God Is Hungry For Love | Does God Eat the Food Offered ?

Do you worship Thakurji at home?
“Yes, Swamiji.” So you must be offering bhog. “Yes, I do.”
How do you offer bhog? “Swamiji, it is so simple. I take one thali (plate), I put all the food in it and I put the plate on the altar and then I ring a bell.
Close the eyes.” Then? “Open the eyes.” Then? “I take away the plate, and start
eating.” But tell me, when you close the eyes and then you open the eyes, did you
see how many rotis did God eat today? Which subji got minused from the plate? Which dahl did he select more today? Did he eat the sweet or not? Did you see all this? “No, Swamiji.” Why not?! “God doesn’t eat.” if God doesn’t eat, then
why are you offering it? If it is your decision that God is not going to eat
then why are you offering? You are very correct in saying, God does not need to
eat. The Vedas define Him, Sanskrit verse God neither feels thirst
nor feels hunger nor does He become old nor does He become sick. This is the Vedic definition of God. However, when it comes to the love of the devotee, the bhav of
the devotee, then God does become hungry. Then you go and see in Vrindavan. Shri
Krishna’s going Himself to the houses of the gopis and stealing the butter, how
hungry He has become! He is eating the half-eaten berries of
Shabri, that is His hunger. He went Himself to the house of Vidurani. You
may have heard of that episode from the Mahabharat. When the battle of
Mahabharata was becoming imminent, Lord Krishna went to try and forge a treaty.
And he went to the assembly of the Kauravas and said, “Duryodhan, the
Pandavas are your brothers.” Duryodhan said, “absolutely”. They have the right to live? “Absolutely.” In order to live, they need some land because they
are warriors? Duryodhan said, “absolutely”. Lord Krishna said in
that case let them have five small villages. They will be contented, and we
will avert this war. Duryodhan said, “absolutely not.” (Sanskrit verse) “Ohh Keshav, the amount of land on the tip of a needle, even that much I will not give without war.” So Shri Krishna realized,
it’s futile to explain to him. As a last recourse, He showed Duryodhan His Virat roop, His cosmic Universal form, the one that He will subsequently show Arjun
on the battleground of kuruksetra during the dialogue of Bhagavad-Gita. he showed that same form to the evil Duryodhan. But Duryodhan was still not impressed.
Some people say, “Chamatkar ko Namaskar.” But Duryodhan did not do any such
Namaskar. He said, who’s the Joker and what is he doing? Tie Him up in a rope and throw Him in the cellar. Dhritarashtra had to intervene.
Dhritarashtra said, “look Duryodhan, enough is enough. Don’t mess with Keshav or you
will have to pay for it. Duryodhan came to his senses. He said, “all right, all
right Shri Krishna. Forget all this discussion. Let’s have a meal. I have got
‘chapan byanjan’ ready (56 kinds of food items).” Lord Krishna answered very aptly. He said, Sanskrit verse “Look Duryodhan, a person eats for one of two reasons. Either he eats because he is hungry or he eats because it is offered with love.” I have to eat many times because of this.
have filled my stomach. “Swamiji, I’ve got rasgulla with so
much love, please eat.” Ok ok. “I’ve got gulab jamun with so much love.”
Ok ok. So Shri Krishna says, “Look Duryodhan if it is offered with love we eat it or if we are hungry we eat.” In this case neither am I hungry nor do
you have any love. Besides I have an invitation from Vidur’s house. Now Vidur
was sitting in the assembly when his name got announced. He was no longer
minister. He had been taken out of that post. He was sitting at the back. He got
up, what Krishna is going to come to my house and I have got no arrangements for
Him? He ran to the market to see what he can get. In the meantime, Krishna had already reached his house and He started banging on the door Darwaja Kholo (open the door). Vidurani, Vidur’s wife was bathing when Krishna started banging. Vidurani said, “who’s there?”
Kaki, I am very hungry. Please open. Vidurani realized that God has come to my door and God is hungry. Huh! This is my chance to serve Him. How did God become hungry? Because for many many years Vidurani used to meditate. If Krishna comes to my house I will make Him sit here. No no no. This is not good enough. I’ll make
Him sit here. No no no no. I will feed Him this. No, I will feed Him that. She used to
meditate in her mind and Krishna, sitting in everybody’s hearts, knows everybody’s
thoughts. He knew all the devotion that Vidurani had done. So without being asked, he landed up. Now Vidurani lost her senses. “My Lord has come!”
She ran out. She was an old lady. She didn’t even realize, she’s not wearing
clothes. She opened the door. Krishna came to know, kaki has lost her consciousness.
He took His Pitamber and put it on her. He said, will you not call me inside? Vidurani said, come. Now she made Him sit. What to offer
Him? She had a few options, but she was not able to think because she was
overwhelmed in loving devotion. The nearest were the bananas. She took those and in her absorption, she’s dropping the fruit and the banana peels she’s putting
it in Krishna’s mouth. Krishna is eating that banana peel,
enjoying, wow I’ve never tasted anything like this. You will say you’ve never tasted
anything like this, like banana peels?! I heard your Golok, Divine Abode, has got
so many tasty things. No no no I am tasting the love of the devotee. Gods says Hindi verse Hindi verse Hindi verse Hindi verse Hindi verse Hindi verse Hindi versea God was relishing the bhav, with which Vidurani was offering those banana peels. In the
meantime with, Vidurji came. He had come from the market. “Listen, what
happened today.” Krishna offered so much respect in front
of everybody. He announced my name. He is going to come. Let us prepare. And then he looked inside, Vidurani was sitting with Krishna, putting banana peels in His
mouth. Vidurji really lost his temper. What, God has come to our house
this is where you treat Him? So he brought the halwa, Pudi etc., which he had
purchased.” Krishna, please forgive me.” “Take this. She doesn’t think properly.”
Krishna ate the halwa, pudi. But He said, Vidurji don’t mind. The sweetness in
those banana peels is not in this halwa, pudi. God relishes the love of the
giver, not the gift of the lover. So when you offer bhog to the lord,
meet the sentiment that he is going to eat it. After offering, when you open your
eyes, at least think for a moment, even today He did not come to eat! He came for so many, for Dhannajhat and
for Sanna Kasai etc. That means, I don’t have any devotion. Thinking like that if
we feel a little remorse, we will get a few numbers. But we decide in the
beginning itself that he cannot come. Then, where is that faith?

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  • GEETA SHARMA says:

    Radhey Radhey

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    Radhey Radhey πŸ™

  • AJ A says:

    Wow. So mesmerising and insightful in developing love for God. Really loved the quote .. God relishes the love of the giver Not the gift of the lover!

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  • Smita Mehta says:

    Swamiji teaches the meaning of love for God. He says that according to the Vedas, God neither feels hunger nor thirst but when he eats bhog due to the love the devotee, then God does become hungry. He eats the berries of Shabri and the soulful food cooked by Vidurani. Swamiji says that God only tastes the love of the devotees not the feast offered by adversaries.

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    Who will eat a banana peel, which is offered with utmost love?? Absolutely no one in this material world! Ohh my poor, wretched mind, just repeatedly contemplate on this Divine Quality of your Divine Beloved. Even though your Beloved has infinite Qualities, this Quality alone will make you forget everything and everyone in the entire creation, and help you develop self-less love for your Divine Beloved with single-minded devotion. Ohh dear mind, just contemplate, contemplate and contemplate till you merge into the single-minded, selfless devotion, which alone will please your Divine Beloved…

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    We have done devotion for many years. But we never gained 100 % faith in God. How blessed are we to receive such a wonderful Divine secret about true devotion? Thank you for sharing.

  • Kiran Kumar Kali says:

    We eat food either when we are hungry or when somebody offers with Love. Even it is the same with the Lord, He eats the food when we offer with Immense Love. God relishes the love of the devotee not the food we offer. Example : God relishing the pleasure eating banana peels when Vidhurani offered. God does all these leelas to show us practically what he is looking for. Thanks a bunch to Swami ji for revealing us the knowledge.

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  • Only Give By Giving says:

    Since childhood, I used to ponder over Why the Bhog is offered to our Laddoo Gopal in my home by Mom & now wife. I used to think How come God will come and eat it, why are we offering even though God does not come to eat and so on.. Thanks Shri Swamiji for clarifying my all doubts and now i also keep the same sentiments while offering Bhog to Lord without any doubts. Must listen to everyone to believe in Bhog offering, Thanks for the upload. Jai Shree Krushna !

  • Hyma R says:

    Wow wonderful explanation. God is hungry for love. He looks at the sentiment with which it is offered like Vidurani, Sabari. But we decide in the beginning itself he will not come. Swamiji says we should feel little remorse.

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    Blessed are those that have some amount of faith and devotion. How would an atheist find God?

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    God only cares for your love! So simple….love him with full heart and he shall reciprocate!

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    Swamiji lovingly teaches us that Lord Krishna is the master of the universe and does not need anything from us. The only thing that God is hungry for is our exclusive and deep love. Thank you Swamiji for always teaching us the true knowledge that matters.

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    Divine nature is our original nature πŸ™

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    How can any comment on this video clip do justice to the exquisitely beautiful narration of what love for God really means? Thank you, Swamiji, for the most engaging and deeply devotional description of the meaning of devotion.

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    So beautiful explanation Swamiji! God is hungry only for love.Love is the only power of God that does not remain under the control of God. When we love God selflessly, He willingly enslaves Himself to our love.

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    God accepts whatever is given to him with love and devotion. He has created us so we can give him love. God is hungry for love!

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