Frsky Taranis X9 Lite How To Setup Switches and AUX Channels in Betaflight with iFlight Cinebee 75hd

WE ARE STILL WORKING ON GETTING THE IFLIGHT CINEBEE FLYING in betaflight we see we get a response from the stick input but its screwed up but when we move the frsky taranis x9 lite switches don’t work hi guys thank you for watching a new episode of DIY Rc in today’s episode we are going to learn how to set the aux switches so we can get them activated and working in betaflight so you can set horizon made angle mode and arm and disarm the drone and that is the next step to get the iflight cinebee 75hd in the air and in the first step you have seen how we flashed the radio to openTx and D16 then we needed to bind to the XM receiver and in the last video we have set the failsafe in the radio and betaflight ther is was i notice that we get no response from my sticks oh my bad i did got a response but it’s not correct and then we checked the switches and hade no response at all that is what we are going to need to fix today and if you keep watching you will learn something and if you did then please give this video a like because i can really use the support thank you very much let get to it and the first step is going into the radio model and go to page 5 inputs from your throttle aileron elevator and rudder and there we have to activate the switches in my other radio’s the switches are on the radio and they just work hire we have to set them up in inputs so you click 5 and then scroll to source then flick a switch that you want to put under 5 of course, you can also give it a name as aux 1 aux 2 aux 3 aux 4

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  • Big drone flyer77 says:

    1st, great info. I need to get this tx, there has been some sales on them. Cheers my friend, always a like from me. Have a great weekend

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