God if you’re really there, please take me out of this situation – Darlene

After going through a lot of abusive relationships
I was in and out of prison. I was doing methamphetamine for a lot of years
and hanging around with the wrong people, the wrong crowd. It lead me into sales, manufacturing, all
that kind of thing. So with all of that it just made me dig deeper
into the drugs. Even though at that time I had four kids,
it’s like I couldn’t handle life. I’d get out of prison, I would carry on a
full time job but I was still doing drugs, I was still selling, I was doing all the things
that I shouldn’t be doing. And it would lead me back to prison again
and back to prison again. I did four prison terms. Just before the last time I went to prison,
I was in a hotel room, hiding from the cops. I had just been abused by my boyfriend. I prayed out, if there is really a God, you are going to take me out of this situation
because I just can’t take it anymore. Either you’re going to allow me to die without
committing suicide because for some reason or another I felt there was a hell. But I didn’t know if there was a heaven. And so I just asked Him, “Please, if you’re real,
take me out of this situation.” Two weeks later I was arrested. I went back to prison, but in the back of
the police car, I just prayed, “Thank you. Now I know that you are real, I’m going to do everything I can to follow
you now” because I was so close to death that it was just horrible. The day I got out of prison I paroled and
I was on my way back to the old neighborhood. And I’m like I just can’t do this anymore,
I can’t go. So I called my spiritual mom, and she called
Teen Challenge, and they took me, that day. My life just really changed after that. It opened my eyes to the scriptures and how
real the scriptures were. Because before my spiritual mom would send
me scripture all the time. She constantly wrote me and sent me scripture
and I would read it and say, “Oh wow, this is really great, this is really great!” But then when I got to Teen Challenge, all
of the scriptures that she sent me, started making sense. It has been almost 9 years now that I started
working for Teen Challenge. Just being able to share with the ladies and
be able to watch them grow has made me grow. I have now relationships with my children,
which I didn’t have back then. I lost my children. The restoration that goes on is just phenomenal.
It is more than I could have ever asked for. Now I get to be a part of my grandkids’ lives. I have 13 grandkids that I get to be a part of. I can’t imagine a better life than what Teen
Challenge has given me. Thank you!

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  • ingrid says:

    AWWW Darlene! Tell me how to go to Teen Challenge. I think I may be an alcoholic and I want to change. Who should I call?

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