Glen Martin – Planetary Holism and the Earth Constitution

my colleague dr. eugenie almond is secretary-general and constitutional Association and i am the president of that Association and the WC PA is working ok the WCB a works to promote the composition for the Federation work we want to unite the earth under a single democratic government and that's what we're talking about today I'll do the first few strides and then Eugenia will do next few slides and then I'll finish up at the end the first thing that we in WC PA represent in our membership worldwide is what we call world citizenship you see that at the bottom of what mr. fuller and other people talked about benefit if we think that people around the world are beginning to realize their planet hood their world citizenship but world citizenship means something very very different than the way most people are operating today how many of you go in lectures everybody nearly other button you have a suit of citizenship right a sense of the needs that participate in the governance how many of you vote for world issues there aren't any there is no vehicle for you to vote for World issue there's no vehicle for you to vote to suck on it collapse right we simply don't have that the world is fragmented into all these different partitions in which we citizens of the planet we people who want to participate in the future governing ourselves on this planet are not allowed to do that so this is what we're looking at here and the reasons for promoting the earth Constitution and ratified the earth Constitution fit into certain categories two of which are what we're talking about here in the PowerPoint the first is the paradigm shift of holism holism requires a holistic structure for the earth holistic organization I'm here without that we cannot go forward it's as if it's as if they build a wall wall between Mexico and the United States across the front of this auditorium and you couldn't see the diagram there there's structural in there would be a structural impediment to our communication right and that's what the system of solder Nations is its structural impediments and human beings moving forward on this planet and the second danger of course have the terrible climate of crises that we're facing including climate collapse the danger of weapons of mass suction and so on I will go many people have talked about this last night today and we're very happy with that we are implicit in the coherence of the universe and our remarks water just talked about that and so on we are emerging from the universe as as a sending life and ascending scales of complexity and so on human beings are one species and the first Axial Age which many scholars say was the second through the 8th century before the Common Era in the first axial age that was only yesterday atmosphere yesterday his seconds ago and we became self conscious enough to be able to create science and technology and alter our environment they're relatively right that self-consciousness is all we've had so far we have none have wisdom right the second axial ladies that we're now entering into and all of us here are talking about that is well now get the wisdom to use our self awareness and our technology and our organizational structures to go to future for the earth so you know the 20th century we went from that self-consciousness of the first Axial Age to this right this is Vulcan walk in this photo the deaf games mass destruction 100 million people in the 20th century slaughter four million of them by the United States and Vietnam alone four million just wiped out slaughter in Cambodia Vietnam and so on so weird we're plan of mine many of us are alienated work as we've seen today we were in either from our cosmic and divine cells were alienated from the cosmos that gave us birth were alienated from our planetary ecology that reddish was just telling us about very beautifully we really needed from one another by race culture and religion but ladies and gentlemen were alienated because of the structural fragmentation into which the earth has been divided the structural fragmentation of nation-states calling themselves sovereign sovereign means we recognize no law about ourselves we recognize no commonality with the rest of humanity right everything is either bored or diplomacy and diplomacy is just war in a failed and secretary says so but the VI in a way there's good news as well because science is emerging from the early modern paradigm it's still all around us but when they discovered the nature of the universe under the Newtonian paradigm they discover they began to formulate conceptions of the first which today we understand we're just incorrect which is wrong they thought of the universe is animistic as deterministic as mechanistic and so on and these are now so I call that in my books and so on and our writings on our websites we call that the age of fragmentation we're moving beyond the age of fragmentation now to holism for the age of holism and here's the this chart in the upper right there is the political map of the world absolute territorial boundaries run by gangs of criminals waving flags at the bottom right look at the bottom left there is a picture of the planet as it really is that we've seen many times to go right we're one species one planet one future and we've got to change that upper-right diagram not by getting rid of the boundaries but by intimate of sovereignty right by by allowing people to govern themselves in a way in which they take care of their local affairs and they participate in larger organizational structures so that we can also take care of our global affairs global capitalism in the system of sovereign nation states have gone together as many scholars have pointed out from the very beginning capitalism perpetual growth you cannot have that my aunt planet externalizing the costs of production and consumption devastates our ecology of our planet it cultivates read and egoism and it has absolute winners and losers and the losers are the majority of people on this planet as well as our future someone mentioned conscious capitalism yesterday conscious capitalism when capitalism becomes conscious is no longer capitalist can't have the truth it comes consciously comes economic democracy and cooperative living well that's under preneur ship is a wonderful thing right but there's all kinds of ways that we can be entrepreneurs without being greedy without wanting to just accumulate wealth the domination for us out creativity is a wonderful thing and we need to do of course we need to do that very much but the system of nation-states philosophers all from the time this system was founded and it was founded scholars say at the Peace of Westphalia in 1648 that got into that treaty to the treaty of westphalia in 17th century the tyrant was founded philosophers have pointed out that it's intrinsically a war system the very beginning of the 17 Thomas Hobbes says nation states have law within their borders and between themselves he says they relate to one another as that ears and it comes right down through the centuries to able in the 19th century said essentially the same thing he says we applaud human beings are developing one on this planet self awareness between the nation's he says differences can only openly be so so we're intrinsically a system of fragmentation structural impediments a system of injustice huge wall between Mexico and the United States to keep the injustice they keep people from going where they think they can make a living who keep to keep people that remaining because they need to survive Jude's walls all over the world fragmentation interest it's intrinsically a system of laws power relationships United States block you like 50 years in violation hougan who can stop there knowing it has nothing to do any longer there's nothing to do with democracy justice and it's intrinsically intertwined with the system of capitalism it blocks our ability to pilot spaceship but science has discovered holism Einstein space-time matter-energy are one reality blunt the system can only be understood as a whole Heisenberg the world is at issue a complex issue of events bone undivided wholeness of everything rich off chakra the basic oneness of the universe it discovered holism only in the 20th century and yet our institutions capitalism is three and four centuries old the nation state system from the 17th century our institutions are still institutions hundreds of years old that fragment this planet in the hopelessly horrible situations holism means visitin have discovered it the ecologists have discovered it the anthropologists have discovered in the psychologists have discovered it what our institutions have not discovered this is the familiar fine line to some of us right Laura was talking about this last night it comes from Ken Wilber and he's talking about the four sectors the four quadrants the ipod wreck the development of self and consciousness the week on quadrant at the bottom the development of pluralistic in communal self-awareness now notice that in the eye quadrant the holistic self very very high that's beginning to be real eyes on our planet and holistic world culture in a cupboard right science is discovering focus but we have not made progress in the lower right at all not at all nation-states organize themselves under the United Nations and the United Nations is most basically a treaty of sovereign nations cannot solve our problems so Ken lower himself in fact on on the web has a video in which he's discussing first Federation and he says that they've been envisioning that he and his colleagues are envisioning that and they envision a world Parliament with three houses a household that represents people directly a house that represents nations and a third house he says a house of wise people it looks like ken wilber has read the earth Constitution that's exactly what is the earth Constitution talks about so my colleague Eugenia almond will talk now about the earth Constitution I just wanted to say that she is probably the world's foremost expert on a constitution and on the work of the provision of rope out Sardinia good morning Thank You offer for participating in the building new world conference and thanks to Radford University and large charge for helping to organize this and Barbara Marx hybrid thank you very much come again the there is Constitution is is a constitution that has was drafted over a period of about 30 years starting back there were people aware that there needed to be something beyond the United Nations in terms of people organizing themselves for a living three self-governing world republic world republic meaning that its citizens of residents themselves participate in the governing process so from 58 there was a call that was sent out it was sent out to heads of state of all countries in the world it was sent to the United Nations it was sent to religious leaders and spiritual leaders and they in 1968 was the first session of a series of four sessions of World Constituent Assembly it was they met in Switzerland and in and it was Germany and begin the process of drafting talking over housing concept to how might a constant you should be formulated the Constitution starts with a preamble the we're aware of the independence of all people nations and online and that's a person this is the first phrase of the preamble of the Constitution that the sense the sense of the idea that addition to the Federation of Earth is that it's not merely something for an elite we're all human beings right around the world and each of us as human beings we have a responsibility to participate in our own self government so the self governing process is not something that is so much handed to us from some political leaders as rather it is a self generative process a self-organizing process and this is what was happening in the series of world constituent assemblies first in 68 they were talking about well we're going to have a World Constitution what are the different possible forms that a world constitution like take what might it look like and they talked about that and they they looked at different forms and they have asked for an organizing committee to meet and to prepare for another world constituent assembly which meant in 1977 in that was a second world constituent assembly in 1977 the paradigm holism being that the people that came to the world constituent assembly they weren't barely coming together in representation of states they were a representation of all human beings then independence of Asia and interdependence of people they were where this there were aware of the inner interdependence of Nations and also aware of the injured events of online and this is reflected in the Constitution which was drafted it's reflected in the Constitution itself realizing that humanity today is come to a turning point in history and that we are on the threshold of a new world order which promises to usher in an era of peace prosperity justice and harmony so what do we mean by order what do we mean by my order and something that's an imposed something that is pyramidal and that requires constant oppression in order to operate killing so can we find a manner of self-government which is not in need of constant of Russia so that is the water is not so much something that is dictated to us as something that we have to can we find this within ourselves how does of native home of pointed out it seems that there may be within the universe and implicit or and that within the universe everything connected with everything else and so each of us are connected with a Percival the self-governing added at a worldwide at the basis of the entire landed her so this is what we're looking at our responsibility and opportunity we have qualities of the numeric world laws coherence these are things that will are essential in self-governing at a world level we have to have we have to have a heart of these we have there has to be within the structure itself has it be a peaceful structure it has to be a structure which is capable of prosperity there has to be within the structure itself there has to be there has to be the basic principles of justice which means that it's not on this entire self-governing is not without structure there has to be ecological sustainability which means that is that from the beginning of the emergence of self-governing at a worldwide level it has to be something that that is sustainable sustainable that which is good and regenerative there has to be harmony and the harmony has to be a harmony which is not a forced thing but a living thing that comes out of the the spirit of humanity and the spirit of life so this is what we we're looking to find together as as we find some government him in the first axial age there was sufficient self-awareness undertake philosophy religion science and technology in the modern sense we speak of the axial age we're speaking of the period from something like around 500 for the Common Era until the beginning of the common error we call that the actual age in this segment AB steel page sufficient maturity of worldcentric fitted wisdom to comprehend the proper holistic uses of philosophy with religion science law technology so the suggestion in here is that we can look at this as our emergence into in some respects a second Axial Age that emerging name something that is happening within the human psyche that is new and freshened it never happened before man's time desire for peace can be realized only by the creation of a world government with all my heart I believe that the world's present system of sovereign nations can only lead to barbarism war and inhumanity now this is a jerk the last ten years of our I sighs life Albert Einstein spoke he would not many speaking engagements for those last 10 years from nineteen forty five to nineteen fifty-five and he pointed out that we have we have the idea what everyone coming together and the image of the ideal of everyone coming together is reflected in the United Nations this is a term that we have use over over time and we have referred to the United Nations over repeatedly over time and he wasn't fighting the United Nations not in conflict would be nominations however he did point out that do we know the Charter is the charter of the United Nations reflective of self-government is it reflective of a democratic republic at every level is a reflective of regenerative healing of the ecology and if we read the United Nations Charter we see the United Nations in terms of its operation as an agent of the diplomacy and war we understand reading the Charter not just the preamble the Charter getting right into the meat of the Charter the different chapters of the Charter well there in the you each other they're 19 chapters and chapters 5 UK primarily have to do with a directive for war on our planet this is what is the meaning of the UN Charter and it's sad and it's not spoken up but that the chapter 5 has to do with instructions for diplomacy which means military diplomacy and working with them the military staff committee then chapter and chapter 6 when something comes up which is which is a conflict what to do and the coercion of of people and of Nations that is what chapter 6 is all about it says the people won't that nations and people will be coerced and then chapter 7 the requirement that the nations of the world supply military forces then these are not police forces where individuals are responsible to a law and then can defend themselves anymore these are forces that are headed up by the military Staff Committee from comprising that teach a staff of the of the permanent Security Council member militaries of the world enough fighting festa militarism world we're rather than pointing out the structure of the charmer did you after what I'm saying so on that i'm not against the united nations but rather on i'm looking at the structure the tartar and then chapter eight after Chapter seven cents if these military forces will be provided in chapter 8 says that the the nation's you get ready for war with each other and they can form cliques with military klicks between among each other that's in the United Nations Charter ok so the Cold War was know about already that was pre-planned by 1945 they already planned a cold war and isn't really into 92 because that was quite moving on I started they've all done so much on that but this isn't this is important we look at dr. ipod professional and slide this was what he was pointing out for the last indicator that we need world federation we thought that is a world for a bubble conscious that humanity is one despite the existence of the first nations races creeds ideologies and cultures and that the principle of universe unity and diversity is the basis for a new age when war shall be outlawed and geese pervaded when the earth's total resources shall be equitably used for human welfare and when basic rights and responsibilities self is shared by all without discrimination in the in the principle of unity in diversity the entire Constitution is constructed on the principle on this principle overcoming ugh on global capitalism and the fragmentation of military sovereign military states and the fragmentation of human consciousness we say the fragmentation of consciousness is like this idea of that what America wants and what russia wants which is ideas which and the fragmentation we're told what we the majority of us believe there are their private opinion poll companies they make a profit telling people what the american people believe and can we trust them I mean you just distance what I say so that and this is his part of the fragmentation of human consciousness in the earth Constitution that the Constitution provides for self-government and a number of different levels in addition to provisions for popular initiatives and in addition to provisions for popular referendums there are provisions for World Parliament the world moment being composed of three house is a house of people's house of Nations and the house of councilors the house of peoples that the delegates the members opponent are corrected are directly elected from the residents of the world on the basis a lot of electoral districts now in which are within plus or minus tip of percent the same population come socal thousand delegates about 7 million delegates per district of excuse me seven million residents voting for district the house of nations integrating all of the nations together in collective decision-making now unlike the United Nations instead of being instead of me having provision veracity unanimous a month among the most powerful military hours in the house of Nations is it strictly going by one nation one gun or not exactly that it there there is some waiting semi logarithmic waiting base among the population of the nation's but beyond that semi logarithmic waiting of the vote it's um it's it creates the capacity for it is to make without a veto the house of councilors is is created by the house of councilors is nominated by the universities and our research institutes the faculty and students from around the world nominate and then from the nominations other two houses to house locations and the house of councillors elect from among the denominations and it is thought that by having a house of councilors yeah that helps to alleviate the problem because there's no particular requirement for an educational background in the house of patients or in the household people's so at least we'll have some people that have some competency in the sciences and humanities we hope with a house of soup there are different ways that that that one can portray the the government that emerges with the earth Constitution on this diagram it is a diagram that we have developed which helps show some of the deep of characteristics of the Constitution itself on there how do i do the pointers the red button the threader okay so then this this diagram is to is to show some of the non-hierarchical care mystics of the earth Constitution and in this up in this there is seven agencies of an interpretive complex which takes care of major functions that any ministry would need to have has take care such as human resources every department every ministry of a government is going to have to have people that make your human resources and that sort of thing there's go god there's in the negative complex there's an agency that the role financial agency to take care of the finances and so forth the the circles that this uh the green band representing the house of councilors yep and the house of nation is being of the loop ian and the house of peoples in indigo band this uh this reference again this is a simple way of demonstrating a principle of nested for loop everyone here is familiar that with tourists what is it for sport is it for on what our Torah is like a donut a wheel in India they speak of the wheels of government they don't speak of it so much here but more in any of their dude and I can explain briefly to sort of create the imagery if i make in in government in a parliamentary system you have the delegates elected and they all come into session as the center of the DOTA and then they have a responsibility to find out what are the problems because they can't find out the problems of ages are sitting inside the Parliament calm all the time so they have to go out into their constituencies and they're from all the different see so what the Parliamentarians go out into their constituencies there they're moving from the inside of the donut hole or inside of the wheel out among the people that there that there are that they're represented in this case in the case of a world Parliament they're representing all of the people of the world they may have some they may visit their own particular place from which they were elected when they go out into the constituency but there are aware that their constituencies actually all the people of the world he ended up the entire fabric of life of the world and then once ain't gone out and they sense from the people what are the problems what are the urgencies what are the issues that people are most concerned with then they can come back into the intersection again and opera is everybody get a sense of that of the wheel taking place so in and each between sessions they go out all over the world and this is our responsibility to find out what are the problems and be aware what are the problems hmm there's a question who will tell us what the problems are and we have to talk with everybody we may not be able to talk with everybody but we have to what it's not this is that for an elite this is for the human being and for the earth and this is where i'm going to ask dr. Flynn Markin to to come up and he I think dr. Lamarre can also had some comments on this particular diagram and I want to thank you all very much as a delight team here and so it doesn't like that hover connect with the nachbar on this diagram I just want to point out one more thing and that is there's the four Pentagon's on the inside and Pentagon the symbol of unity the symbol found everywhere in nature and flowers and so on the the agencies that are under the world Parliament and responsible to the world Parliament the world executive the enforcement agency the Ombudsman and the world Yuri they are organized not to have a director a single director or a president they are organized as Pentagon sir they're going to have five people in a Presidium who are elected by the world Parliament and the Constitution requires that each of these I be from a different continents so you're going to have one from Asia one from Europe one to North America one from South America every time and they rotate the five of them are responsible for their agency and they rotate every two years to as president of the Presidium so then we want to try to show you that the Constitution is is structured to intentionally structure to organize and include the people of Earth their ideas and their thoughts and two in the earth of pilot give the earth of rain so to speak in fact Peter Russell said there's global brain away barbar Mars Albert says we must engage in conscious evolutions you said that those things justice visit at this conference part of this global brain is not the internet it's not simply our ability to travel and to work with one another as communities and individuals it's it's creating for ourselves as citizens of the world creating for ourselves people who represent us who are responsible for highlighting our spaceship right now there is no right only 193 mostly militarized Nations interested in their own self-interest right there is no pilot for the earth no organizational fire and that's part of our disaster that we're facing so in conclusion I just wanted to go over the six broad functions of article 1 article 1 of the Constitution says what is this world government what is his Earth Federation what is it responsibility for it as in working station and its responsibility is for all those things that are beyond the scope of nation-states no nation in the world can protect the planetary ecology right if the entire United States converted tomorrow to solar energy the world is still go down the tubes right China is still producing all that and so on in Russia and Brazil you've got to have everybody on the same pitch right and so these six broad functions are those things that are beyond the scope of nations requiring democratically legislated world law that's enforceable not through military because there is no military in the Constitution enforceable over individuals if President Obama who breaks the law he should be arrested and put on trial if glad of our booty breaks the law he needs to be arrested and put in a trial as individuals not military attacks on their countries so the first broad function the thing that no nation in the world can possibly do is demilitarize the world disarm the world it can be done weapons of war can be made illegal in the provisional world Parliament of you you're in our workshop tomorrow you'll see that it is work done work in that direction no nation in the world the world is inherently an arms race right because the United Nations United States is not going to get rid of its nuclear weapons as long as it thinks they have them in Russia and China and Israel and so on only in Earth Federation and disarmed the world only at Earth Federation so that's that's the first very first principle in the article 1 of the earth constitution prevent more secure disarmament and resolve territorial the second principle is the protect universal human rights someone earlier mentioned a good bit of Ricardo mention the Convention on the Rights of the Child and we also have convened Convention on Civil and Political Rights almost every nation in the world has signed these conventions and yet no where in the world are human rights protect people who are people ready to prove he was right to flourish goes right to security no where in the world are they protected because of this structure of sovereignty yes sovereignty which in which the nation's put them in the bottom of their list after self-interest so only a World Federation can do this only a World Federation can end poverty because right now the structure of the world system is that the wealthy nations depend on the poor nations for cheap goods and services and resources all right then poverty eats through us you know we exploit their sweatshops we exploit their cheap resources we colonize the global south and so on this is a photo I took in Bangladesh one of my many visits there you have a lot of supporters and W CPI in that country to regulate global interactions the use of World Resources right which are being depleted and some resources should not be used oil needs to be left in the ground right fossil fuels need to be left in the ground we need to be using solar energy only under Federation can make that happen to protect the global environment as as the Constitution itself says protect the ecological fabric of life from all sources of damage and for keeping the purpose for the purpose of keeping the earth safe and healthy and happy home for Humanity right this is my 2013 book on the right there our choice anatomy of a sustainable world that studies how the earth Constitution creates a cyst world our choice between climate change or system change if we don't change the system of the world we won't be able to survive as far as the climate is concern and then finally the last one to devise and influence solutions to all problems which are beyond the capacity of national governments there's lots of problems which are which require world cooperation so that doesn't mean that local governance is abolished not at all it's a federal system radford still has its laws say the Virginia still has it was the United States still has its bar with the world so the United Nations kind of do any of these things as we've already seen and its history show it's very clearly a town and war cannot protect human rights cannot eliminate global poverty and I'm protect by the world resources or the environment because it's a treaty basic root of sovereign nation so if we replace the Charter not abolish all the agencies but replace the Charter with a real Constitution with the earth Constitution we distress and that's what I'm saying they recognize no law above themselves so as the final block fought here the final point that we wanted to make this may recognize the photo I took it in the Vatican last year it's raphael is 1510 painting called the school of athens and at the center of it is play on the older man with his finger raised toward the ideal the perfect world of the forms that he's talking about and Aristotle it's beautiful the younger man with his finger spread out and saying we have to look at the details of the world the concrete reality that we live in the world it's not just the idea but ladies and gentlemen we need both right we can't survive unless we have a big you you

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