God Breaks Down Every Wall! [told by Jessica]

Being able to be on the board and help
with the Young Adult Conference has been very empowering for me as well as very
enlightening of knowing what goes on behind the scenes for such big
events such as ICYC, Young Adult Conference, and the Educators Confidence. I’m Jessica Gallegos, I am from Pocatello. My current role here at
Holy Spirit Catholic community. I’m DRE k through 12. I help anywhere from, I’m
in charge of Sunday School. I am youth minister to both middle
school and high school and I’m in charge of confirmation classes. Seeing these
kids break down and finally put down every wall that they ever had towards
God and have that relationship with him is truly amazing. Last year I had a
student in confirmation class and when he first came for confirmation he was
like “I’m only here because my parents making me, I don’t even really know if
God exists, I don’t know if I even truly believe in this, why am I doing
this?” To ICYC during adoration we were kneeling he was two kids over for
me. I just looked over during adoration at ICYC and he was just having a full
conversation with God. He was just so engaged in prayer that afterwards I
asked him, how did it go, what’s going on? He’s like, “I know he’s here, I
know he exists,” and it was just very powerful in that moment to know that he
went from somebody who doesn’t believe in God, to somebody who fully knew he was there. I am super blessed to be able to do the ministry that I do and get the
formation that I do because the Diocese… the Diocese of Boise provides so much
for us. By having the Idaho Catholic Appeal
to be able to fundraise this money to be able to help people like myself and the
kids all around them the state of Idaho is truly a blessing, in itself, for

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