hello everybody welcome back to the infinite cup I am your host Robert Bretton this is the infinite cup if you're new here I make videos every single day about spirituality health and wellness I am a podcast host for the infinite cup podcast i'm on instagram check out everything right here this is the full place where all your needs for spirituality health and wellness are right here guys so in this video i'm gonna talk about the new age entering the now age we got to get away from all this new age like mumbo jumbo all this stuff I swear in somebody's these spiritual communities I hear so much just nonsense so much just spiritual bypassing so much like oh my chakras are just enlarged and oh just deal with it bro huh you know so in this video I just I want to get it through to you guys about how this isn't some mystical like New Age mumbo jumbo this is real this is yoga this is an ancient wisdom that has been around for over 5,000 years all this stuff that people talk about has been you know manipulated has been changed you know for greed for corporation for monetary gain so you really need to think about what you think you see with your two eyes and then what's real within the soul okay so many people are catering to the body changing their hair color changing their styles you know whatever and we need to get through how being in the body consciousness is only gonna get you so far okay that's what I think all this New Age mumbo jumbo is it's like oh if I just you know wear this cool shirt or talk about chakras then I'm gonna just be in it I'm gonna be you know fake it till you make it right that does not work that does not work in this you know consciousness that is available to us in 2019 on planet Earth so really what comes down to if I were to really break it down to you simply I would talk about sincerity okay I would talk about authenticity using what is most authentic to your practice that might not look you know it might be different than what your neighbors doing what your lovers doing than what your you know business people are doing so think about them think about how you can use your own path your own things that you're into right nature getting outside for me its nature getting outside really being a part of just what floats my boat right I use these things for vehicles of transformation and growth all right I've learned about nature I learned about you know studying what I'm excited about studying my passions okay and a lot of these things you know especially on YouTube you see a lot of the thumbnails a lot of these spiritual like new-age teachers and everything and you know I get it there's a lot going on there's a lot of you know mysticism to it and it's very exciting and I really just want to circle to this and circle back to like entering the now okay we gotta get away from the New Age and come back to the now I want to call this the now age all right really circling back into what makes you tick what really gives you the most what gives you the most vibrancy on this planet what makes you feel good right for me you know obviously I've been vegan for over ten years I've been practicing this for a long time this is a lifestyle this is a daily practice all right this isn't gonna happen overnight your chakras this Kundalini energy awakening is not gonna happen overnight you need to really put some thought into this contemplation okay that's where meditation comes in for me Yoga is all about meditation how to really get the most out of your life is getting out of that you know ego getting out of that small self getting out of that victim consciousness right we are all creating excuse me creating reality with our thoughts and feelings we're tied into this higher consciousness tied into this this huge thing that is available to us on planet Earth the question is what are you doing with it what are you doing with those abilities what are you doing with these powers these gifts that we all have that are available to us okay I I got caught up in the New Age stuff you know myself quite a bit there's a lot of teachers out there that are amazing and I just don't want you guys to get caught in the trap I don't want you to get caught into all the artificial stuff okay that's where meditation comes and that's where the yoga practice comes in when you do your work right there's no way around this you got to do your work your inner work what does that mean it means identifying your problems it means identifying yourself limiting beliefs it means identifying what is blocking you from living your most authentic potential what is blocking you from living in that most high vibrational state and the thing is all of that was created by you in a very specific way with your higher self with your guides to all these people to interweave these lessons these teachings into your life so you can help others I guarantee you that's what this is about this is a system right a way to really get through those blocks and everything cuz once you unblock them once you learn that truth really own it somebody else is gonna benefit from that somebody else this collective consciousness is all gonna go up together we're all gonna raise our frequency together that's what we're here to do in this now age and this new earth and this new energy that is available to us and then gonna fly anymore the whole figure to your make it thing authenticity is really what we need to hone in on at the end of the day here what makes you flow what makes you have that high vibrant high vibrational energy what makes you have all of this things that make you happy you know for me it's simple stuff like fruit eating high vibrational food alkaline diet being vegan getting outside in nature grounding so many things that you can do every single day to be aware of that energy and unlock that potential within yourself all right so many people like I said I see and I do you know coaching sessions and I'd see it every single day in public as far as just people living a fraction of the potential that they have the ability to live so that's really what we need to address guys let's get out of this new age let's step into the now age let's use these gifts let's use these practices that we have to us for transformation and growth for the highest good of all okay so many people are simply not here for growth they're just wasting away lifetimes and there's no judgement to them that's what this is called it's called samsara it's the cycle of birth and death that's how this is all orchestrated right you have to use these things use that desire system to transform yourself otherwise you're just gonna get caught in that wheel and you're gonna be right back here in a new body in a new birth cycle doing it all over again that takes so many lifetimes why not do it right now why not do this right now realize your true self here we go this is available to us yoga meditation again raw foods being vegan things that you can do every single day to uplift that vibration okay start practicing every single day bring that into the now bring that conscious breathing let's do it all let's do it all everybody because I'm tired of just the you know the excuses basically my whole life I felt like I was just you know that's a neighbor there's somebody that is like really trying to get the most out of everybody because I'm tired of people being fake I'm tired of people just you know doing that dance in life and it's only because the only reason why I'm you know talking like this is because I underst in the preciousness of this life I understand this miracle that we call the human body this miracle that we're living on planet earth right now take the most out of it seriously guys every single breath is a blessing every single breath can be used to bring more toxins out of the body more energy into the cells and let's do this together let's really create that change I mean that's what I'm here for that's what I want you guys to really understand here is like getting out of that New Age let's step into the now step into this high vibrational state that is available to you here and now thank you guys for being here thank you so much for the love thank you for everyone who's purchased my book on Amazon all the links are going to be in the description of this video thank you check out the podcast check out everything that I'm doing if you want to join the inner circle members only group on patreon that's where we do live once a month trainings really get the most talking about detoxification spirituality health lifestyle it's all here so thank you guys again for being here until next time much love peace you

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