God of War – Kratos Reveals to Atreus He's a God

now then before more diesel rudely interrupted us we were just about to explore tears vault yes to find the black room boy do you know the way from here sure you do lad we need to bolt I guess we need a vote okay then get in I will pull you are quiet are you not better yes I know you overheard my talk with Freya you think you understand that you do not why do you say nothing you said I was cursed you think I'm weak because I'm not like you I know I was never what you wanted but after all this I thought maybe things were different you do not know everything boy no but at least I know the truth now truth the truth I'm a god boy who another land far from here when I came to these shores I chose to live as a man but the truth is I was born a god and so are you boy have you nothing to say turn into an animal and you turn into an animal no no I do not think so oh my god mother knew she was God – no she was mortal but she knew my true nature God why did you wait so long to tell me I had hoped to spare you here God it can be a lifetime of anguish and tragedy that is the curse what sort of things he might do can I fly turn invisible I don't I feel like God I do not know the reach of your godhood over time learn you sure I can't turn into a wolf welcome to surprise me is this why you're moist sometimes you sure you've never heard anything not as you do that's no surprise every God is unique so maybe I won't get strong my father will have abilities on my own you're ready to muddy your faculty for language is extraordinary for one so young time alone will tell what else you'll become capable of you knew a lot I did lad but I've known more than my share of gods me too apparently brave for sure rocking syndrich very dunno does he know is that why he's after us do you know him from before the day of your mother's funeral is the first I have resolved all the madness the truth to go right back if yours well really I mean we're gone we can do whatever we want right what do you really feel like doing I will show you

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