(HD 720p CC) “Why God Why?” From Miss Saigon, Simon Bowman

Why does Saigon never sleep at night? Why does this girl smell of orange trees? How can I feel good when nothing’s right? Why is she cool when there is no breeze? Vietnam You don’t give answers, do you friend? Just questions that don’t ever end Why God? Why today? I’m all through here, on my way There’s nothing left here that I’ll miss Why send me now a night like this? Who is the girl in this rusty bed? Why am I back in a filthy room? Why is her voice ringing in my head? Why am I high on her cheap perfume? Vietnam Hey look I mean you no offense But why does nothing here make sense? Why God? Show your hand Why can’t one guy understand? I’ve been with girls who knew much more I never felt confused before Why me? What’s your plan? I can’t help her – no one can I liked my memories as they were But now I’ll leave remembering her When I went home before No one talked of the war What they knew from TV Didn’t have a thing to do with me I went back and re-upped Sure Saigon is corrupt It felt better to be here driving for the embassy Because here if you can pull a string A guy like me lives like a king just as long as you don’t believe anything Why God? Why this face? Why such beauty in this place? I liked my memories as they were But now I’ll leave remembering her Just her

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  • ReadMeReadYou says:

    I never saw this. You made me wish I had. Great voice on this man too. Thanks for sharing.

  • Romi M. Panlilio says:

    @ReadMeReadYou Ìt was one of the super musicals of the 90s. The chandelier fell in Phantom.. A helicopter landed in this one. The whole theatre was shaking. Powerful music too. Thanks for watching.

  • Sing Buri says:

    I have seen this play in LA. Your MV bring back a lot of memories. Are you gonna do "American Dream" someday?

    Thank you for posting. It is beautiful MV, makes me wanted to go to Vietnam.

  • Romi M. Panlilio says:

    @Singhaburi It brings back a lot of memories for this writer too. I will put the "Ämerican Dream" on my to-do-list. Thank you for watching!:

  • Morgan Leah says:

    I love all the songs from Miss Saigon and I appreciate this video you put together. I actually have never ever seen Miss Saigon ever…….. and i really wanted to.
    Thanks for uploading this so i can still enjoy the beautiful music ♥

  • Harvey Levene says:

    The unmistakeable voice of Simon

  • Mike Hamilla says:

    Check out my cover!

  • Amy Baker says:

    The show is due to be revived in London later this year.I saw it back in the early nineties then most of the cast were from the Philipines. This was the show which brought Lea Salonga to the west,she was the original "Kim" alongside Simon Bowman.It is remembered mainly for the evacuation scene where the helicopter lands. That's sad in a way as i found the music was beautiful,the performances were first rate and the story was moving…based on Madame Butterfly,you know that the end will be sad.

  • Romi M. Panlilio says:

    Hi Amy, I also saw the play on London's West End in the early 90s. The Engineer was originally played by Jonathan Pryce, a British actor who had to be made up to look Asian. Lea Salonga was the original Kim, brought the role to Broadway, and later joined the cast of Les Mis.

    Thank ou for watching.

  • Dafro Ko says:

    Now this convinced me that Simon Bowman is the best Chris.. Wonder how Alistair Brammer will hold up to this… amazing voice!

  • Alexander Birchwale says:

    if anyone is looking for the instrumental version of this song, you can check it out on my channel, also feel free to use it in any covers!

  • Ryan Wong says:

    Ramin Karimloo and Simon sings this song the best ermagad! 

  • H Badger says:

    This isn't really the same story as Madam Butterfly.

  • Dean Brown says:

    My schools doing this musical… This is the audition song, gonna be hard to live up to this performance though.

  • victor honore says:

    Seen and heard them all. No one sings this like Simon Bowman.

  • Detectivefiction says:


  • Joseph Rey Dago-oc M.D. says:

    Hi hi hi hi hi hi

  • sawadee says:

    Call it cliches but I always love the songs in act 1. Not so much act 2 when the story revolves around the kid

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