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I mean not counting the circuit from the future well they did not take me into their confidence about that or dinners convictions to the contrary but I know this if I had spent the better part of sixty winters seeing my best and brightest cut down by Thor on that damn hammer I might very well go home too bad I was fond of every giant ever met that's why they destroyed the bridge it's a coincidence so you think we'll get the geyser anything's possible he's convinced the Giants hold the key to changing his fate when Ragnarok comes they are the ACS oldest enemies after all and it's their army that's supposed to do him in in the end but more than that he covers their gifts of prophecy he wants to know what they know his insatiable curiosity was not so much stronger than his wisdom what do you remind me to tell you why they call him the lord of the hand o loving gift from the Giants since I used to do so much travelling between realms they thought it would be more convenient for me than having a crystal I could lose no because I wisely fortified myself with 16 cups of billow made me feel so inebriated I tried convincing the Giants to put them in my nipples instead almost talked them into it too you imagine me mere of the Bifrost geez I'll stop now here boy it's Scola naughty the giant wolves have chased the Sun in them where did they come from how did they get up there what's happening there at the end they eat the Sun and Moon and then everybody fights here's something I can't figure out Odin wants to bring out Ragnar but the serpens already been there and seen it so hasn't he already film beats a tricky thing wide and organs just out of inton ufff to think he can get the best of it Freight is another lie told by the guards nothing is written that cannot be unwritten on that brother you and the all-father may just agree even if he can't prevent Ragnarok he still hopes to learn enough details to influence the outcome remind me later to tell you about the rules you're familiar with a tale of school and haughty bringers of day and night oh yeah they were born of the arch wolf her oath whitneyhl a great nemesis of the easier gods or didn't capture them as pups and kept them in the kennels of asgaard to hold his forward bay but when the Sun and Moon grew mutinous and Stood Still Odin put school and haughty to use with his ancient magics he cast the Wolves to the heavens and they began their chase and long shall they chase but not endlessly well it is foretold that someday school and hottie will catch and devour their play and that day shall be Ragnarok the twilight of the gods but Ragnarok is supposed to be Odin's do isn't it why would he set the Wolves loose if it fulfills the prophecy precisely the question wide it's always about control the Wolves determine when Ragnarok begins and now he controls the Wolves a battle fought on his chain table is a battle he better stands to win another one here this one's called sorter must be a fire giant hi the first and original makes a flaming sword a weapon of legend he fights Thor and Odin but is that the past of the future hmm that may be a matter of perspective well here is there a story for the giant the flaming sword short the brain of course it's spoken so much of cross channels it's about time we instead met the most fiery giant of all back when a mere thruster nerves from Inuvik on he came from moose pool hide the fire realm bringing heat to the young cosmos conjuring the Sun from his primordial flame let's come back to that flaming sword shall be suitably forced his sword of flame for one purpose alone to burn down a scar when right the rock comes at last his destiny is to fall hands of Thor and Odin but in so doing strike the blow that leaves their realm and ashen ruin and from that destruction the world can be born on you until then alone he waits in was behind never sleeping ever holding his fiery blade Rey generous suit who knows he lives but to his doom all because he chooses to serve a grand cycle so much bigger than himself to truly embrace your purpose and the patience and sacrifice it demands is to ensure your day will come do you think we'll be there when that day comes I've seen enough of war between the gods but you little brother who can say another one here look it's the one serpent he's so much bigger than I imagined oh look he bit Thor or will bite him looks like why are you doing that or didn't had that statue made an honor for and seeing as the world suffered absolutely abhor step fine Joba he was probably sick of looking at it but well he and Thal have a bit of an unpleasant history between them don't let well anyway I guess waking up to see it was was the thought of once of solid still new passing through his gullet you want me to ask him no our only concern is your tonight still daunting odds he remembers me why he knows the pain of your loss you'll help you yes what is it to be concerned by Amir what else did the serpent tell you when you spoke kind of sounded important I'm sure it's nothing he just said the boy seemed familiar to me that's impossible no I quite agree unless perhaps he refers to something yet to be it is said that when you're Minh Gander and Thor battle at Ragnarok the clash so violently sheets the tree of life that it's splinters casting the serpent backward through time even before his own birth what that is madness well I did say not to concern yourself boy another one it says his name is cruel near mother told me about him a giant warrior made of stone looks like he wasn't a pretty big battle Odin's there Thor even the world serpent Oh little must have smashed this head apart see look from yours body squish them idiot I've heard you are full of stories when we Intel one that entertained I beg your pardon Justin so Julia yeah I got that so you wanna cook up do you very well my brothers tell you the story of who near the brawler the real story there was a huge battle right he's trying out him in the middle fighting off I see a pretty story but no Julia you see was born with neither head nor heart so the Giants had to complete him but stone we were strong to be sure but also a perfect simpleton Odin met him wandering in Midgard one day found him so amusing so harmless so gullible that he invites him back to his palace in Asgard there he gives from near his fill of mead and gourds him into all manner of boosts and antics all for the amusement of the court I was there I saw the a seer laughs as who near left upon his shield and swore he'd kill us all and take our women folk back to Jotunheim and he laughs oh no Thor takes one look at the drunken stoned buffoon and brings down the on your on his head so hard that he's got chunks of lumière in his own skull to this day it's so startled by the face full of rock he doesn't notice who nears body topple right on to him with a sickening crunch and again the roars of laughter echo through the palace halls that's an awful story Munir nothing like the ones mother told me might that be a lesson Masonic took this seldom so pretty as myth and legend you never told us when maggie and modi add to the assignment yes what happened after fooling the FL slain upon thought was that nobody in a court to get the stone body off of him for was no use of this point is brain rattled in Bret shallow but none of Auden's men what we all a strong enough to help enter little magnin way taller than shrubs and while nobody but myself was looking Linnaeus corpse and feed the father magnet being Vonda got all the credit and more dear remain bitter about it from that day to the end which I don't need to tell you about look here another this one is him a frost giant cake correct a cunning one as well is that me Anya did he steal Thor's hammer I for a time a lot of these seem to end with for killing them imagine that happily my boy involves your friend fair too though I don't expect it's one she'd enjoy being reminded of the giant was called friend and he proved cunning enough to make off with me on the other pile the thunder lummox slept sadly for Thrym he didn't always think with his brain until he had robbed the greatest giant killer of his greatest weapon he offered to trade it back to the AC earth and exchanged for Freya as his bride no at this point Freya was married to Odin and Odin frankly would have treated her for a sufficiently strong need but he saw an opportunity here thromes palace was in Jotunheimen and only Giants know the way by agreeing to the marriage they'd have to escort flair back to their realm so Auden quest fear into using her say thematics to conceal Thor so he could sneak along with her and infiltrate your tonight when the hammer was produced as the wedding Dodi Thor revealed himself he took back knee on the earth and wasted no time and smashing thrown skull followed by every other giant person for the festivities the only thing that put a stop to it was Flair who wanted no part of this Massacre she cast a powerful spell huddled them both out of your time with no means of return wooden was loved it hoping a Thor's foothold in Jotunheim would become his own and Oh would he ever avenge himself upon Flair what is the point of this story head well for Thrym the lesson would be to keep his priorities straight for Flair it's that doing good has a price for Thor it's that no object of power makes you what you are and if what you are is the biggest butchering bastard in the nine realms nobody can take that away from you another one here wow that's a lot of arms that's fair to say six seven eight could he shoot for bows at once more of a swordsman he did only have the two eyes it looks like Thor Academy down to size it's what he does okay what about the John with a dark star cast on Mike G he was caught if the Giants ever had anything so organized as an army star cast would have been their general an opinion in retrospect I should know Visal I kept him advised and having bent his will towards star cast doom there was more to splitting him but even Thor wasn't stupid enough to take on star cap on his own no instead the ACR set forth slanders upon star cast name granting him throughout the realms as a monster to be feared they said he abducted an elf queen who killed herself love and be ravished by the giant lies in force but you're too young you passed away in the end even the Vanier gods and the armies of Midgard were rose to the cause this around its dark earth showered them with arrows until he was brought to his knees he surrendered hoping by trial he could clear his name Thor took advantage and ripped off one of starcast arms which only made it easier to several another and another until he was satisfied relieved of six arms and too much blood stark earth perished upon the battlefield I regret it to this day you know I told myself there was nothing I could do but I wish I'd tried look here another it says his name is Berg on there I think mother said he was the king of the Giants I thought he was and quite a bit more I say he had a lot of kids that little brother is what we call an understatement he's dead but nobody killed him dude Giants died from old age they may know it's rare among the lightens if I'm not mistaken movie yet to discuss the tale of the giant Patagonia oh yeah I remember you sure it looked happier than the other ones mostly it begins in an ocean of blood finally a story worth hearing if you remember amia the first giant was fatally stabbed by Odin it's in his blood our story starts Aamir's magical guns poured out in a torrent so violent it threatened to flood all of creation the yacht nah were unprepared as the very last of them were washed away in the endless tide not just a mere but all of giant kind faced extinction and so what audience victory have been complete but Amir's kind did not all perish that day staying afloat in the hallowed husk of a tree the frost giant bear camere endured as did his lady wife for weeks they sailed until finally they came upon a new land they called it yacht knime and there they would start anew as father and mother they would multiply exceedingly and as king and queen they what to make yacht and I'm a land where Giants would no no master but themselves Bergen we are never sought revenge for Odin slaughter his vengeance was to live and prosper he died at peace a legion of his kin to mourn him he would ever be known as bear Kamiya the beloved bear ago mir the blood huh I've never heard a story in that way not a jewel in any way if you do love it look here another hmm these giants of sorceress her name's grow up let's take he had vision did Oh Dean kill her for her book Amir there was a song about a giant lady lots of books business ah knowledge she was a gifted sorceress who gathered every tome of arcane wisdom she could find in the rounds all in the hopes of augmenting her powers of prophecy but she might find a lost husband Alvin deal but it was not her husband she would glimpsing no visions for it was grower seeing longer and father than any before or since who witnessed Ragnarok the end and the beginning would him called wonderful ultimate prophecy he maneuvered to attain her knowledge and hold it for himself Gordon is a longtime patron of her services and so she welcomed him into a library as a friend what she did not know is that Alden himself was behind her husband's disappearance having used his enchantments to conceal his death of Thor's hands from her sight smiling jealous Borden took her by the throat with his very hand as he stole her lively and her life I always knew only was bad that's just useless Vanek heartless that's Orden in fact we would do well to sit here in silence for the next few moments and a fight on Odin's capacity for cruelty look here another it's scollay mother liked her the great Huntress that's her father and all the animals shown in the last battle her father again both of them I'm the snob here what can you tell me about that giant lady with a bow she was called Scottie queen of the hunt her father was Yahtzee who could take the shape of any wild creature and courts Garvey how to hunt them all from the ribs up she fashioned second feet allowing her to glide upon the snow so no animal could evade her she became unconscious beyond compare even to any god Odin himself wanted her for his blade believing she would bear him strong sons but she spurned his affections and for that insult boredom by revenge it was put forth that the ACL were played by an eagle who would steal the precious golden apples of Eden even a finest Archer among the gods could bring it down warden knew that Scottie could not resist the temptation to prove herself superior and so she joined the hunt scar they tracked the Eagle as it flew where she alone could glide and loosed an arrow from her an erring ball when she collected her quarry she found no ego at all but her own father poor theodicy slain by his own daughter she was overcome with grief and shame for there is nothing nature solar vials as a child who kills their parent scar these succumbed to her fate as winters blanket fell holding her father as the mountain held her in an embrace to last eternity well that was sad hi there aren't many happy endings for the Giants in my feed beautiful good boy another one this one's called emia mother tried to tell me this one but I think I was too young our Giants coming out of his armpits I think that might be Odin stabbing I have a question if Amir was the first giant where did he come from in the beginning there was gununu de Kock the great void there were no realms yet only primordial forces there was fire and there was ice and there in the void they met and produced wider war than water the mystic lifeblood of something entirely new from this water in here took form and became a being of pure creation and chaos mother and father to all that came after even the Aesir i every god man and beast came first from Amir's flesh though it was a a seer who thought themselves so superior that they should hold dominion over the rest of creation it was Odin who took arms against his creator and spilled Amir's lifeblood with his spear unnecessary evil he would say to bring order to the realms in ears torn flesh Odin would fashion the realm of Midgard for his own call himself all father as if he was the creator and not the creator's destroyer covetous tyrant Emir huh well darling the boy ah you know I think it best we just end it there like Illya there was a giant one a very giant giant despite his mountainous size was without question the greatest stonemason this world has ever seen proud farmer or hope to one day pass his vast knowledge on to his son a young marine school at the heart of our water perhaps the father had too much fear in him of a son and too little either way a quarrel of their spiraled out of control and the overworked stonemason struck his son loved him still ran off into the night feeling shame and wicked it familar chased after his son but in his emotional state soon found himself wandering Midgard lost in a lawn sadly he caught the eye of the one person he didn't want to meet alone that night so far he found a village I when family feel he crushed a charming place famed for worshipping the Bonnie of God knew aught so always took credit for planning that one that truth is the sweaty ball bag just got lucky knew he never told me what happened with the stonemasons son brings to a son of family after completing his father's masterwork the great wall of York I mean I thought of nothing but making the AC of pay for their crimes against the Giants once he longed to fight for but tragedy had brought wisdom to New York and the observe that as guards walls were half built and shoddy for no easy and God could be bothered with such tiresome labor so finicky and doctored the guy's an ordinary man and made the easier an offer he would build them majestic new walls and if he couldn't build them within two tons of the season they would owe him nothing for his labors and if he succeeded he asked only for an audience with the goddess Freyja agreed no in the task was impossible but intrigue to make sure that of course yeah the benefit of his father's training and the aid of a magical stallion for patience thorns warden was not happy to find himself on the losing end of the wager but he seemed to uphold his end of the bargain rheya was sent to meet the mason emptier supplies he wanted only to whisper something in her yet that being done he made his way out of a Scott and when he found Thor awaiting him at the gates of Midgard he knew he had been double-crossed but he didn't care because his plan was complete it was What did he say to friend only she could say for certain but I've had many moons to work it out her into a new that flare Lord the Asya despite her marriage to Odin and I believe he gave her the secret Asgard's defenses some weakness he may have built in structural or magical witch expect we'll be exploited come Ragnar operand subtle arrives to bun ass guard to ash if not sooner look here another ah you know this one don't you it's Donald the giant stone is is he building a wall around you man it was to be his masterwork you only wanted to protect his people too bad the first part got burned I prefer the last panel was bombed such a senseless pity go ahead and lock in your name and we'll be on our way boy your head get ready oh right got this hope this doesn't cause you to explode or anything oh I haven't consider that maybe we should talk about this a bit more nah I'm sure you'll be fine ready done poison now boy we must be close well what are we waiting for thanks for we will see I want please before we continue listen the last thing you to need up there's a decomposing he'd ruin in the moment but I'll wait for you here this is between you and the boy true but if someone were to fight lady Sif's off perfect slashers you're done did it sorry we had to see this oh no no no no no no fine damn it fine watch the head till we return I can't do this no no I can't oh okay ready come home courier hmm boy it's nothing I just thought I'd hear voices by now hello anybody here what is this place they must have all come through here when they left Midgard what was left of them why kind of all these faces what if this is all the gents that got on a lit garden live not really many at home Odin and Thor ruining everything for everybody where are they now the Jen's came back home so they could survive but I'm not sure they did huh who's the guardian I should feel them but I don't this place is dead what happened that why mom send us here one question is answered and two more tickets place wait something's happening your axe it's smaller look she's arguing with a bunch of giants she knew Giants that's us the first time we met the world servant but how and our finals Baldr that just happened wait think of everything that was going to happen the dragon in the mountain the stonemason all these drawings this is our story no this is your story but what is it only that I was not the only parent with secrets you didn't know she was a giant I'm a child why didn't she tell us she sent us here knowing we would find this but when I just saw the truth mother would have had good reasons Baldr was never said to find me he was tracking her all along but knowing she is only ashes if she had a plan for us I trust it whatever it is besides she hasn't been wrong yet come on we're so close to the end now yes yes look it's mothers she was here she saw every step we took before we took it like she was always with us watching over us leading us home let's finish it I know we do it together son [Applause] goodbye sir I love you Jones I really are all gone there's nothing for us here come so I get that mother was a giant which makes me part giant emperor cut and put motor right I guess there's just one thing I don't understand my name on the wall the Giants called me Loki Oky unsername your mother wanted for you when you were born she must have called you that to her people but why a question for another day let us go home how was your trip to Jotunheim will you give them a little privacy the kid just found out he's a giant he doesn't need you interrogate you new oh we knew Faye was the last guardian of the yotan are left in it that's why we made for the acts we hoped he could restore the balance of power after Thor went all Breezer with our hammer though in the end it seems she chose another path she chose well you both of you I suppose she figured that was the best chance for the Giants to live on and now I suppose how about that a young yatin with us the whole time just I should have seen it before here why did you call mother laughs waiter just did you know her I never had the pleasure loafie was a rumor in the halls of Asgard a giant test warrior who thought that many in a sea of God's plans freeing those who they would enslave feeding those who they would starve genuinely making a nuisance of herself in the most noble of ways Thor was terribly frustrated he could never find her to fight once my imprisonment began I could only wonder what became of her and who she would turn out to be yours is quite a singular lineage lad

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  • Dom Collomosse says:

    Isn't it said in Norse mythology that Jörmungandr was one of Loki's children? Something like that, I can't remember.


    Wait if the aesir have been trying to get to the land of the giants this whole time why does it look like they've all been killed

  • Anthony Diaz says:

    Odin puts Zeus to shame….. the guy is fucked up twisted in the head. Too much curiosity & paranoia perhaps does that to a man with major power.

  • NHV303 says:

    Can't wait until God of War 5, but I still don't get how the Giants all died though? Can someone explain?

  • Heath Settle says:

    I dont remember the aesir being so evil when reading about the original mythology. Maybe the devs made them darker to fit the point of the series

  • Xenomorph Queen says:

    I wonder how did the Giants die in their own realm! Thor and Odin couldn't even go to the realm cause the gateway to the Land of the Giants was destroyed.

  • Th0r ThunderG0d94 says:

    Awesome videos! Love the GOW lore

  • Breeyanna Wallace says:

    God of War 5 is going to one heck of a game as the kickstart of Ragnarok is the death of Baldur. That's why Freya did the stuff she did

  • HTW 6969 says:

    For everybody in the chat who would win in a fight like for the titans coment for the gaints

  • DHSNAKE says:

    I just don't get it. Are giants big? But the boys mother was a giant and she wasn't big. Yet you see remains of giants being enormous. So we're the giants big or small?

  • Lucius Beast says:

    23:08 mimir: nothing is more vile that a child that kills their parent

  • Lindsay F says:

    Sad 😭 tells of the giants. The tell of the Huntress was the sadder.

  • Flye says:

    You cut out when Kratos said, “…Reflect longer.” at 21:09, his best line with Mimir 🙁

  • Fredeirick Obeng says:

    The Oracle may have yet spoken truth. The Half Breed Warrior shall bring about the destruction of all the 9 realms.

  • descole says:

    Also, the only reason Atreus was named Atreus is to avoid copyright, right :^) ?

  • descole says:

    all of this… happened just because some mother wanted their ashes spread.

  • FRANTIC says:

    9:28 even Kratos was surprised
    The way mimir told Thamur's story…..😥😥😥

  • The Sober King says:

    Suddenly the marvel Thor looks more and more like a real jerk.

  • RAGEINYOUTH ً says:

    Weird. Its said that from the cow came buri, which came borr, father of odin, but in this lore, ymir is the creator of odin

  • RAGEINYOUTH ً says:

    Its crazy how atreus is basically half god (yes i know hes quarter mortal) and half giant just like thor. He will be a formidable match for the oaf when he grows older

  • Elijah Salazar says:

    You know shit is about to get ugly when Loki is involved

  • Victor Salazar says:

    Does anyone think that Faye's ashes have more significance to the story at hand?

  • The guy says:

    One thing I wonder is why is their realm barely populated. There’s like hardly any humans

  • Ol wil says:

    I dont like the way they hate thor, it's to much, its entirely the giant's perspective

  • KROSS777RLSH says:

    37:36 looks like kratos is gonna die.

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    Damn how the hell did all them mf just die in jotunheim

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    if u stop for a moment and think of it why would faye ask them to do that on the highest mountain why not doing it in a different place

  • Ibrah Alsalti says:

    the giants are not dead they're simply in a deep sleep like under a spell or something and to wake them is to use the ash of the last guardian and that is faye ofcours

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    Mimir: I was fond of every giant I ever met.

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    I would like to see Starkaor, it seems not even Thor could take him by his own. Apparently he was very strong

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    Loki is giants secret weapon. Hopefully they come in endgame lmao

  • KvngShotgunXI says:

    The true monsters are yet the heroes we used to know the Aesir Gods… (Specifically Thor and Odin because I think the other Aesir Gods are just brainwashed by Odin's so-called wisdom which made them misunderstand the Giants as roaming the monsters although the big and bad monster was the person they worshipped along with his pawn holding a hammer.)

    At this point I would be glad if Atreus or The World Serpent killed Thor and Odin on the spot because he basically single handily annihilated their whole race so they both deserve some vengeance.


  • M Alc says:

    Can someone explain, why are some giants huge and others human sized?

  • Skadoom says:

    What if tyr only gained their trust to slaughter them later it’s the only thing that makes sense who else could have killed them plus you see a few giants with big ass weapons and the only non giant there was tyr he is a god of war after all

  • skull knight says:

    world serpent: THOR, my arch nemesis
    Thor: Who the fuck are you?

    if the story is correct then thor shouldn't really know the serpent yet since they fight in the future

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