Geras – Greek god of old age | Geras (Senectus) | Greek mythology gods explained

One day. when you wake up, and look in the mirror. only to see wrinkles appearing on your skin. when you realize you’ve lost the agility of
your youth. when your memory begins to fail you. There, you will know, that you have been visited,
by Geras. In Greek mythology, Geras was the god and
personification of old age. a total opposite to Hebe, the goddess of youth. Known as Senectus, among the romans. he was
the son of the night, nyx. and the darkness, erebus. He often appeared as an old and shriveled-up
man, holding a staff, in his hands. Geras was a wise spirit. the spirit of excellence. who gifted mankind,
with the wisdom of old age. The sageness, the insight, the serenity, the
prudence, that comes with age. The more geras a man acquired, the more fame
and excellence, he had. But at the same time. Geras was a loathsome god. a dreaded spirit. who also brought to mankind, the unpleasantness
and difficulties of old age. When Loathsome old age (Geras) presses fully
upon a man, a man could not move, nor lift his limbs. He brings forth the wrinkles, the sagging
bodies, and the frustrating forgetfulness. Harsh old age (Geras) waits for every child. the born, and yet to be born. He will enshroud every man, every woman. the rich and the poor. the attractive and the ugly. the intelligent and the ignorant. No man is exempted from Geras. He brings thanatos, the spirit of death, right
to your doorstep. He is the ruthless age, which stands someday,
at the side of every man, deadly, wearying, dreaded even by the gods. Alas! Geras, is both a blessing and a curse to mankind.

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