God’s Story: Jacob and Esau

God’s Story: Jacob and Esau. So part of God’s story is about two brothers,
and it begins like this. Once there were twins named Jacob and Esau,
and they didn’t get along. They actually started fighting before they
were born! Then during birth Esau came out first, but Jacob was holding onto his heel. That’s not normal. And they even looked different! The Bible says Esau’s body was covered in
so much red hair it was almost like he had clothes on. Jacob’s skin was smooth. Well they got even more different as they
grew up. Esau hunted animals and spent time outside. Their dad, Isaac, was a big meat eater, so
Esau was his favorite. Jacob, on the other hand, was a quiet guy
who liked to stay indoors. Their mom, Rebecca, liked Jacob the best. The Bible doesn’t talk much about Jacob and
Esau as kids, but we do know Esau was lucky to be the oldest because he had what’s called
a “birthright.” That meant Esau would be in charge of their
family, including all their money, land, and stuff. Jacob would probably have to work for his
brother, Esau, and their dad, Isaac, would give Esau a blessing, which means Isaac would
ask God to take care of his oldest son, Esau, in an extra special way. Well you probably think Esau was pretty excited
about this, but he wasn’t. In fact, one day he gave it up. He just returned from a hunting trip. Since he was out killing animals all day he
didn’t have time to eat. He came home starving. Jacob was making stew so Esau said, “Quick,
give me some of that stew! I’m very hungry!” Now, Jacob was a little sneaky so he didn’t
just share the stew with his hungry brother, which would’ve been nice, instead he said,
“First, sell me your birthright.” And guess what? Esau said yes! It’s a little like paying a million dollars
for a bowl of mushy soup. We don’t know why Esau did that, but the Bible
says he didn’t care about the birthright. But later when Isaac was really old and about
to die he wanted to ask God to take special care of his firstborn, Esau, so he told Esau
to go hunting and make him some tasty food, maybe for the last time. Now Esau wanted the birthright, so he left
right away to hunt. Meanwhile, Rebecca had heard Isaac and Esau
talking, and remember Jacob was her favorite, she wanted him to get the blessing. So she did something really sneaky, she told
Jacob, “I will prepare tasty food for your father. You take it to your father to eat and he’ll
give you his blessing before he dies.” See, Isaac was blind. She was telling Jacob to pretend he was Esau. But there was a slight problem with her plan. First off, Esau was hairy, so if Isaac touched
Jacob’s smooth skin he would know the truth. The Bible says Esau had a certain smell too,
which might be a polite way of saying he stunk. I mean, imagine how smelly a guy would be
if he was always sweating and getting dead animal blood stuck in his clothes and matted
in his hairy skin. And this was before deodorant. So even though Isaac was blind, he might smell
Jacob or touch his smooth arm and know the truth. Well Rebecca was sneaky like Jacob. She told Jacob to put sheepskin on his arms
and wear some of Esau’s smelly clothes, now Isaac would never know, and even though Isaac
wondered why the voice sounded like Jacob, guess what? The trick worked! Jacob got the blessing. Now Esau would have to work for him. As you might imagine Esau was furious. In fact, Rebecca had to help Jacob run away
so Esau wouldn’t kill him. What’s really crazy about this story is Jacob
messed up big time, but he really did get God’s blessing. Esau even forgave him later. We don’t know why God let this happen, but
the truth is we all mess up sometimes and God still wants us to be part of his story,
and that’s the story of Jacob and Esau. So in case you missed it, here’s the quick
version: Jacob and Esau were twins. they were different. Jacob tricked Esau. Esau sold his birthright for stew. Later Esau wanted his blessing. Rebecca helped Jacob trick his dad, Isaac. Jacob got Esau’s blessing. Esau was furious. Jacob ran away. But God still blessed him. And that’s a part of God’s story.

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