Don’t Lose Hope! – 1 Thessalonians 1:1-3

First Thessalonians chapter 1 and our text is going to be verses 1 through 3 and if you’re able I’ll ask you to stand you
can follow along if not where you’re seated is fine the Apostle Paul is
writing to the church in Thessalonica and by the Holy Spirit says verse 1 Paul
Silas and Timothy to the Church of the Thessalonians in God the Father and the
Lord Jesus Christ grace and peace to you grace and peace are as one refer to them
the siamese twins and this is how Paul usually introduces by way of
introduction his letter and what’s interesting is it’s in that order and it
needs to be in that order because you can’t have the peace of God or peace
with God without first being on the receiving end of the grace of God so
grace and peace now verse 2 we always thank God for all of you and continually
mention you in our prayers we remember verse 3 before our God and Father your
work produced by faith your labor prompted by love and your endurance
inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ let’s pray if you would join with
me loving heavenly Father we’re so thankful to You for Your Word and for
this new book that we’re starting today here in Your Word Lord would You as only
You can and are always so faithful to speak into our lives in and through Your Word and as we do Lord we want to give You our undivided attention so Lord speak
your servants are listening in Jesus name Amen you can be seated thank you so my message today is about hope it’s a message of hope and it’s especially for
those who find themselves losing hope in the midst of a very difficult trial here
in just the first three verses of First Thessalonians Paul is encouraging what I
see as a battle weary church because of the persecution certainly that they were
experiencing at that time but he’s encouraging them concerning their hope
inspiring their endurance hang on to those three words in particular hope
inspires endurance those three words because that’s what I want to talk about
today before we get into the text I think it’d be good to quickly mention a
bit of the backstory that led up to the writing of this very interesting letter
as we’re going to see first it’s believed that the Apostle Paul only
stayed in Thessalonica for about three weeks when he started this church when
he planted the church there in Thessalonica we’re told in the book of
Acts that he was there for three sabbath’s three weeks and we’re also
told in the book of Acts that he was actually ran out of town which might be
another reason why he only was there for about three weeks but he writes this
after he’s miraculously released from prison in Philippi and it’s also believed that this was the
very first letter that the Apostle Paul penned by the Holy Spirit this letter
here to the Thessalonians and it would begin what we know today as the New
Testament epistles so Paul was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write this in
response to a visit from Silas and Timothy who had just returned from
Thessalonica while Paul was still in Corinth and some believe it was at
Paul’s request because he wanted to know how the church was doing so he writes
the letter and he’s very encouraged and he wants to encourage them because
they’re doing well despite the hardship the difficulty the persecution and
that’s what really this first letter is all about what I find striking about how
Paul starts this letter is that he mentions this triad of faith love and
hope in that order so it’s not faith hope and love the greatest like he
writes to the Corinthians being loved no to the Thessalonians he says in this
order faith love and hope so the question becomes why and I believe the
answer is that Paul lists hope last because it was their hope that inspired
them to endure by faith and in love it’s for this reason I want to start with
hope and then sort of work our way backwards because it was the hope he says
that inspired their endurance I’m going to flip that around and also say as we’re
about to see that not only does hope inspire endurance but endurance inspires
hope can I say it a different way hope is what gives us the endurance and
endurance is what gives us the hope to press on hope inspires endurance which
in turn leads to love prompting labour and faith producing work in other words
the hope that inspires endurance comes vis a vis the trial that produces the
hope to endure the trial I hope you got that because that’s the best I can do
maybe better said hope comes when we endure the trial and when we endure the
trial that’s how we have the hope that we need in order to endure the trial
this is what Paul said to the Romans in chapter 5 listen to verses 1 through 5
he says therefore since we have been justified through faith we have peace
with God through our Lord Jesus Christ through whom verse 2 we have gained
access by faith into this grace in which we now stand and we boast in the hope of
the glory of God not only so but we also glory in our sufferings we do yeah we do
why how is that possible because we know that suffering
produces perseverance perseverance character and character hope
that’s how it works that’s what suffering produces suffering trials pain
difficulty produce the perseverance that in turn produces the character that in
turn produces the hope and he says hope does not put us to shame in other words
we’ll never be disappointed and here’s why because God’s love has been poured
out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us I don’t
know if you realize this or not but these first three verses are any pastors
dream passage to teach because it has built in three points and it makes it
very easy for you hope produces endurance love is what
produces the labor and faith is what inspires and produces the works notice
that’s what Paul also says he says love prompts labor now it’s important to
understand that the word that Paul uses here for labor carries with it this idea
of exertion to the point of exhaustion and apparently this was what he’s
commanding the Christians there in Thessalonica for in other words when we
love in this way we are prompted and propelled by way of that love to endure
regardless of how heavy the burden can be and the
burden can be very heavy at times but it’s the love that constrains us it’s
the love that propels us to do that which we would only do because of that
love that comes from God and as the source being from God is then translated
to others remember that famous song by The Hollies He Ain’t Heavy He’s My
Brother he ain’t heavy he’s my brother that was really bad I’m so sorry about
that but classic song do you know what inspired that song in 1884 James Wells
moderator of the United Free Church of Scotland in his book the parables of
Jesus tells the story of a little girl carrying a big boy seeing her struggling
someone asked if she wasn’t tired with surprise she replied no he’s not heavy
he’s my brother later in the 1940s the title became the
motto for Boys Town a community formed in 1917 where troubled or homeless boys
would go for help in November of 1969 the Hollies released an album with this
now famous and classic song bearing that title here’s the point when you love
like that no burden is too heavy because love is what prompts the labor if you
really think about it there are things that we
for the Lord that we would never do otherwise were it not for that love
let’s get to this third one and we’ll see how it all kind of comes full circle
and it’s where Paul says that their faith produced works now that’s
interesting doesn’t that almost at first read sound
like a paradox faith works I mean we’re saved by grace through
faith not of works lest anyone should boast but here Paul says that their
faith produced works so how do we reconcile it
James 2:18 listen to what James says but someone will say you have faith and I
have works show me your faith without your works and I will show you my faith
by my works okay Jesus in John’s Gospel chapter 6 verse 28 is asked by the
disciples a very interesting question they asked Him what shall we do that we
may work the works of God listen to His response in verse 29 Jesus answered and
said to them this is the work of God you ready for it this is the work of God
that you believe in Him whom He sent that’s the work that’s the work that
comes by faith that’s the result of faith is to just believe that’s the
works of God that’s the works that Paul is talking about here so
Tuesday night we had our prayer meeting powerful time together and the Lord had
impressed upon my heart to share out of Acts 27 where the Apostle Paul is on
board this ship headed to Rome Luke is with him
Luke is actually recording this account of yet another shipwreck only this time
it’s different this time Luke writes about he and Paul and everyone on board that
we had finally given up all hope even Paul and he had been shipwrecked before
this wasn’t his first rodeo slash shipwreck if you prefer he’s been down
this road before he knows this very well but in this
storm it was so intense and the detail of the narrative tells us that the storm
was raging for days on end no relenting no relief no letting up and
they had no navigation many days had gone by and they could see neither the
stars at night or the moon which is how they navigated at that time nor did
they see the sun by day it was just dark clouds pounding rain raging storm day in
and day out and interesting finally everyone had lost hope of surviving that
storm but God I love those two words because they change everything so here’s
what God does He has an angel appear to Paul this is after they had given up
hope it’s just a matter of time the how it ends and the angel of the Lord
appears to Paul to remind him because apparently he forgot see in Acts 13 Paul
was told that he would go to Rome God told him God gave him His Word
you’re going to go to Rome and apparently this storm was so bad that Paul had
given up hope of ever getting to Rome so the angel is sent to him to remind him
Paul don’t be afraid that’s interesting that the angel of the Lord would say
that to Paul because what that tells me is Paul was very afraid this is Paul
we’re talking about right unflinching fearlessness this is the Apostle Paul
that’s how I imagine him I imagine him just pressing on and almost in some ways
in a sanctified way being intimidating when the Apostle Paul walked into the
room you knew it that was Paul but even Paul it got to
the place where he was given over to fear and as such had lost all hope so he
had to be reminded of the promise that God gave him the Word God gave to him
Paul you’re going to go to Rome remember did do you believe still in that promise
yes I do reason I say that that way is because
sometimes I think we just need to be reminded we just need to be reminded of
God’s Word and God’s promise when we’re in the midst of those storms of life and
we’re prone to give up hope which when you lose hope
you lose the ability to endure with it if hope goes so too does the ability to
endure the trial go as well that’s why it’s so important to never lose hope and
by the way God doesn’t fault us I see nowhere in the Gospel accounts
where Jesus ever reprimanded anybody for being discouraged or even in despair I
think it was Oswald Chambers who said God never faults a man for despair we even
read in the epistles that Paul despaired of life he had just gotten to this place
in his life where he despaired of life itself and even throughout the Old
Testament we see time and time again man and women mightily used of God being
given over to despair and fear and hopelessness so the angel appears to
Paul and renews his hope because Paul had lost hope they had all lost all hope of
ever surviving the storm and he says to Paul Paul you know you’re going to survive
the ship isn’t going to survive but you’re going to survive and God in His
grace is going to also give you all of these men that are on board with you the
survival as well the ship’s going to run aground I actually didn’t tell you this
ahead of time Paul but I on your itinerary to Rome wanted you to stop at
the island of Malta because there’s a lot of locals there that are going to
get saved so I have to divert you by way of this shipwreck
to the island of Malta it is a fascinating and profound account
I really encourage you in Acts 27 and 28 to read those last two chapters of that
incredible book so when the angel appears to Paul and reminds him in
effect saying to him just believe his hope is renewed Psalm 27 verses 13 and
14 are actually this is a life verse for me a verse a passage that God gave to me
when our daughter Noelle died and I want to share with you it’s written by David
in verse 13 he says I would have lost heart I would have lost hope unless I
had believed believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of
the living that’s this side of heaven that’s not to say that our hope is not
in eternity but it is to say that there is hope to not lose hope God will bring
good you’ll see the goodness of the Lord this side of heaven just wait and that’s
what he says wait on the Lord be of good courage and he shall strengthen your
heart wait I say on the Lord David too interesting he just got done well not
just but we finished our study through the Book of Psalms it actually took us a
year and two months to get through the Book of Psalms but all through the Psalms
we read these Psalms penned by the sweet psalmist of Israel David King David and
David too had a promise he was anointed king and God
promised him that he would be king of Israel yet when you read in the Psalms
it seems that he too gave up all hope and didn’t believe any more in that
promise from God because he pens in the Psalms that he’s going to die at the
hand of Saul wait a minute David no you’re not
hey wait a minute Paul you’re not going to perish at sea you have to go to Rome
wait a minute David you’re not going to die or perish at the hand of Saul you’re
going to be king don’t lose hope just believe that’s what Jesus said
that’s the work of God it’s the faith that leads to that work it’s the faith
that leads to us believing just believe one of the things that I have to confess
this that the Lord has really been convicting me about lately especially
when I go through our prayer list which by the way 16 pages of prayers two lines
each we have 16 pages of prayer requests from people both here locally and then
also from our online Church and I’m going through these prayer requests many
of which are for people that need a healing stage four cancer many prayers
are for people wanting the salvation of a loved one and as I was praying through
these prayer requests the Lord just kind of
gently He’s always so gentle and I’m so thankful for that He’s not harsh just
very gently just sort of almost like you know just that little knock on the door
of my heart with the still small voice of the Holy Spirit and it was a question
do you believe that I can heal them now every single one of us would say yeah I
mean you know I I believe do you do you really believe do you really believe by
faith that God can do anything is there anything too hard for the Lord
yeah but Lord the situation I’m in is really bad I know this is where we get
our and again you’ll forgive me the the but in the wrong spot so I know God can
do anything but this is really hard and it’s looking really bad and I’m losing
hope you’ve got it backwards yeah things are really hard
this trial is really difficult but God can make good come out of that bad as
only He can in other words God gets the final word see if you put the but in the
wrong spot you give the trial that is leading you to hopeless despair the
final word yeah I know God’s good I know there’s nothing too hard for the Lord but you can’t give that trial that
difficulty that is causing you to lose hope the final word God gets the final
word and God has given you His Word that He will make everything that you
are going through that’s not good work out for the good I think our problem is
that we have a wrong definition of good our definition of okay Romans 8:28 for
we know that God works all things together for the good to them that love
Him and are called according to His purpose what’s your definition of good
have you ever stopped and considered that maybe your definition of good is
not synonymous with God’s definition of good
you know what God’s definition of good is is to make us more like Jesus make us
more humble more compassionate more kind gentle goodness patience oh my goodness
sounds an awful lot like the fruit of the Holy Spirit in Galatians five
doesn’t it that’s the good fruit if you will that God wants to work out and
bring forth in our lives and as we go through that and i wish there’s no other way I
wish there was a shortcut or actually I really wish you know when you see those
TV commercials for this new drug that we’re supposed to ask our doctor about
you know the ones where they list all the side effects I’m waiting for goodex
or whatever they want to call it goodill a pill that I could take that makes
it all good it doesn’t work like that it’s in and through the difficulty
that’s where the Hope comes by enduring the trial that’s where faith comes and
that is the work of God to just believe let me close this way maybe you’re here
this morning and you’re in a situation that is very difficult a trial that is
very painful and you are truth be made known losing hope I want to encourage
you never never ever give up you’ll see just wait you’ll see like David said
it’s almost like he’s saying just wait I do I know how you feel I almost just
gave up I thought that’s it but God promised me gave me His Word God cannot go back on His Word that no matter what He would work it together
for my good I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living that
is a promise from God to you and to me never give up and don’t let the enemy
get away with that where he starts putting thoughts in your mind and
you start entertaining those thoughts and manufacturing those perilous
scenarios what if what about what are you going to do He’s not giving you a
spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind let’s pray Father in heaven thank You thank You so
much for Your Word to us Your promises to us thank You that no matter how bad
it might be it can never change how good You always are I pray for anyone who
today is discouraged weary that Lord You would encourage their hearts that they
would not grow weary in well-doing knowing that in due season they’ll reap
if they faint not Lord thank You in Jesus’ name Amen

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    I was just feeling so crushed and hopeless, the Lord knows I am trying my very best but this world kicks my butt… I was just crying while cooking dinner for my family and I thought of J.D. Farag for encouragment. Thank you so much J.D.!!!!

  • stsniper says:

    PLEASE READ UNTL END AND I NEED THE BODY OF CHRIST TO PRAY FOR STENGTH.JESUS is the WORD. In the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was with GOD and the WORD was GOD. Who was the WORD the WORD is JESUS CHRIST and the WORD became flesh and was tempted in all areas as we are and yet was with out sin. AKA The perfect sacrifice for all man kind and only sacrifice needed. But in the latter days a famine will cover the earth not a normal famine but a famine for the WORD. For they exchange the truth of GOD for a lie choosing to worship the creation rather than the CREATOR JESUS CHRIST. Choosing to believe a lie having their seared following after doctrines of demons For the god of this world hath blinded them that they should believe a lie and thus perish. Now I ended up in a wheel chair 10 or so years ago and had the end of both feet amputated and was in endussed coma for over a month and told I had three infections and both lungs full of fluid with a zero present chance of making it two heart attacks three back surgeries on home iv's for bone infection three times my right thumb amputated and neuropathy in both feet and lost every thing and what I was able to save has now been stolen and am home bound most of the time and doing a ton of searching over that time watching videos rather than reading my bible and one day was shocked when I opened my bible to see so many changes and all that time praying for G0D to open my eyes to the truth and shocked that changes could happen to the bible that was in my position since child hood only to be isolated for even hinting it online by family and the church's I still love and had nothing to gain by telling them and was and still say don't take my word for anything take it to the LORD in prayer and ask for guidance and discernment and now am feeling alone and in constant physical pain and the reply I get from most is for thy WORD is established forever but all have left out two words in that verse For thy WORD is established for ever in heaven For JESUS said when the foundation crumble's what are the righteous to do. The answer is to trust the Creator rather than the created so just like magicians use demonic powers to manipulate matter to wow ever one so those demons I believe have been given the ability to do so with our bibles. They that worship GOD must do so in spirit and in truth to do so any other way is not worshipping GOD and thus many are led astray son please with everything by prayer and supplication for we truly living in a time of great deception and saten steals. kills and destroys and is very good at what he does but GOD told us that saten would attempt to change  times and laws and they would be given unto him for times. times and half a time and I believe it is in preparation for the great deception which shall come upon all the earth. Jesus is coming soon.Thy WORD have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against THEE. Compare the verses you hid in your heart to what is there and ask for the HOLY SPIRIT to guild you into all truth and see what happens. Please pray for myself as this is the hardest time I have ever been threw and for the salvation of my family. I trust that HE is able to keep that which I have entrust HIM until that day and am praying for strength to be able to say I have run the race but am struggling and feel as though I cannot make it and like I have failed with nothing to show for my life and even now am asking for healing as both lungs are congested and am coughing up blood a lot of the time but am told I am antibiotic resistant and have asked for healing and mentioned the calling of the elders to pray and some claiming to heal others through CHRIST but none return a call or email. Sorry so long.Thank you.Stan.

  • M Crocker says:

    Fantastic teaching! Was so looking forward to this study and it started wonderfully! Thanks so much! 🙏🏻

  • usakiwi5222 says:

    Thank you Lord. After a year and a half, I was blessed with a fulltime position at work yesterday. It's been a hard year with my husband passing away and not knowing if he called out to Jesus as I wasn't there. But God supplied what was needed to pay for the funeral. Pastor quoted my 2 favorite verses Romans 5:3-5 and
    Gal 5:22. God is so Good and Merciful. Blessings to all, karen in FL.

  • Michael Eskesen says:

    Good Morning Pastor J.D.,
    I thought you and your congregation would enjoy this video so that you would know that other good seeds were being planted there in Hawaii…
    Many blessing,

  • Natasha Singh says:

    U.S. troops withdraw from Israel and Turkey has moved in. Stage setting for Ezekiel 38

  • Joyful in the Blessed Hope says:

    Does anyone watch/follow the YT channel "God's Roadmap to the End" . just wanted to know what your thoughts are on how he interprets the current Brexit, Israeli election status and the US political state and how it may all transpire between 31st Oct to 2nd Nov 2019. He has some very fascinating information.

  • Nel N says:

    I ask for prayer for my Brother who is asking God to Deliver him from a life long battle of drugs & alcohol addiction…..I believe in Jesus name.

  • Sapphire Star says:

    Please pray for me, my husband has MS, Kidney Failure and Hypylori. Everytime he gets sick with cold or flu a blanket of fear covers me. So many bills and no money. I become fearful. This is not the America of old where everything was cheap. Bank of America is my greatest fear. Please pray for husband because he is the bread winner with no retirement. I have tried many times to get a job and something always happens so I can not. Stress is so great that my hands shake so bad I can hardly hold a phone please pray for me.

  • wp47399 Parsons says:

    Blessings from Newfoundland, Canada. I listen to the Prophesy Update every week for years now. I love the teachings of Pastor Farag. You are so blessed to have this man of God. I am blessed that I too have access to his teachings via the internet. Please pray for a few unspoken needs in the lives of my family. Thank you so much caring about the needs of others. God richly bless you all.

  • Pippin Baker says:

    Bless you precious JD, all your messages give me hope, all of them. Shalom

  • Pippin Baker says:

    JD there is a song that fits that goodness of God.. ( all things work together for god for those that love the lord) AN OLD ONE BUT A GOOD ONE TO SING.

  • Behold, I stand at the door says:

    Spoken like a true Trooper of God. It's good to hear a man of God who has his 'but' in the right place. Thank you. May the grace and peace of God be with you and your family always.

  • Gus Medina says:

    Syria operations has begun!!

  • Pamela Reed says:

    As always … He uses you, J.D., to encourage us all to remember who is in charge and where our hope is. Thank you for being open to His leadings.

  • jane gallagher says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful sermon. Thank you Pastor Farag from New Zealand. This was most encouraging and dare I say uplifting! Many blessings to you and your congregation. Shalom.

  • Patrick Haag says:

    Thanks Pastor JD!!!

  • Heldagandrel says:

    I need prayer. mu husband is most likely going to accept a new job that requires relocating but I am crushed because i'll be about 12hrs away from all family. idk if it's God's will or not. so i'm heartbroken and confused. please pray for guidance.

  • Jada Parks/Villanueva says:

    Thank you, for your encouragement. My weariness is of all the IMMORALITY that we have to deal w/on a daily bases and even the battle with the flesh in my own life. Maybe our redemption will not be just “drawing” near but will happen SOON. Nevertheless, as JESUS told HIS disciples in Mark 11:22….HAVE FAITH IN GOD. I will continue to trust and persevere by HIS SPIRIT.

  • Watch Man says:



    “For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way. ”


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