GUIDED MEDITATION A Spiritual Journey – High Quality Immersive Experience

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  • Andrea Koszo says:

    Thank you so much for the amazing journey! It was such a beautiful meditation leaving me with love and peace.
    I was challenged a little bit keeping the breathing pattern through the meditation, I guess this will only take practice.
    Love and Light 🙂

  • Kelsie Miller says:

    Just found this video as I am going through a spiritual awakening and I have always been an empath with sensitivity to spirit and senses. I have never been good at meditating and my
    Mind drifts. I stopped myself at 12 minutes today this was the first time trying this video. I felt the warmth and it was incredible and extremely overwhelming I had to open my eyes. But I want to try it again and go through the whole thing. I have slight anxiety about meditation and it holds me
    Back from fully letting go. This was the closest I’ve come. So thank you!

  • Takeshi Hanazono says:

    I dont like coming back to earth… not that soon =(

  • isidora garcevic says:

    This medication is the best medication ever!!!!!! So magical and beautiful. Masterpiece! Thank you so much.

  • linzertube says:

    One of my favourites. Thank-you!

  • C.L. Lawrence says:

    Two questions: 1. Is there a longer version of this? 2. Is it available for purchase? I listen to this one every morning. Travel areas don't always have the internet access I need.

  • Sallianne Reed says:

    I wish, once again to bless you for your guidance in traveling to the spirit relm. Many times I have struggled in the past , this time I accessed the LOVE and the vibrational equivalent of the spirits around me. BLESSINGS and my deepest humbled gratitude for your insights shared. Much love Sallianne

  • KingOli1999 says:

    I feel like I just went to Heaven and back. Thank you, this is really an experiencing and excellent journey.

  • Sallianne Reed says:

    THANK-YOU SO VERY MUCH for all the meditations you have shared thoughout the word. Your gentle words and emotions taking us on an incredible journeys making our lives exceptional. Many blessings

  • Adventures of Lucky says:

    what a beautiful journey! I did it with my eyes open because the footage is really awesome too, love to do it again!

  • Clay Chestnut says:

    I have problems imagining things in my mind, I only get flashes and glimpses of imagery in my head… is there something wrong with me

  • Dakota Ayy says:

    Hm. Everytime I attempt to do some sort of meditation, I always end up falling asleep, or end up thinking about someone else and have never experienced much other than a brief point of relaxation for a second at the most. Am I doing it wrong or like?

  • Julieanne Dunnington says:

    Hey Honest Guys I have to say thank you so much for every meditation you've created and made easily available for people like myself who live in remote rural areas. I can't just go somewhere and enroll in any yoga classes or even pick up a radio station from where I am at. I'm alone probably 300 days and nights out of the year and your channel and list of meditations have brought me alot of peace and healing and make me feel not alone when I listen, bless your hearts and thank you so much 😆💚

  • Diane El-Hachem says:

    That was magical

  • Laura M says:

    Thank you 🙏🏽

  • Jo A says:

    This is the best, i went everywhere you said.

  • Shrestha Sumina says:

    While coming back from the spirit world I felt something dark trying to stop me from going back but somehow I escaped with the light in me. What does that say

  • Jaylene Murphy says:


  • alexis says:

    the first couple minutes where he gives time to breathe i’m already having an existential crisis. can someone help me with this?

  • Sydni G. says:

    Unfortunately my mind drifted and stopped right when I was in the same space and the spirits in the corridor and that by far was the most radiant, powerful, ineffable feeling I've felt but I had to stop because it was overwhelming. I'm gonna come back to this video time and time again so that I may feel the full experience of this meditation because I know it'll be beneficial for my spiritual growth. This was so amazing, idk how you guys do it but I'm so grateful for your existence. Thank you 💫

  • Angelica M says:

    Amazing journey. Thank you very much The Honest Guys 💗

  • Soul Whisperer says:

    Thank you.

  • Edward Petersen says:

    This is a good one! Man,what a trip – a journey without distance. Thanks.

  • Joana A. says:

    Thank you

  • Beth Steelman says:

    Just wonderful! Thank you so much for the great work that you do and the gift you share. It has made a huge difference in my life.

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