FAITH vs. SCIENCE? (Youcat 23, 41-43)

hello we know by faith that God created the world and this truth of our faith explains the relationship that creation has to his creator in the beginning God created heavens and actually the world came to be through process of evolution of a millions of years who is this guy doctor impartial open-minded scientist PhD yet the entire universe is actually directly dependent on God the universe follows the laws that science is despair do the laws come from no God no law but without evolution we cannot explain how organisms arrived to the present fall like Homo sapiens sapiens I google that for you who asked you insolent artificial intelligence yeah as I was trying to say theology has no scientific competence and natural science can say nothing about God did you know that in one tweet you can write the other you can’t prove there’s no creator and all can you tell me specifically how the parenthesis of change in development take place in the universe world in a product of chance if you say that then you are giving up on the search for meaning the universe created in six days preposterous effects without causes random there are 67,000 miles of blood vessels in the human body enough to go around the earth two times two and a half actually faith I know whereas this certain words all simply to be the significant the most everything system science has shown us that evolutions the growth of the final form of organism over millions of years evolution takes place God’s continuous creation in natural processes you know I don’t think we’ve really contradicted each other the whole time by Jove you’re right there’s only one truth to which faith and nyan TIFF ik treason refer so you want to watch her brothers in black video brilliant the makers of Island bring you the most epic fake fight of history faith versus science fight capital u any big updates lately yes don’t pluripotent stem cells yeah I saw that that was great Cheers no we got to work together more often don’t see that selling very well it’s a bit short yeah probably not high score and I lent which level fasting jury Sheba Jenson with Jesus sometimes as Catholics we think that here on earth we just need to behave babies Popham

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