most precious hearts of late welcome additional universal prayers this is a revered American Oscar Universal minis Leo dilemma Thank You Melissa brother to sister so late it is always a great joy to know that we all together on this beautiful way of life and we all are connected heart to heart to each other regardless all our differences we are all the one mystical body of God on earth beloved hearts in this video I will give a short powerful violet flame prayer that will remove all blockages all opposition to get all what you really need in life so father flame and the prayers what they do have NASA to do this magic that this really spiritual tool which based on the ocean and on the grace of God we ask our Lord's to assist us in the sponsor us to guide us to provide all the need but it is up to him it is because of his grace as we really get the answers to our prayers so we need to understand that not every prayer can be answered because this is not magic there are many conditions especially carnival conditions which are standing between us and what it really needs to get in his life so this is why we start the prayer and we Blaser needs it plays our quest at the hands of God and in loving your weights or that has formed of that one I am so happy to hear that many of you have received magnificent assistance from heaven and many who have received very quickly and other part of you have not received there is also the prayers or there is always the delayed or you have never received the answer to prayers all the things can happen in this prayer I go youth other body claim every Allah gives affordably mantra I give special invocation special prayer to activate the metaphor of the violet flame the body flame is an anomalous gift of God given to all mankind we know that Jesus worked with about a plane and his miracles are really based on this knowledge of their miserable divided energy audit as well a great solid clean so in this modern days we all have right in access the knowledge of the validly a developing system an abyss an ability to be able to solve all the utility all blockages or chemical substances ever seen that blocks our habits in life when your personal karma the situation is really bad then you just need to go on and home and always available in prayers my dear it I get a change this but the calls didn't make the prayers and they do for you a very powerful because I have worked was by the plane from 1995 so I have quite a momentum on this array and my prayers are answered very well just because my ability to connect to the heart of the one is exercised day by day years by years and decades of the decades so the same I advise you to to keep your priors going please never give up the prayers but continue continue continue to praise God to gratify god understand he graduated to you be thankful be joyful and walk your way of life in total complete is his joyful so this prayer is for to get what you need especially about not what you want but you really need because God knows very well what we really need in this life and sometimes I think that you want that they are not the things that you really need in despair I place it in the hands of God to give us all all that literally need in order to accomplish out of a reason for being in this life so let's start together by digging deep breath very slowly out attention yours feel the beautiful flame of love based on and power burning in your heart there is a flame of God the presence of your father mother God is in you fill the deepest union and Kardashian built in a young soul and you're blessed heavily parents my deceive of God's laid in place Alisa childbirth mase all conformance amazing it'll just become long [Applause] deep in your heart already now which is creating than me all the things is you need and the slang the given unto you by the grace of God by the law of divine mercy as a law of compassion basil or divine grace that is all liberation was a beautiful pilot managing the grace of God as a joy of God as a freedom of God and the serious justice of God and forgiveness of God of the same oppression all these qualities produced beautiful magnificent pollen in color in your blessed father mother God I go deeply to your hair to have you listening to apprentice today blessed the Lord God Almighty magnificent angels of our Father Marita the said a leader humans of masters of creation listen arcane us all all cosmic beings of the Sun passes away god bless of cosmic rays our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ he called you beloved master the release the violet rays from your heart purify our hearts our souls and – remove now all this neediness of our ego all the slow vibrations all the slow wishes dreams and desires which have nothing to do with a magnificent beautiful joyful glorious and perfect plan and will of God for us all also – Anika unites easily Oh soul of God's children a resurrect as with a little heard of the one so without Indus you'd be the only one I the deepest divine comfort be given to all of us virtually I have o blessed Archangel sacral and holy entities angels of allah kiya I woke up Arcturus and Victoria and the routines of the body I hope all's abundantly master said scenes by in a more cognizant Lourdes alien Jesus Christ always were visible in flame for the images amazing miracles that's one of reproduce as above all the chemical substances for Muslims a month now all the henna substances of the bus old and duck and painful memories a procedure blocks our minds our hearts our souls emotions at all levels of all the sadness of the heights now all disappointment removes now all frustration everything my lord now would everything by the powers of an atrocity plane that limits our sacred power to create the life that they truly deserve all blessed violently gopis Oh blessed violently expelled Oh Lula said father flame flows through every cell every every one of all great cosmic violet conserve all duxelles consumer all painful moments and records of being reversal consume transform and transmute now all the records of infamy all the records offices of the laws of God liberate purified sanctify us also blessed body by the law of forgiveness by the law of mercy by the law of compassion and grace of God make a sauce clean again maybe all except the law of forgiveness maybe all forgive ourselves for every scene that we did so wrong may the blessings separately blessings from the merit of a blessed Jesus be upon us may his grace shine upon a sobriety and infinitely Jesus we call unto you as a father fling grace love mercy flow is so free from your heart liberated us today from all the transgressions of the Lord he asked for the Oprah of all the girls of doors they asked now person breaking also walls which limits our freedom to create this physical world Jesus Jesus Jesus pious and holy by victory or death now by the victory over any limitation of this physical world be cold to you may God's justice design must make God's forgiveness Paxman may the mighty reign of Mercy fall upon us all so that it base to death and the merciful and glories and graceful and easy life become a rainbow blessed eaters magnificent father anything else they call unto you the reinforced the mighty flow the valley flame wherever we are wherever we are listening to the sparrow it was in miracles and miracles and miracles disciplined miracles of grace and forgiveness we go over the manifestation realization manifestation of the England chances opportunities new possibilities and homeland to move forward to the place that actually listened to all of us where we all should ever arrive according to the press perfect cosmic and according third person mazie needs our souls come into fulfillment I go over the open doors I go for opportunities from the heart of the one I call and I'd known that the como other ventures will compel was an answer go under Melissa's avoid a mile we open unto you and so we believe on blessed that all that we ask to you with a pure motives of offerings the lagrunta still children blessed by the Malaga marries Amira girls appear a right now and his failing moment Mesa Philippe Romero race frozen bottom of our feet does a crown was a mighty spiral so Zavala flee and fold our whole body all awesome chakras and becomes a glorious victory and this physical environment validly penetrate probably saturate follow game accelerate math so integrand slain violently penetrate violently saturate violently accelerate my soul into got slaves bodily penetrates badly saturate filing accelerate my soul – girls Lee's finally been treat wannabe saturate but accelerate my soul into God's light probably penetrate polyblend saturated bottling accelerate my soul into God's length probably penetrate bubbling etc but if you accelerate my soul into bands late violently penetrated by the plane saturate possibly accelerated my solo Internet's length probably penetrate body being separate but if you accelerate my soul to Grand Slams Letterman feel let atrophy you letting me be let go meant length comment let comment comment comment lady meant light lead events like diamond diamond diamond blade expand late expand ladies expand expand expand lady I am late I am like I am I am I am I am my be no violet fire I am the beauty God desires I am a being violet fire I am the puritan God desires I am a being a violet fire I am the purity God desires let me feel you let me feel you let it be like comment let comment let comment comment comment lady meant lady meant lady diamond diamond diamond latex pen latex pen light expand expand expand late I have laid I am like I am I am I am I am a being or violet fire I am the purity God desires I am your violet fire I am the purity God desires I am a beam of violet fire I am the purity God desires let us feel let me be let me be let go mental a comment like comment comment comment like et meant like a mint like diamond diamond diamond blade expand expand expand expand next time well I eat I am light I am late I am I am I am I am my being or find it five item the purity God desires and they be not bonded fine I am the purity count desires oh let me feel you letting me feel lets me be let go man let's go man let's go man command command lady meant laid him and lightly demon demon demon will hate expand late expand late expand expand expand later him late I am late I am I am I am I am nobody let's fight I am the purity Gandhi says I am maybe nobody lit fire I am the purity count designs I am being know behind it fire I am the purity color desires let me feel you let me pre you let me be like oh man let go man let command command command lady meant lady meant like Adam and Eve and demon lady expended lady expect light expand expand expand like I am light I have light I have my head in my hand I am my be no violet fire I am the periodical desires I am maybe no violet fire I have the political desires let me do let me be a legendary light command left command line command command command lady meant lady man diamond diamond diamond late expended late expense late expand expand expand late I am late I am late ahem I have my I am maybe you know bind it fire I am the purity God decides I am maybe know behind it fire I am the purity Gavin desires I am the big know behind it fire I am the purity God desires let me free you letting me free let Amiri let go man let go man like comb and comb and comb it lady man's lady demon lady man demanding meant latex pent light expand late expand expand expand like I am like I am like – hmmm I am I am I mean no violet 5mz purity Gandhi's iris I am gonna be you know buying this fire I am the purity gun desires I am maybe you know violets father I haven't security guard desires let set me free let me feed elected me feed let go man left comment let go man comment comment lady meant lady meant late demon demon demon lady expect late expend late expand expand expand later him late I am late I have in my hand by him I am maybe no violet fire I am the purity God desires I am maybe no bandit fire I haven't security guard desires I am the be no pilot fire ahem the purity God desires I am maybe you know violet for him the periodical desires I am being no violet fire ahem the periodic and desires inap noble espalier ahem the political desires I am Rapinoe violet fire ahem the periodic and desires I am maybe no violet father ahem the political desires I am beaten no violet fire I am the purity God desires breathing firing as if auditing flow-through whole body now see is in our mind so far deeply missed all around separately in all your body beside yourself in your mother body we feel you your yachts hold your family as a fatherly feel a new place Berryessa Dean and what is a CEO right now as a violin expect in a world of body pain he's a lazy produce miracles you was a spider flea mantras my dear friend and miracles will be color usual appearance in your life all the way the so chorus so so me rock don't like so so lisa is Allah this is beautiful so beautiful violently mother lies in words everything teacher and the name of the father or the mother of the Son and of the Holy Spirit amen you

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