peace with my own death that is near.
    I don't need to go on and on because what you've shown is the Truth of these new age religion's. It is bringing in the NEW WORLD ORDER .and One World Religion for the antichrist and the mark so to worship of the beast!!
    THE LORD JESUS is COMING SOON and many will be deceived because they loved darkness rather then light because their Deeds are Evil! 1st John 1 : (brain dead at the moment with the chpt) True religion is this: that you take care of the widows and orphans and hungry and that you love your neighbor as yourself.
    The 1st COMMANDMENT: is to LOVE THY GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, MIND, SOUL & STRENGTH and the Love thy neighbor as yourself.
    I will be subscribing to your You Tube site because you are correct in what you are saying. Even giving scripture along with the Greek, Hebrew, Latin meaning of the words. That is how you study people. But you have to spend time in the Bible and rightly devide it! Don't just take one scripture and use it with your own interpretation! Adam was showing you how to do it.
    Anyway thanks Adam for sharing and even starting this Site for the ones who are seeking truth. For the ones convicted and want to learn or try to justify and then the trolls that have a demonic spirit behind them to cause division and an excuse to rebel a little longer before their time is up!!
    May The Lord Bless You, protect and keep you in His Word by the Holy Spirit in Truth❣ In Jesus Name I pray, AMEN
    Love in Christ, 💞 Sandra

  • J A says:

    Are you drinking?
    You sound like you are drunk and smoking

  • Lindy Zee says:

    Was just thinking, it seems like there is a turning point for these churches. Like they begin teaching worship of the blessings rather than worship of God.

  • Ten Ants Parking I drive a small carnow says:

    Kiss your knees goodbye.

  • Rampaiger Ren says:

    What about the network TV of 3ABN? Their singers like Jennifer LaMountain is anything but demonic. Her voice is too angelic.

  • MrRasZe says:

    i went to hillsong and the sermon was all about being obedient with tithes and the blessing would be more money, who would trade a blessing from god for money?

  • Bethany Pace says:

    hey brother. good work

  • in2food says:

    What’s a gavering?

  • Diana Vance says:

    The Greek translation is a waster that destroyeth. There should be no other translations than the first one.

  • Eddie Trincas says:

    The church is satanic whata loads of crap they should all. End

  • quinnys world says:

    Hillsong has bought people back to church, catholic Church has alot to answer for, your full of shit you miserable pom 😂, alot worse going on in the world isn't there, I'm not into it but sorry this is dribble 💩

  • Jay Kemper says:

    What are you talking about? Any church that teaches salvation by grace and worships to honor and thank God alone is His church. The methods to which they choose to worship, unless expressly forbidden, are up to the individual. Let people love God and others in their way and not be so judgemental.

  • Jonathan Jalandoni Pansoy says:

    only God can judge their hearts…if they are false worshiper…but we're try to see their spirits…

  • Todd Carmona says:

    New World Order is here but us Christians need to stay strong and support each other !!!

  • Chris Valencia says:

    this guy is pretty angry!i know the word says"be angry but sin not"!!!leavse me a little cornfused!!or"judge not lest you be judged"?ill do myself a favor and go back myself and read the context on this fellas verses!

  • Alexandrina Drummond says:

    hillsong Chicago is wrong.. Brian Houston believes muslims n Christian have the same God…

  • Ayesha Yeshua says:


  • D MAC says:

    Spot on brother, its here. Please watch and pray for understanding. This will answer a lot of your questions. https://youtu.be/oTpvK71rv5k

  • Monique Kessel says:

    The Devil is already in All the details, tell lie vision, in the lie brary,schools, Music and Christian music, I just sit in silence alot,because it's all brain washing and witchcraft 😱😱😱

  • Williem & Rebekah MaClutchie-Evans says:

    They have a jesus not of the Bible. Galatians Who has bewitched you you were told the Truth now you stray they are lost ok.

  • Jd*7* T. says:

    Drinking petrol ! How dumb & foolish is that !! lol 😆

  • peter m says:

    Can't stand these bashers!! So pathetic. Always hiding behind a tidbit of scripture to mask their hate and evil. God will judge not you. You are NOT of Gods church! Pathetic! Grow up judgemental hypocrite. Who gave you a microphone? Jackass!

  • Window warrior Jesus is God !!! says:

    Great video… people are being sucked in left and right and they don’t see.
    Jesus will tell a great many I never knew you and the first thing out of their mouth is did we not prophesy in your name cast out demons and do many mighty works in your name Jesus will say I never knew you
    These people sound like they’re part of the modern day prophetic movement that is sweeping the Christian church and people need to run from it like the plague and get back to just reading their Bible

  • Silent Echo says:

    How do you know all this? Hillsong is my favorite program….SOME of it are rightous. The only thing that bothers me is the lustful way they dress… then I will turn off the picture and listen to the serman…

  • Silent Echo says:

    I forgot to mention that TRINITY BROADCAST NETWORK… is behind all this, T.B.N. is very greedy, I first watch T.B.N. in 1978, Paul and Jan Crouch are kool people (except 4 Jan make up. Ha, but that's her, I didn't judge her.But then when his son Matt and wife took over, it got really out of hand to present day. Falling away is sometimes people like what you're saying…

  • Eric Hall says:

    Mate you are full of it.

  • Rex Sheeley says:

    scratch face …yaaa drinking petro they where

  • Rex Sheeley says:

    Da calling others jackass is as calling them a fool… be careful there brother

  • Vicki Lavender says:

    I remember in 1977 going to a spirit filled meeting in West End Brisbane, and I would come away from the night meeting accidentally without thinking saying "That was a great Show",, Then I woke up to it and left the Church, I realised I hadn't learn't anything in the 2 years I was there. was just interested in seeing the Miraculous .
    But any ministers that were all bible preaching, they closed down because the people didn't like the real full on gospel and the numbers became less and less till they all closed down.
    Now there is no church in Brisbane who are game to preach the full Word of God,, the older generation have waked out of the Churches because of the loud up beat music……The Older generation just go to small Baptist or Small denominational Churches who are not serious about Scripture.

  • Vicki Lavender says:

    Remember the Word that says about those that have known the Word of God and walk away from it will be far worse off than those who didn't even hear about the Lord…….2 Peter 2: 21

    I wonder sometimes if the Devil gets into these Mega upbeat music Churches, to get the Kids (sort of) saved so there will be no solid strength of sound Scripture in their heart , and they fall away, only to be worse off than before. They lose interest , if their is not some popular spiritual happenings going on to keep them interested. The great falling away…

  • forist1 says:

    The cremation of care is a satanic pagan ritual , this occult ceremony was enacted in the Vatican when they performed a ceremonial gesture closing the doors to the Vatican , End to the year of mercy ……

  • Daniel Israel says:

    Please put your Mico phone off your chest and mouth breathing is making nosing

  • Mark Adem says:

    Man get a life.

  • Adoch Betty says:

    Thank you Adams, I used to listen to Hill song music everyday, and I thought they were true Christians then one night GOD gave me a vision and said Illuminati in the MUSIC industry, Hill song! God didn't even say GOSPEL industry. I was shocked because all of them were brought forward and each one of them with a dirty saucepan besides them. Then a voice said Reuben Morgan and Joel Houston are fighting for FAME. From that time on I decided never to Listen to their songs again and I am PRAYING FOR THEM to turn back to JESUS CHRIST, the devil is a father of all lies.

  • emily foisey says:

    You are so right !! I live here in Las Vegas and lam scared to go to any church here !!! You have to know the word you have to there's no getting around it if you don't you will fall for all of these Satan churches for sure !!!!!me and me best friend and her husband were going to try out this church that she want to go to !!! When we pulled into the parking lot and got out to walk to the door there was something in my soul that wasn't right but l did not say a thing as we got to the door we could hear really loud music and by the time the doors opened up it was like l had step into a concert it was so loud that l could holler and we still could not hear each other's conversation it was so loud and we looked at each other in motion let's get out of here and as we were walking away we got to the cars fitness guy come around sidewalk running after us so where are you going why won't you have church with us today and I told him that was not church that was bad he said we turn the music down come on back in I'm like no I'm not coming in there it was so bad just a feeling in my soul was so Disturbed from what I had just witnessed I'm telling you I've been to concerts when I was not saved and I could talk to the person beside me and we could hear each other but this was 20 times worse then that and I and my best friend were walking back to the car I noticed all I seen going in there was it young teenagers the majority of the people that were going there from what I witnessed in the small amount of time that I was there was nothing but teenagers with their mom or their dad or both it was not like the churches that you go to that do wordship the Lord by no means was it like that !! I guess I'm just trying to say it I really do believe the words that are coming out of your mouth it is so true these churches today have fallen so far away from the word it is scary and you know and you see and there's nothing you can do about it but Trey and hopefully someone will say something to these people because I tried to talk to one of the youth pastors that came running after us and he was not having it he said we worship God in here I'm like you might worship God in there but you don't worship the God that I worship by no means are you worshipping the God that I worship there is two different gods here we are talkin about could not change his mind there was no way that's the reason why I just said what I said hopefully someone in there will listen because it's a pastor of the church won't listen why should the people listen it's a scary thing to see this but like Jesus said there will be a great falling away and that is exactly what's happening thank you for being honest pray for us !!!!! My name is Emily and my best friend has past away but please pray for me and my husband Al !! Thank you and God bless you !! In Jesus name amen

  • Texas Peashooter says:

    You couldn't drag me into one of those mega churches. i do miss associating w the few christians that you can find in them-(if you dig through the crowd enough).
    But any of these "prosperity mega churches" are totally demonic!
    Jesus-(Yasuah) never said anything about getting rich in serving Him?
    In fact He said the opposite. Don't be surprised at the trials you'll go thru as if something strange was happening to you.(not sure exactly where located in scripture / but its there)
    Also i don't think that cursing-(using bad language is a mortal sin/as some would have you believe). One of the apostles used fowl language at times…And i believe the translation of: "cattle dung" even translates to a bad language.-(as a kid i would have tasted soap!). Its something we should work on stopping, if its become a bad habit.
    The main thing is to avoid being a pharisee.

  • God is my fortress Acts2:38 says:

    WHY WOULD YOU CUSS LIKE THAT?! that, that is my question. Look at the massive plank in your eye.

  • Len Xbot777z says:

    I wonder what hillsong actaully means..was not the temptation of christ ontop a hill?

  • Maximus Fuerte says:

    Adam you have right!

  • Janet Fogarty says:

    The " Bundles" Are Denominations.

  • Christian resources says:

    You cry subliminal message… yet you never give even one example of a subliminal message, or do you ever give one example of one set of worship lryics that are corrupt… Balam… did not teach anyone to curse any thing from anyones mouth… he suggested to the king that his women go down and lay with them that they may corrupt their own selfs so that they would be cut off from the Blessings of the Lord God Almighty…
    So … all out there reading this…
    Porn is the new ladies of king Balak. Corrupting your flesh cutting off the blessings of God…

  • manong amor says:

    the impostor son of god is jesus. god has no son

  • Roger Lassitter says:

    The Roman Catholic Church should be destroyed. It's not Gods Church, and Gods anointing is all over hillsong worship. You have to be spiritually dead to think otherwise. These people are truly worshiping God, the artists and the crowd. My question is what is motivating you to speak against them. If anybody is trying to deceive someone here, it's you. If you think Jesus has called you to be some kind of John the Baptist, you might want to check yourself. I dont usually even entertain these self glorified social media pimps, but I couldn't resist responding to this nutjob. I'll leave you with the words of our Lord.

    Now John answered Him, saying, “Teacher, we saw someone who does not follow us casting out demons in Your name, and we forbade him because he does not follow us.” But Jesus said, “Do not forbid him, for no one who works a miracle in My name can soon afterward speak evil of Me. For he who is not against us is on our side. For whoever gives you a cup of water to drink in My name, because you belong to Christ, assuredly, I say to you, he will by no means lose his reward. “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea.

    Mark 9:38‭-‬42 NKJV

  • stacy christensen says:

    I was just researching the NAR movement and wrote down a quote from Bill Johnson from Bethel church. It is interesting that he quotes," There's something being given by God to this generation that will help to shape the course of history." Where in the Bible does he get this? Another quote in this same presentation to young adults he said," Some of you had no idea you are born for the miraculous. In previous generations it was about the individual with the anointing. Now it is about the body with the anointing. It is now about entire churches with the anointing." These false teachers are deceiving entire bodies of the church with a false Holy Spirit. The rapid spread of New Age practice in the churches is alarming. The Bible ONLY!!!

  • Brian The Israelite says:

    Amazing video, I recognize how few christians are actually bold enough to speak about this.
    I have also been revealed this about Pentecostal, Charismatic churches. Remember the golden calfs of Bethel and Dan ?
    Holy Spirit is the spirit of truth, therefore I rather stand alone than to attend theese types of Trinity denying churches.

    I have some videoes on this too. Really exploring what started the Pentecostal movement.
    ALOT of christians seek an expiriance with God from the outside (air) when Holy Spirit dwells inside if you are born again.
    Who is the prince of the power of the air ??

  • Psalmist Susan says:

    I'm glad you used the word 'APOSTACY' because some Christians are claiming that the "falling away" verses are about the Bridal Church being 'taken away' in the "rapture"!!! Incredible deceptions abound and have twisted everything. We have morons running churches for profits and fame. The true mature wheat know the fake tares. They are of the world and the world loves them and their PAGAN se-xu-al dancing and drums. WOE.This is the last days Laodicean era as the big RICH ministries and churches have SPRUNG UP LIKE TARES AMONG THE WHEAT. It is not of the Holy Spirit yet it is fooling the masses who as you say gather themselves together for this entertainment put on in the Name of Yeshua/ Jesus. If it is supposed to win converts then it is not " Holy unto YAHOVAH"… the God of Israel but unto the ultimate deception of Lucifer worship based in the re-built Jewish Temple. They are all in for a shock when they face the Lord of the Church. I am trying to warn as well and will share your videos on my Bride of Messiah groups and websites.

    God bless your ministry Adam from Susan in Australia

  • Emily Everett says:

    The church near me that I was attending with my children is more hipster. There is loud, extravagant, and theatrical musical performances but the pastor seemed to be in point with his teachings. Just a few weeks ago we had a Hillsong pastor come to the church as a “guest pastor”. Something in my stomach turned when he said they were coming. My intuition and discernment since I prayed for it has been so on point that it surprises me sometimes. I didn’t go and haven’t been back since……

  • J Holyroller says:

    Your right brother were in the end times brother the Catholics an jews over in temple mound trying to build temple for Antichrist there the synagogue of Satan music movies phone computers Satan's got it all people should whatch out I just gave it all up stopped it all tv movies comics cartoons all the gateways thanks brother for letting are people know

  • Who is Rusty says:

    everything anyone says to me i search the scriptures or ask to see where in the bible it says that.then pray for discernment against false doctrines

  • Ruth's Place Place Women's Ministry says:

    The oceans song is a mantra ,no mention of Jesus in the whole song ! I have noticed how this song puts people in a trance ,crying and repeating over and over the song as a mantra they are singing to Lucifer not Jesus ,when they say Christ it's anti-christ

  • Ruth's Place Place Women's Ministry says:

    Mate I live in Australia and many Christians will get in my face when I try to tell them about the cult of Hillsong ,its a luciferin cult period ! Churches are going apostate at a huge rate all around the globe ! God bless you for sharing and having the discernment

  • Guyver Dexoderain says:

    Did you read the book of genesis? Its very disturbing how GOD created Adams partner two times

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