God of War Inception Bomb – Tipsy Bartender

(upbeat music) – Ladies, what are we making today. – God of War Inception Bomb.
– God of War Inception Bomb. – Exactly okay. ♫ I’m so fancy, you already know, ♫ Remember my name ♫ (laughing) – What the, I’m twerking, man. Sing the god-damned song. You’re breaking my rhythm. Jasmine, Raspberry Liqueur. In each one. Stop. Alright, Megan Bacardi 151. Pour, splash. Beautiful. Grape Juice, okay. – This is really potent smelling. – Blue Curacao, pour! – Curacao. – Stop, next one. Stop, Megan. White Cream de Menthe, pour. Stop, next one. Stop. Jasmine hit each of those with
a splash of lemon lime soda. Red Bull. – We’re getting guido here. – More, more, more. – I’m trying to make sure
because of the fuzz or fizz. – Cause basically this has to
act as a cushion for the glass So that the glass doesn’t– Crown Royal, pour. – I like this. – No more don’t get all,
I said more, more dammit. Okay, stop right there. – Oh my god. – Match it, match it, match it. Okay, what’s wrong with you? You drunk, you high, you
can’t see you’re blind, huh? Fireball, in these two. Stop, a splash of Grenadine
now, down the side in each one. – Right here. – Yeah just to give it a
nice little red bottom. – Watch for the red bottoms, okay. – I don’t know about red bottoms, Sky. It’s cause you don’t pay us enough. (laughing) I would if maybe if you paid us better.
– How much, how much are they, how much are they? How much are red bottoms? – Like $800. – Alright, girls are ready? Are you ready? That’s what I’m talking about. Okay, stay on your toes, okay. Anytime action could break out, okay. You have to be prepared. This is a very serious shot. Hope I didn’t burst your eardrum but if I did, use the other
one, cause shit happens. Okay, you ready. Okay, load ’em up. This goes inside the
one with the Red Bull. Put the striped shot to the front. Beautiful. And there you have it! The God of War Inception Bomb. Cause it’s a shot within
a shot within a shot. Okay, that’s from the movie Inception. This piece right here
represents Zeus or Aries. This piece right here represents Posiedon. The bottom here that is the Hades chaser and that comes together to make the God of War Inception Bomb. Get it up in you, alright. Take your time. – There’s no racing.
– Megan. – Pace yourself.
– There’s no racing. – Pace yourself, okay, cause if you die in here I’m
still uploading this video. Action! – Go.
– Cheers. – Take it easy, okay, now. Take it easy, take it easy. Pace yourself, pace yourself, girls, okay. – What do you think I’m doing? – Alright, okay, next layer. – I’m getting all wet. – Really, that’s hot. – Okay, okay, pace yourself. Get it up in there. I like that, look at Jasmine. Look at those lips going in. But for girls you’re
all really swallow loud. If I was out on date with you all, this would really freaking
be turning me off right now, with this loud swallowing. – Retreat. That tastes like cough medicine. – You know it’s taking
so long I feel awesome, the booze is setting in. Okay, ladies, okay, poised, how was that? You first. – Okay, the first part is good. This bottom stuff is like,
taste couch medicine. It tastes like asshole
with hair and wart in it. – That is a hell of a description. That sound like a one word taste test. Taste like asshole with hair and warts. So this shot was created by my boy, Peter from Spirit Cocktails, when he makes a shot he goes deep. ♫ I’m so fancy, I already know ♫ ♫ Remember my name ♫ (laughing) – What the, I’m twerking man, sing the god-damned song, you’re breaking my rhythm. Okay, I’m trying to twerk. ♫ I said baby, “I do this,
I thought that you knew this ♫ Can’t stand no haters,
and honest the truth is ♫ And my flow retarded,
they speak it depart it ♫ Swagger on super, I can’t
shop at no department ♫ – Faster, faster, woo. (laughing) – That’s what I’m talking about. – I can’t believe you did that. – We go hard. (singing)

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