Flat Earther Gets OWNED In Live Debate! Nathan Thompson VS Team Skeptic! Flat Earth vs Globe Earth!

hey there's Nathan welcome that's my name word out Chris we saw that you came you've disproved gravity I don't need to disprove something that's never been proven that's like saying I disprove Santa Claus and Bigfoot you guys are a joke true that causes real that no look Nathan that was the title of the video yeah guys I did not say me they said water molecules travel up apparently defying the laws of gravity Nathan it's not a law it's not even dude it's a joke it's a vain religious superstition godless engineer I would love to hear your scientific proof for gravity ready go all right please tell me Nathan what is the law of gravity according to size it's the law of gravity according to science Nathan you were gonna give me scientific evidence for this nonsense godless you've got 600 people here watching the show godless surely you're not gonna fumble and not have any scientific evidence for G just answer my question Nathan I can decide you and all right I'll answer your questions are you taking notes godless do you have a pen and paper I do yeah I'm taking you Nathan I get a quick mic check and can you guys hear me okay yeah okay good conversation seconds now the entire audience 600 people are waiting for godless engineers scientific proof of gravity ready go it's funny you got 650 people watching your show you're gonna laugh when I ask you for scientific proof of gravity godless that's the best you can do is laugh you just want him to answer that or do you want me to answer that for you because I can answer that for you and for 700 hold on teen skeptic Nathan Nathan you said that the law of gravity isn't a thing please Nathan tell me what is the law of gravity if you can answer that basic question that'll be happy retard it's not a law so you're asking you're begging Nathan fallacy he said he could answer you he same answer you but he did in all fairness he said you did you did he didn't ask you a question first so answer his question then he will answer yours he'll give you praise Graham what is gravity and that globe heads think causes all things to fall towards the center of Earth at a constant rate despite the fact the equation for gravity has a inverse square law which would cause a big problem for this constant of gravity because things should be getting exponentially lighter as they leap you're gonna tell you where you're fucking wrong with that hey you mean to educate you on a little come from there hey jackass hold on hey jackass listen to me for a second when you when you're talking about a hundred miles up above the Earth's surface listen here jackass when you're talking about a hundred miles up above the Earth's surface you're talking about a difference of the distance between the center of point of gravity of 6,371 kilometers versus six thousand four hundred and seventy one kilometers that is not that big of a difference apply that to your inverse square law and you'll have your fucking answer you don't understand what you're talking about and that's your fucking problem team skeptic well I said you had scientific proof yeah hell yeah hell yeah I do all right when any objects and objects and freefall do not X and freefall do not experience an accelerating vector because number one they follow the laws of motion which say that once they are in motion they are experiencing an opposite and equal reaction of force correct so in other words when you're driving forward in your car you feel like you're being pulled backwards will you agree with that yes or no do you lose that mic no hey shut up in just eight shut up if you wonder you want your answer you want your answer eight shut up and listen you want your answer and I'm gonna walk you through your answer so you don't fucking misrepresent it move it forward okay but when you drop an object in freefall if you have a graph a density column and you drop that density column in freefall it doesn't it isn't a fucking density column do you know why this occurs do you have a fucking scientific answer for that because gravity is the reason that that occurs and there is no other way of explaining that fucking observational phenomenon that you all you fucking ignorant pieces of shit what there's your obstacles we all right now deal with that answer me that gravity is everyone here in this you guys joking right surely you're gonna save these globe heads from The Dropper T that you have 'ti comes all proving me wrong wrong anything to you does not experience an accelerating factor for the other for buoyancy even worse wasn't kidding natural phenomena when you observe things naturally falling from the sky team skeptic yeah when you observe them naturally falling from the sky like in the vomit comment when it goes into freefall correct then it loses its buoyancy it loses its density vector its buoyancy vector to assign which direction heavier object should be that is your fucking problem you guys have no fucking clue what you're talking about you want to talk about buoyancy but you don't want to talk about the accelerating force so when you have an accelerating force going down like gravity and you're accelerating down creating the opposite and equal reaction of acceleration in the opposite direction those two it's celebrating forces combined and have a zero and a zero force they combined and they equal out and once you have that apply that to your buoyancy equation and put zero in there for junior a and guess what you get you get no buoyancy and that's your fucking observational my fucking there explain that we dumped on with 700 people and say things fall down and that's my scientific proof of gravity oh you're not listening to him maybe you're not listening to what he's saying he he he you're not listen to the thing he's saying listen to what he says okay and I know what he says hold on no I feel like we need to get on the same the same level here okay Nathan I understand that you don't think that the law of gravity is a thing okay I get that you don't like that I get it Nathan Nathan Nathan can you please stop for one minute okay bud I get that you don't think that it's a law but I'm just asking you point-blank can you recite the law of gravity for us I will be happy if you can do that nation are you globe heads believing in Newtonian gravity or einsteinium gravity fucking ladder there's a goddamn equation that explains both you fucking it's a simple equation I could you know it we got a link we got a lame answer okay Nathan we answer that question yes the law of gravity is not a law it's a vain religious superstition we're glow bees assign a vector down which helium balloons don't go down team skeptic and then they say gravity well one we don't have an observed natural phenomenon – you don't have a hypothesis linking an effect and the cause and you don't have okay do you really through this you really want to walk through this because I've had I've been listening to Nathan Oakley talk about this misunderstanding of the scientific method all the fucking time let's talk about your misunderstanding now my observational phenomenon is that when things are in freefall when they are let go and drop hey listen listen listen I just let you talk now you let me talk will you let me talk how about when a fucking Apple falls from a fucking tree then it's in fucking freefall okay so women are when an object isn't freefall it loses it's a directional vector for the buoyant force to work that is something that we observe we drop something we drop a gray density column in freefall and nothing remains hold on nothing remains in order from most dense to least dense it loses that order why is that my hypothesis is that due to the due to the to the third law of motion for every action that there's an opposite and equal reaction in combined with an accelerating force that is accelerating the object towards the earth that that that's what my hypothesis is that there's the reason we're losing this direct or this uh this density vector is because that there is a gravitational vector an accelerating vector towards the earth it is observational it's explainable and now it's your turn to disprove it why do we see that if there's no gravity and T's can't let him out let him answer well that that's let him answer without anybody breaking in let's see if but Nathan now prove what he just said wrong yes so he said when an object is more dense than the air or medium around it it falls that's our argument relative density he just attaches a downward force and forgets about helium balloons and everything else that Rises upward when the medium is less dense so gravity is nothing more than a Fundy belief guys do you still haven't given me scientific evidence for gravity you're observing things falling and asserting a force well helium balloons don't fall they don't so yes they do yes can you put them in a bank remember I'm watching fall chamber we don't need to name the same phenomenon explains both Nathan can you please explain with paintings of the mathematics surrounding buoyancy and the buoyant force excuse me godless well I said please can you please explain the mathematics of buoyancy to me like very basic level mathematics yes of course when an object is in a medium that's less dense it'll rise and you guys think it's like anti-gravity or something it's hilarious so I'm still guys the scientific methods very clear observe natural phenomenon form a hypothesis experimentation where are you guys missing all this where is all this experimentation because let me let me tell you what we're missing your explanation for certain phenomenon that are absolutely observable and you're jumping from point A to point Z without observing and accounting for points BCD and all the way through why that's why we have a problem with what you're saying you can't explain to me why a helium balloon goes up you have no idea why it does you just say it does you just may always naturally eaten God made it from up because God likes helium balloons more than he likes fucking oxygen dude nobody's talking about God the balloon is less dense than the air around and what does that matter density is nothing but an observable fucking property of them of an amount of matter in an amount and a certain amount of volume okay so density I'm sorry and what is a sort of force when things okay I've got an idea I have not proposed this to anybody yet but I guess you're gonna be the first jackass I proposed it to okay so let me ask you why do things fall why do you say relative density let's say we have an object that is less dense than another object we'll say the liquid hold on hold on hold on here no hear me out ya hear me out there the same hear me out they're the same they're in a graph they're in a density column okay you have the heavier on top the more net the more dense on top and the less dense on bottom they will naturally move positions correct can we agree on that yes dude okay great I that's you're gonna agree I'm just giving you the opportunity to agree yes you agree okay so if we take if we take a less dense object and we put more of the less dense object on a balance beam okay and we have a more dense object on the other side of the balance beam why will them the less dense but more massive object pushed that balance beam down for even though the other side of the balance beam is more dense but less massive explain that to me if it's all about relative density so are you saying when you get more of stuff that goes down why it weighs the same as you can't use the word weight and mass or two different things you've already said that weight that that mass weight is the is when a force acts on something so when you have a bunch of less dense air it's going to have more mass because gravity is pulling all of it down on top of each other okay you have so when you have to when you have two objects right one is less dense than the other but there's more of it why will it cause a scale to tip it on its side we say if gravity is swinging on the whole object no we say gravity is playing on the whole object what does that have to do with anything your whole your whole gravity is based on density and buoyancy there's no pretty it has nothing to do with the amount of mass it is completely based on density and buoyancy stop talking about there's more I've already told you it's less dense on one side it's more dense on the other why is the less dense being pulled down because there's more of it because mass is affected by gravity the force being pulling down on the more massive but less dense object is greater than the force pulling down on the more massive but less subject and that is why the scale will tip even though the relative densities are different why is that why do you say relative density for one explanation but then you can't use relative density in the other one but we can use gravity for both the thing ilat of density when you get more of it it can weigh the same or more than a denser object team skeptic that's what what the fuckers might have to do with any of this that's what you keep saying you keep saying weight like it's fucking just naturally weighs no it doesn't naturally weigh it needs a fucking force pulling it down or otherwise just densities one is Morgan according description it should be pouring it down because how they organize themselves let me wait let me interject real quick okay so uh hmm why things you know the the buoyant force is pretty easily explained here and I was trying to get Nathan to explain it in a way but he didn't actually explain it in any kind of mathematical sense so for any object relative position wherever it's at like in the universe or on the earth or whatnot its its position is a function of the forces that are acting upon it this is basic laws of motion kind of shit so the buoyant force is the force that is pushing up on an object and then there's also forces that are pulling down on the object regardless of what you want to call it either gravity or not the when the summation of those two particular forces is equal to zero you have the object just not reacting like it's staying still when the force that is pushing up the pressure or whatever that is pushing up on an object overcomes whatever force is pulling down on the object that's when things rise when things fall it's when the force that is pulling down on the object overcomes the force that is pushing up on an object this is what I was talking about when I was asking for a mathematical explanation of it just a very simple way to explain wifey so my question is in order for anything to make sense in this conversation we have to have a basis for you at least knowing like what the mathematical formula for gravity is because on on the normal model the globe model you have to take that into account for the effects that we say are there now mathematical formula regardless of whether or not you know it the mathematical formula is there anything that that formula cannot predict it's a reification fallacy you're trying to prove gravity with the formula or concept do you know what a reification fallacy is godless engineer do you know what a reification fallacy is it's not a reification fallacy and you're just dodging the question here my question to you is there any situation where the mathematical law and mathematical equation for gravity does not work please name one situation where it does not work reification fallacy you're trying to use a man-made concept or formula to establish reality or prove something it's a concept it's not a proof you haven't established gravity you're just saying look at my formula it's what we observe in reality that's since Nathan I just told you I just gave you an example where if we had used no math whatsoever it's complete observation complete observation you cannot explain it without I told I'm sorry you told me what there's more what so no no no no no I'm not even talking okay no no you don't have an answer for that that's understandable that what I'm talking about is the observable the observable phenomenon of things in freefall losing their buoyant force why it why do things in freefall lose their buoyant force so wait nothing's in freefall you mean when an apple from a tree no I'm talking okay hold on hold on hold on listen huh freefall is defined as just falling without a force pushing it without a force giving in any direction it's you let go of something in the direction it goes we're just gonna call it that okay what we can argue semantics later listen we can argue semantics later you want to get into this finding your loophole out of it that's fine but have some intellectual honesty just a bit hey listen I'm giving you an I'm giving you the question you asked for I'm giving you that and you're dodging it okay you said the observable phenomenon if we go up into fucking an airplane and it does the hyperbola the the vomit comment when it goes into freefall okay well you can hold a gravity column and see that nothing or a density column and see that nothing is isn't is organized by their densities it's completely mixed okay now can i if it's just been sitting and buoyancy why is that occurring so you're telling me you can get in a man-made airplane and observe things in a freefall is that an observed natural phenomenon buddy yes it is yes it is no it's an observable natural phenomenon yes it is it's an observable natural phenomenon yes it is yeah you eh you don't have to get the fucking plane dude listen you don't have to get in a fucking plane you can tie it to a fucking tree and wait for it to fall naturally and the same exact observation is going to happen so there you go there's your natural observation you can do it with your phone you can do it with your phone dude they have accelerometers you can get for your phone and you can drop your phone and you can watch the accelerometer in your phone go to zero point zero meters per second x squared the whole time now you're gonna let me get a word in stop stop avoiding my question hey buddy relative density works the same on both models wait no it does not I just gave you an X I just gave you an observation where relative density does not work and how do you explain that or a certain worse that's it no no no I'm I did not hate hold on I did not I made an observable phenomenon that debunks what you just said and freefall there a density column loses its any direction for it to align itself and becomes completely mixed how do you explain that if gravity is nothing but relative density how do you explain that because the objects are falling oh my god that doesn't fucking matter dude why why do you keep saying that that has anything to do with anything whatsoever do if you're saying that they're falling then I'm telling you you're proving me right they don't know go childish with it as much as you want go tall this with it as much as you want man I don't care you're making me look really good and I appreciate that just answer me he has to talk over me over and over because he doesn't want an audience hearing the Earth's not a spinning globe and gravity's our religion no nobody wants to hear your child is shit you want to talk about censoring Nathan Thompson you know I got kicked out of your fucking Facebook group your your Facebook group is the reason I started my channel because you know what you guys don't want to hear fucking truth about nothing about zero that's exactly what you guys do that's what y'all stand for well back to being a kid man I'm gonna let you talk now so everybody can hear you that's his answer to my observation he has no answer and he's gonna just go go full full-blown kid on me expect full blown nine-year-old right here good job Nathan with what is the name under people watch your hey hold on yeah it seemed skeptic my son's nine-year-old at nine years old and he doesn't act like this I'm just I'm so sorry you're a four year old you're acting like a four-year-old stop acting like four-year-old and young man that you think Nathan can you repeat what he said earn four years old so can you refute what he said Nathan anything can you repeat what he said I'm interested what he said years old yeah no not that you're not four years old about everything that he said about gravity can you have food any of it when you're in freefall they don't separate out because they're also falling oh you're not explaining it you're just saying that why is why Chris Chris you're still in line I wanted to give you a chance to say goodbye because you said you're you're heading out if you want to do that now you can pull your channel yeah oh cool thanks no a bunch of people in a jet we're asking obviously this was originally scheduled for Nathan Thompson and I guess you skeptic or I thought I was down here but ya know it was cool so I was a little nervous to join join I've seen your show for I'm definitely not I'm not an expert I'm not a professional engineer or anything but I have done a lot of research so I appreciate you having me on and um yeah um I know that shoot me and yeah well maybe maybe I am stupid I was going over the curve can do take care man you okay okay Nathan what what Jean well I was just gonna say that he's one hit like he says that the globe model doesn't work Nathan you say that the globe model doesn't work and I thought it was as I understand that team skeptic is trying to speak more on an observational level but I feel like if you want to disprove the globe model you have to use the mathematics that the model uses so in order for you to say that the globe model doesn't actually model reality I feel like you would have a better chance at objectively proving it if you could tell us like where like it what values for the equation for the force of gravity what values do not match actual reality because if you just say any values then we can actually test them and we can show how false that is oh so I'm just I'm just asking like that's all is I was asking and the fact that you can't answer my questions or team skeptics question I mean give Nathan we give you that we we give you the opportunity to talk but you don't you're not you're not singing you know answering the question no can you a ship LLC is he's basically saying I have a formula and it works dude you haven't proven the force well in the formula no you prove it technically I'm saying that we have a formula and it predicts what we see in reality that's what I'm saying reification fallacy I have a formula and it matches reality dude you don't know what a reification fallacy is godless no I'm no I'm saying that the formula hasn't been disproven and so in order for you to say that gravity doesn't exist that formula wouldn't work why are you yelling at your dick right now can you prove it can you disprove it anything fallacy did you not get that it's not a reification fallacy Nathan yes you have a formula where you beg the question with G in the formula which but you can't disprove it that's the point can you can you just pretty show where it's wrong can you show her that that for me was wrong okay okay well then what's the issue what's the issue it's a reification fallacy you're begging the question in the equation you assume G in the equation do I need to say it again slow do I it works yeah do you know why it works Nathan because you can make predictions based on the the way that we from your application felt no I do not I know what works do you have a model about Nathan yeah the globe Earth when we have a model that works and makes predictions you can it's testable Nathan do you do you know what a model is we're not talking about like a little model of a dollhouse model do you know what a model is define what a scientific model is does the heliocentric model have an atmosphere that touches the vacuum of space yes or no yes absolutely yes okay oh you're one of those guys you're one of those guys okay so Toma tell us then Nathan what's the second law of thermodynamics and how does it apply to the Earth's atmosphere please in the heliocentric model let's go and show you where you're wrong again team skeptic you don't know what the second law of thermodynamics I did hold on oh we didn't don't put words in my mouth don't strawman me I said you explain to us what your concept of the second law of thermodynamics is okay high pressure systems or high energy systems move to low energy systems so have no fucking clue what you're talking about go back claiming what it is okay so high pressure systems move to low pressure systems high energy systems move to low energy systems so if you have a 10 to the negative 17 pour vacuum of space next to our pressurised atmosphere that we all arrived good deal I'm glad so now we get to show you how fucking wrong you are yeah I am because you're already wrong you're blowing in your car thinking that the same fucking the same atmospheric pressures down here at the surface of the earth as it is a hundred hundred kilometres up no that's impossible do you go to reification a stadium right exactly you know there's a gradient so where do you think this gradient stops when do you think it stops do you think it doesn't it doesn't just go up no does it no I'm not asking a location I'm asking a numeric ending what is the numeric value at which it spots at because we can predict where mister ends and I told you and I told you and I told you give me a numeric value since you're throwing numeric values around the 10 to the negative 7 taint or blah blah blah since you're throwing those around tell us what the fucking atmosphere stops at on the earth and why is there a gradient well exactly I don't have a fucking answer for that one either do you dude dumbass less dense elements rise so hydrogen helium lithium beryllium boron carbon nitrogen oxygen fluorine neon sodium magnesium aluminum silicon phosphorus sulfur chlorine argon potassium calcium scandium titanium vanadium chromium manganese iron cobalt nickel copper zinc Gallinger how fucking nice that you can take the time to memorize the fucking periodic table of elements but you can't fucking learn the fucking buoyancy equation anything can you get a hammer and balance a ping-pong ball while you do that yeah it's portables so there's a pressure gradient as spray paint a spray paint can has a pressure gradient inside that's why you have to shake it it's always in a container team sceptic okay so let me ask you this let me ask you this then let's do this natural of observation let me tell you this natural observation what happens when we put sulfur hexafluoride in a container and we leave the top open where the heavier stroke rates of flare hold on shut up and listen to me there is no container top on it okay there is no can't hop on it you put the sulfur hexafluoride inside there and according to your law of second thermodynamics there should be the higher pressure pushing the sulfur hexafluoride out into the lower pressure atmosphere but guess what it doesn't do that either you know why guess why Nathan because of gravity dipshit Wow Wow Oh what is it then what is it why are we having two separate pressure systems right next to another with no container how is that posture start rolling up you put it in a container no it's not in a container no it's not in the container its air is sitting right next to sulfur hexafluoride and it's not mixing how do you fucking explain that hey when they wheeled the sulfur that's right you don't have a fucking answer when they wheeled the sulfur hexafluoride into the roof was it in the container when they took the kit when they took the top off was it not contained was there to separate pressure systems tell me that Nathan you just made that fucking assertion it was there not to separate pressure system sitting next to each other without a fucking container separating them was it was there not yes or no it's a fish tank a container yes or no Nathan yes or no yes or no okay well then there you go your fucking argument means shit you don't know what you're fucking talking about you just admitted it right here in front of 700 people thank you very much it's about time now we can go to gravity at some point we can get you to admit that you're wrong about that wait no you can't cause it's still in a container you know it's not there all right no you're no now you're just being a dishonest liar okay don't be a dishonest liar I don't care how much of a jackass you are don't be a dishonest liar because you know what you have to you have to preffer pressure differentials touching each other and they're not mixing why this is your second law of thermodynamic this is everything you think you know about everything why are they able to sit there why is the higher pressure not pushing into the lower pressure like you say it should be doing because there's a gradient okay you're not so fucking stupid you're so stupid that's just the bottom line you're dumb you're dumb it's just obvious I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt but there is no doubt there is no doubt anymore say things go down Nathan things and we have equations with G in them we beg the question with G let you guys make closing statement we're gonna make it valid to make it permanent okay Nathan do you have any last words oh let me let me finish your last words for you I'm sorry about that but no he didn't leave I want to finish his I want to do his last minute statement for him no uh-uh-uh reification fallacy nah nah all right team skeptic your final words well I just I've been waiting for this for a while now because I wanted to address him on his when he said oh you're censoring me by talking over me that bullshit I don't give a fuck what you think Nathan problem is is you and your entire fucking movement it are a bunch of fucking sensors that's all you want to do you just want to censor the truth put your fingers in your ear close your eyes and run your mouth you guys don't know what you're fucking talking about we showed that not only has godless engineer showed it before but I just showed it again okay it's time for you to fucking stop being a stupid fucking piece of shit dipshit and learn some science stop quoting the second law of thermodynamics until you know the second law of thermodynamics okay other than that I'm team sceptic Kyle thank you so much for having me on today godless engineer congratulations on your wedding man I love both of you guys y'all should know this by now I already said that I think that godless engineering Caitlin Chloe where they won't the second greatest couple on the Internet only buying Kyle and Smith we would go to get married and he would literally at the altar say um what do you mean by I do or what ish where's your definition for do the definitions from de your wrap-up well yeah I'm well I'm just kind of curious team skeptic or Kyle like was I like wrong in asking him for like mathematical equations and shit like do you think that was like the rub well yes because yeah exactly but I answer it seriously no you're not because here's the thing math is the only proof out there there is no other proof there is no such thing as scientific proof there's only a scientific body of evidence that we say it's a beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is the reason that this is this is being caused okay so the only way to prove that is like you said with math so that's what a model is a model says given this circumstance and this amount of time or whatever the case may be we predict this result now if our model is incorrect and that means at some point our prediction is not going to make sense and at that point we have to throw that model out and go back to the beginning go back to what was working and work back from that point and figure out not only why we were wrong but how we can be more more correct so no you're not wrong and and yes when they talk about Newton's law of gravity and then they turn around and talk about Einstein Ian's general relativity the thing is is that the math doesn't change that's not what was discussed that's not what was changed the mathematical relationship discusses two different bodies of mass at a certain distance and then we we make sense of that relationship with the gravitational constant so that's how and and that mathematical formula makes sense every time we do it there's not a single time when we do this when we have these objects and we can fill all these variables in and not get the answer that we observe in reality so until then gravity is gravity it's it exists and the moment that we met we drop something and it doesn't go down anymore because with no additional forces on it then we'll look back and go huh we got that wrong there's something about this time we're not seeing you but for our current understanding there is no better explanation as to what is going on than Newton's gravity for the mathematical side and Einstein's relativity for why Newton's gravity mathematical quite mathematical equations work well to summarize mine I felt like holding him to the fire on the mathematical concepts was important because I don't think that he actually understands these principles at least to the point where he can actually say that they don't exist or they don't happen because it see the thing with mathematical principles are formulas or whatnot you can actually test those and show how they don't like map to reality like it truly will represent reality all you have to do is find the right combination of values and insert them in it and you will get you know values that are different than what we actually observed and I feel like you have to start off from that kind of base level if you want to say hey gravity doesn't exist and I have yet to find a flat earther that can accurately use the global model in order to disprove the globe right right which bank level that's that's what we were taught that s'what I said in the in the comments earlier it's the flat earthers they're their way of thinking is unfalsifiable you can never tell them anything that's going to convince them that they are wrong they just will not accept it no matter what they'll always come at them uh no relative density and you say well what about this well that's because they're all falling but how why does that make a difference we can tell I can tell you why that makes a difference from with gravity I can tell you explain and show you mathematically observably and we can make predictions based upon these these observations and sure enough everything I predict will come out the way I say all you can just do is say oh because they're all falling what the fuck does that even mean let's uh let's read these uh these super that's awful quick and then we'll tell everybody good night guys thank you for coming in team skeptic we'll give you the last word here in just a second pizza person pepper says you're taking my super chet virginity be gentle never unapologetically atheist no fun I would have torqued Ricky Bobby if you ain't round your flat uh-huh scrap the skeptics Koro says if you look if you look the two words up level and flat have completely different meanings that is true the random explorer all hail we have a dumpster fire that's for damn sure Santara two four eight two says ask Nathan where his father is mmm 0 1 31 32 I have footage of helium balloons losing buoyancy in freefall Nathan is wrong as fuck gin Morgan says Nathan is back indie Marvel's car DNA D night time buddy I guess but still Nathan your God is only slightly more unreal as you Matt hexans as the first a burden of proof so prove it stupid yep in six one nine might drop her father skeptic riggles world can Nathan explain heavier-than-air flight you and Derek says does Nathan know what kind of phallic I mean fallacy he is can he explain please explain that math that's funny zero authors do you want soar to protip people people that don't think math is useless can throw away six six six to say something snarky because they earned more than minimum wage Oh burnt Matt pecks on the farmers have no model period all they can do is tack the globe model sad you heard Nathan admit himself they don't have a model I'm you Andrew Derek says buoyancy equals property plus Jesus / God Nathan Smith again he says Nathan Thompson equals hashtag bitch-made Pro Gunnar Nathan is off his meds hashtag Milton what up godless you Henry Derek says dumpster forest fire and lastly Stephen Lankford welcome to the dumpster fire you got there Kyle & Co god damn yes we certainly whose lighten up oh that people like people for life didn't say anything buddy thank you for the super chat back and forth and everything like that but I mean it's 9:00 right around 9.8 meters per second hey God listen here could you do me a favor can you take that up about two inches and just bring your hand down at a just just two inches down just so we can keep the the numbers when you bring that down and you accelerate towards the ground that number should drop oh and by the way team skeptic says bball for life said yo skeptic that was beautiful you science the shit out of him thank you for the super check it's hard to do it but the thing is that's how we know great and with that that right there is how we know that is the observable phenomenon right there that godless engineer has that shows you that gravity does exist that there is an accelerating force pulling down in fact if he was to turn that phone sideways I don't know if it reans itself or not or if it does it on the X knows the X and the y should change and the Y should be 0 and the X should be at 9.8 so here's X and then I can't show Z because Z is kind of like yeah Z yeah but he would be Z would be if you turned your phone sideways and started driving with it in a car you would see your acceleration on that you're driving in the car which if you take all of those numbers right there for our my math nerd friends like myself if you take all of those fucking numbers right there you can actually you can actually like predict which or mathematically calculate the vector at which buoyancy will align itself so if you have a fish tank or how about this a helium balloon inside of a car you can use those numbers right there to measure out and calculate out at what angle the helium balloon will lean forward when you accelerate at a certain rate can't do that just saying relative density buoyancy fucking reification you couldn't even like he couldn't even explain like math net like mathematically explain like why buoyancy occurs like I just I can't take people seriously when they don't have a basic understanding of these concepts like I don't expect like a deep knowledge of it I just would expect them to like know the formula for gravity or know like how forces are interacting with when buoyancy comes into play I mean if you would just look at the the actual calculations for buoyancy you would see a little fucking G right there that represents goddamn gravity that's right expected deep we just say that let me let me this last equation will close out for the the night Kristin forest laser beam says your money you guys need some now thank you very much so uh if you have to think again for uh for coming in GE always a pleasure we'll be back next week the counter has started so next week will be seven days with people being bitch made if you are not bitch maybe you're watching this later on and you'd like to come on please send me an email at live at non-sex show calm that's you know in seq show calm I'm Chris that he might be interested in coming back we'll see if that is the case and team skeptic will let you actually G do you have anything coming up in the week that you want to let people know about we're gonna be back to our normal you know Tuesday Bible studies so there'll be that and just you know anti resurrection shit or you know this month that's pretty much what I'm focusing on excellent and team skeptic you get the last word take a self yeah a lot of people don't know yet that me and fight the Flat Earth actually started a second channel together called science or satire and we're basically it's a little bit different we're going to be taking more of a satirical look at science at some of these pseudoscience claims as well as we can having guests on for interviews we have a segment that as we've done two shows and we have a segment that's really fuckin popular it's called my buddies and idiot so everybody in the chat says my buddies an idiot because this and we read it out so you guys should check us out like I said it's science or satire you can find us on the youtubes just science or satire and subscribe it'd be fun excellent all right guys I'll be back tomorrow with uh with mr. atheist we're gonna be taking a look at something hilarious so you're not gonna want to miss it and we have some two interesting guests that will be with us tomorrow so make sure that you join us for that if you ever wondered the the answer to this question how can you milk gold from Satan's tit I have a guy that will show you more on that next week I mean I was like can we give some gold I liked it this is [Laughter]

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  • Jason says:

    I WANT IN ON THIS!!!!!😍😍

  • Corey Hewitt says:

    Quit having nathan on shows he is a moron he says nothing and acts like a child if you want flat earth to be taken seriously you cant have people like him representing for you

  • Brian Reed says:

    Nathan is an idiot. Helium is lighter than air so it goes up. Same effect with ice in a glass of water.

  • normanderi says:

    in a balance in you put one 1kg of metal and 1kg of water which weight more? by the relative density on the flat earth the metal should do more force to the balance than the water(just in case some flat earther gets confused, density doesnt change if you add more mass, because the volume of that mass will be added too, so by relative density it doesnt matter how much mass is there, something denser will do more force to the balance in your model), in reality they weight the same so none of them do more force, they do the same, confirming the gravity formula… easy as fuck to understand even to me that didnt make any kind of high education…

  • Roy Bennett says:

    Nathan should be taken to the top of a 10 story building and then given a first hand example of gravity.

  • Scott Smith says:

    So, to Nathan and the others, an A/B question.

    A) are you one of the hucksters taking advantage of the woefully ignorant or B) one of the woefully ignorant being taken advantage of by the hucksters among you?

  • Gav Downes says:

    I believe this man wouldn't agree with a person he dislikes or distrusts, that the sky is blue (Most of the time) He'll claim a victory because lay any common ground… like language

  • Gav Downes says:

    You really need to work backwards till you find something he actually agrees with. 'Density is what up and down is" "So double the volume of air is heavier yes?" "Yes because there is more of it" Well that is volume not density. Would he agree then that get that putting 1m of air and put it into a 10m box means it is heavier because there is more volume? And then visa versa. Would he agree that changing the altitude of an enclosed solid box wont change the density of air inside? If so, then the vomit comet disproves density

  • Mark Maverik says:

    What's Nathan's "proof" for this flat earth model, the Gleason map? Nathan really thinks he had a legitimate counter-argument with his reification fallacy accusations.
    “Reification” is treating an abstraction as if it were a real thing, making it more concrete. The ultimate example is probably money: a highly abstract thing, but as real to us as bricks and hamburgers.

    We reify constantly, of course. Although reification is often defined as a “fallacy,” it’s more like a basic feature of thinking, like pattern recognition or generalization, which can be used or abused.

  • Mark Maverik says:

    Nathan definitely has the Dunning-Kruger effect and he also has an abnormal ego defense mechanism that doesn't permit him to see and or acknowledge where he has it wrong. He is lacking in a proper scientific education. He foolishly thinks he has discovered this grand deception being propped up by the "illuminati" and with this attitude he proceeds with his overbearing sophomoric skepticism of basic scientific knowledge being told to him.

  • Douglas LaFarlette says:

    Gravity is a theory like relativity. And Nathan Thompson could probably learn how to behave more appropriately. Not a good look for whatever’s your beliefs are

  • keith norman says:

    Nate does a great Mickey Mouse impression,maybe he should work for Disney. Oh! He already does!!?

  • marvin allidap says:

    I'd rather me a murderer than to be like nathan

  • MAN says:

    11:40 "I'm not in a vacuum chamber therefore they're irrelevant" broooooo

  • MAN says:

    Nathan really needs to calm down. It's like this is life and death for him.

  • HaviboX 11793 says:

    Why do we debate with people like this, that believe the earth is flat? Is it for the kicks? The laughs? Its obvious these people have some sort of brain disfunction, or had trouble fitting in society and found a home with these flat earth believers. Its crazy to see these things.

  • Gadget Dan says:

    It sounds like they could ask Nathan :"if I have 1 apple and i buy another apple how many apples do you have?" and Nathan will say :"BANANAS DON'T EXIST!"

  • Butters Stotch says:

    Nathan is like one of those characters in the movie Idiocracy. " Shut up, I'm baiting" I do not know how you guys handle these people? My father told me "smart people do not tell people they are smart and do not argue with people who do not understand" I guess he means don't waste your time.

  • Aniceto Maldonado Jr says:

    Does Nathan live in his car?

  • Aniceto Maldonado Jr says:

    As a window cleaner I've seen water molecules go up. All the time. 40 stories up, wind is a little stronger than on the ground. So when i would squeegee a window the wind would and did blow the droplets of water up.
    Im sure they did fall to earth eventually. On hot summer days I'd have to move faster to keep the water from drying on the glass and the water would form even smaller drops and would evaporate instantly. Now, that is only the water wiped off with the squeegee. The rest of the water did behave normally and just run down the side of the building…

  • MNTribeFan says:

    Arrogant ignorance is a real problem in our society right now.
    This leads people astray from understanding the importance of knowledge over marketing and how to understand the value of knowledge.
    It isn't 50/50 whether the Law of Gravity is real or not.
    The implications of arrogant ignorance range from draconian abortion laws (which also ban and/or minimize birth control) to making almost no progress on decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Frans Fourie says:

    Nathan seems like a nice guy that is totally misinformed. Perhaps if he would be open to education?

  • SuperZombiepimp says:

    Flat earth people are the same people who think trump is doing a great job as president without resourching

  • bswitza says:

    The entire arsenal of debate from flerfers is condescension and reeeee while plugging their ears! That's it.

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