“Has A Name” Behind the Song | Canyon Worship 2019

(guitar music) – Our song is called “Has a Name”, and it’s really just about
how in this life on earth, we want to find our
peace, we wanna have joy, we wanna have hope, and we
read about those things in the Bible, and it’s like, okay, where is this peace
beyond our understanding? And how do I have this joy in my heart? And we want these things, but then when we try to
find them here on earth, it’s really hard sometimes,
and we get confused and lost, but the song really transitions
then into how Jesus is our peace, He is our
hope, and He is our joy. – So, ultimately the
desire to make the song came from, just a song writing class, we all had the class together, and our professor gave us the assignment. We knew that we could
have made the song, like, good enough for the assignment,
but we really wanted to write a song that
the church can sing out, and really give it our
all rather than just like, doing just enough, so we kinda
went through the process, and just kinda put our
hearts onto the paper and gave what the Lord was telling us. – What started out as like,
three really diverse ideas, we were like, “How are we going
to tie this all together?”, and then the more we talked
about it, we realized that the core of everything
we were talking about, whether it was peace, or
hope, or joy, whatever God was teaching us, we realized
that He was the center of everything He was teaching
us, so He was the one that the joy exuded from, He
was the reason we had peace, He was the reason we had
hope, and so we realized, “Oh, okay, so we have these
three really diverse things, but the center of them all
is Christ”, and so we decided to kinda run with that, and
make a song that just kinda explained how Christ was the
center of all those things. ♪ My hope has a name ♪ ♪ It is Jesus ♪ ♪ Your presence reminds… ♪

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