EP135: Holistic Health

hey guys it is Ashley Lauren and today we are going to be speaking with Jes sue can she is a holistic wellness expert i I met her at a dermatological event a couple weeks ago or we talked about how your nutrition of course affects your skin quality but also how you can prevent hormonal acne based on certain foods that you eat like I think we all have talked enough about you know how I have had acne issues and I'm like super Medicaid for it and I love being on that occasion for it but I know that when I tried to get pregnant it's not gonna be an option and she's gonna have some tips for how you can eliminate hormonal acne with just food and other other things about wellness it's just thing these days we have goop and then what is the thing that Courtney has now what's Courtney's Kourtney goop no Courtney had Gordon has Kourtney Kardashian oh sorry I should know that the one Courtney in my life is other Courtney I have know Courtney who puts our party yeah I guess I could have clarified I have another bridesmaid named Courtney as well but so I have a couple questions you're gonna start off with but first just do you want to tell us exactly what you do on a day-to-day basis sure like what's a wellness coach well thank you ladies so much for having me I'm really excited to be with you so I get the asset a lot no I'm sorry no no no and it's good because I forget that it's not really a common term still holistic health coach what does holistic mean looking at the whole picture okay so it's not a personal trainer you know I'm not just a food coach it's about mind body soul so I believe that everything that shows up on your plate the food that shows up on your plate is just a physical representation of everything else going on in your life ah if mines a sloppy joe no so if you no it's not we can eat broccoli and chicken and all the clean foods all day long but if you're not addressing the stressors in your life if you're not getting to what you're doing for your self-care on a daily basis if you're not maybe honing in on those toxic relationships that you still have it's not really going to matter what you're eating and so I believe that we have to look at the I call it the holistic picture instead of just one thing a lot of times we're told like oh you should eat this food like be keto on the next day it's like Oh be paleo be vegan or do this type of hit workout but and and people get upset because it's like well I'm not seeing the results that the Instagram model who's doing it is showing what I loved what you said during the panel during dermatological event that you're like if carbs agree with you then eat your carbs like it's not like there's certain foods that just because like some people shun them doesn't mean that like your body doesn't do it well or if it's not gonna like benefit you yeah and I think that's really my message kind of in a nutshell is that if it works for you it works and that's so basic and we just over complicate everything like we really do and I feel like that's what needs to change we have to learn to check in with ourselves and I think that you're hearing that more but what does that really mean it's like drowning out the noise like oh okay well my doctor told me to do this and then like this expert that I follow on Instagram is saying to do this and then my mom's doing this diet that wear shoes lost 40 pounds now I'm gonna do that and it's like well do you even like those things because results come from consistency and you're never gonna be consistent with something that you don't enjoy so I really enjoy pasta and I actually feel like bread and carbs disagree with my body a lot I feel like I feel the best and I have the most energy when I have them and I don't feel like they make me gain weight and I just people are like oh it's low-carb I'm like are you sure like it doesn't matter to me I don't think it matters some and that's the thing is that you it sounds like you know your body like you know that you feel energized when you eat carbs and you probably there's probably certain foods that you know don't make you feel so good like salads I'm not even kidding you so I think that like salads make me not feel good because there's like too much is there a certain kind of fiber like non-soluble like well it's probably the curse of first vegetable so like kale do you find that when you eat like kale or cauliflower I find that when I eat those things I agree with them very much when they're in a green drink but when they're actually in the salad form I get really really bloated yeah that can happen and and so if you steam it or you roast those vegetables you probably have an easier time digesting them but rock or sephorus vegetables can be really hard so that's why I can't my natural I have a holistic doctor yeah and she told me to avoid salads because you're digesting like ten things at once right and again some people are totally fine and don't have an issue but it's it's dependent upon your own body and you know with kale if you massage it and you kind of like get the juices going a little bit there I'm sometimes that can also help um you could also take like a digestive enzyme to help break it down and make it easier on your stomach so what about that myth I don't know if it's a myth that when you cook the food you lose a lot of the nutrients is that true I think it can be true if you're if you let's say that you're grilling something on like a barbecue oh um it can be it can become carcinogenic and so you do lose nutrients if you're roasting a super high temperatures and maybe not using the correct cooking oil mm-hmm but that also can be true um but I think that we get into complexities here where it's like just eat vegetables people get really hung up and they're like I have to now roast and steamed and I can't eat it right like if it doesn't feel good don't eat it raw yeah if you're gonna eat more vegetables and you steam or roast or bake do it that way right yeah no question what about drinking vegetables cuz obviously we're like we've all been talking about this like big celery juice craze so what is your take on celery juice is it all hype or is it like a real life-changer okay so I have some opinions about celery juice pill the juice so the medical medium is the guy who kind oh my god favorite Instagram that I follow really oh my god meaty the medical medium is the greatest Instagram because I have endometriosis and fibroids like have this have that eat this for that ya know and I did he's great too but he is the one who came out with this he like he made the celery juice craze I currently oh yeah that's why I like it yeah totally so um the big sort of like claim is that it really helps with like bloating and digestion and um and he says that you have to drink the celery straight you can't add any lemon or ginger or anything else because it quote unquote dilutes the medicinal properties and that's sort of the phrase I have a little bit of trouble with and like what does that do that and and I don't understand and this is just me potentially not doing enough research into it but I don't understand how adding a little bit of ginger which is extremely anti-inflammatory could we take away the effects and so if it works for you to add in a little bit of ginger and lemon that's great my other thing with it is that I'm all about sustainability so if you can do something every single day for the rest of your life awesome but I searched I did went to do a 30-day celery juice cleanse with my husband not cleanse but to do celery juice every day yeah well I say that we should probably explain to everyone listening so supposed to be on an empty stomach yeah first thing in the morning and it's supposed to be like 16 to 20 ounces which is a bag that's a time that's like a whole bunch of cells a whole mindset you yeah I started juicing I was like I'm never gonna do that that takes so much celery it does take a bit of time like if I'm going to go and make celery juice in the morning I would need to like reserve 20 minutes yeah and cleaning out of juice or gives me so much okay now the juicers saw I don't think I'll ever clean out a juicer my whole life entertain this idea yeah buying it they say that like within 30 minutes it's not as powerful yeah continue Jess you guys are honestly answered this is exactly my problem with it is I started to eat the whole challenge and it was like this thing where we go up in the morning and we'd be juicing it and like I would have to wait until my husband woke up so I wasn't waking him up so then I'd be like starving and I'm like dude like can you we need to do our celery and so we was like get up and do the celery juice and then one of us would be like I'm not it I don't want to clean the juicer and then someone else would be left cleaning the juicer and then I'd be driving I get home and I realize I don't have any celery then I'm texting him like hey can you go by the store and get celery and then a day or two would go by where we didn't have celery and then we started to feel guilty we're like oh we missed two days is that a big deal and for me a big part of my story is that I yo-yo dieted for 12 years and I help a lot of my clients break free from that and when I start to get back into that mindset of like guilt I'm just like no this isn't for me it doesn't feel sustainable it's stressing me out and I really for me personally didn't notice any major benefit but how long did you do it I did it for 15 days that's a long so I don't think that's long time oh I think that's don't you have to do it for like months oh no no I mean they they say that you think say like in a couple days a week yeah some people say in a few days it really depends but it's just the fact that maybe I would have seen a difference if I stuck it out but I also just felt like for me and my husband it wasn't something that we could maintain and so I've had a lot of clients who have also asked me but I'm like try it for yourself if you find that you're less bloated you have more energy that's awesome it means it works for you um but a lot of them are sort of relieved in hearing me say like if you feel stressed by it there's other alternatives there's things that can help you deep blow and to feel more energized that don't involve drinking celery juice but I also know if people have had incredible results with it reduce bloating last sugar cravings more energy but you've done it and you feel like I've never I'm gonna do it do it happens I like had one at like you know once a week like nothing like consistent but I think that's like good advice because people get so stressed so stress is gonna make you blow yeah yeah it doesn't work for you don't do it oh yeah that's I feel like everyone can agree that a part of being healthy is getting enough hydration throughout the day and liquid IV packs three water bottles into one water bottle so you're always hydrated I love like what IV because when I feel like I'm gonna be on a shoe or you know I'm just gonna be dehydrated and not around a water fountain or where water is provided I throw like a bunch of packets in my bag and when I'm at work I put it in one of the water bottles and I know that I'm getting enough hydration as if I would have been drinking three which is why this company is so clutch and it contains five essential vitamins including more vitamin C than an orange it has much potassium as a banana and it's just you're drinking one bottle of water what's really cool about like what IV is that they use cellular transport technology ctt and that is a specific ratio of glucose which is pure cane sugar sodium and potassium when mixed with 16 ounces of water so all this stuff helps your body absorb more of the water and nutrients you drink directly into yo bloodstream liquid IV is a healthy alternative to those traditional sugary sports drinks there's no artificial flavors preservatives like PD Lite or Gatorade which you would think to drink after like a hangover or something or during a hangover but instead for grabbing those sugary drinks you can just grab a liquid IV and it's good as drinking 2 to 3 bottles of water exactly and guys this just isn't your average electrolyte drink mix also I would recommend using these for your post-workout recovery you know how people never know like what to eat or drink after working out this is very clutch for that too so Lauren tell them where to get their discount well liquid IV is a fastest-growing hydration brand and you can find them everywhere even Costco the best place on earth and you can find them at all cost goes nationwide I love liquid IV it I know you will too so right now our listeners get 20% off at liquid IV calm when you use our code get it at checkout that's 20% off anything you order at liquid IVs website go to liquid IV comm and enter the promo code get it to get your savings in start getting better hydration that's liquid IV dot-com promo code get it don't wait get hydrated today so what is like your day to day look like when you're with the it's like a new client maybe okay so a lot of that's a really good question and a lot of my clients are actually all over the country so I do a lot of calls I only have a few clients who are actually in LA and so it depends so let's say it's like an L a client we would meet up at like a cute coffee shop or somewhere I always like to meet different places switch it up sometimes in the summer we'll do like a beach walk like a walking meeting or like a neighborhood walk just to change it up and it's different for every single person so it's kind of like my whole thing if you know what works for you is not gonna work for you it's not gonna work for you it's not gonna work for me and so I treat my clients the same way everyone's an individual and so they all come to me with different desires and goals and a lot of them initially want to lose weight or they think they want to and it becomes so much bigger than that so initially we might start talking about I mean if it's a new client what I always do is okay what I want to start with is a day in the life like from morning tonight what do you wake up feeling like are you bouncing out about it with energy like do you eat first thing what are you eating maybe you work out first of all like walk me through the day and I just ask a lot of questions I'm just to get a feel for what their habits are how they're feeling what's their mood like what are they you know what if their relationships like so it really gives me like a really nice picture a little glimpse into their lives and then from there I can start to pull things I'll be like oh I've noticed that you say that you crave sugar every night like around 9 o'clock well maybe that's because you're waiting way too long in between lunch and dinner and and at both of those meals you're eating super carb heavy entrees and you're spiking your blood sugar levels and all of a sudden which you're crashing your blood sugar is dropping and you want you know you want sugar and they're feeling like oh well I need to just not eat any dessert and I just need to like white-knuckle it and I feel terrible if I do and I know I'm bad and I hear these words all the time like I cheat I'm bad like have no willpower and it's like it's not you have to take that away and start to become a compassionate detective into your own body like why is it that I'm craving sugar at night it's it's okay that you're craving sugar but like let's look at the rest of your day and figure out why and then can we find it awesome swap out like the beauty bar chocolate that you could have at night instead and so then it really goes into like maybe it's a mom who puts her kids in front of in front of herself and everything else in her life and so she doesn't leave time in the morning to make herself a healthy breakfast so she's like running by Starbucks and grab a breakfast sandwich every morning and or maybe she's not working out and she feels I'm you know like she should be but she doesn't have time because her family comes first and she has to be home to make dinner so it's like well how can we find time so it goes into all these different directions and from there it's like we create a powerful magnetic visualization is what I call it so it's you know painting a picture of how you want to be feeling what do you want to be wearing that you're not wearing right now who do you want to be hanging out with what music is playing where are you I are you on the beach like are you in your favorite place I'm you know are you slipping on shorts really quick and I tank top and running out the door versus like going crazy in your wardrobe not figuring out what to wear um how are your energy levels you know just really painting that magnetic visualization and then they really want to be there and it's like a magnet versus like I want to lose ten pounds by X date like that is so daunting it's not fun you're starting to think about what you have to give up and so if you create a visualization of what you want then you can start to create goals for yourself I'm with positive verbage so whaling is positive herbage with action steps to go with each goal so how are you going to accomplish that goal and by what date and then action steps are fun like things that they would look forward to versus like having to give stuff up and so that's kind of how it goes then every two weeks they work on those goals with those action steps and we have free messaging in between so they can message me like if they're going on to eat they want to send a menu they're excited about something they want to share like it's whatever they need and betwee sessions what's like a positive action goal example cuz all I can think about one comes dying news like you don't get to eat that you don't get to eat that and you have to work out and you have to do this right so let's say that you recognize that you're eating all your meals out and you're like every time I eat out I'm grabbing something that's fast or on the go I'm probably not healthy and it's not serving me I I feel like junk so ok you want to cook more at home as what you're saying right so maybe their goal is I want to cook more meals from home it could stop there and it's like ok great like do that and I'll see you in two weeks but no how are you gonna do that um if you're not cooking any of your meals from home it's probably not realistic to give you a ton of recipes where you're gonna have to be struggling through I'm saying like is thirty minae yeah that's like so what do I do cuz I hate cooking I really have time to go to the grocery store sometimes I'm like traveling so I'm like you know I'm gonna go two days I'm sorry I'm gonna eat off honey nut cheerios because I don't want to buy all these groceries that are gonna go bad so it's like yeah what is basically what I does my next question is like how do you have like any like not happy fine but how do you do all of this because like when I read like health magazines and stuff I'm like oh I want to do that no I do that no I do that but I'm like that I feel like being your full wellness self is like a full-time job if I will if like I did the juices and I made the food and I worked out and like I did like the beauty things that make me happy it's like stay-at-home wife yeah like that's all I could think of because I'm not a woman the stay-at-home woman I really don't get it that's the name of our podcast I don't get it so I don't it's so funny because it's like this running joke in my family like oh but Jess you love to cook like you cook everyone dinner because I'm a health coach and I make a lot of meals from home but I hate cooking really yeah and I'm not a baker I'm not like spending 20 minutes like making sure free cookies like I eat this chocolate you know I'm not like That's not me and I'm super busy so I know that I need quick go twos and that's what a lot of my clients need to so I'm all about so here are like my top tips over paper writing ever wanna simplify your life and get a meal delivery service okay if you want to cook more meals from home and you want to learn like you want to feel like you're cooking you want to have like a night with your significant other and like you know feel like you made something for each other get Sun basket because Sun basket is all organic wild caught fish grass fed me like super high ingredient quality ingredients let's look at hello fresh or like a blue apron yeah don't you cook yourself to some basket you come back but no I'm gonna give me more this is just one this is like the I want to learn how to cook but I don't want to like figure it out myself right the recipes usually take like 20 minutes or last summer like 30 or 40 but you throw on a playlist that you like I love French cafe or like that's such a guitar put in old Cuban music oh yeah and then light candles and just pull it out and I am Telling You my husband does not cook he doesn't like to cook it's the only time in our whole relationship I'll come home and he's like do i minister at the sun basket it's just so easy and all the recipes are something I would never make because they're really creative and so that's a nice one if you have like let's say 30 40 minutes and you want to cook something and like plate it and feel really good about it that's great another one um would be you could do like a daily harvest if you are really someone on the go which does like smoothies and they have bowls and I need to try those you have your nose they're good it looks good the commercials really she's are eating like I gotta try some clients who are super busy and love that for like weeks on the go I need to do that so that one's good another one the airfryer like okay I've had an air fryer in that haven't made anything with it yes yes so the air fryer like a crock pot kind of thing no no no so like I got an insta pot thinking it was gonna be easy it was way too complicated for me so I replaced it with the air fryer and just to give you like just to show you how easy it is my sister who's my best friend and also I work with her in business she is she does not like to cook she is like the easier the better super lazy when it comes to cooking and she like I've given her recipes in the past or she's like nope three two steps too many not gonna do it and so the air fryer she and her fiance are like spokespeople for it I'm creaming in my ear she's like get their fryer so I just got it and it's so easy like you either in chicken with like seasonings on the top sweet potatoes that I cut up to make like sweet potato fries on the bottom some like Brussels sprouts put some like oil on them some seasonings you click like literally the chicken icon no yeah I don't it's where did you buy I do not what wait you I don't have cable actually I was gonna say infomercials for this thing y'all wanna watch infomercial it's all low calorie it's like just ah no it's yeah it's not I love that you can put the chicken in the same place you're putting that's what it is what's the guy that says Bama like I'm not an awesome okay so we all know that we should be taking our vitamins to supplement our diet right Lauren yes but the thing is how do you know like which vitamin to take well I take ritual because they're obsessively researched it's actually really quite confusing to figure out what vitamins you need and what nutrients you need which is why ritual is literally the greatest invention women deserve a clean effective multivitamin that they can trust and when Kat Schneider realized that this didn't already exist she decided to create her own and then that's when she founded ritual and instead of taking like a handful of five to eight vitamins a day to get all of those nutrients ritual has put them into two easy capsules a day you can order them online at ritual calm for around one dollar a day which is insane because that's like thirty dollars a month which is about like if you go to the CVS you look at the vitamins they're like $38 for a whole thing that's only one of them I'm actually one of the vitamins you need and in ritual it's one dollar a day for everything in one two capsules it's wild so the ritual capsules contain nine nutrients that are honestly hard to get enough of every day even with the healthy diet so even if you're like you know keeping track of all the omegas and everything you should be having chances are you're not getting all of them which is why rituals amazing and instead of taking a handful of five to eight like Lauren said you should just take one so you guys can order online at ritual calm for around one dollar a day like Lauren said it's delivered straight to your door and it helps you stay on track with your new healthy habit what I love about ritual is that they have a no nausea design so they're gentle on an empty stomach so when you wake up you can take these so you won't forget and it won't make your stomach feel yucky the reason why I love it is honestly because it's you know it's 2019 it's a subscription service guys so I never have to like remember to drive to the pharmacy and go get something like whenever I'm out of vitamins it's like I'm genuinely living a healthier life because once I run out the ritual is right at my door you've no excuse not to shake your butt exactly so guys that is why Lauren and I think that you guys should definitely give ritual a try especially if you feel like you don't take vitamins or you get nauseous by taking them or you're just too lazy to go get them this is the answer to all those issues try ritual today because you'll get an exclusive offer for temper sent off your first three months all you have to do is visit ritual dot-com / get it to start your ritual today that's 10% off your first three months at ritual dot-com / getting um so you could put like raw chicken in there and it cooks the raw my gosh yes like restaurant quality okay and like you don't worry about it being like pink inside it's just like I mean if you cut it like my husband cooked a big-ass yeah mistake on in the airfryer and it was like slightly pink and so he just threw it back in for a couple more minutes it was fine but I mean it truly is like the first night we did it he was could not stop he's like get it on Amazon or the one on the bigger why they're not that expensive either no it was like 90 bucks maybe last like maybe 70 so that get that and then rotating like super simple meals I always tell people to come up with like five things that you know that you like that are really easy so like a go-to for me for people who wanted to do like a little lower carb there's a pasta it's not really a pasta but it's called panini and it's made out of hearts of palm and it's just like what's the parts of palm like you know artichoke okay it's like that and it's you like linguini like strip like noodles that's alright and and then you can just like it comes in these cans on Amazon you just rinse it off throw it in a pan like add whatever sauce vegetables you want like shrimp and just cook it and it's done in ten minutes so that's a great one rice bowls like either real rice or cauliflower rice like throw that in think about like okay do you want an Asian night okay cool do you like avocado you can't like think about what is Asia and what can you throw on there Mexican okay black bean salsa guacamole throw that on there super fast if you have a rice cooker so those kinds of things and then lastly instacart instead of like the best thing ever because you can order all your groceries on it and you pay I think it's 90 bucks for the whole year there's no delivery no service charge when you pay the membership that's is yeah you go on and like in my area there's air one there's bonds there's sprouts there's like CBS and you choose everything you want and then different grocery stores and one shopper will go to all this story why the end of millennial is the best it's just so sad holy Society is what I love we also have that sponsor it's like the ugly fruit and the ugly vegetables Oh imperfect protein imperfect produce so another that I use that too yeah great so here we are great advertisement for our advertisement yeah I love him perfect and one thing I'll say on the instacart okay so how many times do you go into a grocery store and maybe you've just hit the gym and you're really hungry or maybe you haven't and you're starving but you don't get the temptation you don't get the temptation of the grocery store because you dislike order it online I know I'll like sweat like jillion tons in Pilates I'll go to Target and I'm like half a goldfish bag D perform at the register yeah and I'm like wow what was the point baguette so it's good I'll be in the aisle and I'd be like I know you want it don't get it I want it don't get it yeah I want to don't get it I'm just staring you're like ariana grande or you leave and you're like you get home and it's like you have everything but both the toilet paper which was like the thing that you really needed yeah because you're so hungry and so I think if you could just go on there and you're like okay it's Sunday what do I want for the week and just select and if they're out of something they'll swap it with something else that you approved they'll even text you and be like hey there's no organic chicken I'm swapping it for this stuff like is that cool and if you get them before they leave the store you can make changes honestly those things if you can just have like a combined effect of all that like I have some basket every week that does three meals instacart for all the groceries the air fryer for the easy stuff and then allow myself to eat out when I want to yeah I guess eating out is my big other question I feel like in order to have a social life you have to like eat with your friends and then we never choosy anything healthy with your friends cuz that stuck so like even today I thought it was okay I was like okay well I have my fattening me on the plane today so I'm actually just gonna eat like greens for the rest of the day I really really thought this and then Courtney texted me she goes we have was a called nocturnal eats we have nocturnal eats like I'm gonna go pick some up before I didn't cover thank you I'm not gonna say no thank you she goes it's a really like late night junk food and I'm like well I should say no but I'm like I'm not gonna say no she's gonna bring it over why hey it's so much better when it's free I can't see another freeze I wasn't gonna say why why do you feel bad about it like I guess I would start there I feel bad about it because I feel like it's not an occasional thing I feel like I'm constantly at places where food is available for me in my picking and maybe I wasn't in their workplace like they'll be like muffins and don't and bagels and always office snacks out and you're just like oh well it's sitting there and like it looks really good I'm just gonna have this I mean it's your like it's gonna get me through my workday I think a lot of food gets you through your workday you either for me I'm like oh it's a it's a rough day you can eat this and then or you had a long day I can't wait for you to come home and then just like pick out mm-hmm yes I mean that goes again to maybe just not being set up for success in some ways like I call it scripting your setbacks so if you know that you have a trip coming up and you're going to the airport that only has unhealthy food options that are gonna make you feel super bloated and gross when you get off the plane that's a bad script your setback would be planning to pack a little bag of snacks we think you already enjoying something yeah yeah but stuff that you like to like I always pack a protein bar like a bulletproof protein bar or some mixed trail mix like all mixed macadamia nuts with cacao nibs and coconut flakes and make like a tropical trail mix or I'll bring like avocado and crackers like just having a little bag of stuff and not butter packs like with apples stuff that you actually like and that way you can enjoy that your digestion is gonna be better on the plane you're not gonna feel so bloated when you get off and you can save that actual good meal for when you're eating at a restaurant that you're excited about an excess okay so I have a we love your food since this podcast is obviously you know surrounded around health I want to talk about the most important component of Health to me personally which is my mental health so we came across this company called better help that all three of us are obsessed with and we really really want we really are behind we really want to encourage you guys to check it out so better help is online counseling and the reason why I love it is because you guys know I go to dr. Mike but dr. Mike is a very busy man and he's sometimes not available and what's really cool is that you can connect with professional counselors in a safe and private space online it's so convenient you can get help on so many things from depression stress and anxiety relationships sleeping trauma anger family conflicts grief self esteem and anything you share is confidential and it's so convenient because they connect you with over 3,000 US licensed therapists across all 50 states I went on recently because I just got a lot of anxiety I've been getting like a lot of great opportunities and I feel like my confidence level hasn't really rised to like the opportunities I've been getting and sometimes I get a lot of anxiety going into stuff and it really helps to talk to someone that sometimes it just helps to talk to a stranger absolutely you know you know you know about that there's also for communication modes you can text chat phone or video whatever one you feel helps you get your emotions across better you should do that I feel like I do the video more often just cuz I can understand or feel what other person singing through video and they're available at on desktop mobile web Android iOS apps and you can schedule video in phone sessions you can start communicating in under 24 hours after you sign up they have broad expertise in the network which may not be locally available in many areas also there's financial aid available for those who qualify because we know that therapy can be very expensive so this is a more affordable way to get that it's secure convenient professional and best of all it's truly an affordable option I don't get it listeners get 10% off your first month with discount code get it so why not get started today guys go to better health comm slash get it all you have to do is fill out a questionnaire to help them assess your needs and get matched with the counselor that you will absolutely love that's better help calm slash get it do you I know you guys might want to talk more about food should I wait for my question doesn't really have to do with food should we stay on the food training a little longer um whatever let's keep flowing with our thoughts okay I was curious to know cuz you brought up normally it starts out with people coming to you and saying like I want to lose a lot of weight but then you said it ends up turning into like something that's so much bigger and more than that so I'm like more interested in like what you help people with like spiritually and mindset wise and when it comes to like stress you know what I mean after all the food stuff cuz obviously it's like a party developed their problems with food because of an issue yeah yeah that's like the part I'm interested in but if you have more questions on food well I guess my last thing was like I know that I'm setting myself up for failure by by doing what your what I do yeah but how do I like create willpower when I see a free bagel to not say yes to it so well power is kind of BS because I don't I really don't believe in willpower I think that you're not gonna do something you don't want to do you know and so I think that and that's sort of like a guilty word that I hear a lot like I don't have the willpower or like you should just have the willpower and then it makes you feel like you don't and so I think it's more that let's say you like really want the bagel yeah and you're like damn that looks so good I really want it just stop take 30 seconds to be like what do I really feel like right now if I take away what the little voice in my head is saying I shouldn't or should be doing if I take away like the pressures from what I've heard on the podcast if I take away all those pressures and I just focus on what I really feel like and then the second question is how do I want to feel afterwards so if I want to feel really energized and light and I know that eating a bagel and cream cheese kind of weighs me down and I'm gonna be hungry two hours later maybe I can take but I still really want it maybe I eat half the bagel with cream cheese and I do like half an avocado on the side with some salt and pepper to give me a little bit of fat to slow the absorption of the blood sugar spike so like okay just kind of or maybe you check-in and you're like I really want this bagel and cream cheese right now and it's okay if I don't feel so great afterwards because I really want it for dinner I'll just that's where I'll have my greens and I'll eat like more of a balanced meal I feel that's what I usually try to do just really you can have this now but you can you have to have something better later I think that's taking 30 seconds it's probably really beneficial I know that like each cravings supposed to last like 20 minutes like if you'd like what that thought pass and then you'd like think about having that food again 20 minutes later doesn't sound as enticing so I think like 30 seconds you're like okay do you really want do you like really do you think you're on thirty seconds and go through the process I know for me I feel like I get those cravings but I feel like it's because I'm not fixing something else really yeah – but related only yeah mine's like I think stress related or procrastinating like if I'm like really stressed about doing something I'm like well I'm a human I need food so I must be stop this right now but I have to nourish myself and then I'll sit back down after the bagel and cream cheese not like the foie gras now I have to go get a green chip yeah like it's like everything around it oh my yeah yeah I think when you get stressed do you feel like that'll kind of help you like that's like they don't mate it'll make you feel better I mean it's kind of like yeah it's like it's almost like an instant gratification in the moment like it's like a way to feel good in a moment yeah something that tastes really good I mean but this is strictly to food but the issue is is like I feel like the way we live I'm like always gonna be stressed like how am I never not really gonna be stressed yeah I know so I think your question is more about like how do you reduce everything around it so that I'm not like running to eat the bagel and cream cheese yeah because of other reason it's a comfort it's totally a comfort thing yeah yeah yeah it's a comfort thing because food is comforting and when things are really hectic and stressful well one you increase your cortisol levels which can actually make you crave sugar more and so if you're craving sugar carbs are also sugar because carbs turn to sugar in the body and that makes sense that it comes from a stress response but then also you're getting that dopamine hit if you are going for carbs and sugar that makes you feel instantly better and so that's I mean that's one of those are a couple of the reasons but it is also just kind of like I want to get my mind off of this let me just go eat something that tastes really good and feel happy for a second that is that dopamine hit as well but I think it really it's about like dopamine pens like vape and that's a great idea what do you grab it out loud because you might have a business plan there guys how amazing that before I don't need to eat the say going cream cheese I'll just take a hit of dopamine it's like Millennials now I mean well the thing but it's not no no I mean like it's like nicotine pen yes oh my god we're gonna start selling the fridge just like the smells of come out have you guys seen no never and this is a random podcast but have you guys seen the water scent it's like s Z ent I'm not affiliated with them at all but they have these different flavored waters there's like passionfruit lemon lime and I've been drinking them for a while I get them at events and stuff and I'm like oh you know that's Hashem for you like it tastes like a hint of whatever is it called hint no because we had we had a sponsor called him yes I have to at my events but this one is sent and and I one of the founder was at an event that I was a part of and she was like oh did you know what makes this water so different is that the little like like that when you unscrew it like you know the piece around it at the top that's scented with passion fruit or lemon or lime and there's no scent in the water it's just water so it's showing that like your sense of smell has such a big correlation to like your taste and so if you just smell it you think that you're drinking it yeah I like that yeah it sounds anorexic to me well right I'm not you don't say that not that you know what I'm saying but it's like let me yeah I think the reason is a lot of waters that have those scents in them they're like unnatural flavors they're chemicals so it's just a way to get pure water and yeah interesting I'd like to try it yeah so hey sent out there send us a– okay well speaking of eating disorders so you said to yo-yo dieted did you have anything disorder I don't think I ever thought that I had it eating disorder but I think anytime you're restricting your calories super super low that is an eating disorder low for you I mean it when okay so the most intense thing I've ever done is this thing called HCG where you inject yourself with HCG shots in your stomach which is a hormone that apparently I'm pregnant women produce that helps to satiate you so that you're not hungry and then you eat 500 calories a day and so like my lunch was like a can of tuna and then breakfast is like two eggs I mean it was so limited and it was it was terrible and I did it because you're supposed to be able to lose 30 pounds in 30 days where do you get this so I was a health consultant for a national weight loss clinic and it was one of the programs that they rolled out it still exists and in places and and yes you will lose weight but you're eating 500 calories and you will put it right back on the darting did you feel longer well the hcg kind of see shoots you a little bit but I felt like super weak shaky I was taking clients and I would forget what I was saying dizzy I had side effects like where it's one day of straightening my hair and realized that my arm hurts so bad to hold my hand up because I was so fatigued in a week and would like climb up the stairs and felt like I ran a marathon and it was like okay this clearly isn't isn't healthy and it's not working for me and I did lose weight but then I put a lot of it back on because there's no transition out of that and so that to me was an eating disorder and then I went from there to like a thousand calories and 1200 calories at one point I was eating 1200 calories a day and working out two hours a day and just really like I would eat an egg and I would take the yolk out I would eat two eggs take the yolk out and put salsa in it and that was my breakfast before two-hour workout and so a nice experience leads you to do what you're doing now is that kind of how you found yeah a stick yeah I mean it's a long story but just I'll give you like really quick um cliff notes I guess um I started yo-yo dieting in high school when I was like 17 or 18 about to go into college and Ted quit all sports like I was on swim team volleyball but with eating at Taco Bell and like doing all this stuff with my friends and then all of a sudden like overnight I put on thirty pounds and my mom was the one who came to me and was like Jess you put on a lot of weight in a short period of time a little bit worried and so rather than go the route that she would have had me go which was balanced eating you know the healthy way I just hid it from her and I found out about yo-yo dieting I started taking diet pills I started restricting my calories I started doing all different diets and that went all the way through college out of college and even into when I met my husband and then I went into when I moved to LA like five years ago I got into working in PR and marketing and actually like influence their outreach and digital marketing all that stuff I was so stressful and so overwhelming that I developed really severe debilitating migraines and I was in and out of doctors offices who gave me prescription pills that didn't work it just caused it to come back the second they wore off and I just sick of feeling like and I was skipping lunches to work through lunch break on my computer I would never go with my co-workers to lunch I would just sit and ether I would like eat a piece of turkey bacon with a rice cake for breakfast and drink four cups of coffee and I just finally was like something has to give I know better than this I was raised by health educator mother I ate very healthy growing up I have all the tools I've done it before like I need to get I need to get better like this and I need to get back to work and I don't want to feel like this and so I basically threw all the medication down the toilet and went on this like holistic eating plan and it was kind of like a elimination to figure out what was going on with my head and through that process I learned so much and I really felt like I cured myself of the yo-yo dieting of the migraines and I decided I want to help other women do the same thing so while I was at my PR job I'd be researching like certifications and signed up for this Institute for Integrative Nutrition to go to school there I had like multiple talks with my parents my sister and they were like do it you know my husband was like just do it like we've all got your back like just quit and so I just took a major leap of faith quit my job like got a bunch of side hustles like a ton of side hustles while I grew my business and that was about three and a half years ago and since then it's really grown from like private one-on-one coaching to I do a lot of events retreats I partner with my mom who's a hormone health educator and my sister who's now the founder of that business your hormone balance so we work to help people balance their hormones naturally and so it really is like I feel like my purpose is to help other women see that it doesn't have to be so hard and that it doesn't have to be so black and white and you don't have to restrict yourself all the time like you can find a place of balance that works for you and you can still have wine and tacos and pizza but but also find a way of eating that really works for you long-term and so I just I know that's what I meant to do that's so beautiful do you feel like at all I know we talked about for this whole time but you think it all stems from like starting with food then you can get all sorts of food I don't think it all started with food I think food can be the cattle it like it food is sort of like that thing that we can control and so we want to control we think if I eat X calories or this type of food like I can control the outcome and when I'm out of control that's when I don't feel good and I feel guilty and I can't maintain anything and but I think it starts with the deeper things going on it starts with your self-worth it starts with why are you restricting yourself like did someone make you did you feel restricted when you were younger you know is it do you have a lot of pressures from the person that you're with to look a certain way and therefore you're restricting yourself like why are you why are you doing it in the first place is it stress you know is it that you've never been taught how to eat for your body type is it that you are comparing yourself to your sister like what is going on and like getting to the root and then from there sort of like working out like okay how do we reduce the stress in your life like how do we have those difficult conversations with the toxic friends or family members in your life how do you set boundaries like what is self-care look like for you how do we create space doesn't always look like a massage and a facial like that cost money and we don't always have enough time for that so like the total basics of self-care like just getting back to that and as when you dig into all those other pieces it becomes so much more than just the food and as a result you start to want to eat better because you're feeling better and you start to make better choices and so I think focusing on the food first and telling you what you should and should not eat is kind of doing you a disservice like it's not gonna last long term what can people do that like maybe can't afford to have like a holistic doctor like how could they find out how to help themselves on their own a holistic doctor like a coach or any economy or wellness coach yah so I think well first of all I think research is good but I also can be too much Shh when you are constantly reading different articles or listening to different experts it's hard to form your own opinion so I think just really starting like I said I'm you know going back to the basics like what feels good in my body maybe thinking back in time when did you feel the best what did that look like what were you doing and I think a really easy tip is to keep a food in mood Journal so food food and I actually really like the way that you put that hand in hand so I created one because I have yeah I have a lot of clients who have tracked their calories on apps and I've done it to like My Fitness Pal and it's just like the worst and if you don't check in one day you're like well I ruined the whole day I'm not even gonna try anymore or like if it's not if the place that you're eating out at doesn't it on the app you're just like oh my god like tomato plus so I think the food in me journal is really great because you can write down what did you eat and how did you feel before and afterward mmm and then and also I have the mark little things like what liquids did you drink like how is your sleep what was your energy like and then you can go back at the end of each week or month I mean end of each week would be great and start to track habits and patterns like oh wow I'm super hungry and I'm super hangry like on the days where I have this for breakfast but I'm actually way more satisfied when I have this other thing like when I don't sleep while I'm tending to go for way more sugar um you know and so it's it's just really looking at the food in mood as a reflection and then that can help you to see like okay this is what's working this is what's not and it's not just all about the food okay so do have any more spiritual questions that no you bribe something but I do want to give her mom about 15 minutes to talk about hormones okay so we're gonna give your mommy a call okay hi mom so I'm sitting here with the ladies if I don't get it podcast we've had so much fun chatting all things holistic health and we wanted to call you in to ask you a couple of questions and if you willing to chime in and answer like yes tell me everything so they get really in here – oh yeah you should get Riley in we have a little Snoodle and she had this noodle um well I guess I guess I got a question for you so you're the hormone expert and I have been on spironolactone Anora try cycling for the past eight years and before my my cystic acne and at the dermatological event you talked about how you can ease cystic acne with what's the vegetables called curse or suppress cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower and kale can you explain how that works or audience yeah but I mean for one thing that's the first thing you'd want to know is if your hormone levels are you know if your testosterone or estrogen levels are high as we can determine through testing then you know we make those kinds of recommendations because you've got the symptoms and then we've confirmed the symptoms with the actual imbalance that we can detect through the testing and then based on that that's the kind of recommendation that's I mean that's a pretty benign recommendation because it's really just nutrition but it's been shown that you know there are many things you can do to reverse cystic acne hormonal E but as it happens research has shown that there's an active ingredient in cruciferous vegetables called indole-3 carbinol and crucifer ZAR like cauliflower cabbage brussel sprouts help me here just from Camp Rock Lee and kale and so those in particular have been shown in the research to actually promote proper or let's say to improve the metabolism of hormones because you know everything in the body has to be metabolized we want to use it and we want to lose it we don't want to store and in particular with hormones when we store hormones in in the system like if there's too much testosterone being stored in our tissues our skin breaks out if there's too much estrogen being stored or recirculated we get you know too much inflammation which contributes to things like what your you know the acne you're talking about so we want to help metabolize those properly we want to assist the liver and for some reason you know chemistry shows natural physiology shows that it's assisted this metabolism is assisted by cruciferous vegetables it's also assisted by anti-inflammatory eating habits etc but there's something called dim which is that you know there's indole-3 carbinol which is that active ingredient and then there's actually a supplement called dim which refers to another active ingredient of cruciferous vegetables which you can actually use as a supplement because when you're when you're talking about eating crucifer STUV all you've got to saute them or steam them you don't want to eat them raw because they can interfere with thyroid function and you can't be eating two pounds of broccoli every day so though you want it learning so limiting with supplementing with tim is one way to you know cut to the chase okay so you and your daughter have a company which helps girls figure out their hormone levels which can tell them what they should eat to better balance themselves in almost every aspect of life so what is the company called and how do we send in our hormones to you okay well just let me go back a little bit because I am a health educator and I've been working in the field of hormones and by the way balancing before you go on your name is Candace Burch I don't know if we said that this is Candace burg yeah my name is Candace J Burch haha and and Jessie's name used to be birds to know but you guys are thank you but anyway I started what we our little company is called your hormone balance and I started that after 15 years of working as a director of education at a huge hormone testing lab in Portland Oregon so I worked with biochemists I worked with practitioners compounding pharmacists as the whole world of women's health and hormonal health was changing and we had the influx of functional medicine and integrative medicine and so I learned from all of those people but my frustration was that I never really got to talk to women as much as I would like to so we started your hormone balance and it's a simple it's a simple process that we offer to women we have a test that tests saliva hormones in saliva which is really the most accurate way to test hormone levels because you're it's a non-invasive method that doesn't cause stress and we're measuring stress hormones like cortisol and we're measuring estrogen and progesterone and testosterone and we want to measure in saliva because that saliva has active hormone levels in it that we can capture in salivary gland so it's also non-invasive and it's also important to collect those hormones at home because we want to test the minute you wake up in the morning then again at noon in the evening and at bedtime so I send your hormone balance sends you a simple kit where you can have their four tubes in it and you test all of those hormones over the course of one day at a particular time in your cycle if you are a woman who's having cycles younger women are going to test days 19 through 21 of their cycle but then when you test your hormones you you send the key actually easy to put all the saliva samples back in the kit nail it through regular mail if you can believe it but we do this all over the world regular mail back to the lab which is in Portland the lab analyzes the results sends the test results to me and then get on the phone with you and we talked through your results together so that you know you don't get a test it is because most people I just had someone the other day say to me I can't believe I actually get to talk to somebody you know that can take me through these results so that it's not just you know numbers that I don't know what to do with so we talked through then we talked through the whole test and we talked about how you know these levels are indicative of particular imbalances and then we tie those balances back imbalances back to the symptoms that you're experiencing and then we follow up with an action plan based on what showed it for the test results here's your action plan and it's a full on you know lifestyle stress management eating for balance supplements that we know all-natural that do not need a prescription they may include bioidentical hormones like progesterone cream they may include an herb called vitex chase berry they may include something like dim that we were talking about for the skin and you know just a whole what we know in the world of hormone balancing works and so you're kind of you know we really point you in the direction of what you need to do to rebalance and and deal with you know get rid of those symptoms because so many women are told oh well you know you need to be on spironolactone forever or on birth control forever if you have acne or if you have PCOS you put on something else it's just you know there are natural ways to deal with these things and they're a little bit more sure I'm just saying I'm so done with this I love like the the natural approach to it so other than skin what are some other things that are hormones affect that people may not be thinking of I would assume sex drive and then yeah like polycystic ovarian syndrome which we were just talking about that of course is hormonal II that has a lot of symptoms what is yeah what's the main reason why woman maybe our age were in you know everyone listening is probably most likely in their early 20s or early 30s or 40s like what is the biggest reason to get your hormones I said yeah that people come to you well you know I think people come to it it's been a journey you know for a long time women didn't talk about these things they just kind of suffered with mood swings and you know I'll name some of the symptoms now but you know for younger women it's often being tired all the time or tired and wired like cute you know hard to drag yourself out of bed but can't fall asleep at night gaining weight when you're trying to eat right and exercise that you're still gaining weight or you've got this belly fat but you can't get rid of having heavy painful horrible periods that incapacitate you and keep you at home from work or school or irregular periods acne skin breakouts mood swings terrible you know what I call Pass me the shotgun PMS where you know I talk to women all the time and that's that's younger women and so I'm finding a lot of younger women have these terrible symptoms that even put them in the realm of you know women who are much older who are in perimenopause and menopause where they're actually even suffering with vaginal dryness or they've got mood swings that are so bad they're just like describing themselves as dr. Jekyll and mr. Hyde every cycle or they cannot sleep having insomnia you know and and low libido is a constant complaint that I hear and so often from women who just got married or who are engaged and about to get married and they're really worried because they have no libido and they're wildly attracted to their partner and yet you know they get in the mood so there's there's a lot of these you know different symptoms for older women I mean women and not older but women in their 40s that's the perimenopause roller coaster years when hormones actually do start to shift because ovulation is becoming more erratic in the lead-up to menopause the problem is that can take eight years ten years and it you've got somebody who's really got a very stressful life and doesn't sleep and doesn't eat right and skips meals and all that it can be made she's been worse so a lot of those women are are really bouncing off the walls with symptoms that are making their life miserable so they reach out for help they're looking for help and I'm happy to say that a lot of women are asking more questions now they're not allowing their doctors to tell them oh here you know take it at a birth control pill or and by the way I've talked to women and their 50s who are still on a birth control pill or here's an antidepressant and so many women will say but you know I'm not depressed I like my life why am I on an antidepressant so this this is a conversation that is has been kind of kept under wraps for years but I think I'm happy that you gals in young you know now that you're in in your 20s and 30s you know we didn't learn this stuff in sex ed or even in health education classes we didn't nobody talked about this but you guys are talking about it and you're putting it on your podcast and you're getting out the message and I'm really happy for that and I think a lot of you are also talking to your moms and saying mom you need to get a handle on this you know it's it's getting it's getting better and for older women it's really important to get their hormones in balance because hormones rule you know they rule our mental physical emotional lives and they are also very protective of our heart our brain our bones our muscles we need them and we need them to be in the right amount and not out of balance and you know it's pretty important conversation I definitely want to urge our listeners to go to week what's the website again your hormone balance calm bill you don't know god how much is it that is inexpensive it you know we try to do everything we can to make it palatable or budgetable so we have installment payments etc we have frequent just we have it we have a sale going on right now we have so we right now are changing our we have a sale this week but I think the podcast might be out afterwards but that being said if if people want to go to your home imbalance calm there's a hormonal imbalance quiz that they can take so when they get to the website they take a quiz that kind of gives them a result of like how out of balance they might be and from there just from taking the quiz you get a $50 off code emailed to you so you can take $50 off any of the packages so that's a really great way of going about it and I think with everything that's included if you were to go to a functional medicine doctor where you know and it wasn't covered by insurance you would pay a lot more out-of-pocket and with you be saying oh yeah oh yeah and so with our kits um we have one which is you're getting your hormones tested via saliva so all of the tests when you test your hormone levels it's through an at-home kit that we mail out to you so you collect from the comfort of your couch or ever you want to be like 23andme yeah yeah that's right and saliva just throughout the day and then once your results once you send your results in and they come back from the lab then you'll schedule a consult with my mom and you'll go over the results with her she'll tell you what it all means and then give you some action items that you can do to start working on rebalancing right away in addition to that action plan that she described that has natural herbs and supplements lifestyle suggestions foods and you know kind of that holistic reaching we know everything science knows I'm obsessive I think this is genius cuz I feel like we as a society just want to rely on like medication the rest of our lives which one is expensive but two doesn't like fix like the root of the issue of what you're trying to fix and I think that's really cool and I'm so happy that everyone knows that they can do this now thank you and also what's cool about our partnership is that it started that my mom had this business and and then once I became a health coach it was kind of like oh well it's obvious we should start working together and so we created a package which is the the regular package but then we called it the weight balanced package and it includes a session with me and a vitamin D test and then my 20-day sexy sugar cleanse which I created to help people break sugar addiction but also gives them a plan that's really approachable and fun with tons of recipes it's an e-book it's all like beautiful photography and just in my voice and it helps you know walk people through it in a really approachable way and it's for hormone imbalance too so it's cool you know I just wanted try a go go ahead look I just wanted to chime in because PCOS came up in the conversation I think you asked me now about that and PCOS is actually another one of those hormonal imbalances that is often caused by a history of of eating too much sugar processed food junk food and over time that sugar causes an elevation of insulin I'm sure you've heard the term insulin resistance but insulin resistance or an elevated insulin actually makes your ovaries overpour do the testosterone and DHEA that caused in breakout oh I always thought that I always thought that polycystic was you're born with no Wow not know I mean there's no way you can develop that cut sugar right now and it's you know and it's not just acne affects facial hair right no I know I go along with it oh damn okay well you guys it's also infertility so it's pretty serious and often people are told oh there's no cure for it but taking the birth control pill and that's absolutely incorrect it's a hormonal imbalance but that the kind of advice that Jess offers and the help she provides through that sugar cleanse is a huge first step to turning that around so fast is revolutionary all right well thank you thank you so much are our listeners are gonna eat this up and we can will we know where to find you that is my horn balance calm your your hormone balance talked about you and just where can they find you on Instagram and if they want to reach out to you and get some coaching yeah body bliss by Jess on instagram body bliss by Jess calm and then if anybody is interested in trying out the 20 day sexy sugar cleanse um you can use I created a code for you oh it's it's I don't get it fifty and it gives them fifty percent off so it makes the cleanse just thirty dollars and it comes from the whole ebook recipes Pinterest board thank you so much ladies will do a part two of this maybe we should all get hormones checked and then we'll have will have your mom talk about what that is gonna be one show we're excited by this podcast is brought to you by weave podcast network check out all of our shows including the brain candy podcast I don't get it coffee combos and let's talk about

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