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– What’s up party people
welcome to Yoga with Adriene, I am Adriene, and we’re back on the
Foundations of Yoga today with Garland Pose or Malasana. This is an awesome pose for anyone who knows they have tight hips. And that’s most of us,
particularly in my culture, that sit at a desk or a table
and chair situation all day. Our posture really gets cramped, our style get cramped, and so this is a great pose to just get you down nice and low, open up your hips, lubricate the joints, really great for digestion. Also really awesome for pregnant ladies. So this pose is definitely for you if you’re in a prenatal yoga situation, which if you are check out
our new Prenatal Yoga Program that I did with my dear friend Hilah. And we can talk more
about that at the end. But let’s get down and dirty. Let’s not get dirty, but let’s get down and open up those hips in Garland Pose. (upbeat acoustic music) Alright my friends we are going to start in a Forward Fold today and if you have a blanket or a towel it might be useful as
we come into this pose especially first-timers. So here we go. You come into a nice Forward Fold, you can come into it from sitting or you can come into it from standing. And you’re going to take
a couple breaths here so you might walk the
fingertips to one side (inhales) and then the other. You might clasp the elbows and rock a little gently side to side. (inhales) And then we’ll bring our awareness (exhale) to the feet. Walking the feet hip-width
apart or slightly wider and then turning the toes out. Then I’ll come up onto my fingertips here, take a deep breath in (inhale) and a nice conscious
exhale as I bend my knees and slowly lower my sit
bones, my hips, my buttocks down, down down. So then you kind of look
at the video right here and you go, “Uh, that’s
not happening for my body,” So here we go, a couple options. So sometimes just
anatomically we need to honor what our body is doing, saying and how it’s structure is built. And so for a lot of
times I find my friends who really just need to honor their body it’s about lifting the heels up. Now eventually it might
just be that that posture, that everything is really tight, the ligaments are stuck
from sitting in chairs and on toilets and all
the things that we do particularly in my culture to kind of work against a healthy posture. So here we are, kind of
perhaps getting back down to our roots in this squatting posture. So in time I’ll bet to say
the feet might stretch out, we might begin to drop the heels like so, but for now, and even
if your heels do drop, you might take a second or
two to come up on the heels and this might be first about the feet. So in the Foundations of Yoga, in this series, I freaking love it, because it really just gives us time to break down the posture
but also really focus on kind of a traditional way of looking at the postures of Yoga
which is quite healthy and going to keep you injury free and that’s by thinking
of it from the ground up. So you might be here, you might be here, but we’re all bringing
our awareness to our feet and then when the going gets tough, fixing our mic, cleavage, excuse me. When the going gets tough
bringing it to the breath. So rather than holding
tight or getting frustrated, (inhales) drop into your breath, that energy. (exhales) Now if you have a blanket or a towel it’s sometimes nice to roll it up here so that we can rest those
heels that are lifted up on a little support. So we’re not quite here,
maybe we’re beginning to stretch out the feet and the ankles. Get a little energy, a little Prana flowing through the joints
and we can come here. Again we might not master this
particular shape right away. But that’s okay we’re here to do the work and just be honest about what’s going on. And slowly as you begin
to deepen this pose and connect to your breath, find the support underneath the heels, or underneath the sit bones, you might begin to experiment with drawing the palms
together at the heart. We call this Anjali Mudra. Palms pressing together. And as we continue to grow the pose I’ll encourage you to
connect to the action. So drawing energy up from the earth and then finding a little resistance here as we press the elbows into the legs and find this squeeze of the inner thighs, even the knees, in towards the heart. So that’s kind of a
lot if you’re brand new to this posture to be completely honest. In a class I would invite
this pose in stages. So if you’re working
on deepening your pose I really encourage you to
work on that push and pull, that resistance here, that squeezing in of the inner thighs and that pressing out of the elbows. We find this lift in the heart and this beautiful extension
through the crown of the head. If you’re not quite here yet it’s just something to look forward to. It’s something to smile at and say okay I’m going to work
towards that, or someday. Or how cool, my ancestors might have used to have dinner like this. A lot of cultures still eat and go to the bathroom like this, they have their babies like this. So just kind of connecting, something a little bit deeper here trying not to get too hard on yourself. Engage your abdominals when you
need to for a little support and breathe deep into the belly. Super awesome for digestion too if you can breathe into that lower belly. (Inhales and exhales) So a couple more breaths
for here, or here. We’re lifted up in that froggy variation. In the traditional Garland Pose the feet are actually together, the arches of the feet. And we will touch on this
as we continue to grow the Foundations of Yoga series
and the Yoga with Adriene more Intermediate and Advanced practices. So if you’re like,
“That’s not Garland Pose,” I do love your comments
but you don’t really need to comment that down below because we’re starting
here, nice and wide. And this is also the variation that
you’re more likely to see in a public Hatha Yoga class. Who knows, depending on where you live and where you’re at. I like too that this
series helps support you and get you confident and rockin’ and feeling good and safe and prepared to go rock
out in a public class. So, chances are you’ve
already come out of the pose. Or you’re ready. And to do that, we’ll
slowly release the arms wherever they are to behind us. And come up to a nice seated posture with the soles of the feet on the mat. So if you’re on your blanket or block you might spill off now. I can stay on my blanket here. And then nice and easy, this is the chillest yoga pose ever, I’m going to come onto my palms and I’m just going to windshield wiper the legs back and forth. Let it stay there for a couple breaths. So I’m breathing into the
front of the hip crease, I’m finding a little lift in the heart. (Inhales) A couple breaths to one side (exhales), then you get a nice little booty massage as you send the knees to the other side. And a couple breaths here (inhales) Don’t collapse, why collapse now, stay nice and lifted. And then we can just rock
a little back and forth. Cool. And we’re done. Alright great work my friends. Again if you’re new to this pose and you’re feeling a little feisty or pissed off at me, totally normal. We carry a lot in the hips and again, most of the ways that we live our lives is not in this shape anymore. Used to be. So I encourage you to
maybe stick with Malasana or Garland Pose as a practice. See what you happens if
you revisit this pose every other day or every day. You can favorite this video or put it on a playlist. You can practice this while
you’re watching Netflix, even while you’re reading a book, why not? And it’s a great pose to do with children or like I said, awesome for mothers-to-be. If you have any questions or comments you know I love hearing from you, leave them down below. Share this video or any other
yoga videos with your friends and let’s spread the love. Take good care. Namaste. (upbeat acoustic music)

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