Gregory Porter 'Liquid Spirit' | Live Studio Session

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  • Isabelle Berti says:


  • Liezl-Mari van Rensburg says:

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  • Awas Ledakan says:

    back to 1950

  • frison19 says:

    Piano player in syncopation overdrive, otherwise brilliant!

  • Wouter Smith says:

    Love Love Love!!

  • Paul-Gabriel Dumalin says:

    OK jazzman

  • 71EROLD71 says:

    La grande classe !

  • Christian Hercules says:

    Cool sax 🎷 player

  • Emily Victoria Gray says:

    This is utterly fabulous. One of my all time favourite songs. Just incredible!

  • JCV says:

    What a solid sound!

  • Chris Williams says:

    woooo this is cookin!

  • Humberto Cestari says:


  • 2JOHNNYT says:

    What's up with that head cover he wears under his hat?

  • Péter Salamon says:

    huh, it's very very very very very cool.

  • mendo cina says:

    divino!! saludos desde Argentina!!

  • Jojo Phillips says:


  • Jojo Phillips says:

    His music is uplifting..

  • Martin Patrick says:

    Steve Harpine – What a wonderful and direct message of humane spirit! Lots of joy to you mate. Dr Martin Patrick of London

  • Emanuel says:

    l accidentally found him in a live TV performance.
    Ever since I personally go for him because his music transcends all times . Simply timeless.

  • Ms. Nini says:

    Love Gregory Porter!

  • John Doe says:

    If you're reading this I hope you have a tremendous day! <3

  • David Represa says:

    Que bien canta, y que gran talento!

  • EBSJones4 says:

    The visual quality is good, too. I feel as though I'm looking through a window and could reach out and touch them.

  • Claude BERNHARD says:


  • Otto Toksik says:

    lol the piano guy seemed to be having a bit of a bad day

  • tracie renshaw says:

    So happy many others appreciate Gregory as much as I do.
    I've adored his work for few years now and will do forever me thinks

  • tracie renshaw says:

    Fantabulous Gregory is a music beau god

  • Martin Dörpinghaus says:

    jerome boateng on drums

  • Mrs.Angela 3510 says:

    Uhh Clap Hmm :)) Gregory Porter 'Liquid Spirit' | Live Studio Session



  • Leondoro mallorca ferienhaus privat says:

    9.9.2016 open air Nideggen – Germany

  • Jaime Martinez says:

    96 dislikes!…WTF?

  • Marcela Rippel says:


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