Eric Chien meet the Sacred Riana

Oh so he read replies so you can face up shuffle these cards thing just imagine all the white cards for oil and records our water so if you've done this a few seconds it's just separating just like this you'll see all the black rights are now on top but the cool thing is if you take the water in oil you shake it it becomes again oh that's really amazing right but I'll take me across I'll take them to waste now you can see the cars are still nice watch Martin over here three red cards here's some can just stick in her tea blank and Gordon sure to everyone and I'm just going to put it back awesome now once again the moment I flip the cards up the four aces will fly out it'll spin 20 times the moment I catch it and spray you will see the four aces now this is going to be a little hard I'm gonna try my best okay ready 1 1 2 3 I drop some part busy 1 2 3 there we have the four aces nothing I said I'll use the four aces tell me find your card mm-hm this watch before uses will instantly melt to just one card and what was your card can you light and show it to everyone here yeah me dammit good nice I'm scared I couldn't show it to everyone it's been very short everyone make sure you guys really like it yeah now of course at the very end I'm going to try to find this card now do you know how to shuffle Technic parts yes he wouldn't shut all the cards this is trouble the cross for me now like I said in the very beginning this is actually an appointment and I'll be using this going to find your garden okay perfect now you can see on one face of the coin assist yes on the other side it says no so if I ask the coin a question I'll toss it at the point one answer the question for me and this will let me find your card for example is your cart Black Card don't don't say anything okay is your card a black card I just flip the coin it says yes your card is a black card on black hearts there's Spade and clubs is your card a spade that's left the point it says no mr. card your card Assam state mm no so it's a club now hold out your hand like this can you read catch this one like that okay yeah is your card of base card just try to catch a point perfect no is your card not a face card is your coming face card yes it is it is a basic right ha so the coin is wrong that is really interesting but you don't want at the very beginning I did say that this coin why let me find your card okay so I think it is a club so that part is right they can watch the coin drink closely so Joe surgery sir jin-tae come on come on call Leah people Maggie : but to what the ito-san to jump

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  • Sania Inez says:

    I see how he did the 4 Aces, a bit of Oil and Water, and the Coin to Card.

    But I don't quite get the vanishing coin lmao 🤣

    And I love that someone saying "ANJING, ANJING, ANJING!" at 2:10 🤣🤣🤣

  • refa lina says:

    Aduh ka itu lagu terakhir pas ka riana sama ka eric berdua berasa jleb😅

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