Does God exist? – Spiritual Teaching by Eleni Ierodiakonou

God or no God? Does God exist? Why do we call the search for the ‘Supreme Goodness’, the search for our self, as the search for God? The word “God” has attained a bad reputation on Earth. Α lot of bad things have happened in the name of God. People are engaging in war with each other because they have different religions, or different perceptions in relation to God. A lot of times in the past, in cases of proselytism, very bad things were happening to people. Crusades, inquisition, burning people… and all these because people have different perceptions on what is God. In the begining, I was avoiding this word, because I knew that people conceive it wrongly, because people have unconsciously developed a fear and a question on what is God. So, from time to time, I have used various words such as Existence, The One, The Source, Tao and many more. And I saw that whatever word I used people always misunderstood me. If you see the bigotry, the fanaticism, the ignorance, If you see how this has been used by those who held positions of great authority in churches, it is natural for man to have adopted an attitude of opposition towards this matter. In previous years the Gurus used the expression: “Come and I will show you God within you.” So, this is a very important phrase that holds a heavy meaning. “Come and I will show you God within you.” So, when I meditated for the first time, when I was initiated, I was initially impressed by the fact that the “inside” was not inside of me but rather the “inside” was actually outside of me. While I had the impression that the “inside” is a claustrophobic space, I realized through meditation that I was one with the universe and that the inside was not inside, but rather outside. Τherefore, inner and outer are one and the same thing. And the second thing I remember and I want to share with you is that I did not meet any kind of God. I didn’t meet any God. And regardless of the level of consciousness I was I did not meet a ‘Sir or a ‘Lady’, or a thing, or an object, or something else that corresponded to God. People want to personify God. So they personify God, they have the need to do it, because God is far beyond people’s conceptual system and far beyond their ability to feel God. So, what usually happens, what I have seen happening is that… a Christian may identify with God or seek God, through Jesus. A Hindu though, will seek God through his specific religion (Hinduism) and if he meditates a fair bit, he will not see Jesus. A Hindu will never see Jesus during his meditation, but rather he will see Krishna. Because this is his perceptual system. So, if you tell man that God exists -which is true, it’s true, it is true that God exists- still he will try, through his own system, to particularize a human figure that suits him. For that reason, people identify God with those human beings who made it possible through their energy, and opened up the access to people to seek God. So, if this moment I say that God exists then something starts happening within man. If you live in Greece, then you will worship Holy Mary. Isn’t that so? But if you go to China, you will not worship Holy Mary, perhaps you will admire or pray somewhere else. In India you will pray to another feminine entity, to another feminine deity. Therefore, under God’s umbrella there are various religious, there are various likings, if you prefer, various spiritual affinities with certain religions or with a specific Teacher, and through that way, people seek the ‘Supreme Goodness’ within themselves or they seek God. So, I searched the etymology of the word “God” (Theos) -which is a Greek word- and there is no etymology for it. There is no etymology for the word “God”. So, I dared… I dared to touch upon the etymology of the word God with the following phrase: “God is the One, is the Creative Source that sets with its energy, all things in motion.” It exists! You are not an incidental living being. You have a Source. Therefore, if a human being seeks the ‘Supreme Goodness’ within himself, we say that he seeks God. Is he seeking God? Yes, he is seeking God. People no longer want to… especially the young ones, the very young ones have identified the search for God, with the things they do not like. Τhey have identified the search for God with strict laws, with some elderly women that take their pew and the Gospel and go early to church. They have identified God with fear, they have identified God with the lack of freedom. So, I am using the word God. I am aware that every time I use the word God, people perceive something different, feel something different. I know that there are a lot of perceptions behind that. There is a lot of sentimentalism, there is a great amount of personification. People are personifying. Is it wrong? No, it is right. Man is so distant that he has the need to identify with God, or to approach God through another living being. Isn’t that so? There is this need of man -he knows-, there is something inside the cell that knows that he is not just flesh and blood -he knows, every human being knows it-. So, if I tell people that God does not exist, I will deceive them, I will lie to them. Because this is a lie. Nevertheless, if I tell people that God exists, then each one will comprehend something different with his mind. Therefore, it is better for me to tell the truth, that there is a Benevolent Creative Source and that’s where you come from and for that reason, you have the tendency to expand and for that reason, you have the tendency to grow in consciousness and for that exact reason you have the tendency to become better. The search for the ‘Supreme Goodness’. At the same time, I risk being misunderstood and simultaneously I risk being heard in a wrong way from human ears. Ok? Why do I choose the word “God”, instead of choosing something more modern? Look, one way or another you are not able to comprehend what is God, so, concentrate within you, become better, make an effort. Because man has a problem in general. He has this tendency, when he grows in spirituality, and when he grows in power or in perception, or in ability, when his abilities are increased, through the spiritual paths, there is this danger to become arrogant, there is the danger that, the self will expand just because he is Son of God, for that reason all human beings can evolve , because they are Sons of God, they are God’s creatures… If the self develops without being aware that you are evolving because something is allowing you to evolve, you are evolving because you have been given the ways, the paths, through which you can evolve, there is the possibility to lose the so-called “humbleness”, and humbleness is needed. Because if a human being evolves and develops great power and great skills… You know in order to fit into this door of Truth, in order to fit into the door of Truth, rather not the Truth, rather not that door that once you get through your self keeps growing on and on and on, but if you somewhow want to get through the authentic door, the principal door, God’s door, you must have a certain shape. This door fits only you in your authentic form. So, if you are arrogant, or if you have developed egoism, you will never be able to get through that door. You will get through other doors, you will go somewhere else, you will fit somewhere else. But you will not enter there. So, there are religions, or spiritual paths that do not talk about God. There are paths that speak about effort, concentration within your self, awareness, consciousness, but they somehow leave God’s existence apart. As far as I am concerned, it is important for man not to forget where he comes from. For me it is very important man not to forget what is the reason for having this body, -this era- and whereby that body is created in such a way, in such a way… the canals of energy, the nervous system, the organs inside the body, the brain, the meditation techniques, the difficulties that he will face, his expansions, everything is routed and planned in such a way, so, as he can expand and reach Theosis, to achieve divinity, to find God, to be enlightened. In Greece we call ‘Enlightened’ someone who has reached Theosis. According to me, what is needed, is to join in together all religions, we need to unite together Patanjali and Jesus. Jesus was talking about humbleness. And I assume he was talking about humbleness because throughout his lives, he had seen a lot of things. He had seen a lot of things happening. So, hold this principle. You are aware that… you may not remember exactly what God is, but inside your heart, when I say the word God, it is not simply the word, It is not just the sound of the word, when I utter this word, I transfer to you a vibration. A vibration that is compatible, that is related to God. Therefore, it is different to hear a creature that has experienced God to talk about God and it is different to hear a creature to talk about God and believing…whatever. To stand behind a perceptual system. So, I believe I am bold because in our times it would have been much easier to say something else. And I remind human beings that God exists, there is a reason for being alive and the expression: “Seeking God” although it is not a modern phrase still it is True.

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