Dr. Andrew Lipton – What is holistic medicine? on Fox 29 News

into your limbs your blood pressure drop your heart rates slowed down and your headaches gone this really was fascinating today on the dr. Oz Show it was all about learning how to live life holistically the basic premise of holistic medicine is that it treats the whole self body mind in spirit in practice it relies a lot on a healthy diet natural remedies and vitamins to improve health prevent disease and boost energy conventional medicine looks at the physical body and is more focused on identifying and treating a problem dr. Andrew Lipton practices a holistic approach running us now it's nice to have with us nice to be here ok let's talk first we explained a little bit about what holistic means it's the integration of mind body and spirit it's not looking at a symptom and diagnosing and treating a specific symptom for example I asked Thomas about headaches it's not necessarily taking an aspirin for a chronic headache it's about looking at what may be causing this headaches exactly looking at the whole body our modern medicine and traditional medicine says all right it's pain in this area that we're going to focus on the disease process and there may be emotional and there may be spiritual aspects to every disease and the traditional approach is with medicine here take an aspirin but there may be other issues why peace of mind body and spirit and this relies as I mentioned a lot on the diet a lot of what you're putting into your body absolutely we are what we eat and so holistic medicine is one of these terms that maybe encompasses complimentary integrated and alternative medicine and they're they're not mutually exclusive some people are holistic that are surgeons but in general surgeons are very specific into the one organ they're operating and there's some holistic doctors that basically you know look at the whole picture it really is very broad ok let me ask you a question before we get into some more of the specifics I know a lot of people think very practically when they think about medicine they're wondering if their insurance will cover doctors who take a holistic approach to treatment how does that work in general if we look at holistic or alternatives like I said a physician MD do could take a holistic approach but alternative medicine complementary medicine herbal remedies these are all alternatives that are generally not covered by our common health carriers so how would a person know whether I go down the conventional road of medicine or take a holistic approach well I think it's always great to look at both and that's where I use my complementary and alternative medicine I use both my traditional family medicine and I offer natural options for any health issue so we can look at both and that's I think the best of both worlds and that comes into who do you pick for this type of practitioner well you want to look at somebody that's trained accredited universities you want to see that they've had a residency or they've had board certifications and you really want to look at how long they've been in practice you really got to do your homework so let's say you're a 3040 year old woman what would be the holistic approach to living a better life well that's a very number one hydration most people walk around dehydrated number two good nutrition and that generally for me is eat more fruits and vegetables the anti-inflammatory properties in foods are marvelous and eat less of the saturated processed foods that are in boxes cans and wrappers what you put in your body makes all the difference dr. Andrew Lipton always good to see you thank you so much for me