Do We Need Religion? | 0-100

(ruhige Musik) – Brauchen wir Glauben/Religion? – Puh. Puh. – Ich weiß nicht, was das heißt. – Mmm, nein. – Ja. – Nein! – Absolut. – Oh Mann, das ist eine schwierige Frage. – Ich habe oft gedacht, es wäre besser wenn es keine Religionen gäbe und wir alle rationale Wissenschaftler wären. – Es hilft mir. – So lange es uns zusammenbringt, statt uns zu trennen. – Was auch immer dich durch's Leben bringt solange du niemandem weh tust ist es okay für mich. – Jeder hat das Recht zu glauben, was er will und niemand sollte sich zu etwas gezwungen fühlen. – Ich würde niemals sagen 'Hey, jeder sollte, "hier beliebige Religion einsetzen", folgen.' – Ich denke nicht, dass Gott, egal wie man ihn wahrnimmt, zu einer Religion gehört. – Es gibt nicht die eine wahre Religion, wer Recht hat und wer nicht. – Ich denke man sollte nicht an etwas glauben, nur weil jemand einem sagt, man soll es glauben. – Religion soll letztendlich das eigene Leben und die der anderen in einer Gesellschaft besser machen, richtig? – Ich weiß nicht, ob man ein Oberhaupt oder eine Lehre oder ein Buch braucht,, das einem diese Dinge sagt. – Wir brauchen auf jeden Fall Spiritualität um zu verstehen, dass wir dieses Leben leben, das größer ist als wir und sich nicht um uns dreht und dass etwas bedeutenderes passiert. – Etwas, an das man glaubt, egal was, ich denke nicht, dass irgendjemand dir vorschreiben darf, wie du das zu tun hast. Ich denke, wenn man an nichts glaubt, ist man verloren. – Es hilft vielen, mit dem Leben zurechtzukommen. – Es macht das Leben einfacher, etwas zu haben, an das man glauben kann, dass einem in Notzeiten helfen kann. – Was wir wirklich brauchen ist, gut zu den Menschen und nett zu anderen zu sein und es heißt, dass wir einander nicht beurteilen sollen, aber eigentlich sollen wir einander berurteilen, aber mit dem selben Maß wie uns selbst. Einen Anker zu haben ist wichtig, ob es Religion ist oder etwas, an das man glaubt, oder einen Gott oder mehrere. Ich denke, wenn es niemanden verletzt und dich zu einer besseren Person macht, wieso nicht? – [Stimmen aus dem Off] Soul Pancake. (elektronische Bass-Musik)

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  • Margo says:

    I believe in God or at least some higher power, but I think religions are for the most part corrupt and manipulative. They tend to divide us even more.

  • Samantha Avery says:

    If a religion is false, absolutely not, if it's true, than absolutely. I'm of the opinion that there can only be one truth. Doesn't mean we don't experience things in different ways, but there's only one truth regardless of perspective. It just sucks that no one knows for sure what that is.

  • arizure says:

    while i‘m not really religious my mother is and I like it that way. she sees god as someone she can lean on and is always really calm. its good to have something that gives you hope.

  • JCL Kaytwo says:

    0:10 for a 6 year old, she looks very mature for her age!

  • Simple person says:

    1:25 agree

  • FrozenFire554 says:

    Who else is inspired ? i agree with 21 and 26 and 23

  • Authentic Gay Blog says:

    so many of these people I'd love to have a coffee with

  • robyn says:

    i need religion.

  • Taiyeba Ahmed says:

    0:59 yup that's Indian accent.

  • rambo says:

    1:48 Need a good bath more than religion.

  • rambo says:

    Sweet sikh boy😊

  • Jonathan Hughes says:

    The Bible clearly states that pure religon that is undefiled visits The widow and their fatherless in their affliction. How do people get many belief systems out of that?Money makes people to judge others. Money divides people. They that divide – scatter are not of Christ. Why them do we use money? Why is ask and receive an abhorrent practice? That will free everyone.
    Artie Whitefox.

  • MahNameKatie says:

    I think that religion is just something to help some people go along. Tbh i really dont care what religion you believe in as long as you dont try to lessen people's happiness and use the religion as an excuse. (Idk if that makes sense) the only religion that i can think of that may do that is the hard core Christians who think that all gays are going to hell and they dont like people if theyre gay because a book told them to. The god i believe in made everybody for a reason and loves everybody. He wouldn't create people just to hate them and doom them to ever lasting pain when they pass on. Also, this isnt really a religion but feminazis, i think thats what people call them. Women who think that men shouldnt exist and basically women rule the world and men have to bow down to them in presence of a female. Like just get out bye 🖑. Also, i dont believe in equality, where everybody is treated the same, i believe in equity, where everything is fair. These are my opinions, you can debate respectively or keep scrollin buddy

  • Reiko Myles says:

    God created us to have the FREE will to CHOOSE to believe in Him or not. Whether people deny or even acknowledge God's existence, does not change the fact that He lives and He is indeed in control of the universe. It does not change the fact that we are sinners who can be decidedly selfish and defiant. Jesus died for ALL believers and unbelievers, simply because He loves us. ONLY through Jesus alone there is hope, victory, peace, and eternal life. Some day every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess, that He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

  • Vince Lentini says:

    FOR ME don't need religion do believe in God….to each his/her own

  • FadeTricksYT says:

    Lol that old lady in the beginning was called 6 years old lmao

  • peanut butter and jelly says:

    at 11 seconds when it said she was six i am laughing so hard

  • peas carrots says:

    i feel like everyone needs something to believe in but it doesn't have to be religion.

  • the eighth survivor says:

    0:10 you're saying that this person is 6?

  • Haywood Jablowme says:

    0:11 gonna guess she isn’t actually 6

  • aye adelaide says:

    0:10 you telling me that lady is 6?

  • Nietsnethceil says:

    6 years old?

  • Hayden Smith says:

    yes! #christian

  • Moon light says:

    0:10 there was mistake

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