FNF [#8] Flat Earth Debate: Team Skeptic vs Ryan Casey

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  • chucheeness says:

    Flerfer says "You guys repeat what you have been told" REPEATS WHAT HE'S BEEN TOLD BY GUYS ON YOUTUBE

  • robert roberts says:

    @25:11 the FE knew he fucked up.

  • John Fredrik Rian says:

    38:30 I would assume that the distance of the sun is responsible for the observable angle, irregardless of size, bigger or smaller. The huge size just makes the sun easier to observe.

  • MOOSEBOY says:

    He looks like critikal

  • propfella says:

    Gee, he actually started off as being a little more intelligent than the average Flerf, then suddenly it all went to hell in a handbag. He's just as stupid as the rest of them. And a bloody wanker as well. "I'm a genius and I came 6th in a class of 200. Does any school have classes of 200? I wish I could figure out how come EVERY flerf spent many months or years deciding the Earth was flat. All that study and "research" could ONLY lead a person to believe the Earth is a sphere. That is of course unless that person is a F'ing idiot "DING"

    Good on'yer Red, he didn't rattle you once, in fact he was the one using bad language. The entire debate could be used as a good indicator into the workings of a flerf's mind. He started off sounding smart, then he started talking typical Flerf rhetoric and finally jumped in with that bloody sky wizard. So basically, when he knew he was losing, he went with "God Did It"

  • Elmer Alvarado says:

    56:20 he actually got learnt. He just didn't want to admit it 🙂

  • Boomer22z says:

    That’s what it always boils down to. The first question you ask a flat earthier is if they are a Christian. If the answer is yes then that settles it, they are RETARDED!

  • MamaMurder73 says:

    Because he is thinking 2d. And world is 3d.

  • GreenSheep says:

    Wait… A flerfer who ACTUALLY ACTS REASONABLE???? Holy shit, I thought I saw it all!

  • FatMan says:

    When your loosing always go to God.

  • Jozey Jones says:

    Flerfer says: "One of the things [god] sacrificed was the cardinal directions". I think it's possible that he has mental health problems; I say that with no intent to insult him.

  • Earthrise says:

    Where the hell is this wild furfaced retard? It looks like he is outside rocky's meat locker. YO ADRIAN!!

  • Tom Ashley says:

    Hows that collusion panning out?

  • Hattori Shanzo says:

    Always viewed people that called themselves smart as a sign of Narcissism. Don't tell people, show them. When you preface yourself as such, someone is dying to always prove you wrong.

  • ScottM1973 says:

    Heliocentrism has been around for 2000 years and Flat Earthers have only been at it for a couple so it's unfair to expect them to have it all figured out yet? This is exactly the problem with Globe deniers, The time to believe something is when there is actual evidence_, not before! There is abundant evidence the Earth is a sphere and no compelling evidence _at all the Earth is flat!

  • punker87 says:

    the personal dome jajajaa they know it doesnt work!… realy! they know its bullshit… its not phisics, its not experimentation, its basic geometry… thats the problem, they have problems to understand basic geometry, and they dont have any clue on espacial geometry…

  • Timxx3868 says:

    these guys always claim to be smart but quiz them even on the most basic science or logic, and they can say anything coherent. The earth is a little tricky to accept that from each person you drop 8 inches but from the start to 3 person it not 16 but 32 as thats the nature of calculating on sphere no a ramp then down a bit then another ramp ect.
    The moons horizon is only about a mile so the rover was out of sight of the LM pretty quickly but that would blow their mind even more eventhough its all about proportions. The moon is 1/4 the size of the earth BUT 1/81 the mass eventhough the moon isnt filled with cheese! haha. So the masses of the 2 objects have to be calculated. Its all too much for a guy who said he could ace the SAT's? without picking up a book???? Whatever- hes smarter than all of us YET, cant seem to realise that a thousand years ago men already worked all this out and pirate maps are also sailed on round earth- So pirates wrong too? Wow i bow to his intellect…

  • Jon Goff says:

    Where in the bible does it say anything about God or Christ sacrificing directions?!?!

  • Frank Volante says:

    Why can't Flat Earthers keep their their cameras still? is it rotation?

  • Meat & Potatoes says:

    Listening to this Flat Earther makes me miss drinking.

  • Adaptive Logic says:

    For a guy that brags about how intelligent he is, he certainly spend a lot of time saying "I don't understand"

  • Earthrise says:

    I got an idea! why don't you just keep working at what makes you a living, and stop making an ass of yourself around science you clearly don't understand. and a bastardization of science you understand even less!

  • Earthrise says:

    If thy beard encroacheth thy mouth, and the brow encroacheth thy eye – WHAT THE F**K DO I KNOW?

  • Earthrise says:

    How disappointing this guy is just a do-da-do! He thinks Jeran is "very intelligent" The debate should have been called off at that point! 🙂

  • Earthrise says:

    Is this guy in a warehouse standing next to a refrigeration unit??WTF! ?

  • Brian Tyler says:

    Seems like so many of these flat earthers already bought into conspiracy theories. And it is very apparent that flat earthers don't come from scientific research (geologists, physicists, astronomers, etc)

  • Carl Pen says:

    "What's 90 East and 270 West ?"… you gotta be kidding me… is this idiot that stupid ? everybody where I live knows you jump on 90 East to go to Buffalo New York and 270 West is the by-pass around Cleveland… I sure wouldn't let this "genius" drive my van, even to go to the store, he'd probably end up in Terra Del Fuego

  • P Quirky says:

    This Ryan penis is arguably the best flattard you have had on the show. He did not talk over any one and he tried to answer his idiotic responses with conviction and he does know what is happening. He may have a high IQ but he sure is not clever (or maybe he is). He has lost it with religion. and conspiracy. And I am sure he was yanking every ones chain and having a good laugh how easy it is to get people riled up

  • P Quirky says:

    What penis Ryan does not under stand is a thing called interpolation. Lets confuse him with helical interpolation

  • Patrick Richardson says:

    I've listened to lots of these sorts of debates over the past few weeks and they've been greatly entertaining. Assuming the flerfers are being genuine, they a) never grasped "common sense" on any sort of abstract level, and b) they have no idea how all of science is backed by math, and consequently don't realize how stupid they look without ANY math to back up their claims. I actually remember watching a debate with Aron Ra and this other dude, and Aron was talking just a little bit about equations and the other guy went into a tizzy and was like, "nah nah nah I'm talkin' SCIENCE, pure SCIENCE, none of that math stuff mixed up there, I – I – I don't need you confusin' up my SCIENCE with MATH, we havin' a conversation about SCIENCE here." Incredible!

  • Frank Gütle says:

    Another inconsistancy of the FE map: in Equinox you are easily able to calculate the suns height above FE using your latitude and distance to the equator (Same for GE and FE). Problem is, you will get different sun heights for different latitudes. Now tue sun cannot be at different altitudes at the Same time, can it?

  • Ridicule without Research says:

    Aw 🤤when you go from being an unaware globetard to a well self educated flattard… the surge of information and the gaining of a very sensitive bullshit meter AHH 🤤

  • Jesse Bradley says:

    Holy shit. A shining example of how you can apparently research yourself into insanity.

  • Dévd Jemáz says:

    3am in the morning? As opposed to 3am in the afternoon? Fucking retards triggering me 5 minutes in..

  • Hasla Hali says:

    Well, in all fairness, this flat earther was actually the most reasonable one.. and probably the most intelligent in FE scale, which isn't much but still. At least he was able to listen and even think for a second before automatically denying everything!

  • SaltiestRaccoon says:

    This creature is from my own town? How embarrassing…

  • Anthony Zav says:

    another flat earther shows his cards – he brought up God

  • newname363 says:

    at 49:19 eye rolling and face palming ensues

  • newname363 says:


  • unlikely prophet says:

    All of this was written thousands of years ago inspired by an eternal god what is mathmatics for plants growth or rain…there is none it doesnt need math to prove its reality

  • hib3032 says:

    1hr 14 mins flatard drops acid 1hr 16 mins flatard talks shit . Proof flatards can get the fastest reacting acid on the 🌍

  • France Balante says:

    Every single true FE believers are set on the idea and they find reasons or twist current explanations to try and fit it to their model – in other words these guys cannot think logically.

    I was talking to a FE a week ago and ask him a simple logic that poses a problem in his model. I asked him, how high is the Sun from the surface of the earth, he replied 3,000 miles. Then I followed up a question with; during sunset or sunrise on a clear day (very important) looking into the ocean, when the Sun is literally sitting on the horizon, how is it possible that we can see the Sun 3,000 miles into the horizon but we can only view everything else in 3 miles into the horizon? His literal answer was; perspective man, do more FE research on perspective. This demonstration alone should dismantle their whole believe system, but they're idiots.

    They are a lost hope, but it is entertaining to watch them make a fool of themselves. The sad part is, they don't even know it. I would also consider reporting child abuse if they indoctrinate their children into these lunacy.

  • Ragical the Unhallowed Knight says:

    Wow, I can only release one maybe two "silly" videos per week. The bane of production vs streaming I guess😅Still try to watch all you lot's stuff, it's hilarious, it works well on a third monitor while I work. Hope TS will start releasing soon again after he get's all the issues worked out🛎

    Gotta love GE's and Steve's faces during the flerfer introduction

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