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(light music) – Meditation and quieting the mind. Hi, this is Candace Craw-Goldman. Meditation, it’s a huge
subject these days. Meditation helps to quiet the mind and we really have to address
both of these concepts because they can be
important considerations in getting ready for a
quantum healing session and in the session itself. Meditation is a practice that
can help to quiet the mind but what even is a quiet mind? It’s a good question and
the very idea of our mind questioning itself about being quiet can actually even create some anxiety that doesn’t help be
quiet at all (chuckles). I’ve met so many people
who say things like I can’t stop thinking or I’ve tried to meditate and can’t. Well, our Western society
is anything but quiet. We rarely even take the time to be quiet, especially in the last two years. We have our computers on, our earbuds, we’re busy scrolling through our devices, listening to YouTubes or whatever and you notice that some
things that used to be quiet aren’t any longer. Elevators, waiting rooms, grocery aisles, even gas station pumps have
music or screens to watch. Music is playing,
televisions are everywhere. There’s just noise, noise, noise, and almost any way we turn, society itself is noisy, and our minds absorb and
then reflect this noise. We get locked into thinking
that this is normal because most of us are rarely quiet. Even when our days are winding down, many of us spend more
time with our devices and still not being quiet. Even as we’re heading to sleep. So asking some of us to
get quiet for a session really is pretty difficult. So let’s start with some
very basic concepts. Some people think that having a quiet mind or meditating is the
elimination of all thoughts. Well, not so fast. It’s truly not that extreme
or it doesn’t have to be. While experienced meditators might be able to claim that state of mind, meaning, elimination of thought,
most of us, including me, are really unable to manage
all conscious thought and the idea of even trying to do that just sets us up for failure so with that thought in mind, I would propose the idea that a quiet mind is one where everyday concerns or worries or random thoughts are simply slowed down, neutrally observed and
then just kind of released. I’ve personally found
it next to impossible to eliminate conscious or random thoughts, even during meditation, and then yes, when you release a thought, odds are another one’s gonna
show up to takes its place and the thing I want you
to know is this is normal. What we tend to be bogged down is by getting upset with ourselves that any thoughts are appearing
at all ’cause it’s normal. Now they’re likely to
appear for most of us, so the idea here is to
not let that bother you or upset you ’cause
it’s just gonna happen. If you just observe the
thought and then release it rather than chase it or follow it to the next thought and the next thought and the next thought after that, then you can start to quiet the mind. The thing that I have found helpful is to observe and sometimes catch myself following the thought and I simply say to myself, that’s okay. Be still again and start over. And the cycle repeats and look, sometimes the cycle repeats several times even in one meditation
session of just a few minutes. This is normal. One of the ways that you can ease yourself into this process is by simply
concentrating your thoughts on breathing, paying
attention to the ins and outs, consciously observing and staying focused. This can help drive out
some of that early chatter. Again, the idea is just to
slow the whole process down and hopefully by quite a bit, but any slowing down is great and it gets easier with
practice, I promise. You aren’t gonna get there right away and that’s why it’s called
a meditation practice. And it really feels great when you can really,
really rest your mind. I promise. When I talk about meditation, I often think about people
who say they can’t stretch because they are not flexible. It’s a catch 22, isn’t it? You cannot be flexible
if you do not stretch. I believe that same thing
exists with meditation. If you claim you cannot meditate, it’s because you haven’t been meditating. You might wanna try this little idea during meditation practice. When you have a thought,
just put it in a bubble. Let that bubble float away, dissipate. Just kind of watch it go, watch the bubble float off. Now, it’s okay if a new thought comes up and you have to put it in a bubble too and you need to start over. It’s okay. The idea of a meditative practice is to move towards having
fewer thoughts, fewer bubbles, just slowing down the whole process. It does get easier. So even listening to someone’s voice in a guided visualization
or meditation can help quiet the mind. The goal here is not so much attempting to master meditation. It’s just more about
slowing down your mind. Any way that you can do this is helpful. You do not need to become
a meditation master. Okay. So why is it at all
that quieting your mind is important here? Well, your prior self,
your Divine aspects, your spirit guides, all those
realms we wanna contact, they are often heard as the small, sometimes very subtle voices
deep withinside of us. Now, if your conscious
mind is just too loud, too busy, too distracted by worries or continual random thoughts, you’re gonna have a hard time hearing these important messages from your teams. A mind that has to practice being quiet tends to be able to hear more than one that’s noisy and distracted
and is always racing around. Okay, so thanks for listening and see you in the next video.

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