Developing Your Musical Ear – Growing as a Worship Sound Tech – Part 2 of 3

Oh, you want the keyboard up at front of house. Is that better? Hey thanks for tuning in. We’re in part two of how to grow as a worship
sound tech. If you missed part one, the link is in the
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The second area essential to growing as a worship sound tech is developing your musical
ear. When you’re mixing, there’s a lot of balance
decisions that depend on the music. But there’s no algorithm or formula to tell
you how the music should feel. Now this doesn’t mean that you should go out
and take a music theory course, although that might help a little… But you should be listening to music on a
regular basis on a great sounding sound system, so that you can understand the tonal balance
between the instruments, and what the individual instruments themselves should sound like in
a mix. Pay attention to the tone of each instrument,
the balance between the all the instruments and voices, and the overall balance of highs,
mids and lows of a great sounding mix. When you build these mental models of what
it should sound like, you know what it should feel like before you push up the fader, before
you start twisting knobs on an EQ, and you have an idea of what your destination is before
you start. If you’re having trouble identifying the individual
layers in a mix, one SUPER helpful tool is from multitracks.com. They sell and rent stems from the actual master
recordings of many of the songs your church is probably already playing. If your church already uses multitracks, see
if you can borrow your playback system so that you can listen to the individual parts
by themselves. Even if your church doesn’t use multitracks,
you can still check out free previews on their website to get an idea of what great-sounding
instruments sound like by themselves. I’ll put a link in the description below to
their rehearsal mix and multitrack previews. This would have helped me so much when I was
first starting out. Oh, that reminds me. Did you hear about the new boy band movie? The Backstreet Boys met the New Kids on the
Block, got N’Sync and went One Direction. Keep an eye out for part three, click subscribe
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