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Hello my name is Tubby, I live here in this wonderful library and I love to eat books. I live here with my friends Gumbo and Freckles. “Gumbo, Freckles come out come out wherever you are” Over there on that great book is Grand old Holy. She is really old and wise And tells us wonderful stories when she is awake that is. Oh and we love to sing. Holy, Holy we have come to hear today’s story Ah ha I will tell you a story today only if Tubby answers my question at the end He never listens to my stories carefully, Alright! I will. So todays story Is About How mary was blessed with Jesus Once upon a time Judea of the Roman empire. Was being ruled by King Herod. It was this king who had rebuilt the ancient Jewish temple A priest and his wife Who lived there looked after the temple One fine day an angel Named Gabriel came to the priest while he was worshipping The priest was really scared Gabriel blessed the priest and his wife With a baby boy, Who would be called John The birth of there boy would be rejoiced by many. The priest was worried About God’s gift As both he and his wife were old. Gabriel assured him that God had sent him this good news But on one condition He should not speak about it until his wife gave birth to the child. Nazereth was a small town in Galilee Which was on the northern side of Judea After blessing the priest and his wife God sent Gabriel to a girl called Mary Mary was a young girl who lived in Nazareth And was about to get married to a carpenter Called Joseph. He went to Mary and greeted her And said “Since you are God’s favorite woman He wants to bless you” Mary was surprised Gabriel then said after you get married to Joseph You will be blessed with a son name him Jesus And he will be called the Son of God Now Tubby you will answer my question What did Gabriel tell Mary? I know the answer He told her that Joseph and Mary will be blessed with a son Called Jesus, who will be known as the Son of God Excellent Tubby It seems you have listening to today’s story Very carefully.

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