Higher Life: Season 2 – Ep 14 | Gift of Faith Part 2

and he said the gift of faith comes where ordinary faith leads off so your faith takes you so far and then that endowment from the Holy Ghost comes on top of that it's the same when we act in this in this gift of faith is we suddenly realize the authority that is on the inside of us and this confidence comes up because it's not based on us it wasn't the faith that cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God I knew that the gift of faith had rested upon me and my god and welcome to the higher life my name is Jeanne and in this series we're going to be discussing and exploring the wonderful gifts of the holy spirit now did you know that God desires for us to move from a place where we are dominated by our earthly limitations to where we are dominated by the atmosphere of heaven and as we begin to operate in the gifts of the holy spirit this is exactly what happens we are no longer dictated to by our circumstances but rather to what the Word of God says about us now to help us learn how to live this way we have two wonderful guests they're gonna help us get into the Word of God and find out more about how to operate in these gifts let's welcome dr. Debbie rich dealing with the second part of the gift of faith are you ready to get into the word and find out more about it yeah we are ready to get into the Word of God concerning this powerful gift the gift of faith there is nothing on earth like that and I really mean it except when God downloads that to us so we're gonna get right into to remember those of you who watch the first part of this program just to give you a little bit of a recap or the first part rather of this gift of faith we learned that there are two distinctive differentiations between faith there is the general faith which is something that every single person is given a measure of we understand that just to receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior we needed to operate in general faith and so we believed on him and we received our salvation and then remember that is the first part that isn't where it all ends that's the first part of what salvation is all about you receive your salvation you are in the kingdom of God and now you have to live a journey until Jesus comes or we go to meet him so the main thing is to do our journey as a believer we need to develop our general faith we need to develop by the Word of God taking that word putting it inside of us growing and developing by faith to believe him for victory in everyday life that's what it's all about but there is a special kind of faith which is not our own and we're going to get right into that and learn more about that pets we shared in our last program we wanted to differentiate the difference between the working of miracles and the gift of faith the gift of faith this is another thing that I want you to just wrap your mind around and always remember this the gift of faith is also and this is distinct from the working of miracles although both gifts produce miracles they both produce miracles say they both produce miracles they both produce miracles and one is active as we said and one is passive but one employs the other one employs the other in other words the difference between the working of miracles and the gift of faith is that the gift and the working of miracles between the two of them one is active when it's passively says that God gave David the ability Daniel the ability to receive you know he was receiving he didn't do anything about it just a little bit what did Daniel do did you see him doing anything did he fight against the lions did he did he even speak to the Lions he just received and so with Jesus Jesus was in a receiving part part as well but as they work the working of miracles and the gift of faith workers power twins but the working of miracles employs the gift of faith they actively both work miracles but we often have to look at this be very careful about this the gift of faith works primarily for people that as we said before that are often in danger but the gift of faith has another functionality that's very powerful the gift of faith has the ability to have elongated working like for an example the patriarchs of old Abraham Isaac and Jacob they would rise up in the gift of fakers remember they didn't have the infilling of the Holy Spirit so the the God will allow the Spirit of God to rest upon them through the working of the gift of faith and they would begin to pronounce this is very important because you mentioned insensitivity about mothers being concerned about their children in the gift of faith they would pronounce blessings they would pronounce different things of their children and in the gift of faith you may not always see an immediate response like in Debbie's testimony there was an immediate miraculous manifestation but in the gift of faith it works so powerful because it's perpetual it's ongoing it has the ability to last a long time like is it the duracell Bela it better at the integers and bunny one other – it just keeps going and going and going and it so then you can operate in the gift of faith and pronounce things over your children through the gift of faith and it may take a long time and it goes even through generations before you sometimes see the manifestation and the gift of faith remember the other component and working that it has is it has the ability to keep you calm so even though you see your things not manifesting yet and maybe the things you proclaim the gift of faith if you're operating in you don't see the manifestation yet you remain calm they got a sentencing before them they've run off with somebody they're questioning there are sexuality and it the gift of faith rises up on the inside of you and says but I got a word from God and as Debbie said I will live and not die the gift of faith working with the working of miracles and it has the ability to last and last and last and you can know this that the manifestations through the gift of faith will come to pass because what God has spoken he's able to bring the past it's not based on your own working get this in your mind it's not predicated upon what you've done it's predicated upon what he placed on you can you say that with me it's not predicated upon what I've done say it but it's predicated upon what he placed on me so then your faith is in the gift that's what Debbie Debbie was operating in that gift her faith was in the gift and so as you see throughout the period of time the gift of faith that came on the old paint the pate rice of all the things came to pass in the life of their children they went through different things in life but it came to pass came to pass you know the gift of faith is a supernatural trust in God for as Pat was saying especially when you're in times of danger for protection but also for provision the gift of faith and and for the pronouncement of blessings that she was just talking about so that gift of faith can cover so many areas and again we quoted Smith Wigglesworth I believe in another session the great English preacher who had so many wonderful miracles and and people raised from the dead and he said the gift of faith comes where ordinary faith leaves off so your faith takes you so far and then that endowment from the Holy Ghost comes on top of that I've had so many financial miracles where I was able to do something only on that gift of faith where the Lord would say that perhaps I'm thinking of so many at one time I have a foreign trip coming up where they say I won't even get my plane ticket back and then he asked me to give $25,000 at that moment and there wasn't even there wasn't even five thousand dollars in the ministry account and I emptied out my own account the ministry accounts gave on credit cards which I'm not telling other people to do unless you hear a word for the Lord but in my case he said to do that so whatever he says to do when you get that and we would get somewhere in a tiny little church and somebody would would come up in a total stranger that doesn't go to church there and one time gave us a hundred thousand dollars and I knew that that was a result of that obedience to that gift of faith but you can't you would get in trouble if you just tried to use your egg faith doing things like that so it's also for provision and I wanted to share one last in my own life as I share these I'm just reminded that I'd rather be living in divine health and having these great miracles at the end but I'll take him any way I can get that and but after the blood clots several years went by and I'm flying all over the world and then I was actually with pastor Rodney and Adana in at celebrate America in Washington DC in July of 2015 and I had just gone in for tests because I wasn't able to breathe very well and I thought is this just my wait am I just out of shape but I knew it as some things happen I just knew this is it right and I had some tests and they called me while I was there they said you have to come home now I said I'm not going to come home till the end of this they said you're in congestive heart failure what I've had a strong heart nobody in their family has a heart problem maybe it was from that blood clot you had years ago because your heart no I was completely healed of that well we don't know but you're in heart failure I got back there and I heard a word from the Lord again and this time sometimes things are conditional when he speaks you do your part and I will do my part I was a lot heavier than I am right now and I took off 90 pounds Wow and I knew that as because of what he spoke that faith was there if I did what he said he would do his part we have had the test since then they said we've never seen this before there is no sign of any congestive heart failure and no swelling no anything but they know that weighed in and of itself taking it off cannot do that cannot make a stiff heart that has everything backed up start working again so they've had to acknowledge again while you're God's given you another miracle so sometimes those gifts of faith come with I know what to do to have this happen yes yes I remember hearing I'm Kenneth Copeland once speak about this gift of faith and he spoke about it being and an earthly I love that it's an unearthly injection of God's faith he spoke about how he had to pray he was because he followed Oral Roberts for quite a while in the healing ministry and he was asked to go into those healing tents after the meetings they would have these tents where people would be in there to receive the healing and he would walk he walked in at one time and they brought him someone that really I think they were crippled it was it was one of those like very obvious meeting a miracle and he said when he looked at this he turned around and walked right back out no way but the Spirit of God erased at him and he tuned right back and he went there and he said it was as if a plug or a cook was taken out and I love the way he explains it because you know it's such a great way but as I this cope was taken out and it was pumped inside of him this electric power inside of him a confidence that he knew that he knew that he knew God wanted this person healed and so it wasn't his own faith it was God's faith in him to see that miracle happen and he spoke healing power of God over that person and they were healed and so again I think we need to bring back that whole beautiful truths concerning this gift it is God's faith God's own faith that he injects on the inside of us to come up in their time that it's needed to speak out his word in obedience and watch the miraculous happen and that's why I loved when you used the example of Jesus sleeping in the boat and that angry storm that came up and he stood out thee and he just said peace be still and I know some preachers we where they describe and I always get into giggle about it is because they would they kind of say well this gentle Jesus meek Molly he stood up anyways no I don't believe he did that I believe the faith of God rose up on the inside of him and he took authority have you ever seen someone take authority over a yapping dog and I think that Smith Wigglesworth actually uses things example how they'll be I don't know COO it this so many generals I think that we learn from but you know when there's a snapping dog that is kind of they used an example of a woman and she's in her apartment and this little yapping dog is around and you know it just be quiet you know be quiet be quiet get out get out the dogs not gonna do a thing I'm gonna do a thing but eventually when you say get out that dog good and he said it's the same when we acting this in the gift of faith is we suddenly realize the authority that is on the inside of us and this confidence comes up because it's not based on us I love what you said confidence that I wanted to grab that because the way we is so relative especially in the area of global evangelism and reaching the world and reaching what they call hostile territories and unreached and unengaged nations you'll see a lot of times people that are operating in apostolic giftings one of the things that you'll see dad Hagin always taught us as well that God will allow these endowments based upon what your assignment is because some people want this gift because they can do I want this kippa no God will endow it several AC will a lot of times based on my chest as he wills as he wills because he knows the assignment so those that are called into what we call the 1040 window nations which is a geographical location that is densely populated but least evangelize the five major religions are housed in that part of the world it goes from the top of Turkey to to the very tip end of south of southern Sudan it goes from the very left tip of Morocco North West Africa to the very end of eastern Asia the five major religions are there that that oppose the gospel the most and that's where you see all the calamities the Cyclones the wars the terrorism and so that's the part of the world that I'm called to and so because a lot of times even as a female called in that part of the world especially in Islamic part of the world think 30 years ago 40 years ago working in Kuwait and Oman and places like Yemen and Bahrain I would have to call upon the gift of faith to operate because I was going in areas where there was no gospel there was no Bible it was punishable by death to convert someone from Islam to Christianity in those days we were underground smuggling Bibles and teaching materials Village Road artists teaching materials we were taking you didn't have things electronic we had to take things in and so as I got to customs the man said what do you have in your bag and I said at first in the natural I said things you know I was 21 years old and then he said what things and then he said who are you here to see and then he said I said friends and he said what friends and I said Asians and he says we're all Asians and I said and then the gift of faith rose up I said you know what you're right you are all Asians but you know us Americans sometimes we're the most culturally ignorant people we you know we we don't take time to learn about other cultures as much as we should but I'll guarantee you when I come back to your country I'll be more culturally astute when I come back and I just begin to just talk to the man and just begin to declare and then the man said take your bags take your things and go Yolanda math system a media person had taken the things out of our suitcase we were in Dubai and the Holy Spirit woke up in the middle of the night said take the things out of Doc's suitcase put them into your suitcase and so she was in front of me and she'd gone ahead and I was like you're supposed to be my ace boon Coon in the stakes that means my running dog you know I'm running fine and you left me you know and but she knew she had the things but I needed to get the faith because right before we got there missionaries had been arrested life imprisonment shaved their heads they told us all this before we're going if I had given up the information of the underground churches that were there they would not have been threatened I would have been jeopardized them as well and so it was in the natural resting upon me but it wasn't resting upon me the gift of faith rose up it told me exactly what to say with authority all of a sudden I was no longer afraid of this man that in the natural had the power for me to have life imprisonment and very briefly I remember working in southern Sudan when we first started work in those areas this is 30 years ago 30 years ago and some it's now called Southern Sudan as a country but in that in those days it was still under the Republic of Sudan and so when we were working even in cartoon as our headquarters the moment we land and we were taking our posture price dr. prices books on faith foolishness and presumption how faith works taking Bible school curriculum to Muslims then converted if they found that stuff honey I would I had a prison ministry do you mean so I we got the things and and so the what they did was the access they said we kept asking where they gonna have the meetings and they kept saying we'll tell you tomorrow and I said lunchtime now we're we're gonna have the means will tell you tomorrow dinner which it and it finally said where are we having the meetings they decided because at that time Samaritan's Purse had been bombed and that time Christians had been beheaded and churches have been burned and men had been cast it was a very intense time thirty forty years ago and so I said Lord you asked me to come at a time while the riverbanks are flooding find that demanded where are we holding our meetings they said we're holding our meetings on the military training ground and those days no one had heard of anybody caught Osama bin Laden Osama bin Laden was on the grounds training people to strap a bomb to their body go into crowds of people and kill and and and blow up themselves in the name of Allah and so we could hear them training but we didn't know who he was and a man by the name of Torabi was his running partner from South sooted from Sudan and so we now go into the enemy's camp because it was an underground believer there was a general high-ranking general in the military there was a secret believer so we were dressed like Muslims every day are you hearing me we had Egyptian henna on us and I was speaking Arabic as we passed our bodyguards every day we taught them faithfully shep assumption how faith works the authority of the believer now the word got out who we were towards the end of the training and so they said it's time to get out so as we begin to pack our things to leave the country to get out now I get to the airport thank god we've been able to get everything done and it was paid for about the government okay so we get to the airport and they do a bodily search a body a bodily cavity search and an only way I can come back in those days and put things on TV to wake up the church to wake the sleeping giant of the church to understand we have an unfinished task we have work to be done I had to get materials and we didn't have mp4s you had those big tapes you camera guys those big old tapes and I had to put those tapes on my body and and wrap myself to get him out of the country so I could put it on television so then I had myself wrapped up you know like I was this big lady you know two tons of fun you know trying to cover my stuff and I as so as I'm trying to get to customs and immigration right and what's this you come to the side take her in the back search of bodily they take me behind this black curtain and this lady's back there with me and the calmness of the gift of faith I'm looking at her she's looking at me I mean she's patting me down and she's patting me down and she's touching the tapes and I'm looking at her and she's looking at me and I was like it was just a piece that came upon me and she nodded her head and she said you go now whether she was a believer undercover or not whether God disappeared the tapes or made me have more fat I don't know what he did I don't know what he did but the gift of faith rest upon me and everybody on the team knew that because I always replace the things oh because I wouldn't jeopardize the rest of the team when they saw me come up behind that curtain because they had all clear customs and I was walking through there just singing making melodies in my heart unto God and I knew that I knew that it knew that it wasn't Pat Bailey's faith it wasn't the faith that cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God I knew that the gift of faith had rested upon me and my god had done another miracle for his glory for him to be lifted up so that those believers and now those same churches that got those materials they needed that because now there became to be the major war between Southern Sudan and the north and it was the the workings and the teachings on how faith works the authority of the believers then was smuggled in they gave them the faith to believe it is so so powerful and this gift of faith which is God's faith injected in us at the exact moment he knows we need it that's what it is and I want to reiterate again a a single child of God when you have chosen to abide in Jesus every day and you are in his word and you are living be led by the Holy Spirit in everyday things know that you're in fine tune to be able to be used by him in the gifts of the Holy Spirit they are for you and you don't have to fear what if this happens what if we get in this situation because you know your God is on the inside of you and when the time comes he he will be the one that downloads that faith for you to speak it up that doesn't mean you're going to look for trouble because you know we don't test God that's what James says don't go test God now and do yulish things because then you're gonna end up second-best no that is not what it is it is while we about God's business every single day of our lives he backs you up he backs you up and the gift of faith is what's going to come out of you that's all we have time for now but we'll be right back higher life seasons are now available through the faith ow if we can just have that trick to pull us up then you're not going to hear the sound of the negativity that's right view the latest episodes today by downloading the faith app on Google Play or the App Store such a powerful time discussing this very powerful gift the gift of faith and I know those of you at home this is your opportunity to email us with any questions you have considered this gift or any gift that we've been discussing High Life at my faith tv.com email us and we'll get right back to you on those questions but here in the studio audience we have someone who has a very special question in fact there are so many questions going on here but we have time for them let's go and find out what is on their hearts sometimes a person will ask you why must they put their faith in someone who let's like the natural disasters diseases everything we have no control over their self control over why would he let that happen it's a very good question and one that's asked many times with a very simple answer God has nothing to do with those natural disasters the Bible says in John 10 there is a thief who comes to steal kill and destroy but jesus said I have come that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly those of us who are born again those of us who are serving God are seated with Jesus in heavenly places and we can take authority over these things we don't have a right in somebody else's life but we have a right in our lives our children our church our families to say you don't rule here the kingdom of God rules here and we will not have those things touch us in Jesus name we are the presence of Jesus in this place so yes God is ultimately on the throne in fact this earth has been given to the devil to run by men remember by arson but while we are here we push back that darkness we take authority over the devil he has no authority over us even though bad things happen around us all the time because of the curse because of the fall of man we are the light of the world with the power of God and that's what we need to wake up to as believers remember high life at my face tv.com is where you going to email your quest Chen's teeth we have time for one more question yeah in the studio let's go find out what it is hi beautiful ladies I just don't you know how can one provoke the gift of faith we wish a large portion of the body of Christ had that that even wanted to provoke God always wants more for us than we're willing to provoke to receive provoke intimacy I believe as we said earlier that you can covet the Bible does use the word covet and that's an aggressive word to covet it's the one place that allows us to covet you know legally and lawfully and if you can covet something that means you earnestly desire you seek it you want it you're passionate after it and I believe that if you're passionate after God we don't want just the gifts we won't the God of the gifts are you and me we want the conductor of the gifts that's the Holy Spirit as we begin to have a passionate relationship with him and intimacy with him and ask ask him at the end of the day he's gonna give severally as he wills but I thank God that you have the desire on the inside of you to provoke him to receive it so provoke him baby receive it I believe I believe that a believer can but at the end of the day we must remember he gives severally as he will thank you well we have really had so many brilliant answers and we've been able to answer most of them but for you at home we want to answer yours too so a high life at my faith tv.com but we have had an amazing time here in the studio concerning this very powerful gift the gift of faith I know that you have been blessed won't you help me thank my panel who have been such an inspiring source of wisdom for us now you do not want to miss our next program because we're going to go on with the power gifts but now we're going into the gifts of healings can't wait to see how you learn from this gift god bless you and goodbye [Applause] we're traveling into undetonated land mines so that took the gift of faith so as a baby cable that you never ever say this sickness is from God you will see sometimes atheist cry out I just received my Ewing and they weren't even believing you

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