Dr. Llaila Afrika | Psychic & Spiritual Healing (23Mar00)

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  • Go CPNG says:

    By Definition…

  • Go CPNG says:


  • mastermind0981 says:

    I love this elder.
    He is one of the deepest thinkers.
    But, how do I eat?
    I am mixed, hispanic, black, white. Nativo. I look white. So am I supposed to eat like European?

  • Evol Wayne says:

    1:00:41 We got the JUICE!

  • Davon Hilliard says:

    I always thought that too, shhhh dont tell.

  • AMYP6 says:

    These white ads in between the lecture are problematic. Thanks for the upload. All love to Dr. Afrika. May God continue to bless and protect him.

  • True Survivor says:

    Great now I gotta stop calling ppl honey or sweetie lol I'm not addicted to sugar. Good teaching Doc!

  • Nu Magnetic Love TM says:


  • Nu Magnetic Love TM says:


  • Casey Rowe says:

    I just saw this and wanted to share – an enlightened master named Sri Avinash is transmitting the enlightened state, he calls it the Satori Transmission. You can see in video people are experiencing a what enlightenment feels like because of him within minutes. ūüĖ§ You're not going to believe but check it out! #satoritransmission ūüíĖ‚̧ԳŹ

  • Vinnette Pope says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful information

  • worldgonemad says:

    This clown is completely scientifically illiterate. Nothing but pseudo scientific black power bullshit.

  • d√≤mbe asx says:

    He's dope

  • XxLife StonerxX says:

    The part where he talks about marijuana ūüėē

  • Era Love says:

    thank you for sharing knowledge, God bless you!

  • belle mcellis says:

    Just disgusting talk he's no doctor

  • George Thompson says:

    science is seance.

  • KSAutoVlog says:

    and I AM going to go THERE! CTFU

  • Zey nue says:

    Facebook itself military modus

  • Corinna McCullough says:


  • Behlinda GR says:

    ‚̧ԳŹ Dr Afrika ‚̧ԳŹall his lectures ‚̧ԳŹ the true

  • halima candy says:

    Thanks for excellent lesson today

  • Lank Cole III says:

    Thanks for this brother, symbols that our ancestors lives in this generation.


    Dr. Afrika is right, Don't tell your information to the enemy! Even if you know they are wrong don't tell them. I thought about that many times, but to hear someone else say it really makes the difference….

  • Ezrayah Hawkins says:

    The Scriptures revealed that 4/5 of the earth population will be wiped out . When we do the math, around two billions will be saved. Whom so ever that take heed to the next paragraph will be included in the latter number.
    Yahweh's House (The Seventh Lamp) is revealing Yahweh's Truth in the Last Days, so Satan and the gods power of deception is diminishing. There is only One Way to Salvation and that is through repentance and conversion. In that way, only, will you have Right to the Tree of Life that Satan and her false prophets have cut mankind off from for almost 6000 years. Promised Protection and Blessings come with service to Yahweh. Isayah 2:2-4 ; Macahyah 4:1-4 and Hebrew 1:1-4.
    May Yahweh bless your understanding.
    Love, True Love

  • Anayah Harris says:

    lol!!! " i kno im in Atlanta" lol!!!!

  • Bubblegum 1 says:

    This was yet another great lecture! ¬† ¬†really enjoyed this video…….

  • Bubblegum 1 says:

    The Mother + Father of Civilization (Black woman and Black man),  is NOT and can NEVER be a "racist".

    To be considered a "racist" (which stems from a nervous reaction to what is different from you, or UNKNOWN), ¬†one must therefore, ¬†NOT be acquainted ¬†with the subject they dislike; ¬†if the Black Woman and Black man are the "Mother and Father of all Human Existence" — ¬†and ¬†'Humanity' is nothing more than ¬†the very "Fruit of Her Own Womb", ¬†why then would they (Black man and woman) despise ¬†their own creation? ¬† ¬†
    ¬†Furthermore, ¬†apathy and the inability to consciously, feel LOVE — is NOT akin to the nature of an African, ¬†or to the Black person's innate Spiritual core. ¬† therefore, THE "INABILITY TO EXPERIENCE LOVE" ¬†IS ALIEN TO BLACK EXISTENCE, and ¬†TO BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS.

    LOVE ¬†– ¬† with ¬†all of its distinct kinds and its amorphous phases………specifically, ¬†the Love that is felt from ¬†Motherhood, ¬† was ¬†solely ¬†derived ¬† from the very nature of a Black woman.

    Conversely, ¬†the qualities of: ¬†Apathy, Emotionlessness, Guiltlessness, Fearlessness, ¬†Indifference, and artificiality…are ¬†similar to the personality structure ¬† the White person's (European's); ¬†some have theorized ¬†that the causation of their "Inability to feel Love for another individual" ¬†may stem from the phenomenon of "their blocked Heart Chakra".¬†

     For these 2 reasons, the concept of "Racism"  would therefore, not apply to a Black person; as Black people can innately and acutely perceive/conceive of  Love (they have also, originated and descended from  a  'Divine/Spiritual realm').

    Finally, ¬† God intended ¬†that an anatomically correct female, and its archetype of beauty……..BE ¬†A ¬† BLACK ¬†WOMAN.

  • Team BLAM says:

    Peace to the God! Wanique Shabazz #TeamBLAM!

  • Blakgod says:

    Dr. Afrika: "Why you use scented toliet paper, yo ass can't smell it."

    LMAO..Dr. Afrika is intellectual and funny, thats good because I cant trust no one who doesnt have a sense of humor.

  • Ruth L says:

    23:20 looks like some natural hair charts too lol

  • Beatrice King says:


  • Sol Raat KaBa says:

    Dr. Afrika is funny as hell. "Tell'em you meet every Thursday in a phone booth and eat watermelon."

  • Sol Raat KaBa says:

    No one loves us more in health than Dr. Afrika.

  • tgc299 says:

    What"s the name of the 2 Gods mention at the 16 minute mark?

  • tyler marshall says:

    He said rariation addiction aka bar code addiction.

  • Mothers Moons says:

    I have just started doing apple cider vinegar… Am I killing myself!?

  • nefer khem says:


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