Doubling Down With New Ember Immortal – Gorgc Ember Spirit

I'll do probably emperor sign here those are two heroes I'm gonna play all the new thing – oh yeah the new fucking thing of course you do amber I'll wait cool or now it doesn't look like I had a set before now it looks like my fucking boss seven wins and are all with Ty Lee this guy's a boss as well three fucking hits in a row we fucking it's in our main spirit hmm if I just another minus 50 in the morning dude it's early in the morning for a minus 50 dude Louie window it's a minus 25 they can click it's more like three all right Jan I couldn't sleep our way to give it to bad that's a quicker push it off Oh risky dude I don't think we can push fast enough like look at who pushes in our team I don't think I'm gonna double but I still think we're gonna win all right I'll use fine I'll trust them I used fuck it I'll use it jebaited and wake up Double Down – fifty they regarded my body is already here Wars flames blaze again well oh shit my bad dude I'm doubling down and I'm throwing already ha then I'll pick that up dude that's a bug for sure that I click that alright I click them hopes for the VAR FD boys are you going to rate Marty when the time comes back with eggs are the two months I will not have any mercy to any my opponents even though I like motto a lot you know my fucking god poverty must be heard bender – class kavafis English the flame takes me we're not dire nice yeah I dropped them in this you gotta come with them oh my god fuck me I hate them time go through that they like oh I met the disarmed you though so it's it's fair I have gank possibility top of you go on oh maybe I'll actually come now that's gone no come on man fuck off first to the roof I love this guy makes us all doesn't seem so yeah I'll come take it I'll take it I'll take that bottom yeah whoops he's gonna double I don't love it only supports that it's not the in the world that's my tiny chick about back be wary about this on the cold neither a milestone for the peel do more damage for it to get melted forward to you facing PPD MTI Punk make it happen with yeah joking me you ain't joking me mine and you give me my dollar tip yeah that's slightly on me ever so slow I'm coming we can farm very easy farm them kills six chef look at the chunk all right they should go what no creep sunshine now he's useless laundered pushing bottom right now I'm gonna be right back sir oh yeah overdrawn I don't see your question save the tiny no no that was better way to do should have a mule nerd the tiny they're honest I'm warming up then Bristol a little bit making small mistakes but it's not big ones I am NOT I need more time every mortal circle and that you just got the fusel fuck you got it encourage damn it I couldn't live mini fit all oh it's a massacre go fight together we can fight this for right though kill this guy more those pings them how about metrics good without end Oh who's this weasel vision right there it does a vision right there no vision is warded right up here the fuck I am not ready I'm not all so fast in this build oh hi yeah sure our OSHA sucks though but we can drive home we should get it one more X I'm gonna feel safe in this game right now they can still win I think that's a good run six six six six six six my buck Hey I'll come back soon after region yeah question is how we see it I don't know just keep them in base I guess that's good enough for now we can farm this to me makes your soul get this shrine so they can't fight here can't get the second rax man so it's all annoying I hope we don't lose 50 points cuz well I guess bottom longer and pushing top right now just get the racks at the very least I have accent I never hear we'll think up a saying anyways oh I have ax nah shit I never even got to try this shit basically just got started oon the fuck all right let's go this where this is where I get started with bagging so I'm already on the makeup but you know still I'm busy easy as supposed to steer my life well I was fun with eggs easiest +50 in the morning of my life dude nice +50 boys that's what I'm talking about that's what that's the way we want to start a day not with a loss like usual man not like a license as usual we wake up we get a plus 50 that's more like it I think we've staved off a little bit in mid-game there right the four are Maelstrom but we did good in lane and if you win T or they stop playing competitively will you be washed up like a player whose name I can't mention a clue though he loves nature's prophet not mention his name man are scary dude you

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