Does God get Angry and Punish us: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

Ever since our childhood A very deep belief system Since childhood it’s inside us And that is… Whatever happens Is happening according to God’s will We have this belief system, don’t we? Everything that is happening in my life… Is happening according to? God’s will We have even believed that Even a single leaf Moves according to God’s will And that’s why whenever something like this happens… We say it is God’s will We say that… don’t we? At someone’s house If their young child passes away And you go and tell them… “That this was God’s will” How will that person feel? How will that person feel about the God? How will that person feel? A lot of times… Belief systems… after listening and reading a lot After passing down from generations to generations A lot of times we actually miss the true meaning of it We take it just as a line… We believe it as it is And we hand over the same thing to the… Next generation as well That whatever is happening is because of God’s will We don’t pause and think even for a minute That whatever is happening in this world Whatever happened in India in the last week Will God do something like this? Will he do it? Yes? Whatever we have heard and read, let us keep it aside. Let us check logically Today, those of you who are parents Do you as parents, write even a slight fever in your child’s destiny? Given a choice to write the destiny of your child What will you write as the destiny of your child? Nothing but Perfect You won’t even just write it ok-ok. You will say everything should be… Perfect. Perfect and more than perfect How can a parent write pain in the destiny of a child How can a parent write disease in the destiny of a child How can a parent write divorce in the destiny of a child And here a lot of things are happening in our lives You (doctors) get to see a lot of it. When there are a lot of people coming in your hospital… Even very young kids The other day I just went to a hospital and I entered And there was couple there And the brother comes up to me and said “My 3-year old daughter is diagnosed with brain tumor today” And he said that the doctor has asked for the surgery I said – “Then it’s okay, right? He has asked and you get it done… Everything will be fine” He said – “But doctor said it is a brain surgery… so anything can happen after the surgery” We are talking of a 3-year old child So is God sitting up there doing it? We need to pause and… Think Think… And the belief system needs to be checked Whether it is a natural calamity Whether if it is a man-made terror Whether… It’s a disease… Whether it is an untimely death Whether it is violence and the other things… If God is writing the destiny… then why is the current state of the world like this? If God Would have written the destiny of this world, how would this world be? how would this world be? In one word… It would’ve been Perfect…right? It would not be possible to be less than that We heard another belief system during our childhood We had totally heard two belief systems The second one was “As will be your actions, so will be your destiny.” We listened to both of them One said “As will be your actions, so will be your destiny.” And the other – “Everything that is happening is as per God’s will” We never paused to check how both of them can be true See how? We are the same people who try to find logic and proof for everything We have heard two contradictory belief systems throughout our life And we never questioned how both are possible… We just heard both the belief systems and we said… Yes Hasn’t it happened? Suppose God is standing here Ok? Let’s visualize for now One belief system says that “Everything
happening is as per God’s will” That’s one belief system If this belief system is true that “Everything
happening is as per God’s will” Then who has all the power? God has them… And what is our responsibility? What is our responsibility? Absolutely nothing Who is responsible for everything… Him One belief system Second belief system… “Whatever is happening is a consequence of my karma” How much is our responsibility? Completely Is he responsible for it? Not at all… See how different it is It is different, right? It’s totally… Opposite And we listened to both of them and agreed with both. Now if this belief system is not clear to us… Then whenever there will be a scene in our life… Then we will question Him… and ask – Why did you do this to me? We will do whatever we want to in our life And when a scene that we dont like comes… Then who will we point?…At Him Now If God is writing our destiny… Then two laws should be followed First Everything will be perfect We call Him an Ocean of Forgiveness We call Him an Ocean of Love Today, even if your kid does something wrong You can only scold him for 5 minutes You won’t do anything more than that… You won’t do anything else right? After that you will say, “It’s fine, don’t repeat this. Will you punish him in ways that we see today? For which we say that God did this to them… How do we put the finger there? When we… With all our qualities and a few weaknesses We can’t punish someone in such a way… Then how will God punish anyone in such a way And secondly, if God is writing the destiny… Then the destiny of every kid Then the destiny of every kid… Should be the equal, isn’t it? You as a parent having two kids… You won’t treat them differently So first -Destiny should be perfect Second- Destiny should be equal If God is writing the destiny. Second belief system – That “Everything happening is a consequence of my karma” In whatever we do… majority of our karmas are very good But we make mistakes in a few of them… So even in our destiny, majority are very pleasant But few are unpleasant… All our karmas are different So even the destiny will be? Different Because we cannot do karmas that are equal and identical If everyone’s karmas are different… Even their destiny will be?…Different. Now between both the belief systems… We need to hold on to one and leave the other. So which one shall we hold on to? Hmm? “As is your karma, so will be your destiny.” Now if our minds asks… “Why is this happening to me” Then where will our finger go? Now it can’t go there Now where will the finger go? Over here… Is this correct? Is it good news? Is it good news or was that a better option? Which is a better option? This is a better option… Ok Now if the finger comes here saying that why did this happen to me… Over here Then the second question arises -“”Who has to set it right?” Even then finger comes here… Then what is God doing? Then what is God doing? Our relationship with God is just like a Parent-Child relationship You can… give your opinions to your child Right? You can advice them You can give unconditional love to your child You support your kid on each and every step But you can’t do the karma of your child by yourself Right? And then who will face the destiny of the child? The child himself When something will come in his destiny and he will face it You can advice him how to face it You can support him while he is facing it But who has to face it? Your child. Same with God and us Same God gives us the knowledge to do the right karma He gives us unconditional love He even gives us strength to do the right karma But who has to do everything? We have to it If there is a consequence of something that we did earlier Then God gives us the knowledge to face it He gives us love and strength But who has to face it… Us So we should always know our responsibility in it If we tell him That there’s a problem please fix it Here it is please fix it In order to fix the situation, we can ask Him for?… We can ask for? First the knowledge… Then… The strength And then I have to fix it If every morning we only pray to Him and ask Him… That please fix these problems for me today…those problems too… It is not going to happen… Then some problems will be solved and some? Won’t be solved And it depends upon the consequence of what our past karma that is coming now. But sometimes when there is a very big situation… And it doesn’t get fixed Then some of us get angry at God Don’t we? We say, “What kind of God is he… I prayed so much…” Then we start counting – “I did this and that, I fasted as well” “I went on pilgrimage as well” “I did everything and still he didn’t do anything” So when we need His love and strength the most… We get angry with him The way a kid argues with his parent and stops talking to them Similarly we also tell God that we won’t talk to Him Why? Because the belief system wasn’t clear to us We thought that He did everything And only because of this one belief system… We actually are a bit scared from God Because we feel…we don’t know when something unpleasant will happen in our destiny And somewhere or the other, fear is embedded in us… It is embedded in us, saying – ” If you do something like this” “Your family Deity will be angry at you” We say that don’t we? Haven’t you heard the line – “Your family Deity will be angry at you” How many of you have heard it? That they’ll get angry… Did you not ask back how Deities can get angry? Shouldn’t you have asked? That if they can be angry despite being Deities Then…what’s the difference? And then we should tell them that even we don’t get as angry as their anger is portrayed

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