God’s Story: Lazarus

(fun music) (Female narrator reads title) So part of God’s Story is about how
Jesus brought a man back to life, and it goes like this. Jesus had three really good friends: Mary, Martha
and their brother, Lazarus. One day, Lazarus got really sick.
(Ugh, grunt) He was so sick that he might die. Mary and Martha knew the ONLY one
who could heal Lazarus, was Jesus. So they sent someone to find him.
(zoom! Running footsteps) (More running footsteps) They found Jesus traveling
and telling people about God. Now, you might think that
Jesus would rush (zoom! running footsteps)
to heal his friend. But instead of leaving right away…
(brush scrubbing) Jesus stayed where he was for two more days! See, Jesus knew something
no one else knew Lazarus had died, but Jesus was going to
bring him back to life, so that they would believe that
Jesus really was the Son of God. When Jesus finally got to Lazarus’ house,
(footsteps) Lazarus had been dead for four days. Mary and Martha were heartbroken. Martha said, “Jesus, if you had been here,
my brother would not have died. But I know that even now
God will give you whatever you ask.” Jesus said to her,
“Your brother will rise again.” Martha didn’t understand at first. What Jesus meant was that he would actually
bring Lazarus back to life, here on earth! Jesus was saying, because he’s the Son of
God, he’s more powerful than death. (rock crumble) After that, Martha’s sister, Mary, ran to Jesus
(footsteps) and fell at his feet. (plunk!) “Lord, if you had been here, my brother
would not have died!” When Jesus saw her crying, he was so sad. In fact, when Jesus came to the tomb where
Lazarus was buried, he cried too. His friend who he loved so much was dead. Kids, have you ever felt sad
because of something that happened to you,
or someone you cared about? Just like us, Jesus felt pain and sadness
because of what happened to his friend. Then Jesus told some people to roll away
the big, heavy stone in front of the tomb. (rock scraping) He looked up and prayed,
“Father, I know that you always hear me.” Then, he called out in a loud voice,
“LAZARUS, COME OUT!” And then Lazarus walked out!
(footsteps) This man who had been dead for four days was now standing in front of everyone,
walking, and talking, and ALIVE!
(bandages rip!) The people were amazed!
(crowd cheers) You see, Jesus knew all along that
he could bring Lazarus back to life. Jesus wanted people to see who he was
the Son of God. He wanted people to see God’s greatness,
that God could do anything, (boing, boing, boing!)
even bring someone back from the dead! And Jesus was about to do something
even more incredible. He himself was about to die for us, be buried in a tomb for three days, and then come back to life! And he did it to rescue us from all our pain,
sadness, and wrong choices. And when we believe in him,
we get to be a part of God’s family forever. And that’s the story of Lazarus. So in case you missed it,
here’s the quick version: Jesus’ friend Lazarus got sick. Lazarus died. His sisters were really sad. Jesus was sad too. Jesus brought Lazarus back to life! Later, Jesus died. He came back to life too. And He was able to do it all
because he’s God’s Son. And that’s a part of God’s story. (music fades)

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