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we're asking people if if they're right with God have you thought about that before no no never thought about that at all no could I ask why I'm not really religious okay so would you have a particularly sin for that or ever happen no okay do you think you think it matters what we do in this life yeah I guess like I mean to each other okay so why would that matter from your worldview because like how you treat people is like I don't know it's just okay so do you think do you think societies that are barbaric towards each other you think that's right can be it can be Oh I mean like it's not right but I mean this society can be barbaric to each other okay so what would define it is not being right just not morally just okay but but apart from God on what basis can you impose those values of it being any more and morally unjust about you yeah and that's part of the problem right and that's that's where we as Christians say that God is the one who defines truth in all morality I don't we were jacked God everything becomes chaos and arbitrary which is what we see in our culture today and that's why we need to repent we need to turn to God and turn to Christ specifically who died for sinners and rose from the dead I mean whatever helps you live well in a sense it's a matter of living but another sense it's it's more than that it's it's not just some sort of tool to make you happier but it's it's it's what our intended purposes for us just as designed by God does that make sense yeah I gotta catch my breath though okay it was nice to meet ya cool Taylor and I hug it nice to meet you

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