Fast Friends: Pru & Chica Linda Meet for the FIRST Time! | SPIRIT RIDING FREE

you are definitely two peas in a pod is that how it was when you met chica Linda not exactly yeah I just started doing will do mom and dad said I was finally old enough for a horse of my own they knew how serious I was about the sport so they lined up the best horses for me to pick there was one little filly who already thought she was the best and boy was she eager to school me on just out that she was she taught she was very everyone but I wasn't about to lose oh wait you were competing with a horse she was goading me I've never met anyone as competitive as I was it was so irritating but then I realized we both want it to be the best we both like to win so we should work together because together we would be unstoppable we meet all the rodeo tricks she's trying to teach boomerang Q but he kept sending up in the grain truck I didn't want just any horse just any rider and ever since then she's always been my pretty girl she is beautiful which is why I named her chika Linda but I also like the quiet when I could just dream about the future

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