Discussing Skeptic Hypocrisy and The Truth About Rage After Storm

hey everybody what's up taters this is tree from tree of logic calm so hey guys if you can hear me okay let me know and chat we're gonna have a very very very good stream for you today what I do I have here joining with me today right now is I have David and I have ruin and I have their contact information now if you don't have a youtube channel do you well I do but nothing's upload to it yet I'm writing a script for a video okay when you get that video uploaded make sure you mean link so I can add it to your Twitter because I have ruins ruin has I have his YouTube channel listed and the link to his YouTube channel as well as the link to his Twitter and I have David's Twitter only but once he uploaded video I will have the link to that and basically um put that into the description box so say hi guys say hello okay so today we're discussing the skeptic hypocrisy what I'm gonna do guys is I'm gonna go over everything so that those of you who are so behind who have no idea what this stream is about you can get caught up also be sure to check out the video I also list a video that gives a really detailed information as well as video of snippets of what transpired what happened a couple of weeks ago so let me just go over it so first of all this all started when rage from rage after storm made a video about race realism Derek aka some black guy saw the video and got really really butthurt about it and he went and cried he cried to his masters on a democratic plantation I miss miss rage this is a waste of space she said you not see she's not hurt much and so the six of them gathered together and attacked her for making such a video you know saying and you know and they created the stream where they called her a racist they called her a Nazi and they began to actually shit on her her video hurt they dismissed her entire video all because she used one of her sources from the daily stormer okay so all the points and everything that she said in her video made no sense because of one source just one source right from the dealing Stormo then they got mad at her or that she turned down the invite to submit herself to be attacked by six people in the livestream so they called her a coward for that so they called Rage a coward for not submitting to be attacked by six people who had who had an axe to grind who wanted to just come after her so because she would submit herself to this verbal abuse gangbang she is the coward right so to follow that you know that night and the following day tons of their minions and people from the left started making these silly little debunking videos and these videos were a joke none of them disproved her points that she made in her video and steady just focus on she used a daily storm or is the source hood good fail feel and then they started to lie on rage by saying that she said that all black people are inferior and that all black people lack abstract thought this is aa lie she never said that but because the so called members of the skeptic community kept saying that she said that instead of these little minions of their followers i'ma call them minions instead of them going to double check to video you know this is actually this is before our videos was taken down to fact check them they took their word and they started repeating his lie over and over and over again and okay so I came in defendant range by posting a tweet telling everybody hey I support a video you know being it I'm black I'm like hey I don't have no problem with this so guess what you know I'm this is it you guys are making a big deal out of it okay and I also contact rage tell her listen girlfriend I got your bag you my friend how about this we can squash this easily we can make these people look stupid join in debate we will debate against Derek and whoever he picked and turned out he picked on crowd and we'll debate the poison in your video and make them look stupid she was elated she couldn't wait she was looking for vengeance okay meanwhile Derek is mad and butthurt and said it I started with rage and he retweets my tweet supporting her to his followers on Twitter along with his outrage a black Twitter Twitter follower of his said that I was a self-loathing Uncle Tom Derek who was supposed to be my friend someone who has supported me someone who I looked up to someone who I actually really cared for as a friend and it broke my heart I'm telling you I was sincerely crushed when he agreed that I was a self-loathing Uncle Tom all because I agreed with a video from my white friend rage all right so some white racist liberal by the name of Nate will talk to you also called me the daughter of uncle ruckus and Derek also agreed with that which is really low – – I would never have a white person say anything derogatory about my black friends and I go oh how she is that she is if she sho is like a daughter of uncle ruckus you know say that's just the worst thing you could do and the ultimate betrayal I really was the biggest I was humiliated and I had no problem expressing my emotions you know cuz I obviously yeah I was crying because I got my my back was stabbed by someone who I considered my friend okay anyway I was devastated and I was betrayed but I I wanted vengeance too so now me and rage wanted vengeance especially with the hypocrisy that was Illustrated not only by Derek but also by the skeptic community so we challenged him and cry out to a debate because it's two on two is fair not one on six that's not fair okay two on two is fair and we have a moderator so during this process that we're doing this over Twitter rage video gets mass flag down and she gets a strike against her channel now I got to tell you guys some you don't know this is something and I don't think she mind me telling you this rage was contacted by first time around and YouTube said that we're looking at your video and we're taking it under consideration and see if it violates our TLS and they sent her a message saying no your video don't violate your tos Oh Whoopi do guess what three days later oh yeah guess what sorry we are bad your video does violate our tos for hate speech here's a strike and your video gets taken down and none of this would never have happened had the had the so-called skeptic community never made a big deal about this video okay because keep in mind because Derrick made a big stink about it and Derrick is in the eye shot of Tariq machine Tariq machine he said his we was Kings Negros after the video and of course we all know that the sjw's and skeptic communities are in bed with each other so of course they got ahead and so you've got three you they are they're in cahoots with each other so you have three groups three groups Therese we was Kings folks you got the skeptic community and then you also have the sjw's three groups come and just attack her Channel all right so long story short Derrick agrees to the debate then he declines I get mad I go on a Twitter rage he responds by making it a gazillion videos about it his safe space about debunking race realism instead of having him debate with me a rage he makes all these videos I patiently watched him make a fool of himself and I start collecting these videos meanwhile rage goes to her but she's so portrayed she feels so betrayed by the skeptic community she cleans her entire channel of every video she made that was related to skeptic community topics all right this is the reason why stop listening to what the left is telling you this is the reason why she cleaned her channel she didn't clean her channel because she was a coward no she was part of the skeptic community and therefore she made videos in relations to topics all feminine some estate w's you know everything that whether this is transgender or trans whatever does he she he wait stop you know all that stuff that the skeptics focus on she did these videos that she also did some very other some other videos that I absolutely adore they had nothing to do with the skeptic community like the abortion one which something that they would never do but it was something that that was breaking outside of their barrier and they didn't like that okay so this is the reason why she was gonna do a new format where she was just going to do a podcast and she was going to actually focus on all alt-right topics all right no more sjw topics just topics dealing with the all right all right I make a video after all of this stuff I make a video exposed and truth about the actions of Derek okay some black guy in a skeptic community and to worst the end I offer in a thousand dollars to put a thousand dollars in escrow because Derek main objection to debating us was he kept claiming that I was too emotional I was going to be too irate I was going to be too disrespectful so I put the thousand dollars right there in the camera and I say hey boo guess what I'll put this in escrow I'll sign a contract stating that if I curse you out if I become emotional if I come irrational you'll get this money boo I know you need it here you go take the money all right and it was gonna have Anthony be Logan to be the moderator to make sure things don't get out of hand did he accept it hell no course he is he's not going to accept it that's the thing about the skeptic community they talk all this shit and they don't back it up and they want to call us cowards and when I say awesome talk about right right wingers alright well you know if you're and also just something I want to add here if you don't if you're really stupid and emotional it should have been an easy decision for SVG right good point good point absolutely should have been ism messed me up in the debate yeah it should have been an easy thousand bucks right easy so anyway so when Derek turns me down no one from the skeptic community volunteered to take his place as a matter of fact they all walked away with their tails tucked in between their legs like a herd dog and they refused to debate us now rage was really looking forward to this and this was never given to her so please understand if she never got her vengeance all right neither did I fast forward to Saturday range contact me and the rest of us you know about letting us know that she's going to leave the Internet she's going to first delete her Twitter and then she's going to lead her YouTube channel the next day now I support this decision because she needs to concentrate on her schooling and I I need you all who's listening to me right now to listen to something that again I want to tell you she is dealing with being constantly sexually harassed and assaulted with the migrants in her area every time she used public transportation and you know one story she told me what on the interview that's on this channel is what she was going to see an eye doctor and a group of migrants from Africa followed her from the tram all the way up to where she was going to her doctor's office they waited outside for her for over an hour to see if she's going to come out do you understand the women in Europe are under attack there they're constantly being ganged raped they're constantly being sexually assaulted and abused and it's like Americans here because that is not happening over here you disregard that situation that's happening to her please understand this woman is 19 years old her only means of freedom was Twitter and was YouTube until they attacked her YouTube channel and she got a strike from with it also so the very flat to the very platform she enjoyed now on she despised because that's they have been tainted so she bounced now what did the lefties do where she leave they cheer and they rejoice in her departure yay we made my 10 year old girl leave the interwebs yay woohoo we are the big bad guys and today shit gets worse someone posted on PO telling them telling everybody that the police listen to his lie guys I'll show you how the right not the left the rumor was that the pulled German police came to raid his house and locked her up for hate speech and she's in jail right now looking for someone to get her out and instead he's stupid liberals fact-checking this they spread the lie by making videos like oh my god raged and got locked up for hate speech in Germany first of all you dumb motherfuckers rage lives in Switzerland Germany all right how the hell dude Germany the German police do not have any authority in Switzerland also if you looked at that interview I specifically asked a great I say rage do I do are there any hard speech laws in Switzerland similar to that of Germany she said no but even if there were okay even if those laws were the same she was talking about black people Merkel don't like you talking about her refugees she don't like you talking about Islam she don't like you talking against Muslims black folks are not on the list sorry so basically that video had nothing to do with Islam it had nothing to do with the refugees and then doing the Muslims I'm speaking from experience I got an arrest warrant because I spoke out against her refugee policy and I got it my first strike I got on my channel was because I talked about the Muslim terrorists thanks Merkel and and she only did that because I am a German resident so I would say this is number let you know ruining and and David take over but this is what I'm talking about you don't see how crazy these people are how ignorant they are and they want to make us look like were the dumb ones but when I actually take the time to tell you what really happens that's when you go oh well damn that's stupid and what they did to rage was uncalled for how you can celebrate the fact that you bully and and I'll give the definition of a bully because that's exactly what they did let me give you the definition of a bully a bully to use superior strength or influence to intimidate someone typically to force him or her to do what one once then left the skeptic community wanted rage to stop talking about facts when it comes to race realism or race and IQ they didn't want her to tell the truth because they didn't want to make their Negroes on the Democratic plantation mad I'm done okay well I think we can start with the simple fact that there's a little bit an echo what's that from I'm not hearing it okay I guess it's just me but I'm not either is the chat hearing it is if not I'll just ignore it now say anything okay okay okay well you know okay well we kind of know how the skeptics are going to attack what you've said so we'll just head that off right at the beginning they're gonna say oh you're just a snowflake you won your safe space all we did was criticize you that's bull I mean they flagged her Channel they let's see they flagged her Channel then they did these like circle jerky streams where she wasn't really had any fair shot responding to them about how she's wrong and even then they argued in bad faith I mean the divorce keystream is a great example you had Jeff Holliday saying IQ isn't real which everyone picked up on but but even better even better because Jeff is low-hanging fruit Jeff is an idiot he's a demented little goon even better this guy called no white guilt did a video where he pointed out that croute did argue in good faith actually made the daily stormer look credible because the article the daily stormer cited on Wikipedia is about the golden rule across the world the daily stormer did not say only Europeans had the golden ruled they just said rightly or wrongly Africans did not develop the golden rule on their own and in the Wikipedia article there's no mention of Africa which was the daily Stormers point but crowd said they're our source to bunk their whole arguments and no it doesn't and the war ski stream and his fans too spotted up yeah I mean that the irony of that part was that when crowd looked at the wiki article he listed off pretty much everywhere except Africa yeah yeah yeah and then there's the simple fact that you know they did target rage cuz I think they knew she was inexperienced enough to the point where they could pressure her they didn't say anything about stefan molyneux well Jeff Holliday did but his videos were shit so we don't care or even better even better if we want to talk about a God of rationality and skepticism that you never see them go after sam Harris on any of the stuff oh no yes sam harris is there god I don't even really think that they don't sup for some of them he is like mouthy Buddha really likes them but mouthy boot is a good guy so we're not gonna well ya mouthy Buddha also accepts the these these facts and accepts the the data that's available he doesn't mmm engage in denialism of it oh we love I love that guy oh my god yes now you know what croc did was an absolutely careless error that was uncritically up SEC accepted and this kind of goes to what I've noticed with the skeptic community I think we're gonna get into sort of ruin and eyes problems with the skeptic community is they really don't like the criticize or police their own and that's why Sargon had to make like special rules for how to handle disagreements and the all right there are basically no rules for how you can disagree with someone and it gets a lot more cutthroat than saying your video about feminism was shit and you know again I just don't understand where these people get off thinking they have any intellectual authority on any of these subjects when they constantly run away from any directive a any direct challenge and just kind of prattle to their own little audience yeah I mean that's that's something else that's important to note about the worse key thing is that even if Rage had showed up for that stream it's it's six against one you you'd barely be able to get a word in edgewise at a situation like that so you you could you know let's just say for the sake of argument that she was much more experienced than she actually is even if she had like sam harris levels of knowledge on this or jordan Peterson Jordan Peterson is another one they never criticized for for saying this stuff but even if she had that level of expertise on it it's not like she would be able to get a word in edgewise and actually complete a statement or make an argument because she would have six people talking over Shane on and on the subject of who they don't criticize I can name two people they don't criticize one they don't really know much about Jonathan hight he did an interview with Dad sad where he basically tiptoed right up to the line of race realism and then just left it there as an implication and mr. sad agreed so they don't know that GAD sad also probably agrees with race realism they don't know Jonathan high degrees of race realism they don't know about Steven Pinker they probably know about Charles Murray and you know the expert consensus is not actually on their side in this issue and we actually have surveys anonymous survey is of experts showing that they think genetics plays a large role in the black/white iq gap in the US and the national IQ gaps across you know the world basically with racial differences yes and speaking of speaking of anonymity I had someone ask me this a week or two ago like do you know of any openly alright geneticists you can speak to any of these issues and I don't know if it was meant to be a snarky question or not I'm not sure if it was but I asked Ryan Faulk about it and he made a good point that even if there were you know they would be smart not to reveal that because their career is over yeah they do like who was it who um oh I can't remember his name some some not no not not Marie um respond it might have been rich wine so somebody recently like within the last year came out and it some of these opinions and basically lost everything they had and this was like someone I wish I could remember the name but this was someone very esteemed you know had a very long career Watson Watson yes that's it yeah he's a Nobel Prize winner yeah and they took his Nobel Prize away yeah really no they didn't take it away he couldn't get money so he considered selling it but the guy who sold it to just gave it back so they didn't take it away okay okay okay yeah and this is but the point the point remains that if you come out you know you could have the most credibility and have the longest career and have a huge reputation built up and if you come out and publicly say this stuff you will lose everything yeah and also another thing is like there there is no debate about this the most you get is kind of like what the skeptics do where they just do response videos to things they know they can kind of get away with stuff in there because people aren't likely to see the errors when there's no one there to directly challenge them it's the same thing with the race real is it's the day when charles murray was on sam Harris's podcast voxcom published articles about how they're full of shit and that's that's fairly typical they published these articles that you know they can't respond to that get a huge circulation and become a part of what we all know but when actually debate like there's a debate between murray and flynn charles murray and James Flynn where Murray just destroys the guy because all Flynn can do is focus on this one study from Germany called the I first study which purported the show that you know when the racial stereotypes went away with it was studying bastard children of American GIs and some of which were black and they found that the IQs weren't different well not really the study has numerous methodological problems that one can read on Wikipedia and that's kind of the point of this is that there is no evidence that would make you believe the races are the same it doesn't even hold up to logical scrutiny and that's what convinced Sam Harris when he was chatting with Murray he said something along the lines of it would be an evolutionary miracle for all these disparate populations to be exactly the same in the one area of humanity we value the most mental faculties that's like that's a that's a religious position almost you're you're projecting your values on to the universe which doesn't really care it doesn't really care Nature doesn't care if you would wait sometime in the future see intelligence is extremely important it's just going to select for whatever traits are advantageous to the organisms at that time and that's kind of my schpeel right I mean really I think what this comes back to is the fact that a lot of these people promoted rage to start with and kind of helped her channel get off the ground and were then very displeased when she started saying this kind of stuff oh yeah we kind of got away from the skeptics there a good point go on yeah yeah I mean well I mean the thing is is like they you know they're happy to promote people who have opinions they approve of but the second someone brave a skeptic odo you know well it's not that's that's the thing is it's not at all I mean and you can see this you know you were you mentioned a little while ago tree that you know this is something that seems to mostly happen to or it almost exclusively happens to right-wingers who associate with these people like you can you know you could look at someone like me you could look at naked ape who's kind of always been on the margins of the skeptic crowd you could look at that guy T who you know from what I can tell they seem to have just kept him around is like you know like a token black friend like token black auntie sjw so they can deflect accusations of racism against them because they get called racist all the time too and they seem willing to go to any lengths to dispel those accusations even if it means breaking from the principles they claim to have the the principle is you know they want to call themselves skeptics so they can appear smart that's the principle in the American educational in in American schools they are still passing children who can barely read to the next grade so what does that mean what does that tell you you know saying just because you get a ghost on your paper doesn't mean you're smart and I'm really tired of these people that they're they're not smart at all at all and if it were if if the skeptic community were these Einsteins that they pretend to be they would have easily accepted the debate challenge from two females I mean we're just two little girls I mean it's easy to beat me especially the one who has emotional problems you know saying wouldn't it be easy to whip my ass in the debate if if I can't stay on topic on facts and and actually you know stay on the subject because and I'm I'm not able to stay on this topic because I'm too busy you know screeching about how you hurt my feelings and stab me in the back and all this other stuff and and basically they just knew they knew one and you I was mad I was gonna channel that anger into making sure or if I even if I got two nights two hours of sleep and in the last three to four days I was gonna make sure I was on top of my game to whip their ass in this debate you know saying I want my attentions was to say a pretty I got this shit and I was just going to just demolish them because I took this personally because they rationed me for defending my friend yeah exactly and you know that the thing is like they don't do well in debates none of these guys are great debaters crowd debated me and Fleck his own chat was so embarrassing I was like why did you put up with that's a lot you know what took me three days to listen to that debate well he was human yeah we were pretty civil in that debate so it's pretty easy for me although he kept deflecting and going into irrelevant shit they had better do with the topic I'm like oh my god I think I lost some brain cells but but that doesn't that doesn't bother me too much because it it doesn't really hurt my argument so I was alright with that but you know it was a civil debate and you know his own chat said I won you know and there you know there are people in the comments saying I'm wrong but they're kind of there they're missed their Christmas made no sense and I responded to all of them I believe so there's that there's the Millennial Wow's debate with Sargon which didn't go so great for Sargon and like there's one guy called the alternative hypothesis they will never debate that guy but they'll insist that raise realism is wrong and he's sort of like an expert on it and you know it's it's interesting that you mentioned the the Sargon and millennial woes debate because this you know to connect back to a point we just made about like oh well you're just girls it's funny you say that because the skeptic crowd accepts sexual realism they accept that men and women are not equal they accept that men have on average higher IQs than women do and there's plenty of evidence to support that that they all accept and Sargon just recently did a video where he was talking about the whole thing with Piers Morgan going nuts on that that oh yeah the Polish MEP who you know who says all of this controversial stuff and and Sargon made a point in his video saying that oh well it's true that you know men have higher average IQs than women and you can't disprove an average with an individual but then you know way back during the this was before this video way back during the the millennia louis debate he brought up individuals as an argument against these averages so which one is it yeah and it's not like he changed his mind or the skeptic communities change his mind about that they still do it even even mouths the buddha did it although when he did it was fair he pointed out IQ varies more between individuals in between groups although I would point out that's because you're comparing two people which is like a small sample size but that's that right and how do you get an average by by by averaging the the results for a bunch of individuals exactly no it's sort of like a it's a pointless argument to make it doesn't demonstrate anything you can't actually build practical policy off of that either because the law doesn't treat people as individuals that treats them sort of as models or blocks of the behavior argument imagine if DUI laws were structured around individuals like oh well that you know everyone has a you know a different range of alcohol tolerance so we can't have this blanket law with it big specific number no we have to have good law because they can't possibly account for every person's different alcohol tolerance like I I can drink more alcohol than most people I know and still you know I'm what you might call a functional drunk and you know I would obviously I wouldn't advocate drinking and then driving a car but you know I might be more able to do it than most people and yet I still don't do it because if I get caught I'm fucked yeah it's just kind of how things are you can't have this highly individuated system that tries to cater to every every individual snowflake it just doesn't work and moreover they kind of act like we're the ones ruining this individualistic system we live in when we don't live in an individualistic system we live in a system where people are treated as collectives where they pull they pull it aside based as collectives and so we need to actually just deal with the world we have and the current issue of our day is this Blanks latest ideology that's just screwing everything up but you I think we've moved away from the skeptics although that's how fault oh I don't worry I'm about to bring it back because I forgot I forgot to mention something I forgot to talk about a trap that I set in my last video you guys are gonna love this I did a video on the assassination of police officers and I also included racin and IQ and there that video took the video was very emotionally draining and it took several days because I went after Sargon in that video and I wanted to make sure I had all my facts straight so the disclaimer has some misspelled words in there and I just want everybody know that was the last thing I made and just please excuse that part but it doesn't it doesn't it doesn't make the rest of my video invalid in in the video a mr. Mattei to trap a setup that only conservatives caught three men all of them right-wingers caught this trap but no conservative and no Liberals caught this trap in two worse the end of the video I said that liberals don't mind when you say that blacks are are genetically we genetically superior in boxing football and basketball and the men have bigger penises but if you say that the average black has lower IQ than whites then that's point too far now the trap was I grossly generalized saying all blacks are great in basketball I didn't put average before that I said all the only time I mentioned the word average when I said IQ and there and the conservative the three men the three males who caught it who were right wingers said bigger penis now all blacks are good and basketball and I said they caught it and this is what I want to show people that the left loves to cuddle black people as long as you say something that compliments them that feeds their ego you're never gonna hear shit out them but to say anything that's backdoor science that may hurt their feelings a little bit this to learn about the racial IQ structure will only hurt your feelings if you have a small ego and basically low self-esteem white people do not get pissed off the Asians are small and smarter to them and when I first heard about this odd when I first started to hear about it and begin to research race and IQ I was an insulted either thinking about the way I was reared in Washington DC as well as being a police officer in and get out the shit made sense to me total sense to me but but I noticed that with rages video they they took her sayin average and made a general lie and they made a general statement that she said all she's that they kept saying this lie that all the people are inferior and that they lied about and her saying that all black people lack abstract thought and here it is I said specifically set a generalized statement that all black man got big penises all black people are good in basketball all black people are good in bed and football and boxing and none of them said a word this to show you that whites on the Left have this bigotry of low expectations when it comes to black people they will cuddle them and they will let them believed as we was keying this shit because they don't want to be truthful how many of them have made a video in reference to a Michael Brown ok except for no I gotta I gotta put up not all here a IU as we all know is the only one on the Left who actually took who actually tackled that do ya girl agree and I'm missing somebody else no I can't think of anyone else yeah he's the only one who was actually like no blacks are committing this amount of crime and actually they crucified him two years ago when he was first when he was the first one to come out and say blacks disproportionately commit over half of the murders in the United States and NH and the atheist community attacked him for that and he's the only one who defends police officers he's the only one who actually tells the right statistics about black-on-black crime the skeptic community never made a video disproving or debunking black Black's false claim of being oppressed the skeptic community never defends the police as a matter of fact they think the police actually go out and kill black people on purpose the skeptic community and the left when except for AI you they never did a video or recorded a video talking about how the welfare state rewards black women to be sink mothers and they never talked about how those black single mothers are teaching their children how to fear and fight the police why is it that we have why is it that the left as well as the sceptic community always talking this bullshit about how the police is being how we have a problem with police brutality but not a problem with these Negroes not learning how to comply how come when the police tell you to fucking pull over and don't reach for a gun you pull them you don't pull over you run and you pull out your gun and it's the police fault yeah I mean and and something something I think is worth highlighting here I'm sure both of you have heard about that incident in Minnesota in Minneapolis where the Somali police officer shot a white woman who was actually she was actually the one who called 911 this and the you know the Somali community in Minneapolis and the you know black Twitter jumped on this saying like oh you know you know praise Jesus you know black cops shot a white woman isn't this great but now you you you white Devils know how it feels and all this shit and you know it's just amazing to me how they think that this is somehow analogous or somehow a comparison to like this is this was a white woman approaching the squad car she was the one who called the cops she was looking for help and the cop you know basically it was incompetent and had an itchy trigger finger and shot her in a panic and you're trying to compare that to somebody who is suspected of committing a crime who is the subject of an investigation who is actively violently resisting the police and the police end up shooting you're trying to compare those two things oh geez I haven't seen any of the skeptic people talking about that well they can't talk about it because you know the fact that all these black people just jumped on it as part of this racial revenge fantasy that kind of that invalidates their whole vision for the future it's like oh we just need to teach him to be good individuals and it will all be fine well you can't do that sorry we see how they use social media that's not a study obviously but that's a pretty good bar for how groups behave at this point I mean they see themselves as a group they see themselves in the conflict you just need to actually accept that's the world you live in also I want to just ask this question what type of people celebrate the death of an innocent person what type of mentality is that I mean it's it's vengeful you know they just want to uh they they have their perceived victim narrative of you know the police are out there just uh slaughtering black people for no reason and so they want to jump on this and act like that's somehow in equivalence or somehow like vindication for them yeah and you know and like Sargon has talked about how there's a distinctly authoritarian tendency in American cops when he's from like 95% white swindon and it's just like an observation and not only that he lives in a country where they arrest people for for for hate speech and you know hate tweets and things like that you know like he lives in a country where people literally go to criminal court for saying something mean on the internet and he wants to talk about are cops being authoritarian not only that they're cops was a bunch of pussies there is so many videos of twenty or thirty police officers trying to take down one guy with a knife it is actually a video on YouTube right now where there is 20 to 25 police officers trying to take down a guy with a pole a steel pole and all he's doing is swinging it they're running around like a circus and the only way that they caught him is when he threw away the pole and jumped in the back a back seat of the squad car so you mean to tell me you would want to look at your police office who could barely fucking handle somebody with a pole and want to compare that shit to our police officers and don't forget this now your police officers over there in the UK they are unarmed we have the Second Amendment here and I take a 50 anybody who is not an American who is no who does not live in America who don't understand about the hood you ain't never lived in the hood you ain't never been bite that he ain't never Joe Baba fuckin hood if you want to sit up here and try to tell us how to deal with these savage people from the fucking concrete jungle fuck you yeah they just they don't they have absolutely no understanding of what the dimensions of this problem is and you mean to go back to sort of like this was about skeptic hypocrisy and I think we should go back to that because we both we've all gotten kind of off yeah we did yes the skeptics largely they kind of just rely on social proof and well poisoning I've noticed because most of like their criticisms of the alright are these videos which are total like Jeff holidays videos which are total crap where he just denies IQ as a thing or he denies that you know he spreads lies about this Goddard a researcher from the early 20th century who believed and he says he believed in like genetic determinism he did and he spreads lies about what stefan molyneux believes you know stefan mom if you don't know used to have like radical egalitarian beliefs but that's changed and Jeff wants to present him as just sort of this creepy guy who's always been a crypto racist which is insane and you know that's just just what they do and a lot of it's done on social media where they just kind of selectively present things to their followers like I'm gonna pick on crowd again I'm gonna I'm gonna say so I'm gonna say something in crowds defense a little bit later so I'm not just picking on him crowd you know he saw the video by no light guilt were no like ule pointed out he misrepresent what the daily stormer was saying and just basically was completely wrong and everyone bought it and how little how poorly that reflects on the skeptic community and crowds big response was is was a tweet to his followers of a section where no white guilt makes fun of crowds pronunciation of things cuz I think he assumes crowd is from England so he sort of doesn't understand English is not Krauts first language and he presented that as if that was the argument of the video when he would never ever say publicly oh yeah I fucked up I can't I can't parent Lee have a problem reading what the daily stormer actually said my own fault and that's just what this is this is a it's an image projection contest that they want to pretend they have any sort of upper hand in this argument what really all they do is just poison the well against opposing ideas a lot of the time that was a good video and I think I'm going to leave a link to no white guilt video in the description when we finish this stream because I think he made some excellent points and he just he just destroyed them in their little sway like Anthony Eddie fucking war ski didn't even know what the bell curve yeah he did a stream with with AI u and AI you say I'm surprised that the bell curve is not mentioned here and and and it well let that be okay yeah it's ridiculous and and James Allsop was there too and yet these guys these guys don't know anything they don't actually know like what what is actually in dispute in this subject like I see like that this weed idiot named Lulu of I saying oh jeans don't really matter it's mostly about your culture and your upbringing on Twitter and it's like no you're not wrong that is it is a law of behavioral genetics that genes are more important than your family upbringing it is a literal law created by out Terk heimer and he doesn't know that because he doesn't know anything about the subject they just want to beat everything down with this sort of bizarre individualistic brush where everything's just a product of people's will when really know you have set limitations you have set parameters not everything's under your control there is actually luck involved in life it's just ridiculous yeah you have anything to add room well I mean what's interesting is that Sargon has publicly said as much in the past he's publicly said things like okay well genes determine your potential and then environment can influence to what extent you reach that potential Sargon has said things like that so in the in the loosest sense of the term Sargon is kind of a race realist but when it gets down into the actual nitty-gritty of and he sort of shied away from making more specific statements than that well he's doing the thing where it's like oh yeah race realism is is maybe true but you know I'm still going to straw man with the alt-right thinks we should do with this information you know like he said like he seems to think like we judge people based off of IQ and so therefore we should also do poor dumb white people or something i q– nationalism is like if you think you can give every immigrant who wants to come over an IQ test and I'll just solve that everything yeah really you're a little cream I mean like the people the people who study this subject don't arrive at the conclusion of IQ nationalism that should tell you something and you know and you know they've always been a kind of done these shitty little things like I just remembered there's a video it was the Berkeley the Berkeley fight were dancing to me go punch that girl is the video Sargon did on that and there's he does the thing where this is something the skeptics complained about sjw's like Tom bloke doing to them they complain when sjw's take 30-second clips of their videos and use it to make some fatuous point about how they're wrong or something and he did that Richard Spencer's DC rally against the war he wanted to make his stupid little point that the alt Ryan ante far the same because you know a made up grievances as real as a you know real one but he must make this fatuous little point and so he takes the 30-second clip of when Richard Spencer's rally was met by an tyfa and devolved into a shouting match and you know again that's exactly what skeptic skeptics complain about being done to them we have these videos that we put so much work into and then these idiots like Tom bloke just take a 30-second clip of it just to make us look stupid how could anyone do that right I mean that because that was an event that's Spencer and I you know I don't like everything about Spencer I have my own criticisms of Richard Spencer but but but for the sake of conversation here that was an event that Spencer organized himself in like what like under 24 hours or under 36 hours or something an anti-fog shows up to try and shit all over it that's not anti Fah and the alt-right acting exactly the same that's Anti Fog doing what they do best and doing what they always do to everybody not just the alright so I really don't understand what point Sargon thought he was making with that one and you do know that two days after the whole what shall I say the next day no it was two days two days after everybody started to shit on rage Sargon did a video and in that video he stated that Asians and Jews have the highest IQ and he also said that one of the reasons why Jews have high IQ is Bettina and they excuse me he said he didn't say the reason why he says something that no matter what trials and tribulations I'm paraphrasing here but he's saying he said no matter what trial and tribulations that the Jews go through they're still able to to be successful and I came out and I made a pulse and I said oh my god Sargon said that Asians and Jews have hot have the highest IQ and the skeptic community didn't lose their shit and everybody started to started to the fin like well he didn't say it's because of poverty and he didn't say it was gonna be used against them as race and I'm saying and it just when you look at the rebuttals from their minions you will understand why we block them and and and I gotta go back to something dealing with petty politics silly video about calling the art right cow no this sjw's I gotta talk about this because this is their new thing is to call us names it's not new but yeah really yeah well I guess this is the first time I've actually been involved in something so I take your words because I this is unlike since would have thought ripen sjw's so guys I'm going to actually tell you the actual actions that the things that the skeptic community done that our SJW tactics and I want you to ask yourself did the alright or did right-wingers like myself do that I'm sorry David you've got to say something oh no I just I cut out a little bit I was wondering if you did no no so I'm gonna show you what they did okay and and listen see who who's really that the sjw's here the first thing that it did when rage uploaded her video is they go outraged over the truth now does that sound like and that's JW to you yes it is there's something sjw's do they don't like you telling the truth and they get very angry about it and they get mad because the facts you told hurt their feelings the facts that rage explained now presented in her video it hurt their feelings or shall I say it hurt their slaves on a democratic plantations feelings and they had to defend them okay this the next thing that they did the skeptic community if they started to use name-calling instead of valid arguments so the first thing they called rage oh yeah that's they finally just cut in that's actually like the irony of referring to all your opponents as SJW equivalents that's also an SJ does exactly think they call us names instead of actually having value arguments are very good David I don't even think about that the fact that they call in everybody who disagrees with them sjw's it's just the SJW tactics but they called rage a Nazi in a racist and that's something sjw's did we call their names as a matter of fact i was called an Uncle Tom and a coon you know for siding with my friend because she's white and I'm black and they don't like her so because I'm black I have to think like all black people and do everything like all black people you know saying and if I don't they're gonna punish me by race shaming me that's sjw all the way they collectively gathered together to dog pal upon her and try to bully her on a live stream okay and that's something else like sjw's do all right Oh though because they made a big deal out of her video they Mass flagged it down instead of being sympathetic to the fact that she got a strike on her Channel and her video was taken off her channel because of a mass flag that came from their side they rejoice in it that's sjw all the way we we would never do that to them okay they didn't they celebrated her leaving you to who call her her names again talking about she's a she's a coward and and David did you there's something else that somebody did it I think you wanted to share with us which was similar to an s DW oh yeah okay well first of all I'm gonna give the disclaimer defending crime are quite a bit cuz he did have a good point did this tweet and I should have said that when I shared it on Twitter today however he did it I said yes they asked for proof I provided proof it was mostly just an incident of carelessness wasn't me maliciously trying to say crowd you know I wasn't I wasn't maliciously leaving this out and I also thought it was fairly obvious it was deleted because I had to hunt for the archive which I said but yeah crowd tried to contact who rage worked for Kippur Central and get her fired over her race reels and video he did delete that he did delete the tweet after I you know told him this is ridiculous but he still did it I mean that's still where his mind went that was still his first response and that's an sjw tactic yeah so it's just like so so show us so here's here's my question to the left and please don't tell me about blocking okay everybody blocks you blocks the skeptic community blocks people how the hell is blocking people in sjw technique here's the thing guess who's not block Derek's not blocked Sargon is not blocked Jeff's not block okay so it's like because I block your little stupid minions who were who are tweeting me stupid stuff and harassing me and threatening me that makes me an S DW right and guess what if they are so butthurt that i blocked them or that rage block them how about they sue us for violating their First Amendment yeah why me you know braving and I are blocked by skeptics I'm I'm blocked by shoe on head she used to watch my videos on my old channel and now and now she blocks me the second she realizes that I'm on this account or that account you know I'm I'm blocked by crowd and muted by Jeff because according to Jeff I harass him and by harassed him I mean every time he makes a stupid tweet about race realism I tell him he's a fucking idiot that's like that they're claiming I harassed them which is like an sjw tactic it's it's ridiculous cuz I am actually a terrible social media user I react to things as they happen I'm not proactive at all and so if i responding to your tweet it's because i'm seeing your tweet and i think it's dumb or i think it's good or i want to add something it's not that i'm seeking you out yeah but here's my thing they can't say blocking is sjw isnt it is being an sjw when they're doing it so you see the hypocrisy here i just here so far we have really laid out a long list of hypocrisy hypocritical actions displayed by either so-called skeptic communities yeah and still they wanna shit talk to us all this time and let me just say this when I say us I'm talking about the right eye I consider myself an ally of the alt-right I am NOT a part of the alt-right okay I here's my thing I wanna I want to make clear to everybody just in case you guys are confused on why I am so friendly with the alright I do not like the way the left is has first of all has been so violent and they have been dumbing down black people the black community and pacifying them for years and years and years and years okay and they they have blacks under this this notion that they're their friend and uh here's my position you can have them you can have bush WIDA our own rave right you can have all them didn't do nothing Negros okay I want the best of my people I want the strong of my I want them I want my people who know that what is coming from the left is a bunch of bullshit I want my outspoken people to come to this side and fight for our American culture if blacks hated here and Hispanics hated here if Muslims hati here so much why are you still here I don't want America to turn into South America choose me I don't want the United States to turn into South America Brazil and particularly I don't want it to turn into Nigeria Saudi Yemen and a damn sure don't want it to turn into Germany okay I am an American not a damn African American I am an American and there are lots of blacks here in America who think like me I want to show them hey come to the winning team who's looking out for our best interest it is not in our best interest that White's become the minority that is an awful thing that will happen for us no offense I'm just being honest on this is a selfish thing for me to do is to is to make sure this doesn't happen because a black America is death Hispanic America is death to somebody like me with my lifestyle and I like my American westernized culture and I don't want it to change and therefore I know and I have been attracting a lot of blacks who think like me and who are actually willing to fight on this behalf and we'll keep the didn't do nothing's and the weed was kinda shit they can stay over there on the left and just be you know and they can suckle on the teeth of dead Democratic masters but that's the thing I want people to understand is that we have an Eligius here on the right yeah yeah I mean this is this is something that I've been thinking about a lot lately and you know the problem that we're faced with with the left is that they have this huge power structure built up they have the universities they have much of the public school system they have parts of the government they have the media they have entertainment they have the social media sites they have all this this enormous like multibillion-dollar power structure behind them and the right doesn't have any organization you know there's all these different factions of the right like you have the alt-right and the end caps and the libertarians and the you know evangelical Christians and all these different groups you have the oathkeepers you know and all these different groups are kind of doing their own thing and there's no way that we can beat the left if we do not act as a cohesive unit like the right needs to come together to resist the left or the left is gonna win yeah this is no point in like this pointless division but the thing is is um you know actually I just thought of this ruined wasn't there this guy had like an animal avatar who said a lot of the stuff were talking about the skeptic community he said that they were obsessed with pwnage and that this would lead them to just being ridiculous and stupid what was his name he was some kind of um some kind of forest dwelling creature I think yeah yeah and they all hate him they all hate him for for pointing this stuff out way back and like 20 it Steele dear what does being queer talking about teal dear pushing pushing the whole team here was right thing since like last fall because field ear was right healed your predicted all of the shit coming almost two years ago now and they all hate him for it and they they act like he's uh beneath their engagement or something they may dog pala him to they drugged yes see that's the thing is he doesn't bother with any of the social media crap so yeah there's really nothing they could do no no they had ass didn't they have a stream where any tried to trash him just like they did not as bad as rage but similar or am i confusing that with something else it doesn't come to my mind but if anyone would know it'd be around um I mean I think there was something hit that happened recently with uh with Jeff and wore ski wear teal deer made this video saying that there's all these new female content creators springing up and you know they're they're having an easy time gaining traction and they're just kind of not saying yeah very much that's new and you know you can you can agree or disagree with teal deer on that but the simple fact is that it really booty blasted Jeff and more ski because they had been promoting rage and promoting some of these female channels and they had a stream you know tearing into teal deer and saying that you know saying he's a misogynist and you know he's just an angry you know lonely mgtow guy and all this stuff and then then they kind of both turned out to be wrong because then Rage made her race realism nautically not only was killed you're wrong because rage did do something kind of a kind of novel when it comes to the skeptics and did did come out and break from the group and say something controversial so teal deer was wrong about that but Jeff also had egg on his face for white knighting rage you know I like try to defend her from teal deer and all this stuff and it just made him look you know it for anyone who was paying attention and isn't a fuckin sycophant it made him look really stupid because here he is you know he's he's caught holding the bag of like oh you know you can't be mean to this girl teal deer you can't say those things about her and then she comes out and says something that Jeff really hates and is really controversial with those people and they in turn jump on her yeah but there's another person who's kind of said similar things he said uh it was but it's mouthy Buda he based his or his first video if I can fucking talk his first video a lot of it was talking about how crappy the skeptics are doing to address the very real things the alright brings up I mean you know he sees more gingerly about it than teal dear because he you know he still likes of skeptics I'm not gonna blame him for that you know but you know he's he's willing to engage honestly and he wishes they would too but I just don't think that's gonna happen but I'm still willing to engage honestly with mousey well how mouthy booter seems to be the only one who's willing to have an honest discussion and and that's because he he he's to me when I look at him I don't see somebody who's full of himself after all anybody who could get Nicky to his video and start singing lips singing – Wow horses yep I don't know what I'm talking about but mouthy Buddha did antifoam video and at the end he actually he tucked this junk in between his legs and he had this white bandana on his face and put lipstick on it you remember um silence of the Lamb where what's his name what's the guy who's the who was saying put it puts the lotion on the skin or else it gets the hose again you guys know that Buffalo Bill yeah Buffalo Bill so he pretends to be the ante for version of Buffalo Bill and he actually like he's straight-up nude but he has his junk in between his legs and it's like it's so funny and I said not that it's a self-confident man when I was like I've been a fan of his ever since because I was like wow yeah he did that he did that Lacey song which I I'm assuming he did that kind of tongue-in-cheek yeah yes funny song to be honest um I'm really surprised that I don't know he's just not well-known enough or if you know where or if it's just them ignoring their own side or whatever but I'm really surprised that none of them have jumped on Malfi Buddha for some of the stuff that he said cuz he he agreed with a lot of the all rights physicians in those two videos he made and yeah it actually reminds me of just a brief digression of something tree said earlier where it's like Sargon said Jews and Asians are smarter but that's that's kosher you know that's right cuz the right person said it so I don't know if it's one of those things with them oh it's not even the right person said it he said it about the right groups absolu think they just got this they got it they got this thing to to go after white girls it's they have the same way the D regressive or progressive left however you want to call them the same way they're saying fuck all white people all white people are racist you know I believe that that stuff rubbed off on the skeptic community to where they're going after any outspoken white person who's proud at Aries and and that is a bad thing and particularly going after white women because you know let's just be honest when you have somebody like me who grew up pretty rough all right I don't have no problem fighting but you know my white female friends this is not this is not their thing okay oh I see what you're saying though yeah I got you yeah so it's easy to go after them versus a hardcore black bitch like myself because they understand you're not going to get a fight back they're going to get a retreat until the black friend shows up that's my thing and I'm just really tired of that and and and actually Oh Capital showed me another I wish she was here and right now showed me another tweet and wish they attacked another female a white female in reference to something she said and in in being proud of being white no that's funny cuz like these guys talk a big game but they they never seem to want to debate people like ruin or Ryan Falk of alternative hypothesis or even me I don't have a YouTube channel so they kind of have an excuse to ignore me but like they'll go after these people they see as easy targets you know people who they don't think will fight back as you said yeah yeah and I think that's just that's one of the things I just love about being me you know I mean I didn't think like like somebody I remember somebody said wanted one of their minions said what tree it sounds like you know you have white envy no I don't have first of all whether you win it no matter what you think about me as as far as my mentality is concerned I liked it on six four three I liked it I'm tall and strong and I liked it I can fuck you up and I would not change that for nothing so I don't want to be a white girl that's gonna run away I'd rather be the black one and a fuck yo ass up with my hands and feet yes I like being me and this is the reason why I want more blacks like me to come on out and come on this side and just let's just go ahead and just get this over and done with because for them to run away when I show up should tell you something mmm-hmm and actually we're talking about Matthew bitter earlier and I forgot this he said he got pushed back from his own side in Hebrew and he did mention that in his video but he he was saying that it was mostly from viewers and not from other content creators so he gets I should correct myself he did get some pushback from his own side but it wasn't it wasn't like other youtubers jumping on him the way it was with some of this other stuff well the viewers are the people who buy these things on critically so I'm not shocked true yeah I mean I think I think part of the thing with you tree is that uh you know you're you're just too black for them to criticize you know yeah like I was saying earlier it's very easy for them to to go after a white person who's saying this stuff and say oh well you're just racist and you just think you're superior and all this stuff but if a black person is saying it they don't dare criticize that because they're out now they're out of arguments they don't have any any misdirection they can go with they don't have any moral gravitas and speaking of selling that's too black for them to criticize did we want to bring in tea yeah if he here don't Sam yeah iid em Tim and I don't think he saw it yet I hope hopefully he's new that would be cool to have him on because he's another another perfect example of this how he you know he talks about I was telling you true he talks about all kinds of stuff you know like he he is kind of similar to Yuri kind of behaves like an ally of the old right he does really go against us he sees some value and some of the things we're saying and and he even even talks about the Jews sometimes you know in ways that the skeptics don't approve of but they never attack him for it they never go after him because he's too black for them to attack they don't want to look that they're used to just calling people racist or or you know saying that oh you're just some loser in your mom's basement and you just want to feel good about yourself saying this stuff and they can't do that tee dresses better than like 90% of them suddenly fucking retarded can we um I want to talk if he doesn't come up in the next 15 minutes we'll see how it goes but I want to talk about are we gonna I want to ask I want to ask a question personally a reference as a black woman to two white men but do you guys want to say any closing remarks in reference to the hypocrisy of the skeptic community well they're just that they scurry around like rats whenever they anyone who could challenge them effectively shows up they they'll go after a while hanging fruit oh third position if I take this tweet out of context he sounds silly and so I'll do that or this guy made fun of the way I pronounced something that was clearly his only argument or Richard Spencer shop tried to shout down some anti fuss so there clearly the same it's ridiculous selectively cherry-pick bullshit and you know they just they don't actually do well when they're challenged on these ideas by someone who's remotely competent and they know that honestly I think they know that they just don't have what it takes yeah and something that I would add to that is that it there's sort of an irony in the way they defend the youtubers I'm specifically referring to the the fans of these people it's really ironic how tribally they behave when they say that they're all about individualism and they're against tribal is oh good point they think they think collective mentality or cultish behavior clannish behavior is up is stupid but they just engage in the same kind of low glass tribalist kind of bullshit yes yes yeah we say that accuse others I mean there's even I mean even down to like you know like a sexually political level like you know like uh like a male-female dynamic like the teal deer thing or I remember on the war ski stream I got brought up actually by Jeff and and he claimed you know this this is where his his low-class brain goes immediately he claimed that I was just defending rage because I wanted to fuck her which who wanted to really fuck rage dude we've do we really need to go there we were right this who really wanted a fucker I guess who was tripping over himself to defend her for a month at that big meanie teal dear you know me wasn't me doing that you know it's just I just find it kind of telling that that's the first place a person's head would go it says more about them you know yeah and and my thing is this and this is what I want to say closing and before we move on to another topic I just want to say guys that you know understand that one of the best things that the skeptic community wanted their methods so I said am yeah actually the mo is that they love to deflect and they love to call other people what they are so it's easy for them to call right-wingers sjw's when they themselves are sjw's and they're liberal minions don't fact-check them or make them justify what's the purpose of them calling us sjw's what have we done and you can't say the blocking thing block it like I said they block we block blocking does not mean you're an sjw but I have listed the actual sjw tactics that they have actually carried out to display that they are the true sjw's and when you keep messing with the low-hanging fruit like that you will take on their attributes and to and also lastly we need to let rage heal and deal with her environment and deal with her schooling and call people out on their hypocrisy of glorifying in the fact that she left you know to to to pick on a 19 year old teenager like that who's still learning to become she's she's still young what was it was she like a sjw a year ago guys yeah yeah I mean that's that's something else to consider is that she she seems new to politics in general she seems like she went through a very rapid philosophical change in a very short period of time and you know if we're being perfectly honest you she could have presented her video better she could have been a bit more rigorous and I think that's probably part of the reason why she wasn't is because she's just new to all of this yeah yeah but instead of just like well why not just go ahead and say hey can we clean this up a little bit why not say why I call her names like not seeing races it's cuz they there and they feel like they're in competition with us so when she links daily stormer it's a way to attack us and also there's something else I wanted to say like this youtuber distributist you know I chat with him in discord and he said what sjw's and progressives are good at is rallying social pressure to people they dislike and that's all these guys did they rallied social pants around today rallied social proof around the idea that she's saying all black people suck or that she just linked the daily stormer or that the daily Stormers own source disproved it which it did in you know it this is all crap it's just it's at me it's a lie repeated on here's one also want to say this about the daily storm if I go to a website that says that blacks disproportionately kill each other at a high rate and that I think if I'm not mistaken 90% of the blacks are killed are killed by other blacks and these are actual facts that are taken from the FBI FBI crime statistics and these facts are listed on kill niggers dead calm does that mean that the facts are bullshit yeah well in this situation they would they would click on the link to the FBI stats and then notice that white people commit more crime you know because there's more of them and then just say oh well that disproves you your own source disproves you or something that's that's the equivalent to what happened in that wars' keystream yeah and so I just want people to understand that we have to fact-check these people don't always take someone's word don't even take my word for everything and I love to put my sources in my videos when I do them and first of all I don't spread a lie I just don't and and the fact that they came out was so happy with this lie that rage was in jail and as she got arrested its I just said what type of person would glorify in this and find this acceptable I you have examples of that right cuz they're gonna like they're gonna want to see that what do you mean like you have a you have examples of the videos or tweets where people were celebrating that she was in jail oh absolutely I got the tweet okay good did you did you archive them in case they delete them oh no I did not yeah just just just got a UH just just type in archive is and then just yet do it really quickly okay this is the thing I just want to put out there is that this is just shameful and I just want everybody to know that rage is fine and she's gonna come back and she's gonna come back underneath a new name and she's gonna come back underneath a new format and and she's gonna come back bigger and better this woman I'm so proud of her like I said she for her to be young I see a part of me in her I see that strength she is alpha regardless of how the left to portray her as a coward she is alpha she's just not seasoned yet give her some time but most of all I'm more concerned about her safety than some bullshit YouTube channel you know she's she's her country she's in the EU where they are under attack at the moment and women yeah and also like she didn't delete her channel when she was getting criticism this is like a month after the fact oh yeah exactly right right she just she's she just basically removed the videos that were related to skeptic topics because she was gonna take on a new song I met it wasn't until yesterday no today when or was it today either yesterday she deleted her channel and everything but it had nothing to do with her being a coward this is totally not true and I want people to you know call people out when they start to tell others you know it's something else this is a point that uh it's kind of long gone now this is from much earlier in the discussion but well what we were saying about mass flagging this is something else that I'd like to point out here and this is going to be included in my next video that I'm working on but the mass flagging thing if they if they think that they're somehow exempt from that or that it's not going to happen to them I got news for them because there's a subset of pole called lefty pole on H Han and yeah I thought that you know they they are lefty pole is going around attacking not just right wing but anti-progressive YouTube accounts and basically trying to mass flag videos down so if anyone here is familiar with the alt-right comedy channel Murdock Murdock they recently private at all their videos because one of them got mass flagged and they moved to a new channel because of this and I really don't think that lefty Pole likes sargon incorporated any more than they like Stefan yeah any more than they like the old right or Stefan or any of these people so the the mass flagging thing is a real concern for everybody if you like talking about politics on YouTube or talking about anything controversial on you tube you should be against mass flagging you shouldn't because they don't know who it is does it can it can and will happen to you so put that out there – right right right okay so we're done on this one okay so I've won it I want to uh this is here's my from black person to white person question on my Twitter and I didn't tweet this to be funny I was really really sincere this this really bothers me where he created a cartoon in reference to the Romans and they have it as a mixed race one of the Romans if I'm not mistaken is black and the BBC oh yeah as the said BBC cartoon yeah about the history of Britain some yeah the history of Britain with enrollment the Roman soldiers are black and and white people on Twitter were very upset about it but I started and said what the fuck you guys gonna do about it right and so and so nobody really was nobody was like all they did was bitch and I don't I don't really subscribe to city moan and do nothing so then I you guys probably saw it I put up I said listen how about you all create a video in reference to depicting the Zulu nation and make sure it's all white cast and have Chris Evans with his sexy ass cap Chris Evans as Shaka Zulu and basically you know saying do that to show them how it feels when people want to rewrite history and and use there were cultural socially appropriate and a good handful was like all if they do that they're going to hurt us or they're going to attack us so they're gonna get us fired if we promote it and my question is you still need to do it why are you so scary oh my god why can't I didn't say go out there kick people kick the producers ass I said why don't you do the same thing but man make it opposite just make it fucking crazy you don't say or nor make roots we understand roots is dealing with Lee I think his I forgot it's least something his family say anything was stolen on Africa well then make it an all-white cast saying that black people stole white people out of the UK and brought him over to America made them into slaves I mean do something ridiculous the same thing they do to you guys why you don't do the same thing but you're too scared so my question is where's this fear coming from well it's basically what the terms bug men right ruins yeah yeah I mean it's it's it's basically just capitulation you know I mean I don't necessarily think that the people complaining about it or really all like that but there there are a lot of white people who also defend that stuff and they think it's a great thing so yeah there's the people who would do something about it feel alone too oh yeah yeah okay I agree with that yeah okay and and they will they will target your careers and you know white people love their careers so there is a risk but I think they just got to get over it at some point and that's up to us to inspire them to do that if we fail doing that then we fail then why not have those who are not beholden to a nine-to-five job to where we have our own job and jobs or shoots us that we have our own businesses and we can do what we want and we support here's the thing if we keep those of us on the right if we fear that the left is going to create a campaign for those of us who own businesses and either go to Yelp and math voted down or put bad reviews or whatever and if we stay dedicated to the cause that listen no matter what the left does support each other financially we must give each other emotional support and actually be there to say we gotta stick this through and we have to go through unification that we are in the right the reason why Trump is still untouchable it's because the left has over and over again displayed their hatred in a violent way or depicting in a violent way their disdain for our president which makes other people pity the person bullied I'm not the only one like who hates bullies I'm just the kind who bullies the bully but you have people who sympathize with those who are being bullied and people don't realize that our president Donald Trump is gaining on a people because they see how the left even though he's not being bullied but they're just really they constantly showing their their hatred for him seeing in Katy whatever her last name is with the the decapitation which Caesar's play on this stuff and then a Johnny Depp who I used to love in the door now I can't stand the bastard Thomas I'm if I as an actor ever assassinated our president I was like dude really Johnny are you high or something what's going on it's like I can't believe all of this this the violent talks especially with the support of antifa with attacking us they are constantly getting people to realize that we're the ones who are being shut down our voices are being silenced but until they come to the realization where they can do something for us on their side why not unify and support each other where they can't they can't mess with our money if we're not beholden to a major company like AT&T or Comcast or something like that yeah it's about parallel institutions and yeah that is definitely that's that's the goal in a lot of ways like have you heard of hey Tree on run I saw you have patreon can you explain what that is I thought that was like a parody account but it's not huh so yes oh hey hey tree on is basically a clone of patreon that is intended to be censorship free what we saw recently that lauren southern and martin Sellner from generation identity had their patreon accounts deleted and hey Tree on has shown up just in the nick of time to save the Internet right wing basically that this is an alternative for us to not use shit lib controlled sites like like patreon or PayPal or GoFundMe there are a few other ones as well there's there's another site called root chakra yeah yeah counter fund is coming in in the fall and then there's also another site called root blocks which is kind of more like GoFundMe where you can do you can do one-time donations you can do recurring donations you can do you can do fundraising campaigns just like GoFundMe so route blocks and patreon he'd say what one thing it's route box not blocks just gives me route box sorry um yeah I was working on a script earlier I had just had a brain fart um but yeah both of those sites are up now route route box and hey tree honor both up now so I think it's time for people on the right to start moving over to those sites because patreon deleted or in southern they deleted Martin Sellner they even deleted naked ape who isn't even all that the naked ape thing happened a while ago that that's that's not good news but it's it's worth mentioning it's worth mentioning because naked ape is working III would have to ask him what the specific reason they gave was but um but basically the point is that they they do not like people on the rights expressing their opinion and raising money using their service and yes patreon is a private company they have the you know they have the right to do that da da da da da but it's also important for us to have some kind of some kind of parallel structure like cedarwood was saying we need some kind of parallel structure built up where the right can support itself and right-wingers can support each other without having to be beholden to these services controlled by people who want to silence yeah and yeah that's that's the bold new frontier in a very good news okay so because I I saw that on your video ruin and I went to and I was like I didn't know if that was a parody or not and I'm happy to know that that's a legitimate thing so I definitely will sign up basically I I I'm on borrowed time anyway in the same thing with YouTube the thing about it is YouTube has effectively censored to me ever since my strike I have been very careful not to do any actually I haven't done any anti Islam videos since then and no nothing dealing with criticizing Germany because I know that I'm one their radar so I'm being it I'm being a good little Negro by not talking about it but um the thing about it is is that when it comes to the money might as people probably noticed in the chat I don't have super chat and the reason why I don't have super chat is because this channel is not monetized I was one of the first on the alternative news section of of YouTube to be denied monetization because what happened was I did I didn't know this was the wrong thing to do I didn't realize this until afterwards but I had my first two videos were anti blacklivesmatter my second video was against the immigration of migrants the refugee crisis I was talking about the refugee crisis in Germany my fourth video was a hardcore video against Islam and a fifth one was again another one dealing with either black lives matter or or dealing with the migrant crisis and then I applied or s for Adsense that I got my I got denied you know they denied me straight out and I tried it again two months later and they denied me again so I'm used to and and I know why why I'm treated this way it's because being a black female first of all being a black conservative is not easy really hard to be a black conservative but to be a black female conservative it's just about the worse that you can do because if you look at outspoken aggressive black women they are predominantly on the left and to have one on the right excuse me guys to have one on the right is a threat and and the fact that I I speak two languages I'm trying to unlearn one of them so pissed off with Germany I'm trying to not know German anymore but to for someone who lived in Germany for someone who also was raised to ghetto as well as someone who has been a police officer you know and and now more YouTube explaining my life my life my life experience and and teaching about history you know it's a threat to waking red peeling or waking people up that are in the center or on the left so I know that YouTube has the biggest audience has the bigger audience and it and it is I guess it's safe to say it is liberal run so I am going to be nice under the circumstances but when it comes to the money part that concerns me when Lauren southern was was high she had her patreon taken away from her and they used the excuse that she was putting lives in jeopardy is that well am i right about that guys yeah yeah they accused her and Martin of raising the money to engage in actions that were likely to cause loss of life that's the way they phrased it yeah but meanwhile meanwhile they have this anti file website on they're called it's going down org I think it's called yeah that goes against the police right not only do they go against the police but they they encourage people to engage in violent protests they've been associated with various protest events that caused millions of dollars in property damage in just the last year they they they basically celebrate every time these anti fuck heads go out and start breaking shit and assaulting people it's going down celebrates that and they're very careful they're very careful to use this tricky dick language where they're like oh well we don't really endorse that but here's are just reporting on it yeah yeah we're just we're just glowingly writing about it and jerking ourselves off to it so this this piece-of-shit website is still on there when they essentially promote violence and promote promote attacks against police and attacks against the right wing and against they even promote attacks against like actual corporations property damage yeah yeah there were they they were connected to a flier that was distributed acquitting Trump supporters to Nazis you know basically it's like a picture of a very mocked soldier with bayonet pointed at his throat and then evening in front of him is a trump supporter with a mega hat with also a bayonet point that it is throat in the same pose and it says well we beat the before we'll beat them again you know this is the kind of shit that this website is putting out I don't know how you can say that's not promoting violence but they're they're still on there getting funding stay on there right yeah yeah they will more than likely stay on well if you look at patreon staff it's very obvious some of them read it they're not well I mean and something else to think about on the flip side of this is the the defend Europe mission as generation identity calls it as Martin sells cellular calls it this is this is direct action meant to stop the advance of of human trafficking boats that are illegal bringing people into Europe they're bringing in illegal migrants so you mean to tell me that those NGOs those non-government organizations engaging in and funding and supporting these people smugglers that's not likely to cause loss of life but the people trying to stop them from doing it that's why the loss of life why would you tell it's bullshit yeah complete bullshit but you know Laurens gonna pull through on this she's gonna you know even though Lauren's fine we don't need to well it's more about the principle of the thing and the fact that you know if the old and because that's the thing as Lauren southern isn't really all that extreme she knows that no she's more of like a basic kind of libertarian type of person and she's kind of been moving in that identitarian kind of direction but the point is is that if they'll delete or in southern it gives me a warning sign to be prepared why did we just discussed a deleted 8th and yes yeah ape is kind of edgy but really ape is it makes good content and it's popular and it says the things they don't like so that's why I got taken down right if it wasn't well ruin um speaking of 8 I need you and David to justify your existence to me you would um in his defense he was kind of uh very aggressively posing a sort of like philosophical devil's advocate kind of question like he was kind of trying to be a dick about that whole conversation but even so even so I did I did take umbrage with that I found that well the thing is like a conversation like that's not a good way to introduce something that abstract that people have to respond to in media right it's gonna get it's got to get bastardize because sometimes I wasn't sure if he was arguing we need like a meta-narrative or the myth-making and sometimes it seems like it was a convoluted route 2 values nationalism that is that is essentially what he was arguing is that you know the the the European mythos the European spirit needs to be revived and how are we gonna do it and what's your plan to do that is essentially what he was trying to do but he was doing it in this very like multi-layered abstract kind of way where he was just being very sort of antagonistic about it and I I agree with I agree with you that you know and this is what I was telling him was that you know you need to you know if you presented that viewpoint in earnest I think people would be receptive to it but because he wasn't really presenting it in earnest and he was kind of doing you know the whole justify your existence you know why should I care and you know fuck whitey and all the stuff yeah the thing was like I don't there are gonna be very few people on the alt-right you disagree with sort of we need this romantic ideal that isn't just cynical self-interest I mean that's basically what he was asking for know very few people are gonna disagree with that they just may not be able to do it themselves because it requires sort of a special brain you know a philosophy majors brain to do it and also they're not going to they're gonna be turned off by like this all I hate the alt-right kind of stuff well yeah because that's the other thing is that he he keeps telling me that he's trying to help the alt-right and he's trying to improve it but he keeps going about it in this very you know like the way he's going about it is to basically just shit on the old right it's not that he's it's not that he's wrong necessarily in his criticisms it's just that the way he's presenting them is not and and the criticism is in many ways kind of just do it better which is kind of which is now a criticism that can very easily become obnoxious to people rightly or wrongly okay I got a question how help you do what oh I think I can explain it basically he looks the left and the left has two things going for it it has the cynical self-interest of saying hey if you vote for us you'll get free stuff from the government and then they have this this broader narrative of like the fight for progress and you know the the overcoming of oppression and he's saying well we've got the cynical self-interest down you know lights you need to band together are you're gonna get fucked but we need something like the latter we need something to inspire people to move beyond etc etc and you know he's right I mean I don't think he's wrong but it's you know it's not it's not something you can kind of just grill people on in a stream and expect them to understand what you're talking about I think he he need to do like a video sort of explaining what he wanted and then people would have gotten it I think yeah he wants philosophy major nationalism is what he really it's not really what he wants so how about how about we asked chat chat can you justify your existence and the memes afterwards were hilarious were you creating most of that ruin I made some of them but I saw other people making them too I think my favorite one I made was the Mark Zuckerberg one was that that's that's kind of the future like you know like like Facebook is gonna become like Skynet like in the Terminator movies and it's just gonna own everything and you know and and we'll just be Mark Zuckerberg like beaming his consciousness into people's head saying justify your existence like you know why you're nothing but it insect like esoteric esoteric old right humor frog to justify the existence Oh delete all of them I gotcha now negative is cool oh he's cool I just looked at that stream and itself was just like oh come on man it was to me it was it that dumb picture where he's on one side and all three of you guys were on the other side I was like that's just the perfect that's the perfect illustration of what's happening in this in this stream right now yeah yeah I mean sometimes he you guys start stumbling I think he was just taken aback because sometimes there was a couple of times you guys were just speechless after he said something and then asked a question afterwards yeah I mean he this is the thing is like ape ape is is a good friend of mine he's a good YouTube friend he's kind of he was one of the first bigger channels who ever noticed me back on the old channel um and you know we've kind of been like you know like the right-wingers on the sidelines when it comes to the skeptic community but he the thing about him is that he likes to be subversive he likes to be crafty and problems people don't always get it I will admit I got a little bit excited on that stream and I wasn't really at the time I wasn't really fully getting what he was trying to do there okay with you yeah that's cool that's cool okay so we got 10 more minutes and and then we're gonna go ahead and close the stream I want to say that we were going to initially touch on the skeptic hypocrisy and then go ahead and discuss race and race realism but it looks like we're going to have to have another stream on that that's very important written to me to have that discussion to talk about that to educate particularly our people on the write about race realism and also to the just get rid of all of these crazy so-called debunking replies from the left in reference to why this is and my biggest thing I want to attack is how the left keeps saying that we should discuss race realism because it's going to be used against people of color and I'm like dum-dum you have no idea it's like have you not seen that race realism has been used already I mean let's look at it look at the SAT scores that's just one of many I can go on in another but the thing about it is is that III think they say these things and I'm gonna give them the benefit of the doubt that they're only saying these things that because they don't know any better well they're saying it because they want to pivot the conversation to something where they think they can trap you like um but you know I mean the thing about our history ozone will just be used to oppress people well you're kind of right because like if we ignore base realism the Chinese won't the Chinese actually like they very much buy into genetics as a large cause for you know human individual success and group success and they really are pushing into genetics research and so you know I mean if the West becomes Brazil 2.0 who's going to be the world Imam yeah and like they they don't care about you know Africans they don't care about indigenous people they care about themselves you know maybe that'll change but right now that's just going to create a much more dangerous world than if you know high-trust North Western Europeans around the world like they do now yeah I mean you you kind of already see the Chinese essentially recolonizing Africa right now they're they're going in there and snatching up resources because we're not doing it and honestly like if it were up to me I would just want everyone to be left alone really like I don't want to colonize anybody I don't you know I don't think we should do that but the Chinese are doing it and they're gonna do it more if the West falls into disrepair and becomes you know fall falls out of the the world stage of political influence yeah like there's no reason to think the New World Order that occurs after that will be as stable as to we have right now because the the level of peace we have in the world right now is genuinely like unheard of it's never happened before and so just simply the law of averages suggests that any sort of disruption of this order would send the world back in the more chaos you think that what's not what's happening in Europe is not well it is chaos but like Europe is still mostly extremely safe like there are neighborhoods in the US you'd also be similarly afflicted by if you went into same with these ghettos in Europe the differences Europe has never experienced this before sorry yeah sorry go ahead it's it's newsworthy there to report on a neighborhood where women can't go into and it's also it's a trend that's going to only get worse yeah right yeah I mean this is this is a point I made in my last video where you know some of these I was referring specifically to Sargon but I feel like a lot of these European people who talk about the US and they talk about how you know what's wrong with diversity and like what's so bad about it you don't know what the u.s. is like you don't know what it's like to live in an American city and and specifically in reference to Sargon this is a point you made in your video as well tree that someone like Sargon has been to the u.s. once and it was to go to a nice safe cushy convention with security and all this stuff and you know like you've never you've never spent time in the shitty parts of a major city you know he wouldn't live if he was Chicago I don't give a fuck how many times he tell people he got black in them he would never survive in fucking Chicago okay that's another that's another interesting question to do does anybody believe that Sargon is actually black like no no I I can't I can't picture anybody ever looking at Sargon or like talking to Sargon or knowing anything about him and accepting him as black in any way we lily-white how dude there's nothing black about Sargon okay I don't care what he says about his daddy he is lily-white all right so no I'm not gonna buy it and if he goes into Chicago Thomas um what's up my nigga I'm part black they were fuckin they would fucking kill him okay so it's so good that he can say this shit about our policing and and virtue signal for the violent blacks here in his nice parsh home in a comfort of his nice linen white neighborhood outside of the perimeters of London okay it's so easy to judge us and I take offense to non-americans talking about our Second Amendment and our police when you have not been here and you have not I actually visit or even driven by a ghetto if you if you if she were brave enough to do so so yeah yeah it's you know he he lives in Swindon which is a pretty white town it's just he he he doesn't have a frame of reference for these things I realize it's kind of a stupid argument oh you don't have the lived experience but it's true I mean he does seem to underestimate groups as a variable constantly so I think it's a fair criticism of what he believes I mean it is it is obviously anecdotal but here's the thing is that any anecdotes are not totally worthless either like people's people's views people's behavior is informed by their lived experience to some degree and this is one of the things where they like to call us right-wing sjw's for acknowledging that it's a factor but you know I mean it's certainly not like empirical evidence of anything it doesn't prove something beyond a shadow of a doubt but it's not irrelevant either you know it's something to consider well I mean it's not like we haven't provided empirical evidence ever either and I am happy that we got a chance to clear the air about what's happening with rage we got the truth out there we also call the so-called skeptic immunity out on your shit and we also got a chance to talk about some things in between and reference to the left as well as the right and the awk right and I am really happy about this and we will do another one and this time we will focus on race realism for the next time so you guys are down for that yeah yeah like what would be sort of the ETA on that might as well just kind of okay work for you David yeah well if it doesn't I'll just let you know but you know what yeah we can make it we see cuz Wow let me look next next month is uh well how about this how about okay let's just sketch it now we can either do it next Monday or we can do it next Thursday let me tell you the next Monday is July the 31st or we can do it on August the third I would prefer August the third because I do usually have work on Mondays so you would probably get rescheduled anyway okay cool that sounds great so what I'll do is I'll you guys make sure you check the our Twitter's and we will make the announcement and then we'll come up with a true discussion and edgy and I want this is going to be very very educational because it's important that we all learn this information and therefore you won't have to deal with the the pseudoscience that the left is pretty or should I say the bullshit that they're bringing towards us in reference to race realism and race and IQ because I think this is some information and we can actually use to better understand some things but also to get rid of some misnomers or rumors and get the facts straight and and and get rid of the lies that sounds good yeah exactly that sounds great sounds good to me alright so David it ruin do you have any last parting words before I end the stream Oh Jeff holidays complaining about the stream I think what's I think that's the perfect point and I was actually it's so weird I was actually just thinking like I wonder if I wonder if Jeff has seen this sriman spurred doubt about it yet and yeah this retweeting it you know to people who couldn't stand up for their ideas of it their lives depended on it [Laughter] screeching oh I'm so moist right now what what's funny about that is that David cedar wood is actually repeatedly tried to get Jeff to stream with him or discuss this with him all type has tried to get it to just get Jeff to discuss it with him and he always makes some kind of excuse and runs away from it so yeah it's always really means absolutely nothing coming from him and you know I'm I'm as far as I'm concerned Jeff is just like irrelevant to any of this like he's you know he's somebody who's been doing this for years and he's at what like 50,000 subscribers now and it's just Sargon carrying him basically like who cares about Jeff wait Wow David I will vouch for you if anybody from the skeptic community wish to debate any member of the alt-right including David and I'm gonna get to know what's his name alt hip hop the genesis yeah a channel is the alternative hypothesis he has a website too ok so I'll get to know him too and but it isn't it safe to see that the door is always open for a debate yeah it's pretty much always up I mean there are people in the all right who will do a shitty job debating and don't get me wrong but you know we're willing to talk we're far more willing to talk to them than they are to us yes that's true well I mean if I remember correctly um I can't remember if it was it was fast the nation or daily show of one of those two invited oh yeah daily show I invited Sargon on there once and he turned it down yeah yeah he also turned out a talk with a lawyer was all right oh that was actually will fuck you up I mean I mean Sargon Sargon couldn't even be Christie winters in a debate so yeah like I mean let's let's be honest here if if there's if there's anything that the alt-right can say it's done that the skeptics haven't there's two things one the own trite has actually done things in real life or free speech Richard Spencer at the court case and secondly the alright has won debates against Esther UW's the skeptics of not so yeah and it's it's we've won debates against skeptics too yeah well there you have it guys the skeptic community open invitation if anyone of you are willing to do so you can you know just let any of us know and we're willing to take you upon the task so well I mean certain certain people who have no credibility to challenge anybody now I would say you don't even bother the reason what some of the blocking part you've got these little minions who have like 30 Twitter followers and have like us 80 YouTube subscribers debate me debate me I'll take ya so it's just like playing with the roach before you kill it you know say it's like a cat playing with a roach before you kill it you just like just go away shoo blood she bothering speak speaking of a shoofly Jeff is deleting tweets now I mean it's just so hilarious how he keeps doing he keeps pulling the debate me shit on Christie it's like dude Karl couldn't beat her what makes you think you could beat her like like III was showing that that Sargon and Christie winters debate to somebody the other day just to explain to them you know like the the folly of these people and and there was this one part where Christie Winters brings up the I believe it was in Oklahoma the some court case in Oklahoma where some guy got off of a sexual assault charge for orally orally penetrating somebody and she made the argument that Oklahoma doesn't have laws for this which is totally false yeah that there's a great youtuber called justicar he did a few videos on this particular case explaining how basically the prosecution butchered the case and didn't choose the correct statute to charge the person with and that was why the person got off it's not because it's somehow legal to orally rape people in Oklahoma and Sargon could have made this point very easily but he he just he had some shitty prepared speech about how the feminists are mean and they're you know they're he didn't he didn't bring any facts he didn't bring any specific examples of anything and it's like dude you know I'm I'm not I'm not a good debater I'm more of like a you know like presenting more of a presentation kind of person but I could have done a better job you know just a car could have done a better job than that you know I think a lot of people could have done a better job than that it is safe to say that Sargon is really not much of a debater I mean I saw that little situation with 20 million in excuse me him in a millennial lols and it just seems to me like two friends having a discussion really not much of a debate because there's so much soft balling in that yeah yeah I mean that you know that was the the Millennial hosting was really more of a discussion than anything and most of what most of what this whole sphere of YouTube calls debating is really just people talking past each other to be honest that's mostly what the Millennial Wow thing was was just the two of them talking past each other yeah I agree with that I agree with that yeah so okay guys so um one last thing I want to say before I go to the chat hey Chet listen um I wasn't paying attention most of the time to you guys I'm paying attention to you now and I want to thank you all for participating in in this discussion with us for those of you who want who was asking about the super chat I'm kind of glad this channel doesn't it's not monetized so I don't have a supersonic kick but other without having monetization I can't have super jet but in a way I'm kind of glad because I don't want any distraction this dis stream here and the next string we have is very important to me and I don't want to be distracted by super chats so and I know that sounds crazy like why would you like not I want money well you know if you guys I'm not going to turn down your money you you want to you want to give me some money go to tree of logic calm goes to donation page and you know hook a sister up but for the purpose of this is that I want it to be an educational stream with a little bit of entertainment there here and there and and I'm so glad that that these gentlemen have joined me in this and we will be back next Thursday for the race realism discussion okay all right there guys so um I guess we will see each other on Twitter and by the way you too you don't you guys don't know it sometimes like late in the morning like 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning I am so stalking both of you on your Twitter because that's when you're both more active and you two are just y'all know how to troll like a motherfucker funny as hell I actually think I'm kind of humorless not very funny even join in David is going he went to shit you went to you went to Taylor you went to some black guy you went to Patti debate me hey baby hey hey hey telling the baby how do you Patti kind of agreed but I don't think she really understood what she agreed to there's nothing came of it she said I eat cheap said I eat goats and he's like that's good what did the baby oh boy and I had to join in because I was like wait a minute he's having too much fun I need to join in on this shit right here oh yeah what I was talking to Derek yeah yeah I was I was like they have to ask their masters on a democratic plantation first if they can debate you David they're not upfront they're not they don't have permissions to debate white men without their white masters permission so I had to join in but I guess I in other words I'm just I'm just gonna see you guys or you or your Twitter later on late at night as always and just laugh at you guys trolling everybody else so no that sounds great all right well thanks for having us on nope yeah yeah thanks for joining me and I will see each other next week okay see you next week all right bye chat thanks for showing up and be sure to come back next week later taters

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    This is some crazy stuff..   Yeah, they did gang up on her in a very immature manner.

  • Dan_1022 says:

    kinda reminds me of the time when i was arguing about a highway project with at least 5 people who were in favor of it while i was against it, it's in my city i should have a more say on it than you guys!, and of course i lost, got kicked out of the group it was partly my fault cos i went insane,
    the exact same thing would have happened to rage, i mean 6 vs 1 they'll make her go fucking insane,
    honestly i wish she were still here, but i mean also her studies and that stuff. i feel bad for her.

  • J T says:

    I hope she's doing alright now loved her channel and hope at some point she starts posting again

  • Reverend Rico says:

    Real late to the conversation but I can explain the fear. We aren't afraid of them, we're afraid of us. Horror is eruopa's lifeblood. When our ancestors first arrived in Europe they prompted genocide the locals. Then they built a better world. Fast forward to Ancient Greece, peace was preferred, war to be avoided st all costs. When war came, they killed everyone, then in guilt built a better world. Rome, Byzantium, the Holy Roman Empire, on and on and on. We aren't like tribal zulus or the Congolese, brutality is a dog we want desperately to keep caged. When brutality is visited on us we try and work past it, forge peace. Eventually it fails and there is no plan, no contingency, no failsafe. Once we back ourselves into the corner by our fear of ourselves, then we all go mad together and We stay made for a long time. We kill and butcher and torment anything in our way. Then eventually we calm back down and see what we've done.

    And then we either blame each other and fight, then build a better world or we just accept it and build a better world. We build better than burnt to justify our existence, to cleanse ourselves so our children won't be caught in the cycle. They are anyway. All because we refuse to be stern until we have to be brutal, and we fear our brutality.

  • PontificusRex says:

    Thank you, ToL.

  • Silly Sad says:

    this world needs more women like Tree and more men like myself.

  • Silly Sad says:

    is it just me, or Tree is really hot?

  • Chellis Mcelveen says:

    I unsubscribed to the Warskis a few weeks ago because of this incident. The skeptic community are a bunch of self-righteous assholes who go after SJWs because they are easy pickings. There's no one to challenge them, and people who do challenge them are getting silenced. You know, the same tactics they always accused SJWs of using. This whole Anti-SJW community has gone to complete shit because every fucking Skeptic believes they are rightand everyone else is in the wrong. P.S. I'm black and have no affiliation on any part of the political spectrum.

  • Winston Churchill says:

    I miss her so much. She was my favorite YouTuber. Rage, if you're reading this, please come back.

  • Dehzee says:

    Wouldn't an honest debate both sides had prepared for be the best answer? I did not see the video causing the ruckus, but i can only assume no reasonable person thinks black people incapable of abstract thought. I don't know what has been taken out pf context..
    Chinese have typically higher i.q than whites. How many people are clamouring to move to china?To me, chinese society is a horror house. Most of their people live horrible lives. They torture animals before killing them on purpose.
    They do not have the environmental and labour codes my country does, my country is very strict and highly taxed. That means dirty chinese money is buying out my city with wealth made in ways we cannot by law compete with.
    They have bought out my city, driving up real estate so no home sells for less than a million 8. They own almost home for rent, and they bring with them their chinese way of thinking. To rent a home from a chinese landlord last week we were told we would have to sign permission for the owner and property company to launch investigations into our employment history, our banking history, our criminal records, complete access to banking information, tax returns, t4s, and a monthly home inspection.
    They do not believe in a right to privacy, to freedom, only money and control matter to them. So do higher i.qs make a better society?
    I have no problem understanding my strengths and weaknesses. Just because a chinese person has a better math spatial score on an i.q test doesn't make me envy chinese or want to live in a chinese society.
    Funny, they want to come to my city in droves, but they don't realize by bringing their chinese attitude they ruin things here as they are horrible wjere they come from.
    Talmud8c jewih elite are destroying the world at large, play us into wars like pawns on a chess board. They inflict satanism on the goy population through masonic templess, and the shyte people are drigged, hypnotozed and programmed into doing is off the hook. As a survivor of masonic abuse, i know where of i speak.
    I am told jews have a higher i.q than my ethnicity. Do i see them making a better society? Nope. I see them funding terrorists, chasing arab men out of the middle east into europe, becaise they cam't kill us off quickly enough with their poisonous masonry.
    Do i envy their higher iq? Do they make better societies?
    I think first all data needs to be sourced, and then the implications debated honestly with a goal to aim for the betterment of all societies, not just own own, because we share this little blue dot. With all this technology and ability to communicate, we have whay we need to be able discuss with each other what we want for the future and how we plan to get it.

  • YourThoughtCriminal says:

    I bet Tree is really fun to drink with. She's like that really cool aunt who always gets how you feel.

  • Lomax says:

    Quick question. If you accept that blacks have a lower I.Q. on average & I.Q. is a good predictor of life success, why is it bigotry to expect less of them on average?

  • Jared shibari says:

    Its so sad that Rage is gone.

  • Irked Human says:

    Hadn't heard about you before, subbed. 🙂
    I'm in the UK and some of my family are/were police officers and they aren't as cucked as you imply.

  • 99IronDuke says:

    Interesting and often entertaining stream, do take a look at minds.com a social media site that really does seem to support free speech.

  • yuukisama2001 says:

    I'm getting to this late. But this is a great stream and very informative. I also predicted that there was going to infighting once I started seeing disagreements. Much of community has really disappointed me. That's why there are only a handful of YT'bers that stayed on point.

  • No White Guilt says:

    Tree of Logic, Thank you for the kind words about my video Slaughtering the Warski Live’s Rebuttal to Rage After Storm’s Race IS Real. And thank you for linking to that video in your description. I will reciprocate at once. I would also like to thank David for bringing this to my attention.

  • The Dark master says:

    "I am supposed to be a godless shitlord, i am a savage follower of kek, i will troll and meme till shadilay come… but my comefort zone has been broken, so cucked so hard that i got a fellow skeptics channel removed from youtube for freespeech like a good S.J.W. who am i?" the wheat from the chaff… O_O #AttackTheArgumentNotThePerson.

  • Dustytrails says:

    I feel so bad for what was done to Rage, my best wishes go to her.

  • _ Omega says:

    Thank you tree of logic. I've watched your videos for over a year. You where my first Anti islam video I watched was yours and I been being watching you for over a year I love you videos there great. But also I've been trying to find a political identity for the past couple weeks ive been trying to find one and now I watched this live stream with 2 of my favourite youtubes I know what i am. I'm a right winger. As I believe and agree with right wing ideas more than left wing ones. And I know what i stand for

  • Psycho Mantis says:

    Skeptic SPERGS

  • Krod7435 says:

    As much I didn't like rages video It doesn't make sense for her to lose her job and being smeared 24/7. I gotta over her and I wish she didn't get fired she doesn't deserve it despite her views on things.

  • Templar Bear says:

    Tree, there were Blacks in the Roman Army and in the Roman Army in Britain. They were Auxiliary Soldiers. When Britain conquered a region they often took in troops from those areas they took over as reinforcements to their main army. They also had Foederati. Those were the allied regions/kingdoms who weren't at war and they had mercenaries.

  • Kattegat H says:

    Great stream and topic!!👌🐸
    Tree you're awesome and Ruin is pretty good too👍

  • LEVEL MAN says:

    Well i'm glad I pulled funding from a couple of these guys. granted it wasn't much i was giving.

  • allen harper says:

    Hi Tree, new subscriber here, looking forward to watching your other videos. Anyways, my only take on this at the moment is that the SJW community must be loving these huge cracks that are appearing in the once monolithic anti-SJW community.

  • Indie Gamecritic says:

    Thank you for clearing this up in this stream!

  • ccmetalhead says:

    hi, i am guessing that the skeptic community is somewhere in between altright and sjw?

  • Blakbomb6 says:

    I'm highly convinced that the "skeptic community" suffers from a dangerous case of confirmation bias. In lieu of researching the IQ bell curve and genetic differences among racial groups, they ricochet their wrath-fueled bluffs with each other. Sadly, none of them want to grace and tackle complex ethical concepts they haven't already agreed upon encounter, and this approach is stagnating their progress.

    Secondly, they were the very folks who nagged on Anita Sarkeesian, Franchesca Ramsey, and VidCon for not laying down a roundtable for a fair and healthy debate on gender and race issues and, yet, declined to provide one for you and Rage on science. This hypocrisy kills me.

    Worst of all, as a former subscriber to SBG/Derrick's channel, I boldly say this whole debacle with Rage against the machine (pun intended) suggests that Derrick may harbor a burning prejudice against black people, women in particular. The escapable thought that Derrick would be fine with labeling a black woman a "coon" never crossed my mind until he factually let someone else do it to you, Tree. It's all fun and games when he rides on the "all lives matter" bandwagon, but the fun dies down fast when a black woman concurs with a white woman's logical standpoint?! Never mind his vividly strong virtue signaling with that white girl who accompanies him on his long-winded video rants nowadays; my eyesight's failing me.

    Just so you know, Tree, I subscribed to your channel today. I look forward to gaining more insight from you.

  • Brett McLaughlin says:

    Rage will be greatly missed by me, her dynamic presentation and common sense approach to very controversial topics was timely and couragious. Her decision to focus on her education may be a good one, I wish her well and hope for her return at a later date!

  • Christopher Bates says:

    SomeBlackGuy is a fraud. I noticed this a long time ago. Whenever there was a large SJW based event, like protests/riots or some kind of free speech limiting thing, SBG would be the last of that shit community to put up a video, and he would pretty much just echo the other channels' points. Andy Warski makes very shallow points as well. Of all in the "skeptic" community, only Sargon of Akkad makes valid points. They are no better than the SJWs they supposedly oppose. Oh, and Kraut doxxing Rage was the last straw.

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