Frank Tufano debunks Earthling Ed | Footsoldier & Perspective Philosophy on slaughterhouse workers

back in my favorite spot it is very very muddy on the foot so I've got completely inappropriate Footwear on for the last couple of days it's kind of rained on and off not heavy really just on and off like showers so it's actually more muddy than I anticipated and what sort of put better Footwear on well yeah whatever so I'm attempting to walk the whole way around this morning since Monday when I did myself in trying to go to work and only had very short walks but I'm feeling a little bit better I'm kind of back to the stage know where I was last week where I was able to walk the whole way around up here along that path get to the top of the hill turn right and then back into the village according to the app on my phone it is about one point four miles 1.3 1.4 miles something like that so it's not too bad stretch of the old likes of Siri get on me that one to livestreams that I want to talk to you about today I've got some observations on the first one is Frank Tufano auntie's debunking of earthling ed no law I'm going to get soaked this is the path the plants have taken over it's very much like a day of the Triffids do you remember the day of the Triffids used to come on in right there I don't know it's soaked in it used to come on in there I don't know nineteen eighties but they have the Triffids this is it guys you carnies you're very plant averse scared of plants is this why the crops that have been they've been domesticated all my legs are freezing all the freezing oh my god they've been it must go in it so I'll weep in a word they're gonna repel especially that big Gator and that big guy over there they're all gonna repel oh my God my feet are soaked my legs are soaked oh no no listen Oh Sookie Oh No chilly doesn't care Tilly's loving it when we get past this Bay it's a proper path oh gee it's a proper path no all the way up the hill so I apologize because all you could hear is my sludgy feet Annie Frank to father and his last gene that I did a couple of days ago debunking earthling IDI earthling I'd recently did a TED talk TEDx think it was at the University of Bath of course Franchitti father had to had to have a go at that and then secondly I'm going to mention the large team that happened yesterday evening my time between vegan foot soldier and perspective philosophy I think that's his name Lewis that was really really really interesting really interesting highly recommend you watch it if you didn't watch it last night or whenever your time really good so I'm gonna make some observations about that as well so Frankie too far no way well to be honest I can wrap this topic up in very few words because he had absolutely no argument right he's debunking debunking was criticizing earthling Ed's appearance offering to pay for him to have a haircut the vegan community is a bit of a catastrophe when it comes to entertainment unfortunately most of these vegans are incredibly boring and make you kind of hopefully earthling Edie has some nonsense for us today and he isn't too boring I mean it's understandable you know these vegans are lacking mental function mental clarity they're not a hundred percent they're a little misguided they like sucking on cucumbers bananas all day and God knows what else they're doing but let's just say they're not the most entertaining people so today what we're gonna do is we're gonna take a look at earthling edge TED talk and for those of you guys that don't know earthling Edie was invited to speak at Harvard how can they invite this fairy boy with long hair that doesn't know what a razor is to speak at Harvard look at the shirt he's wearing is that a maroon silk shirt what is this guy wearing so how can they invite earthling Edie to speak at Harvard before Frankie boy how much of an insult is that earthling Edie seems like as I said previously come on look at the guy look at the guy let's be honest I've mentioned many times before earthling head if you like I can pay for your haircut if you'd like I can send you a razor in the mail I can even do a tutorial on how to shave your face but I'm inclined to believe that you have enough money from your vegan shenanigans to fund your own razor and haircut so this leads me to believe that you have very clouded judgment and don't know how to present yourself in a normal way that clouded judgment and inability to present yourself in a normal way overshadows your dietary and I guess beliefs in general and we can safely say you have clouded judgment so what do we have to say about earthling ed boys and girls let's take a look he's wearing an overly large shirt to cover how skinny he is who knows it does look like it's a shirt does look a little do and all doing little you when the carnies have nothing to say what do they do they attack someone's appearance that's exactly what they do it's so it's their fall back position right let's make personal insults right it was Frank Tufano who started their the witch thing you know I'm calling me a witch he was the one who got me into the hats so you can you can blame Frank for all the Channel crops that I've got now that's the only argument he's got when I used to watch Frank Channel pretty much every day and they used to do debunking videos of him regularly whether they were funny videos whether they were bunking the the science behind he's content he had no come back so all he could do was call me a witch same with earthling yet an order if you're a content creator and you've been attacked by the carnivores in your comment section you'll know exactly what I'm talking about they get personal it's either they look you look unhealthy or you've got bug eyes skinny fat blah blah blah blah blah blah blah francophone or offered to pay for him a haircut but what did he have to say about the content he called him names because he used an analogy he used the example of a dog killing a dog an old Frank Tufano could say was oh he's crazy for equating a dog to meet how we morally justify not being vegan by saying this our personal choice to consume animal products well interestingly yes it is our personal choice to consume animal products in the same way that it's our personal choice to abuse a dog or be to cats in essence what I'm saying is that every action that we make is a choice that we personally choose to make and so to imply that it's morally justifiable to use animals because it's a personal choice within to every action that we as humans can make must also be morally justifiable because every action is a personal choice and so is it morally justifiable to randomly yourself to strange streets is it morally justifiable to go to a shelter rescue a dog bring them home and then abuse them yourself of course it's not because those choices have a victim someone who suffers negatively because the personal choice that we have made and so consequently the inclusion of a victim removes any possibility for moral justification besides what are the reasons that I went vegan in the first place was for personal choice the personal choice of the trillions of animals who were killed every as he said anything in humanity against their choice we just like to live their life without human inflicted exploitation remember animals don't willfully walk onto the kill floor of a slaughterhouse they are forced there against their will any notion of choice has been removed for them and so when we say personal choice as a justification whose personal choice that we considering other than our and if it is a choice yeah comparing me to abusing animals is pretty ridiculous then why would we choose to be cruel and so you might then think yes but the difference is these animals are bred for that purpose which is why your example of abusing a dog is disingenuous because that's just needless suffering to which I would say yes but most of us find dog fighting to be morally abhorrent yeah many dogs used in fighting and bred specifically for that purpose doesn't make it acceptable and so we might then say after that yeah yeah yeah dairy cows are just like fighting dog but dog fighting is illegal in this country those farms and slaughterhouses are allowed under law they are lawful practices but this legality equal morality it's something acceptable just finally a fun question do I think earthling edie is a bottom yes I do 100% bottom he wants to have his hair tug right what's the difference between a dog and a pig say there's certainly no difference intelligence wise it's just their utility in this culture that differs now in some cultures they don't eat pigs pigs are not considered an appropriate meat sorry but yet in some cultures dogs are eaten yes Frank you should know this because of your investigations of indigenous tribes why are you not looking cross-culturally at what people deem to be meat it's just a cultural it's a cultural difference right it's a cultural expectation that thinks that cows pigs chickens sheep are eaten in Western culture but in some cultures they don't eat komi in some cultures they don't eat pig meat and in some cultures they eat dogs you've got no argument Frank so you have to resort to personal insults I've had this I've had this conversation about what's the difference between a dog and a pig in my comment section fairly recently and and the argument can't remember who it was the argument came back up well dogs are companion animals and pigs are bred to nourish yours bollocks bollocks you're looking at it from your cultural lens right there's no difference between a dead dog and the dead pig right that has been killed for me it is just meat you are going to eat it if you're in one culture the pig is the appropriate meat in another culture it is the dog that's the appropriate meat earthing out made absolutely the right analogy Frank you have no comeback whatsoever therefore you have to resort to personal insults absolutely pathetic you can ease you are absolutely pathetic at least when it's round it's muddy on the field at least you get the feel to yourself so these these Fairweather workers talk about when you got a bit of mud on the ground they don't like it going to London the second live stream that happened last night my time between vegan foot soldier and perspective philosophy vegan foot soldiers been putting out daily content puts out really interesting stuff quite varied really enjoying his content at the moment and perspective philosophy his real name is Luis and kiss her on Newcastle I remember Luis I used to when I was a brand new vegan I used to watch a channel called what was it called vegan Voyager he can find you it was run by Lewis's girlfriend I don't know whether it's still his girlfriend but yeah she run it and we wish used to appear on it and they didn't have his own channel then so I don't know what I don't know what happened to her channel an idea anyway so perspective philosophy so I put so obviously clues in the name philosophical content really interesting stuff and it was great that vegan foot soldier and perspective philosophy got together to debate not not debate but discuss really impactful information that Louis gave about slaughterhouse workers they are forced into that job usually through economics it might be people who are migrants to the country who can earn more in the UK or America but yet they have to take a job that is really something that they absolutely hate doing the obscene cruelty way beyond just the slaughter process you know the mechanics of the slaughter process we which really got into and very impactful and if you are a vegan who is an ethical vegan and if you error in anywhere doubting your further for the vegan cars bloody hell God and watch that seriously right it's it's taught was talking about the the cruelty that there's lots of House workers put on the animal but it's because they are so grown down they it's the only thing they can take their anger out on there they're angry they're the seething inside that they discussed it and taking their anger out on the animal which is a proxy for taking their anger out on the company are themselves are life really really impactful so when we talk about the slaughter process you've also gotta remember that it completely does the heads in of the people who work in that industry who work on the killing floors oh man right I know that carnivores talk about their you know cut the cashew nut industry where you know that the outer skin thing of cashew nuts is really really poisonous and the workers there are you know that they're injured by working on cashew nuts are our kids who are working on I don't know palm oil plantations yeah absolutely we all know that stuff right you can throw that at vegans as much as you like we know that stuff we know that in many parts of the world their farming practices are not right and the workers are sometimes children but sometimes you know in in economic bad times but the same can be said of slaughterhouse workers that they have no choice and they are psychologically scarred and so many of them suffer from PTSD because of the job that they do think about that right and that's not something that's happening in a far-off country in in a palm oil plantation that's happening in the UK it's happening in the u.s. it's happening throughout the Western world it is on your doorstep it is wherever there is an abattoir and the other thing that they also talked about they touched on that I've taught by on this channel and I'll dig oh all the old videos that are made some months ago no on this on this issue and they got very very few views so if you're interested in this topic please go out and watch them I'll leave the links are in the description box rather than in the cards on the top subsidies farming subsidies that farming in many countries including the UK European Union countries the u.s. farming all farming is subsidized right so the farmers are actually paid regardless of the demand and that's for plant products and also animal products regardless of demand the farmers are paired for how much they produce well demand for things like dairy is bad we need to really really push this ethical vegans really really need to push this issue and this is the thing that I talked about in those videos and that the flame face is also mentioned on her channel remember I assume she did with vegan Batgirl quite a few months ago now about subsidies lobbying governments for the reduction are the abolition of subsidies per how much you produce right it should be dependent on demand farming should be dependent on demand if there's less demand for a meat product are a dairy product in the UK in the youth in the UK and you European Union countries what the EU does is buys up the supply that isn't needed and they store it so in terms of dairy it's stored in as part of milk that's right it's it's there it's the milk wake that was publicized in the 1980s and the bottom mounting that was publicized in the 1980s well that is still happening guys but it's no stores as powdered milk and it is sold off cheaply to firms who put milk in pretty much everything because it's a cheap it's a cheap product and it's sold to African countries and they undercut the they were native farmers small farmers in those countries lose their business there are knock-on effects that are global guys – dairy production and these subsidies are ridiculous if there's no demand for your product you need to get another job or know what the EU and other governments are doing is subsidizing the cruelty so however many people get converted to veganism the same amount of animals are still being slaughtered and are still being tortured because that product is still being produced we need to publicize that we need to get on the case right I don't know why there isn't more activism on this topic and there's modern people need to talk about this topic some of the bigger channels need to pick up on this topic and talk about it make it known I don't know what we can do about it because the EU is just some far-off distant Commission right that's unelected so those are my discussion points for today if you've got comments on any of them then please do leave them in the comments below if you enjoy my videos whether it's my vlogs so I'm a serious stuff on my comedy stuff then please do subscribe if you've not already done so and I will speak to you very soon on the daily this walk is just about as much as I can take right now but I've done it so going home now I'll speak to you very soon [Applause]

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  • David Williams says:

    Man I'd love to take a walk there it looks amazing

  • David Williams says:

    Frank says vegans aren't the most entertaining people but this list of entertaining vegans begs to differ also I find ed to be incredibly entertaining his podcast is my go to when its dish time lmao https://www.livekindly.co/vegan-celebrities/

  • Arty Fufkin says:

    "Comparing meat to abusing animals is ridiculous". Frank Tufano may 2019 😂

    You're spot on. They view it from their cultural lense and have no idea how pathetic they sound.

  • toomuchisneverenough says:

    I doubt that an all plant based organic agriculture at a global scale is possible. I think the plants need manure from animals for nutrition, often bone meal enriched. Yes, I know we can use compost to a certain degree, and we do. I have done gardening and know that. Just don't think it's enough. Further more, with large scale plantations, there's no way of getting around killing off intruders such as insects, rodents, rabbits, boar, deer, moose and birds that will otherwise finish off the harvest, leaving nothing to feed people.

  • Simply Plant Food says:

    Is it just me or did Frankie boy look uncomfortable when Ed said "remember animals don't walk wilfully on the kill floor of the slaughterhouse, they are forced against their will (Frank looks down), and then Frank says "when comparing meat to abusing animals is pretty ridiculous" even my partner who eats meat said "that guy (Frank) makes no sense" Killing someone is pretty abusive FRANK. I can't take this nonsense, glad you're giving Frankie boy views, not us lol!!

  • delita tyrez says:

    Frank the plastic surgery addict talking about someone elses looks

  • Falafelzebub's Den of Vegan Iniquity says:

    Never mind the shave and hair cut, can you recommend a good plastic surgeon, makeup artist, image consultant, and cosmetic dentist Frankie dear?

  • Risa Wild says:

    Earthling Ed… rocking his Jesus toast look.
    All that was missing were the alter boys and the worlds smallest violin.

  • Aura says:

    Ed is a fairy? the only fairies that exist drink dairy

  • ASMRyouVEGANyet? says:

    Slaughterhouses are never in upscale neighborhoods. But make no mistake, the animals are the victims and they are the focus of veganism. The workers get to go home and be with their families. They're not in cages and mutilated and violated. You're talking more about how fucked up capitalism is. You could say if you're a humanitarian you'd be vegan. But vegan is about (non-human) animal liberation This is not about the plight of humans.

  • Carl Baum says:

    It is shocking that on the one hand governments desperately try to find ways to reduce health costs but at the same time they subsidize the very foods that make people sicker.

  • Kiwi _ says:

    You do look unhealthy.

  • Sprouted Soy Boy says:

    This 1s dedicated to Frankie.


  • EcoBasedHealth says:

    Frank Bafoono- “look at the shirt he’s wearing is that a maroon silk shirt? How can they invite this guy” 😂😂 what kind of insult is that 🤔 he’s really grasping for straws here..

  • Mr. Earth says:

    "Sucking on cucumbers and bananas all day"

    Easy there Frankie don't get yourself all hot and bothered.

  • GMO Tomato says:

    Day of the Triffids is like porn to me. Now it's time for Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!

  • David Gardell says:

    9:25 Tells you everything you need to know about how disconnected he is. Compassion, Frankie! Dig deep, it has to be in there somewhere beyond all the vanity and superficial bs!

  • The mirror of the truth says:

    Frankie boy. can only play the ad hominem attack warrior. Since his brain is full of parasites. and worms.
    Why does Frankie boy where so much make up. I suggest he wear it more make up then my sister. And most women I know.!
    The answer is Frankie boys,
    skin is extremely rat. because of all the toxic animal body parts he eats.!

  • The mirror of the truth says:

    Slaughterhouses and Increased Crime Rates.

    case studies research has documented numerous negative effects of slaughterhouses on workers and communities. Of the social problems observed in these communities, the increases in crime have been particularly dramatic. These increases have been theorized as being linked to the demographic characteristics of the workers, social disorganization in the communities, and increased unemployment rates. The findings indicate that slaughterhouse employment increases total arrest rates, arrests for violent crimes, arrests for rape, and arrests for other sex offenses in comparison with other industries. This suggests the existence of a “Sinclair effect” unique to the violent workplace of the slaughterhouse, a factor that has not previously been examined in the sociology of violence.


  • Falafelzebub's Den of Vegan Iniquity says:

    Oh haha! I just found an audiobook version of Day of the Triffids on YouTube. 👍

  • Bohemian Bee says:

    That little embryo Frank needs to be sent to his room and stop minding adult business. If you've nowt to say mate keep it zipped! As for Footie and Perspective Philosophy talk last night I found it very insightful and very well conveyed. Learnt a bit more about the knock on effects of slaughter house workers that's for sure. Tilly really keeps you on your wet toes bless her. She loves a good rummage in a field come rain or shine. That field does look beautiful though.

  • The Rebalancer says:

    Like chickens for eggs, the plants in the field are probably female plants, grown for their seed (plant version of a fertilised egg). We exploit females of every kind for their reproductive ability, so 'demasculination' isn't their reason to rebel. We need more female terms, instead of everything being 'guys' and 'dudes'; language has 'de-female-ised' everything. Females are in greater numbers. Rebel with the plants and make 'the she' cool!!

  • Helena Davies says:

    I loved Day of the triffids!😂xx

  • Helena Davies says:

    My dad used to have to inspect meat at the abbatoir and he hated it. Glad your feeling a bit better.xx

  • Kathy says:

    You should have a million subs Michelle, awesome content!!

  • Kathy says:

    Love Tilly!! ❤️🐶❤️

  • agnesrosalinde says:

    Yawn! I fell asleep listening to you. Ed is so interesting and what he is saying is soo truthful and interesting that scientists want to listen to him.

  • Blu Pam Marshall says:

    I have no time for people who judge others by what they wear, it is pathetic, what matters is character, kindness and respect. I am interested in what Ed is saying not what he is wearing.

  • Alice says:

    Yup. Why does EU subsidise for a product that has such decreased demand like dairy? You don't see them subsidising phone book or cassette tape companies, those industries were just left to diminish on their own when the demand disappeared. They should instead use the money to help dairy farmers transition their business to a higher demand product. Who stands to profit when cheap milk powder are sold to Africa? I don't think its the dairy farmers in UK.

  • No-one you know says:

    Looks like Fanny Tufano was picking his arse between the 8.15 & 9.30 min mark! Eww! 💩 Nothing new there i guess!!

  • Mark Heigl says:

    I'll have to watch this earthling Ed talk and consider his opinions…. Err what I mean to say is stupid vegan idiots. I know I'm right because I'm rigt, reaffirm me trolls

  • Poison Ivy says:

    Franks teeth are whiter than his shirt ✨

  • French blue8 says:

    Fairy boy? Lol that's rich coming from Frankie boy, "star" of gay screen porn, not to mention the fact that Ed – like every hard-working high profile, full time vegan activist I can think of, has a longtime opposite sex partner – not that that matters a bit but maybe you should take a look at who you are calling fairy boy with your history, pal.

    And Frank's claim to fame (aside from being rode hard and put up wet by vegan gains every single time) is that every word out of his mouth is a lie or an ad hominem against vegans. And that's all he's got.

    And by the way Frankie boy, it wasn't just Harvard. It's also Yale (where half the elders in my family got their degrees, and the other half from Tufts), Columbia, Colgate and Rutgers (where my sister- the vegan one – got her masters).
    So Frankie tell us. When was the last time five not just one, five – Ivy league American universities asked one of you meat hooks to be a guest lecturer???!! Hmm?

    Alas, and not even aTedX talk to your names either, you sad, science denying lying twats unfortunates.

    And last but not least, Frank tufano trying to slag the appearance of any other male, is like ……well it's exactly like Frank tufano trying to do absolutely anything ~ A large platter of Epic Fail with a side of Deluded ~but good for a slight comic relief

  • David Henderson says:

    44,550 3.8% 


  • XX says:

    Anyone in Canada 🇨🇦- please consider supporting Animal Alliance of Canada. They fight for animals thru legislation, electoral politics and general advocacy.

  • French blue8 says:

    Right, where are those Wellies, young lady!?!

    Wait, Frank tufano debunks Earthling Ed.?
    That's like saying it was a hundred degrees Fahrenheit and there was an ice storm!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Full Time Vegan says:

    He doesn't get he wasn't invited and Ed was. This isn't a fashion show or daytime TV drama. What Ed is talking about on their own merits outweigh anything Frank has to put forth.

  • Slytherin Vegan Ichiiego says:

    I really like how your a vegan youtuber news channel and you also tell us about what your up to I really like your YouTube channel am going to start uploading today aswell as you motivated me to get back to making video's agean

  • pewdiepie felix says:

    Which culture doesn't allow the consumption of cow meat?

  • a.rnold says:

    Don't forget to look out for inane comments by v a n e, Raw Bacon and QGodofGods RulerOfAll! You will find these three humiliating themselves in the comments of almost every one of Michelle's videos. Enjoy!

  • QGodofGods RulerOfAll says:

    This argument by Earthling Ed and other vegans comparing eating farm animals to dogs is retarded.
    Dogs are part of the human family. We work and live together. We have evolved together in a symbiotic way.
    We don't eat members of our own family.
    I don't know why vegans continue to use this ridiculous argument. They are running out of excuses not to eat meat fabricating non-sense.
    Look at Michelle waking in sickness. Vegans looking rail skinny is a problem. Earthling Ed is grossly underweight looking mal-nourished. It is relevant to bring these points up. Vegans wish to push their diet on to the world demonstrating it's healthy and long term sustainable. They have yet to prove either.
    MIchelle can walk in the fields all she wants laughing but is that isn't making her healthier. Doctor Lowe is in deep denial.

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